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  1. It says "Porn Star" under the photo ... Sora Aoi Age: 24 Birthday: November 11, 1983 (1983-11-11) Measurements: 90(G Cup)-58-83(cm) 35-23-33(inch) Height: 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
  2. Yes buy the book..good to have on hand as is full of interesting bits and pieces...
  3. On page three of the Bangkok post yesterday is a photo of Sora Aoi here to attend some auto salon show .....i mean this girl for those of you that may not know of her she has had more dicks in her than you could put in the Olympic stadium .....why does she rate any sort of mention . in the paper... Maybe it is just me....just don't get it..................
  4. Saw this book reviewed in the Bangkok post three weeks ago ..got a copy from Asia books ..595 thb..paper back 330 pages This book goes over as the title indicates ..the Bizarre things of Thailand.....a few black and white photos in the book and none to excite anyone There is a chapter on Pattaya and the scene there ( Vegas or Vice) ..also goes behind the scenes of the Bangkok Hilton prison ....beheading was outlawed in 1932 and machine gunning was the way to execute the baddies(tied their hands and placed a white screen in front of them...a doctor would draw a target on the screen for the gunner to aim at...by the look of the photo he is only a few feet away) until 2003 when lethal injection was introduced... Some interesting things from the Songkran Niyomsane forensic medicine museum.....the preserved corpse of Thailand's most famous cannibal is on display...A Chinese man they say ate at least eight children.. Over all an interesting book ...something to pick up and choose a chapter anytime ...well put together as well.
  5. You have to get to Melbourne ..first ...that is a horror right there :neener:and looks like carry on only?...no good for us ...we are bringing over sixty k back from BKK from this little jaunt TG for us..
  6. He is a Queenslander ..everything is different up there...
  7. Hope you are correct i will buy a ticket for MM to take with me ...front row seats
  8. The Rolling Stones will perform their last concert and take a final bow in June 2013 at Glastonbury ........ after a few shows in the UK and US Bill Wyman is rumoured to be joining the band for this final concert.....life as we know it will end on that day
  9. I tried that outside the Regent hotel in Bangkok ..the guy got out fast and tried to run me over ......i was to quick for that..
  10. Only seen one lady taxi driver.... My main gripe lately is the reluctance of the drivers not to take you where you want ..if the traffic is a little heavy ...or between 3pm and 4pm is the worst this week for us ...luckily we can just get out and use the BTS to our Condo..
  11. Why didn't MM just stand up and give the girl a strip show himself .... Where were you sitting ..?.on the corner near Bada Bing bar?...i was there a couple of nights ago
  12. In Darwin they make boats out of beer cans..
  13. This is not far from my Condo ..will be in town in two weeks will go have a look ....
  14. Nothing.....heaps of Condos in Bangkok have pools like these and any overlooking buildings can have a look ...including my Condo ...i put on a bit of a show in case anyone is perving on me
  15. Agree..i was going to post ..ALL Stones songs.. ..but could only choose one...
  16. Honky tonk women the Stones..
  17. You can get a Taxi for under 2000 one way ....
  18. Maybe he could pop over to your place ..you could whip something up out of a can ... i have a couple of candles i could lend you .......:neener:
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