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  1. Louis Vuitton a new bag and several other items.. ..from the New Sydney store.... And a shot of her old one..
  2. I hope i get his new book ..signed for Christmas ..good reading for the new year..
  3. Sydney don't stamp in or out anymore ..and as J2 says the Thais will flick through all pages .. so nothing to worry about ...they will not send you back
  4. Well 14 years is a long time ago..we are not getting any younger MM..
  5. When i first visited Pattaya in 1997 as a young travel agent in a group being shown over the place .....we were told they were going to ban jet skis from Pattaya.. What a surprise i got when we re visited Pattaya in March this year and jet skis all all over the joint....
  6. I bring cash to Los as we get a much better rate ..we also have accounts with Bangkok bank in case the dollar falls through the floor.. re camera i would buy in Oz and claim the duty free at Sydney airport..having said that i bought mine in Bangkok a Canon s95 12400 TB....no liquids or underarm charm sprays on board ..i just carry a laminated copy of my passport.. Hope this helps
  7. We just saw the new MI4... Tom Cruise at his best ..Non stop action lost of gadgets and great stunts ...go see it .
  8. Enjoy ..we are back Jan 16 for a Month
  9. Oh Dear ..Red is going to be pissed now ... TG special promo ..$810 (incl tax) Departures from Jan 15th to June 20 2012..we changed to the 10am flight for $960 fare also includes a side trip for $50...Chiang Rai,Chaing Mai ,Phuket Krabi Samui etc....have to book face to face with an Agent... Merry Christmas Red
  10. No ..not at all for me! ..i was feeling for all the other people
  11. We went and had a look tow weeks ago ...very up market...take your credit cards with you..
  12. Drink young wine ...yep i can not keep wine ..it must be drunk i have had some really good wine over the years that would be worth a lot of money now ..but all gone
  13. Yes and only 66..great player ..enjoyed a bit of the old biff ...:rip:Artie
  14. Hi ...you have been hiding on the board of late ...lol..How was the road trip?


  15. I am sure i went to see the Hilltribe people and a large sort of sunken garden nearby very beautiful as i recall...been a while however
  16. Taken as we were about to go up the steps to Saphon Taksin BTS this morning...the water level was way up today... and a few at a market just up from Bangkok bank head office ..
  17. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Ex MP GF was living there....
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