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  1. Last weekend there was a wine festival in the old town on Carlplatz. Winegrowers from German wine-growing regions such as the Moselle, Rheinhessen, the Middle Rhine, etc. offered their wines. We were there in the late afternoon and had a few glasses of different white wines. By the way: The pubs, beer bars and bistros are a huge beer festival all year round. The people of Düsseldorf and their guests and visitors drink by the hectolitre.
  2. Late summer in Duesseldorf; wonderful. Still pleasant temperatures during the day between 20 and 23 degrees; plus cheerful weather with lots of sunshine. Rhine bank promenade I enjoy every day and every evening I thank my Lord for giving me another wonderful day on this earth of ours. We or I alone - as the case may be - stroll along the Königsallee - Düsseldorf's magnificent boulevard, about 750 m long, which ends in a large curve in front of the Hofgarten and a small lake. Ultra-modern business and office buildings have been built here in recent years. We sit down, take a break and look at the water and the park in front of us. We enjoy the lovely view to the full - oh, you beautiful city. You are beautiful and sexy like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot or the German super-mannequin Claudia Schiffer in their younger years. Here's a look at the Köbogen. (All pictures were taken by professional photographers - I borrowed them from the internet.)
  3. These are famous verses from Goethe's "Faust", which I had rehearsed beforehand during the hours of waiting; as you can see, I was well prepared. She was quite surprised, stopped and laughed at me: "Yes, mein Herr, what do you want?" she asked snappishly. "May I invite you, my beautiful girl, to the nearby ice cream parlour?" I had asked my mother to pay me a few marks pocket money in advance; she withdrew the money from the then slender household budget. To my surprise, the girl agreed and we strolled the 250 metres to the ice cream parlour. We introduced ourselves to each other, told each other what else we did, what interests each of us had, etc..... Guys, what can I say? I'll cut a long story short. It worked out wonderfully with this girl. We spent a blissful spring and summer together; oh yes, sigh. In January of the following year, her family moved to another city and I was left alone. Well, sometimes that's the way it goes. Now comes the nostalgic look back; about 8 years later. I was now 26, in the middle of my studies, when I went to this pharmacy once again. The old pharmacist had long since retired, but nothing else had changed. I was standing in front of the medical center and the memory of this girl and our love experience came back to me. As far as love adventures were concerned, a lot had happened, e.g. back in my military days with a village beauty, a student nurse or recently with a fellow student from university. "What is my doctor's assistant doing today? Is she married? Does she have children?" Oh girl, you made the darkness of my schoolboy life light then, When I held your hand, you cast your spell over me. Oh girl, my girl. That's what ran through my head and a lot more. But shortly afterwards I said to myself, you are only 26; you still have your life ahead of you and hopefully there will be many more love affairs and pretty girls for you. That's exactly the difference between an 18 or 26 year old doing a melancholic nostalgic look back and a 74 year old reminiscing about an affair with a Bangkok girl. The young one still has several decades of future ahead of him, the old one has no future at all. The old one can at most take stock of everything that has happened or not happened in his life.
  4. I presented the prescription to the pharmacist, and while she was looking for the medication in various drawers, I looked out of the large bright windows to the outside. Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared, strolled past the pharmacy windows and then went into the entrance to the doctor's offices. I looked quite spellbound at this pretty apparition and sank into sweet reverie for a few seconds. "That's the receptionist at the otolaryngologist office on the fourth floor," I heard the pharmacist say. I turned to her, became a little embarrassed and got a red head because I have been looking after the pretty girl with amorous and covetous eyes. "She's training to be a medical assistant in this practice; she's in her second year of training." The pharmacist put the medicines on the counter and looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face and then continued, "She doesn't have a boyfriend, I know that for a fact. The practice closes at about 6.30pm, that's when she gets off work." I noticed that the pharmacist, who was about 60 years old, meant well with me, she was on my side; she was like my ally. With her upper body slightly bent over, she whispered to me in a friendly conspiratorial tone, "Be brave and approach the girl politely. You have a good chance." I thanked her for the helpful information and tips, pocketed the medication and left the pharmacy. Shortly before 6.30 p.m. I positioned myself behind the tree, by then a mighty maple, and waited. And sure enough, a few minutes later she came out the door. I gathered all my courage, took a few steps towards her and spoke to her: Faust zu Gretchen: Mein schönes Fräulein, darf ich wagen, meinen Arm und geleit ihr anzutragen? Gretchen zu Faust: Bin weder Fräulein, weder schön, kann ungeleitet nach Hause gehen. Faust to Gretchen: „My fair lady, may I venture, to offer my arm and escort you?“ Gretchen answers: „I'm neither a lady, nor pretty, and can go home unescorted.“
  5. Today we are looking at a romance, a love affair that happened 56 years ago; or so. I had just turned 18, it was spring, nature had awakened, everything was green and blossoming. I was attending a „Gymnasium“ a grammar school at the time and fretted over German, English, Latin, mathematics and physics. I was anything but a model student - so definitely not an "A" student 5555. One day I was supposed to fill a prescription for my father at the nearby pharmacy in the medical centre. See photos.
  6. From now on it goes on here Diary - Logbook - very personal
  7. Since I can't report anything new about Siam, here's an old story from London - a very old story. A youthful memory I went to London twice, both times for a fortnight. That was in 1968 and 1971. The first time in spring in May; the second time in 1971 in a warm September. I was travelling with a group of young Germans aged between 18 and 22. Of course, we were involved in an extensive cultural programme during the day: Tate Gallery, National Gallery, Tower Museum, Madame Tussauds, St. Paul's Cathedral, etc. Plus the then world-famous Carneby Street, Soho Market, Piccadilly Circuit, Tower Bridge, Westminster Palace with the famous Big Ben, Speakers Corner in Hyde Park etc. etc. We were accommodated in a youth guesthouse far out in East London. We travelled by London Underground. The journey from our accommodation to the City of London took up to 40 minutes. During a ride on the tube, I saw an advertisement for Barclays Bank displayed between two windows. In large letters it read: Some girls don't know when to stop followed in small letters underneath by the explanation 'because Barclays has a branch near almost every stop on the London Underground and we are always looking for accountants, typists, secretaries etc.'. I read the line that was the attention-getter several times. Some girls don't know when to stop. I had to grin because I suddenly had an idea. hahahaha I dug out a pen from my jacket pocket, stood up, pointed to the Barclays Bank advertisement with my left hand and said loudly so that I could be heard by the passengers in a wider radius of the carriage: Some girls dont know when to stop I put a certain cheerfulness, funniness in my voice. Many of the English passengers now turned their attention to me. I raised my right hand with the pen towards the poster and quickly wrote in block letters: Thank God!!! And repeated again in a loud voice: Some girls dont know when to stop and then with emphasis I said loudly audibly Thank God!!!! The English audience laughed and smiled and one man gave me a thumbs up with a smiling face. Oh good old London Town I started to love you at that moment. Feedback geben Seitenleisten
  8. I can't report anything new about Bangkok and Pattaya. 2 years of Corona are behind us; a vacation was almost impossible. Then the past season autumn / winter 2022 and 2023 I could not for health reasons. It was impossible. But over the months of April 2023 to now I have recovered I even bought the ticket already! No, no ticket to ride but ticket to fly. It's supposed to start on November 20, 2023 - God willing.
  9. Corona is overcome. The pandemic situation has returned to normal worldwide for the past year. It is time to start a new journal. Personal experiences, thoughts about reading books, reflections on what I have read in newspapers, magazines, blogs and what I have seen in the cinema, on television or on the internet. I thought this board was dying because there were hardly any posts left. So I switched to a very lively German board. And I'm posting on an English Pattaya board by Scot Alex from the Rockhouse.
  10. Yes, it was a spelling mistake. I was inattentive for a second - I apologize. Shit happens sometimes.
  11. Oh my goodness! The board is still alive! What a surprise. I wrote off the board a long time ago. Now it's come back from the dead.
  12. Coss, beautiful impressive pictures. I can well imagine that you have many pleasant memories associated with these pictures. I have been to Laos many times. In Vientiane, in Luang Prabang, etc. I think I have reported about it. If not here on this board, then I have sent detailed travel reports to my email list, on which I have about 30 people = family, friends acquaintances etc..
  13. We all have to say goodbye to this world. Unfortunately. We humans are all mortal. I have never heard of anyone who survived his life or who returned from the afterlife because he didn't like it there. How many board members have we lost in the last 25 years? We had no choice but to wish the deceased brother a RIP. That is all we can do. Coss, I can't think of anything wiser to say. This is our human fate.
  14. zzzz, thank you for your advice. But I can no longer travel and certainly not fly. My heart and circulatory system is far too unstable for that. No paramedics or other helpers will help. Unfortunately ... sigh
  15. I found this photo. Some memories. Here we have my "younger brother". Pattaya in January 1996 - on the stairs to the Big Buddha. You can see: the snakes on the banisters to the left and right did not exist then. They were added later. My girl at the time spontaneously took the picture with my Nikon F90x. Oh guys, memories, sweet memories of a better, healty past.
  16. It is March; actually a spring month. But in the north of Germany (i.e. also in the Hamburg area) we have a real cold spell with temperatures below zero at night; sometimes sleet and barely above 4 degrees during the day. In some areas of northern Germany there is a closed snow cover of several centimetres. Freezing cold! It is a madd brick! Not a trace of spring. I wanted to be somewhere in Jomtiem now, on the beach at 30 degrees; partying in the evening in the Soi Welcome in Jomtiem, being cheerful, listening to music, chatting and laughing with other guests and holidaymakers from all over the world. In shorts and a T-shirt. Jomtiem Beach - January 2020 - just before the Corona lockdowns in March 2020
  17. Sorry. I have neglected the board. But that has its reasons. Just a quick word. I have fully recovered from the accident (fracture of the right hip bone). But my other complaints are increasing and becoming more frequent: * attacks of high blood pressure, * plus attacks of severe palpitations (= violent strong heart beating) * and cardiac arrhythmias, often lasting many hours. In short: The instability of my cardiovascular system no longer allows me to fly or go on holiday in SEA. It is impossible for me to fly in this condition. These are complaints that are actually not treatable. My doctors are at a loss.
  18. Just a quick word: The healing process of my right hip is very slow. It will probably take another month before I can walk again without pain on my walking stick. Just like before the accident with the car that hit me. If everything had gone normally, I would already have been in SEA for 6 weeks; namely since the end of November 22. But in mid-November I got a severe flu with fever, cough, cold, etc. I had a lot of pain. I had to cancel the flight. Then on 9 December a car hit me and I had to stay in hospital for three and a half weeks. What a shit! The healing process is slow. Maybe - I emphasise maybe - I can fly in the middle / end of February. I pass the time by watching Pattaya videos from recent times. Thailand 365 - MJ Travel Vlogs - Asian Night - David Strachan Pattaya - Pattaya Info - Pattaya 101 - Thailand Travel - and the German-Thai couple Mot and Frank (there are a few more vbloggers I won't name now). The weather is atrociously bad. Thick grey clouds, rain, between 5 and 9 degrees during the day, the days are dark and the nights are long, a single grey shit. The weather forecast says that next week winter will come with snow and temperatures below freezing. Not that as well. No, thanks. Bangkok, Nana Plaza, Pattaya, you are far away - sigh.
  19. no, it was an older, experienced nurse, nothing exciting. I often have difficulties with the cardiovascular system; e.g. high blood pressure attacks. They come out of nowhere, for no reason, and then the values go up to over 200", e.g. 212 : 96, which is highly dangerous.
  20. Monday 19. Decemer 2022 I am sitting on the edge of the bed - in front of me on the side table - my notebook. I am trying to write a small report - with a few pictures - currently from 19 December 2022. My hospital room with my bed. A thick warm pullover on the bed. Then someone from the hospital staff - a nurse - takes a few photos of the sick Charly. A car hit me and hit me in the hip. The hip bone on the right side is broken and hurts. I do one hour of walking exercises every day with a physiotherapist. Typical hospital food - kale, Kassler - smoked pork chop, a small Mettwurst. a yoghurt and a drink. Not to forget potatoes. There is mustard for seasoning. Live: The nurse comes and measures the blood pressure 131:79 and the pulse 90. The pulse is much too high. Shit. The doctor is coming soon, will explain the results of the blood tests to me and he will give a prognosis when I will be able to walk again without complaints - in about 4 weeks. Shit. Greetings from the hospital bed Nasiadai
  21. Many thanks Coss, for your rdcovery wishes and your optimism. I'm having a run of bad luck at the moment. First the corona illness, then the flu with a bad cough, and on Friday 9.12.22 the accident with the car. I had to cancel and postpone my flight twice. Now I hope that I will be fit again in about three weeks and can fly at the end of January.
  22. I had an accident. I was hit by a car. I must stay 3 weeks in hospital. Scheiße .... Regards
  23. I have become ill. A strong cough, slight fever, aching limbs. The typical signs of flu. Scheiße!!!! Shit! I had to rebook, inform my Thai buddies that I would be late. Now I'm going back to bed. Drink camomile tea with honey.
  24. Biden will not run for re-election a second time. It is difficult to say who will take his place among the Democrats. The midterm elections have shown one thing very clearly: There is a narrow but clear majority among US citizens against Donald Trump and his Trumpism! The Trump-style Republicans have suffered a clear defeat! My personal opinion: Thank God! The Senate is clearly in Democratic hands. My hope, my personal wish: May Ron DeSantis enter the presidential race for the Republicans. The newly elected governor of Florida has won a convincing election victory. He got 59.4 percent of the vote, about 20 percentage points more than his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist. Republican Ron DeSantis has every chance of winning the presidential election in two years. Final comment: The Republicans have to shut Trump and his confused and insane supporters down within the party. Only then can DESantis win.
  25. On Sunday at 8 am I drove with my sister from Düsseldorf to my flat in Buxtetown. There we tidied up for 4 hours. That means my sister cleaned out my three wardrobes and my kitchen cupboards.! She stuffed seven to eight big blue plastic bags full of trousers, jumpers, underwear, shirts, socks etc. Even my collection of ties fell victim to her clearing-out mania. Everything gone and off with the clothes into the old clothes containers. All these containers in Buxtehude are now full of my clothes. I was able to save my Luftwaffe lieutenant's uniform from their sorting mania. Thank God! She also disposed of old kitchen utensils and a lot of crockery. Old pots, pans, glasses, cooking utensils ... oh my goodness, what a lot of things have accumulated over the decades that you don't need now any more but you spent a lot of money on back then. Then a quick vacuuming and mopping. Everything is ok and clean. At the end of the day I could feel every muscle in my body; I went up and down the stairs with full bags and boxes about 18 times. On Monday the rubbish collection comes and takes everything away. Many thanks, my dear sister.
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