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  1. Since when can a Farang be trusted? On top of that, it was a very inconvenient truth for the powers that were at the time being
  2. MMM, missed those Waerth, Berlin isn't too bad tho, it seems to be a pre-reunion German map is being used. Stuttgart and Munich also have interesting locations. I see your point a bit better now.
  3. Besides an odd location for Madrid and the names Biemingham and Mascow, I don't get it. Who cares, to a degree, what country they're in, as long as the location is right, right? Also looks like here's not much space for country names. Do you really think that the stops at the underground map for London are at the exact location the underground map tells you, or any underground map with stations on it for that matter? This is about 200% more accurate than any underground map. Just my 2 satang worth
  4. Needed to transfer on a regular base between DM and SVNB, only once had a cabbie not turning on the meter, but since I was talking Thai all the time, once we arrived at SVNB, she asked for a normal price. SVNB is a lot better than MNL for instance, that must be one of the worst airports in the area!
  5. That's the one! A far cry from JTH :-)
  6. OK, fair enough. During one of my first visits to Thailand, I visited some tourist destinations in BKK and one of the wooden buildings had burn marks from a bombardment, just remembered this as being JT house, but that obviously was a mistake.
  7. American bombs? Jim Thompson house got damaged and some burns can still be seen there, if I remember correctly.
  8. Animal is awesome! http://youtu.be/T9Nup-RL75U
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buEnHBopMEQ
  10. Four Lions 2010 Probably already mentioned here but a funny movie, touching on the current attacks in Paris and the Boston marathon. Hilarious at times and serious as well
  11. from a trusted source it has been revealed that two Burmese workers escaped quietly from Samui prison, hanged the Frenchman and as quietly went back to prison, to avoid any consternation. Major General Captain Admiral Cheerleader Vice Consul General Secretary Colonel Somchai neither confirmed or denied the story, since otherwise the foreign press might see this as a confirmation that the RTP might be looking for a scapegoat.
  12. My fave version of this song, initially rejected by the Coasters and made into a smash hit by the Clovers. The picture is ace! http://youtu.be/yxQxsWQGrL0
  13. Anyone with any ideas of what torrents to sue now that piratebay is offline? Please PM me with suggestions, much appreciated.
  14. kind of related question, now with piratebay out of the air, any suggestions where to find torrents
  15. Not so famous, the original, first flag over iwo Jima Very famous, the 2nd flag over Iwo Jima
  16. It seems the British families of the two victims have been shown 'convincing' evidence by the UK police.
  17. Yes in eye of the 'officially party' line but a think a big no no from what evidence they really gathered
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