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  1. I can't stand it any more! I am slowly but surely going crazy. For the last 10 days or so, Central Europe has been experiencing freezing cold weather. A recurring combination of high and low pressure areas brings cold polar air to Germany. Here in the Hamburg area it's temperatures around zero degrees at night, and during the day the thermometer barely rises above 9 degrees. That is much too cold for mid-April. The weather forecast predicts snowfalls and snow showers for the northwest and west of Germany in the next two to three days. What is this? That doesn't make any sense! Where a
  2. For a week now, the calendar spring has reigned in Central Europe and thus in Germany. It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon - Saturday 27.3.2021 - and I am looking out of the window. A shower of hail and sleet pours over the Hamburg region and for a few moments everything turns white: roofs, streets and paths, yards and gardens. Parked cars turn into poorly built snowmen in a few minutes. Passers-by stretch out their umbrellas to protect themselves against the snow and hail, but the gusty wind blows the umbrellas out of their hands and bends them over. I watch the scenery and I catch myself feel
  3. Thank you, Coss, for the compliment, "very Ernest Hemingway" 5555 But the female members of my family object to such a look! They are outraged, they scold and there is thunder. Long hair and a beard have to be looked after. Grooming can be very elaborate and can be very time-consuming. I prefer it short.
  4. "Hairdresser, barber!" scream my hairs! "We have not been cut for almost seven months. We want a haircut, and we want it now!" And my month-old beard is also calling out: "I want to be shaved off." And my head is shouting in desperation: "Charly, you look just horrible with this long hair and wild beard. Off to the barber! That's an order." That was 6 weeks ago in February when we had frost, ice and snow. I had a bad fall at the pond of the river Este. I wanted to take photos of the frozen pond and the wild birds such as ducks, pigeons, seagulls, etc.
  5. But now to Soi 4 , Nana.It is a disaster. It's catastrophe, a tragedy. My heart is sick. My beloved Soi 4, my most beloved Nana Plaza. The pubs are closed, restaurants are closed - among them is the "Heidelberg", here you can get the best German home cooking. You hardly see any people in this video. There are hardly any tourists; you can count them on the fingers of one hand. The question is whether the bars, the pubs and restaurants and also the hotels will open up again in the post-Corona period and recover and be able to return to their old turnovers? I don't see any p
  6. John Bingham, 7. Earl of Lucan From the German Wikipedia; an excerpt: Bingham war der älteste Sohn von George Bingham, 6. Earl of Lucan, und Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne Dawson. Als Heir apparent seines Vaters führte er von 1949 bis 1964 den Höflichkeitstitel Lord Bingham. Er hatte zwei Schwestern und einen Bruder. Er studierte am Eton College und diente danach als Offizier bei den Coldstream Guards. 1963 heiratete er Veronica Mary Duncan. Beim Tod seines Vaters erbte er 1964 mit 29 Jahren dessen Titel als 7. Earl of Lucan. Binghams Mutter starb 1985. Er arbeitete als Merchant Banker, abe
  7. "Even in the city's red-light district, which used to be discredited for widespread sex tourism, new business models are needed. Before the crisis, Englishman Bryan Flowers ran two dozen bars in a street full of go-go bars. Only a little more than half of them are open at the moment." "There are hardly any walk-ins any more. But Flowers has found a new source of income. He set up improvised broadcasting studios between the bar and the music system. Twelve hours a day, scantily clad barmaids present themselves in front of webcams for live streams on the internet. Viewers are invited to buy the
  8. "The slump in business is unprecedented: Until the beginning of the Corona crisis, Thailand's tourist numbers were still growing unchecked to 40 million holidaymakers a year at last count. In the meantime, visitor numbers have plummeted by 99.8 percent year-on-year. Economic output plummeted by 6.1 per cent - the biggest drop since the Asian crisis at the end of the 1990s. Every second employee in tourism lost his job. For this year, economic researchers expect at best a slight recovery. Thailand's central bank sees the question of when tourists will be able to return to the country as the m
  9. Now we move on ... An interesting article in the Handesblatt about the Thai tourism industry in Corona times. https://app.handelsblatt.com/politik/international/suedostasien-thailands-wirtschaft-am-boden-im-paradies-geht-die-verzweiflung-um/27005630.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-de-DE&ticket=ST-4119954-09Aedy3T1ffdFyEfHlbB-ap3 Thailands Wirtschaft am Boden: Im Paradies geht die Verzweiflung um Thailand's economy is down: Desperation is rampant in paradise. Von: Mathias Peer Preliminary remark: Handelsblatt is one of Germany's leading and most important news
  10. Mekong, Let's wait and see how things develop with the webcams. In the post-Corona times, when Pattaya and the bar business are back to normal, we will see how the bars manage the use of the webcams. In recent years, one thing has struck me as unpleasant. When I entered a beer bar, e.g. in Soi 7 / 8, they only paid attention to me briefly, namely when I ordered my drink. After that, all the girls were immediately busy with themselves and their smartphones. Many other guests also had this negative experience. It is up to the bar management to stop this bad habit. An example: A
  11. Mekong, I anticipated this objection. I wrote the following as a possible alternative for the use of webcams; I quote myself: "Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed." I know from reports via Facebook, Youtube and other social media that this offer has been used by many Pattaya holidaymakers prevented because of Corona. Many have laughed, joked, flirted, talked and spent lots of ladydrinks for the bar girls via webcam.
  12. Have I given out ladydrinks via webcam in the past weeks and months? No! There is a very weighty reason 555555 I haven't been to the hairdresser for over 6 months! Corona related. Barber shops are closed. I haven't shaved in over 2 months! I look like the most horrible character in a horror movie. Girls would be scared to death if they saw me on screen. But basically now: I wouldn't do that. No. If I know a girl who has got into financial difficulties because of the Corona crisis, then I help with a money transfer. I did that several times in the past month
  13. A few shards of thought I would like to add. Check out the activities of Phil Ross of Le Pub on Facebook. All of his activities are born out of necessity, but they seem to ensure Le Pub's survival in austere times of need. He does live broadcasts from his bar via webcam: the girls playing pool the girls at four connect the girls dancing and spraying good humour And the watching men in Farlangland pop a few ladydrinks. That's what I call ingenuity. Phil is innovative and creative. He doesn't sit passively in his bar night after night waiting for customers who don't co
  14. My point of view: The Pattaya bar business is a market and operates on capitalist market principles. Only those bars survive and do well in business that adapt to the ever changing rules and circumstances. I predict: Webcams will be an integral, normal part (not in all) but in many of Pattaya bars in the near future. Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed. One thing is clear - whether we like it or not - there are thousands of male Pattaya holidaymakers who want
  15. My topic today: Webcams in Bars A few days ago - in March 2021 - an Anglo-American beer bar operator in Pattaya reported the following incident: A couple of young ladies asked him if they could work in his bar. He said yes. Then the girls looked at the bar, discovered after a few moments that this bar had no webcam. The ladies asked if he could install a webcam. !!! They would only work at his place if the bar was equipped with a webcam!!! Background: Some clever, resourceful bar operators have installed webcams during the long months of the worldwide Coronalockdown. Now the bar
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