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  1. I bring cash to Los as we get a much better rate ..we also have accounts with Bangkok bank in case the dollar falls through the floor.. re camera i would buy in Oz and claim the duty free at Sydney airport..having said that i bought mine in Bangkok a Canon s95 12400 TB..:xmassmile..no liquids or underarm charm sprays on board ..i just carry a laminated copy of my passport..


    Hope this helps :neener:

  2. Oh Dear ..Red is going to be pissed now ...



    TG special promo ..$810 (incl tax) Departures from Jan 15th to June 20 2012..we changed to the 10am flight for $960 fare also includes a side trip for $50...Chiang Rai,Chaing Mai ,Phuket Krabi Samui etc....have to book face to face with an Agent...


    Merry Christmas Red :snowlaugh:neener:

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