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  1. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    The Mandarin Oriental is just a perfect place for that special dinner/Lunch ..we are going there again tonight... Read the dress code ...shirts with collars and long trousers a must ...for the men that is
  2. I find it wonderful outside ..not 38c and hiding in shops for the AC...
  3. Between one and two days at sea between ports...
  4. Full board...no drinks... You could have six meals a day ..if you could fit the food in...many tried ( the poms)
  5. That is snow!! I have never seen snow that close ...
  6. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Another report from the Roving food Reporter.. Tonight ..was: Shangri - La Hotel 85 Soi Wat Suan Plu New Road Bangkok 2 236 7777 Almost next to Sathorn Pier.. This is a large beautiful five star Hotel with views of the city and River.. The buffet in the restaurant called Next2 is superb and the only one that comes close to knocking off the Oriental from top spot ..imho Total cost for two...4750 includes my wife's cocktail 270 and a Jwr and diet coke 230...just a wonderful night out for any occasion...
  7. Oh..costs..we paid 3200 US per person ..we booked over six months in advance and got about 1200 saving. We flew into Beijing..you can do and sectors of the cruise ..it is twice a year and can be done Bangkok to Beijing... On board currency is US dollars..scotch and a can of diet coke 5.95..( you can drink your duty free in your cabin) average bottle of red wine 30US.. Casino 24hours ..once at sea...heaps of things to do on board... Or Relax..
  8. Heaps more photos ..can put up later if any interest..
  9. We embarked on a cruise from Beijing to Bangkok..arrived in Beijing on 28 Feb did the tourist stuff and then boarded the Diamond Princess March 3 ..itinerary Beijing Tianjin China Disembark Bangkok Laem Chabang. Beijing to Nagasaki Nagasaki to Shanghai Shanghai to Hong Kong Hong Kong to Nha Trang VN Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City Then to Laem Chabang .. The ship went on to Samui and Singapore and a new cruise to Alaska from there.. My wife and i enjoyed the ship and the destinations ..although the time in each port is not enough..7am to 6pm for most ports. Anyone looking for a Pattaya type destination of say twenty years ago ..have a look at Nha Trang..very pretty location.. Beijing was a.lot of fun ..we were surprised ant the lack of English being spoken ..our hotel the Crown Plaza was a classic. We asked them to tell the taxi guy to take us to a super market ..(we needed a few things for the cruise)..twenty minutes later we arrive at the Silk Market ..oh well back to the hotel ..we found what we wanted a five minute walk from the hotel..have some pics of a famous night food market i will put up ..the first is a snake on a stick..alive!! Nagasaki was also a fun visit..lots of good shopping Shanghai..same Hong Kong busy and fun ..should be an overnight stop ..(the Queen Elizabeth was in port and it was an over night) Ho chi always a busy fun place (my wife enjoyed the food more here than the ship) Anyway way..a great way to see some of Asia.. Oh..arriving at Laem Chabang..we were given our Passports back the night of the 14th with a departure card stapled into the book ,also an arrival stamp on the card So...we have been cleared by customs and immigration ..so Duty free booze here we come ..we filled up as no checks..we were only checked (our day bags) after re boarding from a port call..as we walked into the clearance /arrival terminal i saw two X ray machines and a heap of officials...oops.. But no a red arrow on the floor walked us past all this and to our Hilton car pick up ..and off to Pattaya ...( a big loophole here for customs) Assorted pics..
  10. They had a fire drill last month ..we were in Sydney
  11. No signs on our door ..i guess we just run down fifty flights of stairs real quick... Best i find out if there is a plan of action in this building...
  12. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Thanks boys .. Forgot to put the address in.. Royal Orchid Sheraton 2 Charoen Krung Soi 30 Siphya Bangkok 2 266 0123. Close to Saphon Taksin Bts and they have a shuttle boat to take you from the pier.. until then ..happy eating
  13. We felt it very scary ..the building swayed we are much higher than that.....
  14. Anyone else ..feel your building swaying ..about half an hour ago? Scary..
  15. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    This was not anywhere near the standard of the Oriental or Peninsula or even the Hilton..still nice surrounds and worth a try..
  16. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    The Royal Orchid Sheraton tonight.. Another first class hotel and surrounds.. Total account 3200 includes a JW and coke and my wife's trademark Kamikaze cocktail.. Some pics
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