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  1. BKK: if you like french, Aubergine is good and very reasonable priced; of course not in the league of Le Normandie; then there are a couple of good italians like Zanotti, Gianni, Biscotti (Four Seasons) and more simple ones but with good food like Bacco, Beccofino, Enoteca, Rossano or if you like Italian food nouvelle cuisine style go to Angelini (in Shangri-La hotel close to the Oriental)

    outside Bangkok you will not find anything that is even in the next league below Le Normandie but a couple of good thai restaurants if you venture outside of the main tourist stream

    in Ranong (or do you mean Rayong?) you will even not find any eatable western food




    Maybe he could pop over to your place ..you could whip something up out of a can ... i have a couple of candles i could lend you .......:neener::neener:

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  2. Hey guys. I'm going to be there soon, but this time the wife wants to see Thailand! Pity me. Can you imagine being surrounded by all that glorious female flesh and not being able to dive right in?This will be my fifth trip, but the first that's accompanied. I haven't been there in seven years. Here's what I'd like to find while I'm there, but keep in mind I can only operate during the day while she's shopping. Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, feel free to e-mail me.


    1. Girls in lingerie, stockings etc.

    2. Two girl blow job.

    3. Massage recommendations, prettiest girls, best attitudes/prices?


    I'm looking for info on each of these for Bangkok, Phuket and maybe Chiang Mai, where I'll be for only a few days.


    Thanks, and feel free to e-mail me - Luckyjackson@hotmail.com







    Hi so your wife is not Thai i am guessing?


    If so no way she would let you go anywhere alone in Thailand ...my wife is Thai and this happens to me in Thailand ....when and if we hit a nightspot ..yep she is siting next to me chatting to "the Girls"...:neener:


    Good luck with your cheating however :easter:




  3. Over 7 years ? Sheeit - that will be some reunion, assuming you still recognize one another ! :stirthepo


    One thing is certain - it might have been 7 years, but any gal you spent the night with way-back-when will still remember *you*. Its always a thrill to have someone appear out of nowhere, shouting 'You no remember me ?' .......


    ...Ummmm ...just look for the big fella with RED hair!!....:neener:

  4. Thank you. Not only is she beautiful, she lets me go to Thailand every couple of years. I am a lucky man.


    Hopefully torneyboy will put his two cents in soon.



    Hi ..yes we had a good time there... a while ago now ..will try a revisit this trip ..with some updated pics....( back Jan 15 )

  5. where can I find the cheapest iPhone 4S?


    can I still use my old AIS SIM card or do i need to change it? how much would this cost?



    Cheap Charlie :neener:



    I saw them on level 4 MBK for about 22K THb... a few weeks ago........your AIS will work as long as the phone has been "unlocked" and then the net etc works fine...

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