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  1. Nice to see one of the usual suspects drop by again! Welcome.
  2. Question to all; What is a good iPhone app for directions in Thailand, in English and Thai?
  3. What was the main reason for not getting an iPad? Price?
  4. Don't ManU fans have the longest way to travel to home games?
  5. The majority of regular posters still have their original name from back in the days when In started to post here.
  6. Still same owner at 'Bei Otto'. It depends on what you eat, the goulash may well have been below par but other dishes are excellent. Had 3 German sausages and they were delicious, a trout which was medium and a noodle dish 'Kaessespaetzle' which had good cheese but the noodles were rubbery and it was dripping with oil (although I haven't found a good 'speatzel' anywhere in the LOS yet). The starter was excellent again, a mixed appetizer plate. I would agree that for the prices they charge the overall quality should/could be slighter better. The bakery is good, daily fresh bread and plenty of 'kuchen' to choose from.
  7. Was there last month and it was ok. It is pricey! Especially their bakery is excellent.
  8. ok, floods in general I take it. Do they have to be your own shots?
  9. Flood related gallery would be fine but, maybe not a contest, although there are some great pix out there, but they would all be somebody's elses pix and probably not be made by the entourage on Thai360. Ideas for future contests could be 'parking in the LOS' or 'funny signs', have plenty of these, and many made by myself.
  10. Stayed there with the family and it's great value. Older style rooms but definitely doing the job. Parking lot, close to the action. In my opinion guest friendly, looking at the elevator motley crue but can't guarantee.
  11. Insomnia is excellent for your purposes.
  12. When booking Air Asia, book the seats from row 1-5, first boarding and first off the plane and book a meal in advance, hardly any extra costs but worthwhile the effort. I like their Focaccia! Also make sure you book enough baggage allowance, they start with 15KG per person. Once in Macua, check indeed with the casino's. It's a very short ferry trip to Hong Kong from Macua! Maybe a trip to Disneyland is in place
  13. The silence on the transfer front is deafening. That was a horrible defeat, I also expected them to loose but not like this.
  14. Useless thread imho, keep it seperated
  15. This is how it started, with the Sweet, after I got lost for a while in Yes and discovered Zappa as well. Than it was Punk Rock from there on, just missed the Sex Pistols but managed to see Joy Division live. The start of a long list of live gigs, somewhere in the thousands! Scratch Acid that's a trip down memory lane! Wow, how can I get a You Tube vdo embedded?
  16. Yeah, so what's your point?
  17. Way more Thais than Westerners die in motorbike accidents on Samui.
  18. Letters from Iwo Jima, director Clint Eastwood, 2006, starring Ken Watanebe.
  19. Hmmn. Close call. jack Only joking, trying to lighten it up a bit, lads. Chris knows I wish him well. Or will do when he checks his private mailbox. FJ, Good call!
  20. JS, Hats off to you how you handle yourself here, RESPECT!
  21. BKKTraveler, Totally depends, it's prepared in different ways but you always get to drink the blood, with the heart and a few other itmes in it. Chek with some locals, I'm sure they can tell where to get it. There's a good snake restaurant in Hat Yai, not too far away from the bus station. It's been a while that I had it so I'm not sure about the price. Various snakes have different prices.
  22. Why don't you make this a sticky?
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