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  1. A few snaps from Princess Terrace Bar and Restaurant just up from our Condo on the Chao Praya River tonight...numbers way down on last year ..
  2. Just back from the Jungle and logged on to see this wondeful news....
  3. Not for a long while now ..we fly Thai first choice then BA then Singapore What a huge mess (Qantas) they have become ...shame
  4. Just watched White Elephant starring Kevin Bacon . This movie is set in Bangkok ..a few shots outside Dollhouse and the entrance to Soi Cowboy early on in the movie....fast paced and lots of action ..
  5. Tesco and 7/11s have closed a large number of stores from flooding to no stock on the shelves ..just have to check stores as you come accross them....people are panic buying as well so any stocks soon dwindle...
  6. We just got in from five days in Hua Hin ...bought heaps of water back with us ..every Big C and Tesco between Bangkok and Hua Hin are out of bottled water...our Condo has informed all of us not to drink tap water at all ...oh well just have to drink JW ...
  7. The lack of information appears to be panicking people ..we arrived yesterday and our condo complex is well prepared .A large two metre sea wall at the front and many levels to be breached to even get close to the building...(we are on the Chao Phraya river) My wife's family and friends are telling us we should move away ..all 7/11s around us (5) are all but empty of products ..we tried many supermarkets(Big C etc) to buy water ...all gone ..panic is setting in ..and yep we are off now to Hua Hin.(under protest but out numbered)..until information is clear or the place is under water..
  8. Just sent two ..hope they are ok..
  9. Bondi Beach ..opps sorry that is New Zealand
  10. I used to work in an RSL club here in Sydney many moons ago ...the cops would take the radio out of the car and put it on the bar and drink with the staff after hours ...lol....
  11. Were there any deaths in this fire?...34 years appears harsh for arson alone..imo
  12. Too long to wait ..start now he can catch up later
  13. Looks good ..well done boys..
  14. I'm sure they will find one of them??.. How many teams will they send to look for the fifteen teams.. :content:
  15. The game doesn't stop for adds!!....the telecast does
  16. My wife has a boy fathered by a Thai ..he never saw the child nor supported him/her (not surprised)....he is nearly eighteen now and we are a happy family now ...rocky at first however..
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