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  1. Re Posting Pics with the new system ..
  2. MM my wife is left handed ...and i noticed several on the BTS yesterday as well....
  3. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Will keep it in mind ..have not been up that way for a long time..spent a lot of time in Mae Chan several years ago..
  4. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    A few more ...the cheese room is huge
  5. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Hilton ..revisited Just some pics from the Hilton bar and buffet dinner last night ...3900tb for two plus two drinks on the top floor JW and diet cokes 705tb for the two drinks ...the view was great however
  6. Yes it is confusing..we will see what happens next trip in January as she will use Thai passport out of Sydney as well..
  7. Also MM....she was given the one year ..because she is a Thai national...just to add to the confusion...
  8. Yes she is ...Ten years married now ....uses her OZ passport..we had a problem with using her Thai passport out of BKK...the original visa (spouse) expired and this was a hassle so she handed over her OZ one to prove OZ citizenship ..the guy yesterday said she "could" use it ..so we are confused and must follow this up ...the problem is with TG check in staff not the Immigration guys...
  9. They take the menus away so you can't compare
  10. English and Thai Languages ....food ok well presented but the Thia's were more interested in the view ..i think the menue scared them Expensive for what it is ...we didn't pay this time..i am sure i saw my brother in law fork out about 9 1000 bills and not much change... A very special occasion visit i feel...
  11. Yep ..and will not take long
  12. A few pics from SkyBar and Sirocco last night ...wonderful view and a romantic place for a drink and enjoy the sights..64 floors up on top of State Tower Bangkok..
  13. We had to get an extension of our 30day entry stamp today....due to floods Immigration asks you to call 1111 and they give directions to where to go get extensions 90 day reporting etc .. This place is temporary and houses immigration departments of the provinces that can not open so it is a busy little place .. They hand out plastic numbers to keep track of you..however at the end when they are about to give your docs back they call out in Thai..no electronic number system in place. Allow a good 2.5 hours and if you can get copies of passports departure cards etc before arriving as there is no copier in this complex....you can go over the road and use one in 7/11..long ques however. 1900Thb for my 60 day extension and my wife got a one year also 1900 THb..but as we go back to OZ in two weeks all will need to be done all over ..we come back mid January for two months again.. Oh... bring a pen as they are a rare item here ...
  14. We have done that run twice since arriving on October 21...and chaos is not strong enough.. double chaos maybe
  15. I will buy a batch and sell them in MBK for double that
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