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  1. Hugh Hoy, Get in touch sometime. Why don't you write a short travel report? A few pictures, a few short explanations, that would be nice.
  2. Flashermac, do you remember our encounter at the Lucky Luke Bar at the entrance to Nana Plaza? I was with one of my Thai friends, the Thai Airways pilot. I met this friend twice in Frankfurt this year 2022. In January and in June. He came with his plane from Bangkok and flew back one day later. Of course it was sold out, the plane was full to the last seat. Charly
  3. I too am in my 8th decade of life. I want to come again - despite significant problems with my high blood pressure and problems with the cardiovascular system. From about mid-November 2022 to the end of March 2023; about 130 days. I can also die in Thailand; that might be better than in cold, dark wintry Germany. My body will be cremated, the ashes will go into an urn and my family can collect the urn and then a burial can take place at a cemetery here in Hamburg. 55555 I plan to spend the first few days after my arrival in Jomtiem in Soi Welcome with two of my Thai friends.
  4. A question for the local expats and those who are currently on the ground. What is the current situation in Pattaya? It is clear that it is the rainy season and Pattaya is often under water. It is also clear that this is the low season. Corona measures have been scaled back in all countries. It is again easy to enter Thailand for several weeks or even months. What is the situation in Pattaya? What about the Chinese tour groups? What about the holidaymakers from India, Pakistan etc.? What about the Koreans and Japanese? Are there any Western holidaymakers on site? Men travelling alone, married couples, smaller groups? What about the old white men of retirement age? Are they still a nuisance, plague? Live from Biergarten Stoffeln in Düsseldorf - it is raining!! long lasting abundant rain - Thank God! 14. September 2022 - 4.50 pm
  5. I'm a little drunk; in the Stoffeln beer garden in Duesseldorf. We are having the hottest summer in Germany since the weather was recorded about 150 years ago. This summer is not only the hottest but also the driest! Especially in the Düsseldorf region we hardly had more than 10 mm of rain in the last 3 months June, July, August. Sunshine every day. My garden, for example, is bone dry! The lawn is brown instead of green. Weather-wise it is better than in Pattaya in the dry season December, January. Today - Friday 26 August - I had contact with some of my German-speaking Thai friends and some girls from Pattaya; e.g. via Facebook and other social media. I am homesick. I want a Som Tam with Kauniau now I want a Chang, a Singha, a bottle of San Miguel Light - or two. San Miguel Light is the Dom Perignon of beers, so to speak; it is therefore a bit more expensive than the other beers. Amidst the families of my Thai friends. The female members praise me because I am polite, entertaining, I make a few polite compliments: "Charly, you are Bakwahn" the wives and daughters of my Thai friends smile and Charly is happy. The Düsseldorf Altbier goes to my head - if my doctors could see me now - the internist and the cardiologist " you are no longer our patient, find other doctors ..." I am coming to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my stroke December 8, 2012 at Rockhouse, Smurf (German Bar) and Phil's Le Pub. (all in Pattaya) This is a threat, not a promise
  6. I'm sitting in the Stoffeln beer garden and drinking fizzy water until I'm sick of it. With my notebook I check my email inbox, write and answer a few emails, read and study the latest news, read a few articles in the German blogs and newspapers and write a few comments. In a moment I'll be back under the garden hose. Wasser marsch! -- Water march! live from Biergarten Stoffeln - Duesseldorf, Juli 19. - 2.45 pm
  7. July 2022 - Terrible heat wave in Europe. It's supposed to get up to 40 degrees in London. Hotter than Bangkok 5555 Topsy-turvy world. Today - 19 July - we have the hottest day of this summer. It's 36 degrees!!! Sunshine, blue skies. From 2pm to 6pm the thermometer rises to 36 degrees. It is hotter in Duesseldorf than in Bangkok 55555 I take the garden hose every hour for a shower. Greetings from the sweltering heat of Düsseldorf.
  8. i'm still here too! Survived several hypertension attacks in the winter. The crucial question is why this board is down. We lack the new blood! the younger generations! These have obviously lost the desire for Bangkok and Pattaya and any sanuk.
  9. if I ever return to Siam again, I would come to a meeting. I always come in the autumn and winter months; that is, in the "high season"; November to early April.
  10. Yangon in March 2017 I am in the park with the Independence Monument in the late afternoon. It is the Mahabandoola Garden. Large parts of the park are already in the shade. This attracts many people The stupa of the Sule Pagoda can be seen in the background. Two young girls are busy with their smartphones - like probably everyone else in the world by now. The stupa of the Sule Pagoda. This pagoda is located in the middle of a traffic island in the heart of the old town. It is more like an "everyday pagoda". Many Buddhist believers come here to perform their religious duties.There is always a lot going on here. This picture was taken by a friendly young man who spent the late afternoon playing his guitar in the park. What an umbrella is good for. It can often be very useful as an umbrella. I t can also be used as a parasol to ward off the blazing hot rays of the sun. Here it is used very expediently as a privacy screen against all too curious glances. Because behind this umbrella sits a pair of very young lovers, smooching quite vigorously and celebrating their first young love. Most men wear this fabric as legwear. The fabric is tied with an elaborate knot below the navel. How it holds is beyond me. I almost bought one of these "trousers". But I can't tie the knot any more, because 2 hands are absolutely necessary for that. The pillar of Burmese independence. The country became independent in 1948. In front of the park is the city hall built by the British. It is an impressive piece of architecture. Note the refined architecture of the building. The arches provide additional sun protection for the rooms that lie behind them. Diagonally opposite the park and the city hall is a Baptist church. Above the entrance a picture of our Lord as a shepherd in the midst of a flock of sheep. Actually a very kitschy picture. Our Lord Jesus Christ really does not deserve that. The clock does not show the correct time. It simply stopped long before. In the reception of my guesthouse. How did the flag get there? If the young Burmese couple who run this guesthouse knew what Germany is like. It is in the process of abolishing itself. Germany will soon no longer exist. The country is cowardly surrendering to mass Islamic immigration. The next flood is coming. That is as certain as the muezzin calling from the minaret. Even then, anyone who opposes it is a right-wing populist (at least), even a Nazi. (I wrote that in 2017. In the last 5 years, hundreds of thousands more have come. Most of them, about 75%, receive social assistance; they do not even think about integrating into the German labour market, e.g. by doing a vocational apprenticeship or training.) Charly in the evening in Rangoon. In my favourite pub. Over water and Myanmar lager. This is where my texts and reports are written. The pub - which is also a restaurant - is a male domain, just like here. Women rarely appear here, and when they do, they are accompanied by their families. The pub is about 100 metres from my guesthouse. Yangon's middle classes frequent here; from the residential quarter of this area; something like that. Temperatures in the evening with the door open, about 28 degrees. I feel comfortable here, almost like at home. In the evening in the "Wellnetz! at Lady Sabrina's or at "Josef's" in the Stoffeln beer garden; two stone's throw from the university. My favourite pubs in Duesseldorf. Greetings from Rangoon - Yangon - Burma, Myanmar - March 2017.
  11. Coroana and my vicious "health condition" - better disease condition - have not allowed travel to SEA since 2020. Like most others, I am sitting at home; there was and is no thought of long-distance travel. Therefore, here is another picture report from March 2017, which I sent to my email list. I have about 30 people on my email list - family, friends, acquaintances - to whom I sent this quickly written picture report. I just wanted to let my loved ones back home in Germany know where I was and what I was up to. is about to continue ... Report to follow shortly.
  12. Mpih and Mekong, thank you for the information. By the way: I know DumSoda quite well; or I should say I knew him well. He had a small guesthouse and a wonderful restaurant directly on the Mekong in Nong Khai; together with his Thai wife. She brought a little Thai daughter into the marriage. DumSoda was very proud of his stepdaughter; I could observe several times how he touchingly took care of the girl. Dumsoda was Australian. When I came to Nong Khai for the first time after many years - I think it was 2015 - he picked me up at the train station at 7am and chauffeured me to his guesthouse. We had arranged to meet beforehand via this board. Unfortunately, Dumsoda passed away a few years ago; in 2019, I think.
  13. Mekong and my penis is hungry stop arguing about this minor issue. I did the girls a favour and photographed them. And I sent them a letter with the pictures through my Burmese friend and driver Mr Maung. Mr. Maung told me via email that the girls and their parents felt great fun and joy because of this letter. Full stop! End of discussion.
  14. YES, good old Washington Square. I discovered Washington Square around 1998 / 1999. That was when I was still working and spent about 4 weeks on holiday in SEA. I always spent a few afternoons at Washington Square during my stay in Bangkok. A plaza with about a dozen pubs that settled there from the late 70s onwards. I still remember the Silverdollar, Texas Lone Star, New Square One Pub, Wild Country Bar, Prince of Wales and a few others. A meeting place for Anglo-American "local expats" as well as a few Vietnam veterans and Anglo long-term holidaymakers; mostly of retirement age, drinking away their pensions ... When you entered these bars, you realised that these pubs breathe history. these pubs can tell endless great stories. During the lunch beer, I quickly got in touch. There were some interesting guys among the Anglo-American guests of Washington Square; unfortunately most of them already deceased. It was always great to talk to them for two or three hours. Among the "Squaronians", the most interesting guy was undoubtedly the Texan Kurt Francis. He spoke English with a broad Texan accent, which I could hardly understand; I usually only understood 50 % of his Texan words, the other 50 % I had to make up from the context. He died shortly before Wshington Square was demolished. He checked out in time, so to speak. The only one who is still active is Richard Diran. I met with Richard Diran more often in Bangkok from 2014 onwards. Now as a pensioner with a lot of time on his hands. To commemorate Washington Square, Richard has painted a picture of the Texas Lone Star; he has immortalised himself in the bottom right. On the far left, wearing a hat, is Kurt Francis; plus other regulars and, of course, the girls. He has tried to capture the atmosphere of this pub. Here is Richard's webpage: http://www.diranart.com/home/ http://www.diranart.com/product-category/paintings/page/2/ memories, sweet memories .... oh my goodness, where has all the time gone?
  15. On another board, an American posted some pictures of bars in the former Washington Square; namely pictures from the legendary "Texas Lone Star Bar". These pictures brought back old memories for me. I have known Washington Square and its bars since about 1998/1999, or so. The Washington Square area has been demolished around 2010 and new has been built. Washington Square was located on Sukumvhit between Soi 22 and Soi 24; real-estate-quality part; and thus it is also a part of the Bangkok real-estate market! In the long run, the higher returns prevail over old-fashioned romanticism and individual wishful thinking. The bars, massage parlours, small shops and restaurants there made too little turnover, yielded too little profit. Then a potent investor comes along and offers a new, rewarding, profitable use. The "new, modern times" have mercilessly wiped out this part of Bangkok. Luxurious hotel complexes, expensive restaurants, exclusive boutiques for the nouveau-rich Asian clientele have come along with them wiping out part of the old, romantic Bangkok. I cannot make WS a restricted area, a sanctuary of my blessed memories. We all together cannot declare Washington Square a UNESCO World Heritage Site and protect it from the wrecking ball. That is the wistful truth.
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