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  1. There was a little compensation. My captain had his crew with him; among them 4 pretty stewardesses; three of them single. Around 5 pm they joined us. They had slept during the day. So good old Charly could once again flirt, laugh and joke. We sat together for over an hour in happy conversation.
  2. What happens now? What is worth reporting? One of my best Thai friends, the captain of Thai Airways, has made an appointment with me; he will land with his plane in Frankfurt on Wednesday 5 January at 6 a.m. and stay for one day before flying back. I take the train from Hamburg to Düsseldorf on Tuesday, spend the night there and drive from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt the next day to his hotel, where he and his whole crew are staying. We met in the lobby of his hotel at 2 pm. He still speaks almost fluent, flawless German. After more than 22 years. Our reunion was effusive. Old times gone by, the many shared experiences were our topics of conversation. Then we started calling his family and our mutual friends in Thailand via Line and facebook. We quickly got in touch and we chatted and talked. The question always came up: Charly, when are you coming? my answers: In view of the constantly changing entry requirements and the restricted conditions in the country (corona protection measures), I cannot make any promises. I will most probably not be able to come this season. But I promised to do everything I can to come in October 2022; if I'm still fit and I can afford such a trip again, I'll stay a scant 6 months until April 2023.
  3. I have no choice but to accept these adverse conditions. During my active time in Hamburg, I only worked and slept. The centre of my life was in Düsseldorf, 420 km away. I spent the weekends and a few holidays in Düsseldorf. Here in the Hamburg region, almost all my friends and acquaintances have died off in recent years. A good friend, a secretary at my company, died relatively young; two of my best buddies - slightly older than me - died shortly after each other. Here I am largely alone. In the evenings, I sometimes go around the corner to my pub and chat with one or two pub guests. Or we watch a football match or the sports show on TV together. During the day, when I'm shopping, I sit down in a café and chat with the person sitting next to me. The most intensive social contacts I have left are with my party friends (AfD = Alternative for Germany). We meet regularly for discussions, lectures, presentations, etc. That's fun for me and always gives me new vitality. Düsseldorf is the center of my life. I spend the time together with my family, daughter, friends and girlfriends. There is the "Altstadt" - downtown -, there is the Alt beer, the many pubs and music clubs, there is atmosphere and good mood. There's my beloved Königsallee - Düsseldorf's magnificent boulevard - with its sophisticated fashion shops and extremely expensive luxury shops. There is our garden and two stone's throws away my old beloved university with its library, where I often sit for hours reading and studying. But here, too, death comes to visit more and more often. One of our best friends has been in a coma for 3 months and has no chance of coming back to life. Death is part of life; it is a constant companion of all living things; it is omnipresent.
  4. It is becoming more and more a certainty: I won't be able to come to SEA this season either. Instead, I am forced to endure this nasty cold and wet Teutonic winter. Current temperature in the Hamburg area about 4 degrees during the day and light frost at night. Heavy cloud cover for weeks, no sunshine and lots of precipitation. The rivers and streams are full to the brim, some are in flood. Snow in the German low mountain ranges and in the Alps. In the regions above 500m, 600m there is snow. I am also beginning to doubt whether I will ever be able to fly to the SEA countries again - even in a possible post-Corona season. My current state of health does not allow it. And I am constantly getting older, i.e. my state of health hardly improves with increasing age.
  5. I wish us all a full, happy, healthy, magical, successful year 2022! Let us hope that the world will return to normality in 2022. I have many lights of hope within me. But I have a saddening suspicion that I will never see Siam again. The beaches, the Buddhist temples, Bangkok with its fascination, Pattaya and its exuberant nightlife.
  6. If I don't get another hypertensive attack in the course of December, if my heart, circulation and blood pressure no longer get out of control but work normally, then I will fly to Siam in mid-January 2022. Many friends are waiting for me and are happy when I come back. I have contact to and with Thailand every day. My Thai friends and acquaintances tell me about the current situation, and I use video blogs, e.g. on YouTube. Personal contact is mainly via email and the so-called social media. I also read a few Thailand info boards every day. At any given time, I am quite well informed about the key issues such as visa, entry requirements, residency requirements, Corona-related local contact restrictions, etc. I also read a couple of social media boards every day. A buddy - a retired general and former Phantom F5 pilot - has bought an old German-made motorboat and spent months making it "seaworthy" again. We want to sail together through the Gulf of Siam; for two to three weeks. I want to go to Jomtiem again; to Soi Welcome. Beach life, bathing for hours, enjoying the sun, sea, water and warmth. Out of the Teutonic winter, into the Siamese warmth. Party in the evening and be merry; enjoy life to the fullest once again. At Happy Bou, Joy's Paradise, Richmond Bar or one of the other pubs in Soi Welcome. Take two or three strolls through trendy gogo bars, laugh in beer bars with a few nice girlies, chat, fool around. Do it all again and experience what Pattaya has to offer. My plans and preparations for a holiday of several months - wintering in the warmth and sun of SEA - are underway (January 2022 – April 2022). The trolley is packed. Dear God, help me to keep my circulation and blood pressure under control.
  7. Corona and no end: ==> Let's be optimistic. For almost 2 years I have been following the news and reporting on Corona in German-language media; not only the mainstream media, but also alternative blogs and websites run by proven experts (doctors, virologists). a kind of summary: Humanity has to get used to living with this virus. We have accepted that medical science, the medical art, for example, cannot defeat cancer, stroke and some serious hereditary diseases. The world has to get used to the fact that Corona cannot be completely and finally defeated either. With vaccines and drugs we can greatly mitigate the course of the disease and avoid many deaths, but we have to accept that a handful of people will get sick with the Corona virus (with a more or less severe course) and a very small minority will die despite vaccination and medication. The vast majority of those who die from Corona are over 78/80 years old and suffer from pre-existing diseases; so they are already debilitated. The world can no longer afford (for many weighty reasons) further lockdowns and severe restrictions. The strange thing about this virus is the different courses of the disease. In a very large proportion of those who are infected with the virus, the course of the disease is very flat. Many show no symptoms of the disease at all. In another part, the illness runs like a normal flu; after 5 to 6 days with fever, cough, aching limbs, pain in the lungs, etc., the illness subsides. In a very small proportion, the course of the disease is very severe and long-lasting, so that they have to be hospitalised. Patients lie in bed with severe pain for over 3 weeks before improvement occurs. A few retain permanent damage from this disease; the vast majority, however, recover normally. Nevertheless: The virus is dangerous; I certainly don't want to be infected! It is more dangerous than conventional flu viruses. But it is not as dangerous as politicians and mass media in Western countries would have us believe. The mortality rate seems to be well below one percent of those infected. Almost only people over 78/80 with pre-existing diseases die from the virus. Charly --- Joeraman / Hamburg
  8. I too am threatened with the same fate as my friend. A stroke that will either lead directly to death or make me a total invalid. This can happen at any hour on any coming day. So, that's the end of the bad news. I'm changing the subject and returning to the pleasant and beautiful topics, the topics we are all gathered here for and are interested in.
  9. In Classical Peroid Greece, humans were called the "mortals". The Greeks considered themselves the earthly counterpart to the gods, who were called the "immortals". If you look closely at the stories and myths of the classical Greek era, immortality is the only really decisive criterion that separates us humans from the gods. For the behavioural patterns and the emotions of the Greek gods are infused and permeated with the human and the all-too-human, so that immortality remains as the only and distinguishing criterion. Today the Greek gods have faded; they have passed their twilight of the gods. Today's Greeks are Christian Orthodox and Zeus and Hera, Aphrodite, Pallas Athena, Hermes, Poseidon, Ares and all the other deities of the classical era of Greece have literally faded, passed away. They no longer exist. One of my best friends has been struck by a severe stroke. He has been in intensive care at the Düsseldorf University Hospital for about four weeks. The stroke was so severe that he fell into a coma from which he has not woken up to this day. He is no longer responsive and it is doubtful whether he will ever come back. It is terrible! It's a disaster! It's not looking good .... Pray for him. There is nothing else we can do. Today, Friday, I wanted to take the bus to the Elbe and the Elbe dyke for a long walk. tI can't, I'm shaking all over. I can't, I'm shaking all over. Bernd, what are you doing?! Come back. Bernd, please come back.You are still needed in our circle of friends. He has considered himself immortal. He always thought that only others die, he himself never dies. Das 4. Buch Mose 6, 24-26 Der Herr segne dich und behüte dich; der Herr lasse sein Angesicht leuchten über dir und sei dir gnädig; der Herr hebe sein Angesicht über dich und gebe dir Frieden. Maybe this blessing we all know will help: The 4th book of Moses 6, 24-26 The Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord make His face to shine upon you, To shine upon you and be gracious, and be gracious unto you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCpxgEHqjFA
  10. A note on my own behalf: I suffer from severe high blood pressure. That's why I had a stroke exactly 9 years ago. I have been in hospital for the last few days because of another high blood pressure attack; a so-called “hypertensive derailment”. The doctors can't help me. No medication helps me. Blood pressure lowering drugs only work in extremely high doses. In this critical health situation, I will hardly come to SEA and Siam in January 2022. I can die at any time due to another stroke. I have invitations from my Thai friends and their families (all speak good German; are/were colonels and generals of the Thai military). In the past years we have always had a wonderful time together; e.g. dinners together in restaurants at Chayo Praya in Bangkok, Oktoberfest 2015, family parties, football tournaments and much more. They all ask when I'm coming back, because Thailand is now letting tourists back into the country. Maybe I will fly in January 2022 (if I am still alive then). If I die in Bangkok or Jomtiem, the urn with my ashes can be placed in a Buddhist Wat and my family (daughter, brother, sister etc.) can come and “visit” me there later and say goodbye. I think that is a good idea. This may sound like "gallows humour", but I have no other options left.
  11. I have just finished reading George Orwell's Burmese Days. Here is my assessment; just a few brief thoughts. In his debut novel, “Tage in Burma”, “Burmese Days”, George Orwell paints a devastating picture of British colonial rule. "Burmese Days" deals with traumatic experiences Orwell, an Eton graduate born in British India in 1903 and fluent in Burmese, had in his early twenties as a policeman in the colonial service in the Irrawaddy Delta. Burmese Days Orwell describes corruption and imperial bigotry in a society where "natives were natives after all - interesting, no doubt, but ultimately ... an inferior people". When John Flory, a English teakwood trader, befriends an Indian, Dr Veraswami, he defies this doctrine. The doctor is in danger: U Po Kyin, a corrupt magistrate, a native Burmese, is plotting his downfall. The only thing that can save the Indian doctor is membership in the European club, and Flory can help him. Meeting the beautiful but stupid and conceited Elizabeth Lackersteen changes Flory's life fundamentally. She shows him a way out of loneliness and the "lie" of colonial life. The outsider in the community It is not only because of the birthmark that Flory is an outsider. It is above all his socio-political views that meet with disapproval among the British administrators and businessmen living in the fictional town of Kyauktada. They meet in the so-called European Club, where they provide themselves with copious amounts of gin and whisky at all hours of the day and night, read the newspaper and, above all, vent about the inferiority of the local population. They call anyone who is not white "nigger", they consistently treat young women like prostitutes and the servants and workers like their slaves. One of the English, Ellis, the police chief of Kyauktada, also knows how to deal with these "niggers". Orwell portrays the racism and brutal arrogance of the beneficiaries of British colonialism with clear directness. On reading it, every reader realises how much blood, countless human lives, human suffering, enslavement, exploitation of human and natural resources, etc., British colonianism and imperialism brought to the subjugated peoples. Before the British heap Nazi accusations on today's Germans, take a look at your own history. The Nazis had only 12 years to ravage Germany and Europe and commit their countless murders. The British had over 3 centuries to conquer, exploit and subjugate a quarter of the world by force of arms. Authors like Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham expressed this much better and more forcefully in their literary work than Orwell in his first novel.
  12. Mekong, you're right about the Thai population. The pace of vaccination is very slow there and lags behind the announcements of the Siamese government. My contribution refers to the incoming tourists and holidaymakers. If they can prove that they are "clean", vaccinated, not contagious, and have Corona health insurance, millions of tourists can enter. Why not?
  13. I don't want to bore anyone with my illness story. My blood pressure continues to be much too high; despite taking blood pressure-lowering medication regularly. It is therefore doubtful whether I will ever come to Siam again ..... my topic today: How will be the coming high season from around October/November 2021 to early April 2022? What decisions will the Thai government make in the coming weeks and months concerning international tourism? I suspect that Thailand will reopen the borders to international tourism from October/November 2021. Tourists entering the country will have to fulfil the following requirements: 1. they must be fully vaccinated - at least twice, better three times. 2. they must have health insurance that also covers corona illness; i.e. also the costs for a quick return trip to the home country or the cost-intensive treatment in a Thai hospital. 3. incoming tourists must show a negative test taken immediately before departure. I believe that only under these conditions the Thai government can revive international tourism. But these entry conditions will deter many holidaymakers/tourists. Many will prefer to stay at home under these circumstances. Final comment: The Corona crisis is far from over. The vaccines are nowhere near as effective as hoped. Even vaccinated people can fall ill - although not severely - and they can transmit the virus. Nasiadai - Hamburg/Deutschland Guest at Happy Bou and Joy's Paradise, Jomtiem - Soi Welcome
  14. My health has been very bad for a good two weeks. My heart and circulation are going crazy. The blood pressure rises to over 200; to 220 and 233 even. Today I am experiencing a completely normal summer day. There are no special features and no excitement. It is a wonderful summer evening, the heart starts pumping wildly as if out of the blue. The blood pressure rises to 200. What is this? I am a notorious hypertensive all my life; an inheritance from the two families I come from. The many medical examinations I have undergone in the last few weeks have yielded no results. I am a perfectly healthy man, no diseases, no cancer, no other medical abnormalities. Only the tendency to high blood pressure. This constant high blood pressure led to a stroke 8 years ago. The doctors want to "readjust the blood pressure" through a certain medication. "Readjust the blood pressure", that is the phrase the doctors always repeat. I take my blood pressure lowering medication regularly; now a medication in a slightly higher dose. But I hardly feel any blood pressure lowering effect. Medicine, the art of medicine, has reached its end. They can't help me. I am out of treatment.
  15. Nach einer saft- und kraftlosen Niederlage (0:1 gegen Frankreich), einem großartigen Sieg gegen Portugal (4:2), einem blamablen Unentschieden gegen Ungarn ist die deutsche Mannschaft gegen mittelmäßige Engländer ausgeschieden. Die einstmals erfolgreiche und gefürchtete deutsche Nationalmannschaft ist international als "die Mannschaft" endgültig in der Zweitklassigkeit angekommen. Das ist das schonungslose Ergebnis der letzten zwei großen Turniere. 2018 in Rußland das Ausscheiden bereits in der Vorrunde und nun die krachende Niederlage gegen brav und bieder spielende Engländer. After a sapless and powerless defeat (0:1 against France), a great win against Portugal (4:2), an embarrassing draw against Hungary, the German team was eliminated against mediocre English. The once successful and feared German national team has finally arrived internationally as "die Mannschaft", as "the team" in the second division. That is the ruthless result of the last two major tournaments. In Russia in 2018, they were eliminated in the preliminary round, and now they suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the well-behaved, of medoicre English. That's it!
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