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  1. Forward passes close to the line 40/20 rule Golden point in extra time NSW blues When my team looses
  2. Fortune Teller is a Rolling Sones track :: Hope that helps
  3. Sayjann= Not handsum man Sorry could not resist.... ::
  4. Can i say Kylie!!! the singing Budgie
  5. Hi Yes normal. We have several Thais staying with us In sydney....food will appear from 5pm till...well bedtime .after that i don't know as im asleep but would not doubt a snack comes out as well. All these thais have put on weight while here btw
  6. Hi No all mine have a tattoo. Maybe he can airbrush them out
  7. Hi just drink and move on to next bar :: hi Samak What a surprise
  8. Torneyboy

    Go-Go To Hell

    Hi Nice story..thanks Sounds like the one that got away was the one to avoid...rather than cast your line. Think i would have done the same ...but did not see her
  9. Says phoenix: Hi TB, yes it was a steep learning curve, but luckily I lkied Issaan foon. When staying at her village, she always wanted to cook me something separate, or the same that they fed the kids, but I would prefer what the other adults ate. As for coffee, I'd go to Tesco or Ca'four before leaving for issarn, and I'd buy a tin of finely ground espresso coffee. I would in the morning simply ask for boiling water and make my own cofee. Those were the days! Hi px Luck you like the food style..and your tummy :: Boiling water can be a bit tricky up north if they have those big kettle things with a tap at the bottom you are ok. Otherwise out the back and boil on a cooker top. Hot water after a big night not good for me ..so go without when north. BanngButcher I believe you btw :: Have never seen a slim butcher
  10. Says Zaad: Maybe get out of bed before 12PM?? Or maybe go to sleep after midnight. OOPs i meant 12 noon am
  11. Says bangkokbutcher: I must be pretty lucky then, because my wife never seems to struggle knocking me up a lovely fry up in the mornings. Even back home in her village she will always do her upmost to find the right stuff to use, and it is still quite a show piece for the locals seeing a plate full of sos's, eggs, bacon, beans and toast, no black pudding though ::. Thanks god for 7-11 Wow the BIG breakfast...maybe she is fattening you up so you are not attractive to TGs ::
  12. Hi Zaad, Maybe get out of bed before 12PM??
  13. Says LaoHuLi: I Like baked beans on toast. Even for breakfast. Now any Thai girl can cook this one. But I make mine from scatch so she only has to open the plastic take away bag. Keep them away from things mechanical. ps Our waitresses don't 'dance' or 'show' or "participate in lewd shows' or provide prohibited illegal services. It may be the new trend in LOS. ""any Thai girl""...dangerous ground with that one..i had an ex that could not cook toast..well she could um black. ""Keep them away from things mechanical"" :: Electric knives/can openers
  14. Says LaoHuLi: I know you do. Bet I could market the other in a 'boutique' hotel. A-Maizing-Breakfast. Maize (Corn) marinated in an imported sauce, flavoured with exotic Thai spices and topped with 2 poached free range eggs. Served on a bed of rice noodles and accompnied with Thai peanut sauce. This weeks special only $ 17 PS... why do you need a can opener to open Corn Flakes ? Do you chaps package them different down under? Ha ha ..""imported sauce"" Heinekin ?? 1$ would not get me in for the special Maybe served by topless waitress then you may be on a winner(after the crackdown). Can opener for you to open cans for your dinner...baked beans etc on toast...oh what a restaurant
  15. Says LaoHuLi: Specialize in guest Chef at your home now. Now you too can experience 'unique' cuisine. ''unique cusine"" can say that again. You only need beer and a can opener to prepare dinner Never mind i have my own live in ""Chef""...so i decline your kind offer
  16. Says LaoHuLi: No never boil milk Maybe try beer, a splash of nam pla and add some chilis for a Thai flavor. On my 2 boiled eggs????? Where is your restaurant....need to cross it of my list
  17. Says LaoHuLi: Yeah, say boiled them first and then fry them. Yummy. Yuk...fry the milk And you a chef and all
  18. Says jp1: When I stay at the home of my gf she always prepares breakfast for me - Western style. In the village it's different - only Thai food. Western Style...you teach her? Scrambled eggs..ask her to say that ::
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