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  1. Good advice! Good luck to the OP
  2. That is the exact line our news has taken tonight...why the delay...
  3. I think a lot of us have hugged a tre after a skin full!!...i love you ...burp
  4. Forward passes close to the line 40/20 rule Golden point in extra time NSW blues When my team looses
  5. Fortune Teller is a Rolling Sones track :: Hope that helps
  6. Sayjann= Not handsum man Sorry could not resist.... ::
  7. Can i say Kylie!!! the singing Budgie
  8. Hi Yes normal. We have several Thais staying with us In sydney....food will appear from 5pm till...well bedtime .after that i don't know as im asleep but would not doubt a snack comes out as well. All these thais have put on weight while here btw
  9. Hi No all mine have a tattoo. Maybe he can airbrush them out
  10. Hi just drink and move on to next bar :: hi Samak What a surprise
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