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  1. Looking to buy a quality sound system for our apartment in Bangkok.. Found a new shop in MBK L5..just setting up but only have speakers from Finland 95K a pair..nothing in Power Buy.. A specialist shop that you can choose an amp and marry up speakers etc.. Thanks boys
  2. Oh yes indeed....QF jumps to mind..oh dear
  3. Flash Chuck ..na doesn't sound right
  4. This guy was just like a zombie ...maybe he hasn't been shown how to switch over..
  5. ...the only pond inside ..would be the mens room BTW ..today and until Friday there is a huge market setup right in the middle of the building...selling Som Tum to kitchen goods ....nowhere else in the world could you setup a stall to flog goods in the middle of a Government building... . The poor guy on the X ray machine must be enjoying it all.... TIT
  6. Yes .. just a 30daya...enough for now but next year will need a lot more time here..sounds very easy however ..i thought it would be a bit of an effort..very helpful staff i must say..
  7. A nice new Restaurant .. Open just four Months Name : The Wave Ratburana Bangkok On the Chao Phraya River 02 4273341 as you can see it is just off the carpark of the Big C Rat burana It is modern has young cheerful staff there are a selection of Karoke rooms as well as a large A/c room they also have a VIP room you can book for a max of twelve guests it has A/c and restrooms.. There are four partners all put 4mil each into it ..they were all working in a five star hotel in Bangkok before opening there own eatery... You can get here via a ferry ..however getting back will need a taxi.. A very relaxed and comfortable restaurant ..and the food backs all this up ..the duo tonight were a little loud but good ..and i recommend you give it a try... Pics of the Wave and Surrounds... Total for three was 1250tb The dishes we chose range from 120 to 200 for the prawns in tamarind sauce ...yum
  8. Realized the other day we were staying for 35 days this visit...so we need to go out and return or get an extension.. So of the Immigration office ..it is within a huge complex that houses the lands department and the national statistical office to name some... The whole thing took just over one hour...and 1900 tb You need photo copy of your passport plus a copy of the page that has your departure card stapled in it as well as a 2 inch photo.. The place is very very busy ..but many different ques so you get seen..now lunch is 12 till one ..so go early.. Fill in the form ..a one page simple document.. Make sure you have all those photo copies ..as the machine there is two floors down and a good five minute hike both ways .. I was asked why not go in and out ..he was most helpful..said if i go back next week he will get me 60 days..and told me how to get the one year one as well ..not ready for that one just yet.. All in all a very good and easy process...if only need 7 days that is.. Very modern building ..two pics from outside...
  9. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok 494 Rajdamri Road Bangkok 2254 1234 Usual drinks Buffet Dinner 3600 plus taxes Total for two 5200 tb Well located hotel ..next to Erawan shrine and short walk to Central World. The most compact of all the buffets we have been to so far ..and the staff we found to be aloof to say the least..pics..
  10. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    Must say the Oriental is way up there...go there next week.. Tonight we are off to the Grand Hyatt Erawan ..haven't been there for some time..looking forward to the meal.. Pics later..
  11. Torneyboy

    Hotel Food

    The Shangri-La Hotel ..revisited ..last night. 89 Soi Wat suan Plu , new Road Bangrak Bangkok 02 236 7777 Right on the Chao Phraya River You can get there from the Saphan Taksin BTS or by shuttle boat from the pier.. Either way ..make sure you walk along the riverside of the hotel..the gardens are just a must see and an excellent photo opportunity with your girlfriend /wife.. The food is very high standard as is the service ..well worth a visit Two JW and my wif'e blue thing..430 250 total for two includes tax 4650
  12. Ha ha ...yep that is why we are here now as well ...can't stand the cold anymore ...must be getting ...old
  13. Just back from two days at Damnoen Saduak floating markets at my In_laws jungle abode... I will post some pics at the end of my rant.. It all started the first morning ..very early i might add...now i am not a morning person ..and i love the bright lights neon signs and concrete... so ...5 am the monks from the local temple start the chanting..i can here every word even thought they are 1k away....near the end of this my wife's mom and housekeeper decide it is time to bang every pot and pan in the kitchen ..this then was the que for about 50 dogs to join in the fun...then a bird started ...eeeeh WHO HOOO eee right next to my head ....by now the monks had finished ..good what else can stop me sleeping...yep ..the long tail boats on the way to market decide to haunt me as well..Brrroomm then slow down to glide around the bend and ggrrrummbbom they go again ..very load..now about 7am so ..the man selling noodles decides it is time to hoot his horn outside our room ....then ..oh yes there is more ..then the election boats appear all with more speakers on board that at a Rolling Stones Concert ..all shouting out their numbers.....oh dear how i love the sounds of silence...
  14. Revisited the View Restaurant tonight (new Chef) Pleased to report everything is up to the high standards set before ... We had .. Panang Chicken Salt water prawns cooked in black pepper sauce Egg and seafood salad A soup ...forget the name... :content: Rice total for two 1000 TB Excellent place to dine with just your wife/GF or a group. View 2525 Charoenkrung Bangkorlam Chao Phraya river. 02 689 1393
  15. When they cut the power to our building ..that crossed my mind... Full story ... Fire was in soi 21..this leads to one of our favorite Restaurants ..Princess Bar and Terrace on the Chao Phraya River...the fire was a house half way down the soi ...no injuries but house is in cinders..
  16. Waiting for the cheque...
  17. Torneyboy


    How much was the fish? A beauty ..
  18. Looks like opposite Sathorn Pier ...just up from my Apartment...heaps of fire trucks on the way .
  19. The supermarkets are doing that to us now...or pay 10 cents per plastic bag...
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