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  1. Wasn't the Dollhouse at Clinton Plaza? With the famous girl #33 !!! She danced in this Gogo and turned the men's heads (with her big boobies). She drove the men crazy. I still remember the many comments and reports about her quite well. After the dissolution of Clinton Plaza, Dollhouse a gogo moved to Soi Cowboy. It must have been that way.
  2. What Dollhouse a gogo are you talking about? Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok or the Dollhouse Pattaya Walking Street Soi 15? It's cold in Germany. A combination of a low pressure area (T) over Skaninavia and a high pressure area (H) over England and Western France shovels us ice-cold air masses from the north to Central Europe. Even in the western lowlands of Germany - e.g. Düsseldorf on the Rhine - night frost prevailed in the past nights. It's horrible.
  3. In Australia thousands of square kilometres are in flames, persistent heat and several deaths. The flames have already spread to several thousand square kilometres of bushland in New South Wales and neighbouring Queensland. Both regions had declared a state of emergency at the beginning of the week, enabling the fire brigade to access state resources more effectively and quickly. The German television showed frightening pictures of the fire blasts in the last days. Terrible! In Germany we have had typical November weather for days now. For days only grey in grey, much rain, not a single ray of sunshine; and the days become shorter and shorter, the nights longer. In Hamburg currently 3 degrees. the German low mountain ranges all have snow (over 500 m). The snowfall limit is 500 m. The German Alps drown in snow. In Bangkok are predicted between 32 to 34 degrees for the next days ; blue sky, sunshine full. Sigh! I get jealous. Our weather makes me sad and melancholic. I think of an evergreen from "Breakfast at Tiffany" Moon River. This dreamy, lugubrious melancholy of the melody brings me in no time at all on a flying carpet of a thousand and one nights to sunny and warm Bangkok. Fly with me!
  4. It got cold in Germany. The last four nights we had in large parts of our country -1 to -4 degrees in the night. In the low mountain ranges and in the Alps of course correspondingly colder. A high pressure area over Central Europe led to a cold spell. I had to turn on the heating for the first time in this autumn. To pass the time I watch some videos from warmer areas; e.g. Pattaya Walking Street, Beach Road. I'd like to be there now. and some more ....
  5. Once again it applies to Pattaya: Nothing is as constant as the permanent change. My beloved “Super Girl” is now “Angel”. One of my favorite gogos - the Super Girl at Diamond Plaza, Pattaya - changed to "Angel". Now I read on a very lively German-speaking board that another Gogo Bar has closed down: Wild Cats. On Pattayagogos I find the confirmation. Actually this Gogo - located in a small side soi of Walking Street - was a kind of insider tip. Not as expensive as the Gogos, which lie directly in the WS or the Soi 15. Nevertheless with many attractive girls. I was often inside and had my fun with the Gogo Girls For over 27 years I have been wondering how bars, gogos and other amusement and catering establishments in Pattaya survive the low season. Many of these companies hardly earn any additional costs or monthly leases. As a result, they can hardly pay the staff. How and with what do the many gogo bars pay their girls? If such a gogo has 20 to 30 girls on the payroll, how do these bars pay the partly (by Thai standards) horrendous salaries? PS: I ask Buffalo Bill from the bottom of my heart not to post more in my topics, threads. Please get out of my topics, threads. I have asked this gentleman before not to post in my threads.
  6. But I don't want to discuss and reflect on death any further. I have a three-month holiday in SOA ahead of me. I will spend roun about 5 weeks in Pattaya, in Jomtiem. The reunion with Pattaya Jomtiem will undoubtedly be a celebration. Here's my little philosophy of the festival: To celebrate feasts is human; and I believe that only we humans can celebrate feasts. Neither the palm trees on the beach of Pattaya nor the sea, nor the nightly stars, nor the deckchairs and parasols celebrate feasts. Neither the monkeys in the jungle nor a pride of lions after a successful hunt celebrate feasts; that is reserved for us humans. We feast on different occasions: we celebrate Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ; to say welcome to a new born baby to say good wishes to people when they get married or have passed an important test or have been promoted: We human beings are - inevitably - celebrating and therefore are festive living beings. For me, the feast is a moratorium of everyday life; it is an exit from grey normality, from daily routine. So my three-month vacation is an exit from the Teutonic winter, from the solicitudes and sorrows of daily life. Live from Hamburg –17:15 - 27.10.2019 Nasiadai - Bakwahn
  7. Guys, let death be a final thing. It is inevitable and and comes with deadly certainty! For every living being nothing is as certain as death - literally cocksure. But man is the only living being of which we are certain that he knows it, however uncertain the time of passing away may be. I learned at school: "mors certa, hora incerta". Death is certain, but not the hour. All life stands under this almost definitory condition. You don't have to be Benjamin Franklin to realize that at least for us humans taxes and death are inevitable. And we in Germany have the highest direct taxes, the highest social security contributions, and the highest indirect taxes. But I think positiv! ----> I remember an old song of Stevie Wonder: POSITIVITY! Nasiadai – Live from Buxtetown on the Este River – 25.10.2019 - Late! 0.50 a.m.
  8. At the moment I am preparing my holidays in SOA from January to early April 2020. My doctors - two internists and one general practitioner - have given the green light again. All examinations had a good result. Something else: In my social environment - friends, acquaintances - men die away. A friend from old childhood days - a gifted football player, later a coach - died at the age of 64. Two doctors - a paediatrician and a gynocologe - died at 62 and 75. My ex-brother-in-law died at 68. The impacts are getting closer and closer. 555555555555
  9. 555555555 yes, I know. It's hard for me to converse in the English language. My possibilities of expression are very limited. The situation is different when I express myself in writing in comments, reports, annotations, etc. I use dictionaries and small translation aids from the Internet. The English grammar and syntax are very simple, thank God. The only difficult rule for me is the 'paraphrasing with to do'. The grammar and syntax of the German language are probably the most complicated of all world languages. A foreigner who has a reasonably faultless command of our language has my highest recognition.
  10. Coss writes: "Keep it up, I hope to one day meet you in person so we can reminisce on days gone by " In one of my last holidays in SOA I met Herrn Flashermac in the Lucky Luke Bar at Nana Plaza. One of my Thai friends - a Thai Airways captain - was with me. It is always interesting, to put faces to names. However: my knowledge of English is very limited. I find it difficult to have a reasonably meaningful conversation in a language I learned at school about 55 years ago. Some remarks about the Nana Plaza: The Nana Plaza was for me my center of the world from 1992 on for over 20 years. This NP has lost its charm, its attraction in recent years. That's why I prefer Pattaya now. It may also have something to do with my becoming old. I will spend a few days in Pattya, Jomtiem from Friday 3 January 2020 until Wednesday 8 January. More precisely: in the so-called Soi Welcome in the hotel "Happy Bou". In March I will spend about 4 weeks in Pattaya.
  11. Here is actually a ban on pictures. Girls may not be shown - according to the rules of this board. Also their names and e.g. their bars and their numbers may not be mentioned. The idea of Khun Sanuk was: The privacy of the girls should be protected. That was since the foundation of this board - I believe in the year 1995 - the policy of this board. This rule almost resembled the image ban of the Bible: You shouldn't make yourself a picture or any parable. (2nd book of Moses, chapter 20) Khun Sanuk allowed only one exception: number 33 from the Dollhouse, Clinton Plaza. This girl was so well known, so popular, she was so often called, she was constantly reported that KhunSanuk capitulated.
  12. I have been driving to the Hat Tung Wua Laen beach since about 1996. I have reported about it almost every year on this board (and on its predecessors). Of course I have made friends and acquaintances over the years. There were many adventures, events, beautiful restful days. I love this beach. I have taken it into my heart.
  13. The fate that has befallen Washington Square is now threatening Queens Park Plaza. Queens Park Plaza, like the WS, is also a high quality part of the real estate market, and so it is part of the Bangkok real estate market! In the long run, the higher yield will prevail over old-fashioned romanticism and individual wishful thinking. The bars, massage parlours, small shops and restaurants there did not generate enough turnover and did not make enough profit. Then comes a potent investor, and offers a new, rewarding, profitable use. The "new, modern times" have mercilessly wiped out this part of Bangkok. Luxurious hotel complexes, expensive restaurants, exclusive boutiques for the nouveau-rich Asian clientele have come with them a part of the old, romantic Bangkok has been extinguished. I can't turn the WS into a restricted area, a protected zone of my blessed memories. All of us together cannot declare Washington Square a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thus protect it from the wrecking ball. That is the wistful truth.
  14. Washington Square fell victim to the wrecking ball a few years ago. Now Queens Park Plaza has to bite the dust. The only constant is the change. I remember Washington Square: Washington Square was located on the Sukumvhit between the Soi 22 and Soi 24; a plaza with about a dozen pubs that have settled there since the end of the 70s. A meeting place for Anglo-American "local expats" as well as a few Vietnam veterans and Anglo long-term vacationers; mostly pensioners, drinking away their pensions ... The "Silverdollar", the "Prince of Wales", the "Wild Country Bar", the "Texas Lone Star", the "New Square One Pub" and some others. When you entered these bars, you noticed that these pubs breathe history, these pubs can tell an infinite number of great stories. When I discovered them around 1997/98, I thought I was in the heart of Düsseldorf's Old Town. Among the Anglo-American guests of Washington Square there were some interesting types; unfortunately most of them already deceased. It was always great to talk to them for two or three hours. The only one still active is Richard Diran. Have a look at the website. In memory of Washington Square, Richard painted a picture of the Texas Lone Star; at the bottom right he immortalized himself. On it the regulars, the girls; he tried to capture the atmosphere of this pub. I remember the king of the "squaronions" Kurt Francis. "Your voice of Bangkok". http://www.diranart.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=172 www.Diranart.com
  15. aaaaahhhhh number 33. Clinton Plaza ----- that was when I was young, strong, well trained. Oh my goodness. Time drags by so quickly.
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