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  1. Nasiadai

    Future of this board

    My dear Khun Sanuk, your workload for this board will continue to decrease in the future. The Euro is falling and the British pound is weak, too. Fewer and fewer Europeans will be able to afford a holiday in Siam in the near future. The ECB has lirarised the euro definitively through the "rescue measures". It has degenerated into a soft and junk currency. The external value is gradually but steadily falling into the abyss. In the first years after the introduction of the euro, the world believed that the euro was an enlarged DM and that the ECB functioned like the former Bundesbank. In the first years 2002 to approx. 2006 there were 50 and/or 52 Thai Baht for the euro today less than 34!!! That is a depreciation of more than a third. This will soon be too expensive for me as well. I come back in January 2020 foe three months. But I think that will be the last time.
  2. Nasiadai

    The member known as DumbCunt

    Dumsoda's supposed to be dead? Really? I can hardly believe it. I am frightened. For the last 5 years I have been a regular guest with him in Nong Khai. He had together with his Thai wife a restaurant "Jing Joe... (Kangaroo)" and a guesthouse. That was in the Soi Rim Kong directly at the Mekong. In the year - I think - 2017 he moved; about 400 m to a Soi, whose name I don't have now. He told me that the rent had become too high. The restaurant went well, but the three to four rooms he rented were rarely occupied. Dumsoda, it was always good with you. Friendly, helpful, courteous. Wherever you are now, my dear John, I hope you are well. An affected and consternated Nasiadai
  3. Nasiadai


    Deutschland under Frau Merkel. GERMANY! in German politics prevail * political rationality * western values (whatever these may be) see my contributions in Deutschland-Thread Rarely so laughed, 55555555 am deutschen Wesen soll die ganze Welt genesen ======> the whole world will recover from the German being or essence What's wrong with Trump's policy? Attention, watch out!: I am referring to his politics, not to the person! Trump as a person is unacceptable. a few keywords: * the American economy is going well. Unemployment is as low as seldom in American history. * The containment of illegal immigration is long overdue! * the current policy of the USA achieves better trade relations with China for the USA; and with other countries, too. for example with Deutschland * the current policy of the United States does not instigate war. * The USA shows (military) strength against Iran. * The USA threatens credibly - with military strength - without using it. and many more ....
  4. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    I'm in Eckernförde on the Baltic Sea right now. It is wonderful. Very warm, but a cooling east wind comes from the sea. During the day I am on the beach in my beach chair; in the evening I am in the pubs and bars in the city. The city is small (approx. 20.000 inhabitants), but very romantic, has Mediterranean charm. I love it. In the last years I have reported about Eckernförde; with several pictures. https://www.ostseebad-eckernfoerde.de/ https://www.eckernfoerde.de/ Right now, I'm sitting here with a glass of red wine. Nice bourgeois Eckernförder audience. We chat and discuss. https://www.roemerundwein.de/
  5. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    Herr Bubi, you'll get your answer. I don't have time right now. I must hurry up. I go from Buxtehude / Hamburg back home to Düsseldorf. The train does not wait. Greetings
  6. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    Today - Wednesday 3 July - the die has been cast. French Madame Christine Lagarde will be the new President of the ECB, succeeding Italian Mario Draghi. The German Princess Ursula von der Leyen becomes the new Head of the EU Commission, succeeding Claude Junker. With Lagarde at the head of the ECB, there will be even more money; more money will be pumped into the euro area. Now the reckless, irresponsible monetary policy typical of the Mediterranean countries is really gathering pace. All to the disadvantage of Germany and the other Northern European economies. The Club Mediterrane wins all along the line. Frau von der Leyen has been German Defence Minister so far. She leaves behind a military mess; she has run down the German Bundeswehr. Hardly any submarine and warship is in service, the tanks are lacking spare parts, airplanes and helicopters are no longer operational. But in the barracks we have gender-appropriate toilets and kindergardens. This woman will be President of the EU Commission. I cannot believe it. I lose it, I flap. The Euro has been below 1:35 to the Baht for days. It will continue to crash ..... Late! May be too late! Nasiadai alias Bakwahn
  7. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    You can turn it any way you want: Germany is abolishing itself. Germany is relegating from the Champions League very slowly but steadily into the 2nd league and then this country becomes third-class. It is clear:Germany is a strong country. It needs many hard and powerful blows and punches to shake the country and send it down. It will take time. 10, 15, 20 years. Then it will have arrived at the bottom. The keywords are - I repeat myself now: false, wrong immigration adherence to the Euro the catastrophic education policy a disastrous family policy and much more ... Late! Nasiadai
  8. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    Panadolsandwich Stickman, Panadolsandwitch writes: “Migration has made Australia a world power.” Stickman writes: “I'm pro Immigration BUT with the proviso that migration is managed. You want the right sort of people coming to your country.” By and large, all things considered, Australia has always allowed the right immigration. After the 2nd World War many Germans emigrated from our broken, destroyed country and looked for a new beginning in Australia. The immigration was almost exclusively "white". Later, immigrants from East Asia, i.e. a few Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Chinese etc. came to Australia. Right? These Asian immigrants surpassed both the British "natives" and the European immigrants in diligence and ambition, in determination and willingness to learn and adapt. Often these Asian immigrants belonged already in the second generation to the upper middle classes and upper classes of the country. Australia has profited from both immigration groups - the Western Europeans and the East Asians. Only then did Australia rigorously close its borders when mass migration began from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. Australia did the right thing. It has successfully fended off millions of false immigrants. My opinion. But it is based on verifiable facts and sober and realistic assessments. Nasiadai alias Bakwahn - Late!
  9. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    Back to Germany: The vast majority of poverty migrants who have come to Germany in recent years come from backward, undeveloped societies, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Arab-Muslim countries of Africa. Only a small minority of these people (almost exclusively young men) can be employed in Germany's very demanding labour markets. Hardly any school education or qualified vocational training. About 90 % (approximately) we have to alphabetise or re-alphabetise (!!!) and then give them two to three years of vocational training. For many years we have had negative experiences with the willingness of Arab and Muslim immigrants to integrate, as well as with black African refugees, who also have a Muslim religious and cultural background. Almost all of them are uneducated and unqualified - with the exception of a small minority. They obviously lack in their cultural baggage the qualities and virtues that lead to a successful integration into a modern, very demanding work and performance society: diligence, willingness to learn, willingness to perform, perseverance. Many lack the ability and also the will, e.g. in a company, to align themselves and subordinate, to follow instructions of a superior, etc... Most of them are unambitious. A well-known economist in Germany - former head of the IfO Institute in Berlin - has issued an extensive study on 50 years of Turkish immigration to Germany. He did a Vollkostenstudie, a "full cost study". What have 50 years of immigration brought from Turkey under financial and economic aspects. His result: nothing! Plus minus zero. I ask myself, why do we have about 3 million Turks in the country today from whom we have not benefited and who have not enriched us either? Sorry for my faulty english syntax to be continued ...
  10. Nasiadai

    Germany Thread

    the following is the continuation of the thread Nasiadai will be back again @ Coss and all It would have been better to omit the reference to the immigrants' low IQ. This leads to misunderstandings. I have taken the intelligence data from scientific studies and research. No, there is no relationship or dependence between IQ and ethnicity or religion. In principle, and in general, all people are potentially - regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural origin - similarly gifted and equipped. Nevertheless, there are differences. I will make it as short as possible. The developed countries of the world, i.e. the West, Japan, South Korea, etc., have been market societies for over 120 years. The intellectual demands in school, vocational training and professional activity have always increased. The people in these developing societies had to learn, had to make intellectual efforts to meet the increased cognitive and intellectual demands. This has made people in industrialized countries more intelligent over the last three to four generations. An excursus - for explanation The State of Israel is an excellent example for different IQs due to different origins. Israelis from Western Europe and North America are generally much more intelligent than Jews from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. The "Westerners" reach an IQ of 100 over 110 to 120 and above. Please, most of them, not all. The " Easterners " reach an IQ of 85 to 100. Please, most of them. Some, of course, also over 100 and higher. Why is that so? Western Jews were active in professions requiring high intelligence in their countries of origin. They were scientists, artists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers, merchants, entrepreneurs, etc. for centuries, many generations. The eastern Jews were craftsmen, workers, small self-employed, they were in the small economy of their host countries. Also for many centuries, generations. Cognitively, mentally, intellectually, they were not challenged and promoted. From this follows over centuries and accordingly over many generations that the people remain on a low intellectual level. Of course, in this group there are also people with an IQ of 100, 110 and higher, but in percentage terms they are very few. to be continued ...
  11. Nasiadai

    Nasiadai will be back again

    Let's continue the discussion in the right thread: in the Germany Thread – here http://thai360.com/index.php?/topic/64564-germany-thread/&page=21 I'll continue writing there.
  12. Nasiadai

    Nasiadai will be back again

    Stickman, dear Paul, Yes, there has been a very strong shift to the left in Germany. Especially among the social elites in culture, science, journalism and politics. I summarize in short theses what I have written in recent years on German boards and discussion forums in long and detailed comments. The political, journalistic, intellectual, cultural and economic elites want to force a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious state, the One-World-State, which is to merge into the United States of Europe in the foreseeable future. They want millions more immigrants to fill the demographic gaps in our country. A large part of the German population seems to agree with its own decline and extinction. 1.5 million poverty immigrants since 2015, between 250,000 and 300,000 new arrivals every coming year. Almost exclusively Muslims, including 75 % young men, the vast majority unqualified, close to illiteracy; the mass with an IQ between 85 - 95 (the average for us Germans is 100). The consequence: Germany will enter a phase of barely noticeable economic decline; it will experience a slow but steady decline, a gradual loss of performance, competitiveness and innovative ability; rising unemployment paired with a loss of security and trust within society and thus rising frictional losses. One reason for this peculiar defeatist mood in our country is perhaps the demographic situation: too many old people and too few young people. The refugees are supposed to fill the demographic gaps which we Germans have caused ourselves through our negative generative behaviour over the last 5 decades. An aging, weak society surrenders in humility. For about 12, 15 years an unconscious ethic of conviction has prevailed, which is ultimately an expression of a deeper fundamental infantilisation of the population. I could go on forever writing and arguing and thinking. It doesn't help: Germany is slowly but surely committing suicide. Sorry for my limited English.
  13. Nasiadai

    Nasiadai will be back again

    Sorry, maybe off-topic. But not for me. Today was a very hot summer day. Temperatures well above 30 degrees. I was at the beach of the Baltic Sea in Eckernförde, lay in my beach chair and had many hours time to think about our country. --- It doesn't look good. The future is getting darker and darker. The politics, the government including the opposition parties in the German Bundestag continue intensively to destroy our country. 1. a badly managed energy turnaround. We have electricity prices that are nearly twice as high as in other European countries. 2. the almost systematic destruction of the German car industry. This is a key industry for our country. 3. the continued unconditional adherence to the failed Euro. 4. an immigration of 250,000 to 300,000 Muslims into the German social systems every year. 5. the dismantling of school education through questionable pedagogical experiments. Lowering of the standard. 6. the infrastructure such as roads, bridges, Autobahnen, public buildings such as schools, etc. are becoming increasingly dilapidated. 7. Technologically we lose the connection to the digitization. and much more ..... The voter, the sovereign of this country, does not defend himself. On the contrary, 80% of German voters continue to vote what I call the "old-party cartel" Christian Democrats-Social Democrats-Greens-Lefts. The only party that could fundamentally change something is the AfD; Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany. In 85% of the mass media, this party is hostiled and condemned as if it was the devil. Only 15% of Germans elect this party. That is not enough. My sad conclusion: Germany destroys itself, it abolishes itself. The voters want it that way. I despair of so much stupidity and ignorance. Germany's relegation from the first league is unstoppable. Culturally, scientifically-technically, economically and thus also politically. The German sovereign wants it that way! My courage to live is destroyed.
  14. Nasiadai

    Nasiadai will be back again

    One thing worries me: the Euro. It is permanently sinking below 1 : 35 to the Thai Baht. Soon I can no longer afford a holiday. Some annotations: In the Euro area, completely different societies and economies are linked to each other in an ominous way; strongly differing in performance, competitiveness, productivity and innovation. It is a catastrophically dysfunctional monetary union. The respective national political, economic and social regimes are simply too different. The Euro has failed because of completely different economic and cultural ideas and mentalities in the countries of the Euro zone, especially in the Mediterranean countries. The "Eurorettung", "the rescue of the Euro" has long been taken over by the ECB. It operates state financing and, with its policy of super cheap money, keeps many over-indebted Euro countries, their ailing banks and even staggering companies afloat. How insanely wrong the debtor-creditor relationship has become by the money creation out of nothing - ex nihilo - of the ECB can be seen, for example, in Germany. If the German state is borrowing money on the financial markets, i.e. if the state takes on debts, the creditor has to pay about 0.25 percent interest. Awesome! Here the relationship between the creditor and the debtor is reversed! The creditor must pay the debtor interest. That is the total reversal of the market. This situation of negative interest rates is causing a huge flight of capital from the Euro area. This is why the Euro is falling into the abyss. I stop now. It is all so sad. Nasiadai alias Bakwahn
  15. Nasiadai

    Nasiadai will be back again

    Women's World Cup in France in June / July 2019. Thank God! The game is over. The German women's national football team lost to Sweden in the quarter finals. I am glad that I don't have to watch this tired kick anymore. Now I have time for more meaningful things; e.g. time for the preparations of my next trip to SOA. Nasiadai alias Bakwahn