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  1. I believe that Khun Sanuk, the moderator, has left his own board. He doesn't seem to care anymore.
  2. Guys, your discernment is needed. If you think Corona's bad, wait till we get Carlsberg. C O R O N A C A R L S B E R G After the Corona crisis comes the Carlsberg disaster. What causes more damage or displeasure? Corona or Carlsberg ??? What do you prefer?
  3. Unfortunately, however, the number of tourists has fallen once again. They are mainly holidaymakers and overwinterers of retirement age; married couples, small mixed groups; younger tourists still in working life are in the clear minority. Swedes, Dutch, English and several Germans; in addition, three or four French. Of course, it is the plummeting currencies that play the main role in the absence of Western tourists. The US Dollar, the Pound Sterling and our disaster Euro have lost more than a third of their value against the Baht. At the same time, the Baht is also very strong; in recent years, a lot of foreign capital has flowed to Thailand, for example because of the better interest rates. The Thai balance of payments shows a strong plus. The strong Baht is causing great difficulties for the domestic export industry. Thai goods and services are increasingly becoming too expensive. Moreover, neighbouring countries are much cheaper; wage and income levels there are well below those of Thailand. I suspect that the Thai central bank, in agreement with the government, will devalue the Baht by quite a lot in the near future. Due to this unfortunate currency situation many Farlangs cannot come anymore, especially pensioners. Many western holidaymakers are beginning to switch to the neighbouring countries. Cambodia also has beautiful and still largely undeveloped beaches in its south. Vietnam attracts more and more western tourists. The reason might be that these countries are a good third cheaper than our kingdom. But the native Thais are using their beaches more and more. During the weekdays in the late afternoon - i.e. after work - around 5 p.m. some of them come with their cars, pickups, scooters from the surrounding area for one or two hours to swim, picnic; the children play and romp on the beach, live out their urge to move. In the evenings in the darkness there are always a few young lovers on the beach and enjoy their togetherness. The pleasant temperatures of about 25 degrees and the light onshore wind make the evening a pleasure. It gets dark very quickly; when the sun sinks below the horizon at about 6.20 pm, the twilight lasts at most 20, 25 minutes, then darkness prevails. After dusk I often sit at the table in front of the kiosk that my bungalow landlords run. There I have WiFi - internet reception -, read the German newspapers, magazines, blogs etc. and get excited, my blood pressure and heart rate rise ... I close the notebook and go to the next beach bar, watch the pool, chat with the guests about this and that, about all and sundry and drink a Changbier, enjoy the light evening breeze .... My evening workplace in front of the kiosk. The evening beach road, behind it is the beach; a couple of lovers with their scooters, further back a few Thais are enjoying the beach. From the open doors of the pickup truck loud Thai music sounds. It's about 7.30 pm; a few minutes later they were all gone and I sit all alone in the light evening breeze with Changbier and my notebook. Enough for one go. Stay tuned There is more to come Live from Hat Thung Wua Laen - Your voice from the beach PS: I'm going to take a bath now. Only near the shore, of course. The water there is a pleasant 26 degrees. Envious? Get on a plane! Moderator - Khun Sanuk - the program does not let me upload more pictures. It reports with an error message, which is incomprehensible to me. Here should be a picture of the beach in the evening.
  4. At the southern end of the beach. This is the final stop; terminal (Right now the Traveling Wilburys are singing "End of the Line"). If you don't feel like it now, I can't help you anymore. Simply dreamlike, paradisiacal. ================== As Christian grown-ups we know that there was no work in paradise. Adam and Eve lived in a heavenly-elysian state, room and board were free, the Wishing Table Restaurant opened its doors daily with the most exquisite delicacies of the Garden of Eden. Roast chicken, milk and honey, pineapple and cherries, dates and figs, accompanied by exquisite wines and champagnes such as the red wine Château La Mission Haut Brion Cru classé Graves or a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti from Burgundy (the bottle at current market price at 500 Euro, round about). In the evening, a Dom Pérignon Vintage or a Pommery Brut Royal Champagne was tasted; our two paradise inhabitants certainly did not do it below that. Since 25 years now, the Tung Wualaen beach is my paradise. I say now times freshly, piously, merrily, freely like I am, this Arcadia here is absolutely comparable with the heavenly garden Eden. It used to be, in my healthy times, it was for about a week (I usually had 4 weeks vacation then); now I spend almost a month here. My drinks are called 'Singha Drinking Water'© or Crystal water, and instead of champagne I celebrate a bottle of San Miguel Light - or two - at one of the beach bars in the evening. The San Miguel Light is the Dom Perignon of beers here, so to speak; that's why it's a bit more expensive than the other beers. However, it was the bad Eva's fault, the fall of mankind occurred, and suddenly over and done! Now it said "in the sweat of your face you shall eat your bread". Since the expulsion from paradise, we humans have been living beyond Eden and are condemned to work. Toil and drudgery are now the order of the day. Such efforts and hardships I will have to take upon myself and master when I am on my way through Laos. Hours of nightly bus rides through this mountainous, hilly country are an ordeal. Hardly any roads are asphalted; they are clay and gravel roads, winding, mountainous, through forests and valleys; a constant up and down to reach the destination. How did the Beatles once sing? "The long and winding road to your door". Men in their prime, real men, rent motorcycles in Vientiane and ride them around the country. They often film their rides with a helmet camera; fast, adventurous. My God, I'm jealous when I see that. The Laotian landscape and its roads and paths are a challenge to all our senses and at the same time to the driving skills of the motorcyclist. The reward: Here the dream of freedom and adventure becomes reality. Unfortunately, this is no longer granted to me; I can't even rent a scooter on this beach anymore, with which I could make excursions to the nearer and further surroundings. Stroke, over and done. Back to my beach. Certain forms of landscapes do not exist 'per se'; it depends on how we humans look at, evaluate and reflect upon them: Landscapes are created in the minds of their viewers. What we see is interpreted, evaluated, tested for usefulness and usability, linked with ideas, images or metaphors. When the Greeks took up their aggressive conquest policy in the eastern Mediterranean in the 12th century BC, they needed protected anchorages and suitable landing places on the shores so that they could enter the country with men, weapons and equipment. Such 'landscapes' were bays with flat beaches surrounded by large promontories. The Greeks of this age did not see the 'beach' as a place of pleasure and leisure, where one could swim and bathe, sunbathe on the beach. It was a useful place to go ashore. In all the traditions of Greek mythology, the beach is a place of anchorage for ships, a place to go ashore comfortably and safely, and a place of salvation that offered shipwrecked, distressed sailors a way to return to life safely with the waves and swell. There is not a single scene in Homer's Iliad in which he depicts Greek fighters bathing and enjoying themselves in the water on the beach off Troy. A poet of Homer's eloquence would probably have enjoyed presenting such bathing scenes to readers in his hexameter verses, for example after a heavy and costly battle against the Trojans. But to use the beach as a bathing beach did not occur to either the Greeks fighting off Troy or their highly talented, brilliant poet. This was beyond their imagination, beyond their horizon of thought. Mozart, together with the librettist Giambattista Varesco, turned one of the myths that followed the Illias into a great opera. In the first of his seven master operas, a beach on Crete also plays a decisive role. King Idomeneo returns from the Trojan War with his fleet, but shortly before reaching his destination his fleet is hit by a terrible storm. All ships are destroyed and in order to save his ship and the lives of the last fighters and sailors, he promises to sacrifice to the sea god Poseidon, the first to meet him on Cretan soil upon his arrival. Poseidon has an understanding and all men, including King Idomeneo, can save themselves to the beach with their last strength. In the libretto, the brief but meaningful stage direction reads: beach on a still moving sea, surrounded by steep rocks. On the shore the wreckage of a ship. Unfortunately, it is his son Idamante who hurries to greet him ... and the drama takes its course … to be continued ..
  5. Hat Tung Wua Laen in January 2020 Hello, moin moin, sawasdee kraph my dear Peoples in wet, cold and dark Germany. I am at my beach, the Hat Tung Wua Laen, near the city of Chumpon, about 500 km south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Siam. In the last years I have reported several times and in detail about this paradise. Last Sunday around 5 pm; a few locals are still enjoying themselves on the beach; it was a bit hazy. The palms sway in the light onshore wind. My dear girl, Soon there will be waterproof smartphones; girl, then you can even swim and bathe with your mobile phone and at the same time send your friends some selfies, so that they become green and blue with envy. to be continued ..
  6. Here is a report I wrote in German for my People at home; here is my translation. If there are mistakes, I beg your pardon. I repeat once again: I have about 30 people on my e-mail list. Family, friends, acquaintances etc. For these approx. 30 people I write travel and experience reports. I write my impressions and experiences in a MS-Word compatible text file. In the text I insert pictures which loosen up the report and show the reader very concretely where I am and what I am writing about. One more remark: I have often reported about my beach and the area here. I have been coming to thjis place for over 25 yeras now; I assume that some things are known, so that I don't have to describe many things again. When I'm proofreading, I notice: I translated some sentences according to German syntax. This is incorrect for native English speakers; I apologize. Now let's start ...
  7. I'm in a very lenient mood because today is my birthday. The weather is wonderful, since 5 o'clock in the morning the sun shines in my kitchen window, I celebrate my morning coffee with intense pleasure. A childhood memory: I'm about 8 years old; it's in arithmetic class. We pupils have to solve several arithmetical problems. One task was: "Calculate how old you will be in the year 2000." 50! I sit and marvel and ponder and philosophize about the meaning of this task. "My good God, 50! You'll never be 50. The year 2000 is so far away, it'll never come! It's longer than an eternity." Yes, it is. As a child, you have a completely different sense of time than an adult. The hour, the day is felt much longer. A child feels a week as an eternity that never ends. A new school year begins and it never ends. Six weeks of summer vacation, a period of time that one can hardly overlook as a child. The summer holidays begin and never end. For an adult, on the other hand, six weeks just fly by. Conclusion: ...the older you get, the faster time subjectively passes.
  8. Was soll diese Frage? Was ist der Zweck dieser Frage? Hofft dieser Typ, dass ich elendig an Corona krepiert bin, daß ich tagelang mit hohem Fieber und starken Schmerzen röchelnd an einer Beatmungsmaschine verreckt bin? Oder hofft und glaubt er, daß ich dumm wie Bohnenstroh bin, dazu faul und inaktiv, in der Hoffnung, meine Regierung in Deutschland wird mich aus Thailand herausholen und mich nach Hause bringen, selbstverständlich auf Kosten des deutschen Steuerzahlers. What are you talking about? What's that supposed to mean? Is this guy hoping that I died miserably on Corona, that I died for days with high fever and severe pain, gasping at a ventilator? Gasping for breath at a respiration apparatus? Or does he hope and believe that I am as dumb as a stump, thick as pigshit, lazy and inactive, in the hope that my government in Germany will take me out of here and fly me home; of course at the expense of the German taxpayer. That guy said I am a very bad right-wing populist, a very bad boy. !!! Get out of my thread !!! My airline Emirates ceased flight operations in mid-March. Thereupon my travel agency in Düsseldorf - my good old friend and really good buddy Glenn, a German-Canadian - arranged a return flight for me. I took the last Thai Airways flight from the Suvarnabhumm to Brussels at 0.30 a.m. on 30 March 2020. From Brussels I took the train through Belgium to Aachen, the old imperial city. From Aachen I took the Regional Express to Düsseldorf and from there the Intercity to Hamburg. In the evening around 8 pm of March 30th I reached my apartment and was back home. The return flight cost me 580 Euro. Now my buddy Glenn tries to secure the return flight 2021 with Emirates, so that I only have to pay the outward flight on my next holiday.
  9. I'll go by bus to Chumpon on Thursday. To my favourite beach, the Hat Tung Wua Laen. I reported many times about this beach. Right now no time for a meeting. Later I'll visit Laos and after Laos I'll make a trip through Burma: Yangon, Mandalay, Pagan etc. In March I'll be back, Nasiadai
  10. Telegram style: Pleasant flight in the super bird Airbus A 380-800. One of my Thai friends picked me up - as agreed - at gate 10 on the departure level. After a few minutes I noticed that the warmth did me good, plus the sunshine; from now on I was in the middle of my vacation. Dates, meetings, encounters, visits, good and plentiful food from the best Thai cuisine, excursions, and lots of cascades of events ... Everything here is as exciting and new as when I first came here about 28 years ago. My best Thai friend Kwanbun has been retired early. He recovered after his collapse last year and returned to his office, but after a few more weeks at a medical examination his incapacity for duty was determined and he retired. Every day is like a small life, every morning awakening and getting up like a new birth, every sunny, warm, fresh morning a renewed youth. I enjoy every new day and delay going to bed as long as possible, because going to sleep is like a little death. This is more or less what Schopenhauer said, speaking from memory. Therefore I say with Goethe: "Perceive the good mood, Because it comes so rarely." The place, the environment, the food, the temperature, the weather and other external factors have an influence on our mental state, mood and emotional mood. Krung Thep with its flair, ambience, and unique atmosphere puts everyone in high spirits, in Bangkok euphoria. The evening is approaching ... the event etudes continue. 6. January 2020 Bakwahn - Nasiadai
  11. Note: This little story is about 23 years old. I posted that little story on this board at that time. So ir is a kind of "repost". Nevertheless, have fun. A phone call from Bangkok My phone is ringing. The secretary tells me there is a call from Bangkok. A woman wants to speak to Mr. Charly, and that could only mean me. Yes, indeed, it's my girl from Bangkok-Thonburi. I hear her voice, and her image immediately appears in my memory with her shoulder-length shining black hair, her almond-shaped, dark eyes that are always laughing, her dreamlike, finely cut face with the slender pointed nose that betrays her Malaysian origin, with her exuberant female forms that always, only when I think of her, take my breath away. "Charly, can you come back in February as you promised? "I am waiting for you. "I miss you." "Yes," I answer, "I bought the ticket already." "Oh, Charly, that's great!“ "Please come quickly, I want you back," and she continues: "Do you remember the Sunday afternoon we spent together on the banks of Chayo Praya and on the grass of Sanam Luang?" You bet I remember! I see us both lying on the lawn of Sanam Luang. Not far from us two teams are playing football in the already low sun. We got a hot Som Tam with Kauniau from a flying trader and enjoy our togetherness. Before us the impressive scenery of Wat Phra Kaeo, the king's palace with the golden Chedi, the red-green stepped roofs of the temple buildings, the multicoloured decorated Prangs whose sight becomes an unforgettable experience by the shine of the gradually sinking sun. A truly royal place for lovers. "Charly, are you still there?" Yes, I listen to her chatter and my soul, thirsting for her, sucks like a dry sponge every word she says into itself. Is there anything more tormenting than this terrible distance that separates us? Is there anything more tormenting than this tribulation that rises up within me and mixes cruelly with lust? That bittersweet feeling that makes me melancholic many a night and robs me of sleep. Even modern media such as telephone and email are of little help, and I am forced to practice humility and wait for the next holiday. Khun Sanuk, this picture is about 23 years old, so I think it is allowed to present it. A visit to the Bayoke Tower. It's a digitized slide! Khun Maeo, my beautiful Lady. We're in analog time. Here is a digitized slide, on which I - the photographer - am pictured 555555 A little later I leave my office and approach the secretary's desk. She looks at me with a sneering, spiteful grin. "Charly, you told me you were on the Tunisian island of Djerba, but now I think you were faking, you were in Thailand instead!" and with sparkling curiosity on her face. she asks: "So, tell me, who is she, what's her name and what is she like?" A touch of blush covers my face, and I look a little embarrassed because I feel like I've been caught cheating. But after only a few seconds, I grasp myself and begin to compare the two women. In the distance my dreamlike female being in Bangkok-Thonburi with her charm, her smile, her pleasure and joy of life and in front of me this ugly, masculinized woman in a grey pantsuit, who in a grandiose misjudgement considers herself attractive, with greasy brunette strands of hair, wrapped in a repulsive smell of perfume and cigarette smoke. She seems to me like a Katoey, a ladyboy, during whose operation the surgeon's scalpel slipped a few times. Without answering her, and without appreciating her even one more look, I walk past her with a quiet and superior smile and head held high with pride. ========== Khun Maeo was a great Lady Nasiadai - Bakwahn Happy, healthy and successful new year 2020!
  12. It is 1 January 2020 high noon Hamburg time; 21 hours before departure, before take-off to Bangkok. The trolley and my backpack is packed; I hope I haven't forgotten anything. The passport, the other documents, the credit cards are in my breast pocket, the blood pressure tablets are in my backpack. My notebook, the camera, everything completely packed. Hopefully I have not forgotten anything. My Thai friends and their families are informed; two of my best buddies are coming to pick me up at gate 10 at the Suvarnabhummi. By the way, they speak very good German. Outside there is grey weather, it is misty and foggy, current temperature 1 degree. My heating is fully turned on; is turned up full blast. I start dreaming of my holidays of the past 27, 28 years. The memories of one or the other girl come back. I have many slides and photos. There were some wonderful ladies. Like this one for example; Lady Maeo. Let's see what happened. To be continued
  13. As a German, I dare to express my opinion about the current political landscape and the current political personnel of the USA. A few comments, personal assessments of a foreigner. I was very happy about Trump's election victory. Among other reasons, because the German mainstream media (TV, radio, leading newspapers) are terribly green-left-wing and have longed for the election victory for Frau Clinton. The anger, the hate, the disappointment was visible in the faces of important German journalists and other big people after Trump's victory. I enjoyed my malicious-joy then. about Trump: In my opinion he is an illiterate person, a crude block, erratic and eccentric. In his decisions and actions so far, there is hardly a guideline, a uniform line to be recognized. Only the one: not to start any more wars or to get involved in wars. That is the only positive point I see at the moment. to the Democrats: The current Democratic leadership seems to me to have drifted very far into the Green-Left spectrum politically. Moreover, almost all of them - except for one candidate - are older or the same age as Trump (Biden, Sanders, Frau E. Warren). With this politically very far left-green program and with this personnel the USA would fall into the abyss economically, scientifically and technically; of course not suddenly; the USA is a powerful country with strong social structures. But the country would slowly but inexorably become weaker in all sectors. Given the miserable intellectual state of the US political elite in both parties, I seriously wonder: Does this country no longer have educated people, with broad intellectual horizons, intelligent judgment. I do not understand any of this. Live from Düsseldorf - Nasiadai - Bakwahn I think in rules of German syntax and they are different from the rules of the English language. Sorry for that.
  14. There's a guy on Youtube who calls himself EatSleepYangon. He reports about the city of Yangon (in German Rangun) in several videos. The special thing about these video reports is that he hires a young Burmese lady for each report, who gives a few short explanations, statements in English language. He contacts the girls via Facebook or Twitter. On these platforms these young ladies offer their guidance services. It is clear that the sights, the streets and buildings, the cafes, bars, restaurants and art galleries are not the centre of interest. The pretty young ladies, who are effectively put into the picture by the camera, are in the center. The girls are wonderfully staged by a skilful director; they are the focus of the video. I wrote the following comments for one of these videos: "First Part: Hello dear EatSleepYangon, in the last years I was 4 to 5 times in Burma and Rangoon - Yangon; 10 to 16 days each time. My regular accommodation is always Chan Mae Hotel; a guesthouse in Maha Bandoola Park Street (www.chanmyaeguesthouse.com); right in the middle of the old town of Yangon. Coming February 2020 it will be time again. I am already looking forward to the reunion with this fascinating city. In the meantime I watch your videos with great pleasure; a wonderful pastime. Of course I walked through the streets of the old town almost every day, ate at many food stalls and took a break in several cafes. Much of what you show in your videos is familiar to me. When I saw your videos, I had the idea to hire likewise one or the other girl on my next visit to do my sightseeing tours with them. But I buried this idea. See my second posting. Bakwahn Hamburg – Bangkok – Rangun – Düsseldorf Second Part: I take the liberty of making a few comments on the girls. They are wonderful charming young ladies who accompany you and explain the surroundings to us - the audience. The men here who comment on your videos are all thrilled and entranced by the charm and beauty of your young ladies. The reasons for their enthusiasm are obvious: Indeed, these Rangoon girls have style! They have class, they have taste; very good dress sense. Their blouses, little jackets, the trousers and skirts that the girls wear; everything is stylish, chic and of young elegance. Stylish in the sense of stylistically confident. But not only their clothes but also their other appearance such as hairstyle, their inconspicuous, discreet but effective make-up, their smile, friendliness and politeness, in short their whole habitus, their bearing suggest a higher education. Students, I suppose. They are of a radiant femininity that our Western young women have long lost. The hard feminism, the struggle for equal rights in education and especially in work have left their deep marks on the personalities, the habitus of most young Western women. They have become more male. I do not like the so-called social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. I do not have an account anywhere. That is why I will not be able to make contact with such a young lady. These platforms are for children and teenagers, for stars and starlets, for celebrities and for politicians and presidents, who announce their banalities, trivialities and daily news there. Sorry for my bad English. Bakwahn Hamburg – Bangkok – Rangun – Düsseldorf" Here are the links: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaHK85kMbn4mNRprtENLsSQ my comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utbWfJizStg&t=8s
  15. The days are short and the nights long in Germany. The sun is moving towards its southern turning point, the Tropic of Capricorn. This dark and cold time of the year is the time of Christmas. In Germany there is an ancient tradition of the so-called Christmas markets. The lights and the Christmas trees with electric candles drive away the darkness a little with the lighting in this season. The Christmas markets go back to late medieval sales fairs and - often one-day markets - which gave the citizens the opportunity to buy meat and winter supplies at the beginning of the cold season. In the 14th century it became customary to allow craftsmen such as toy makers, basket makers or confectioners to set up stalls at the market to sell the little things given to the children for Christmas; stalls with roasted chestnuts, nuts and almonds also existed at that time. In the year 1310 a Nikolausmarkt in Munich was mentioned for the first time in a document. In the course of time, a tradition spread throughout the entire German-speaking area. Since about the first half of the 20th century, the markets have become a fixed element of pre-Christmas customs. I invite you to a stroll through the Christmas markets in Buxtehude and Hamburg. A few glasses of mulled wine, a bag of roasted almonds and French fries with a Bratwurst -- sausage. The mulled wine stands are always surrounded by a lot of people. Christmas trees and many lights that drive away the darkness. Bratwurst, sausage, and French fries. They always taste good. There's a cabin here with pastries and sweets. What's that? This is a heart of gingerbread and honey cake. A really big one. Ich liebe Dich 55555 hahaha A big heart for a beautiful lady. All those hearts are for the girls of Pattaya - from good old Charly - Hamburg - Bangkok - Duesseldorf Bakwahn - early morning 5.30 am local time - Hamburg
  16. Just 18 days to go and I am off on holiday; three months of sunshine, warmth, many new adventures, impressions and experiences. My people at home freeze their asses off in the cold, dark Teutonic winter, but I will be on the sunny side of the earth and cheat the winter. Last November and the first two weeks of December were horrible. Long dark nights, grey sky, fog, rain, snow showers and temperatures like in the refrigerator. An old wonderful song occurs to me; a song in which the wintry New York and the sunny LA actually play the leading roles. The lyrical I, the Song-I dreams its way out of the cold grey inhospitable NY into sunny LA. And that's exactly what I did twice the last days in Buxtehude and Hamburg. First I spent two hours strolling around the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine, chatting with some pepole and having fun. So follow me and accompany me on my walks through my towns. „All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray I've been for a walk On a winter's day“ Yes, the leaves of this young oak tree are brown. It is right in front of the the building of the Buxtehude fire brigade. This day when I strolled through Buxtehude was one of those two days when there was a blue sky and there was a little sunshine. I wanted to stop at the church. Stepped into a church …. and I wanted passing along the way - along the pews towards the altar. And I wanted to go down on my knees and pretend to pray …. But bad luck! The church gate was locked. That's why I couldn't talk to the priest, who likes the cold and who knows that I'm gonna stay on such a winner's day. Then I could have dreamed "I'd be safe and warm If I was in L.A. California dreaming On such a winter's day.“ So I tried it two days later and took the S-Bahn to Hamburg city center to turn my dream of LA into a dream of Pattaya. The weather was cold and muddy, the sky was covered with grey clouds; and the church St. Petri – right in the middel of the city center – was open. So I stepped into the church and I passed along the way Well, I got down on my knees And I pretend to pray You know the preacher likes the cold He knows I'm gonna stay Pattaya dreaming On such a winter's day. St. Petri was not only open but crowded with people. If I didn't tell her I could leave today and I would be safe and warm Pattaya dreaming On such a winter's day Of course, you have recognized it long ago, the song ... the immortal Mamas & Papas. Only Mama Michelle is still alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-aK6JnyFmk or this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=890ab8b86Og Live from Hamburg – Late! or early hahaha 5.10 am Bakwahn
  17. Wasn't the Dollhouse at Clinton Plaza? With the famous girl #33 !!! She danced in this Gogo and turned the men's heads (with her big boobies). She drove the men crazy. I still remember the many comments and reports about her quite well. After the dissolution of Clinton Plaza, Dollhouse a gogo moved to Soi Cowboy. It must have been that way.
  18. What Dollhouse a gogo are you talking about? Dollhouse in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok or the Dollhouse Pattaya Walking Street Soi 15? It's cold in Germany. A combination of a low pressure area (T) over Skaninavia and a high pressure area (H) over England and Western France shovels us ice-cold air masses from the north to Central Europe. Even in the western lowlands of Germany - e.g. Düsseldorf on the Rhine - night frost prevailed in the past nights. It's horrible.
  19. In Australia thousands of square kilometres are in flames, persistent heat and several deaths. The flames have already spread to several thousand square kilometres of bushland in New South Wales and neighbouring Queensland. Both regions had declared a state of emergency at the beginning of the week, enabling the fire brigade to access state resources more effectively and quickly. The German television showed frightening pictures of the fire blasts in the last days. Terrible! In Germany we have had typical November weather for days now. For days only grey in grey, much rain, not a single ray of sunshine; and the days become shorter and shorter, the nights longer. In Hamburg currently 3 degrees. the German low mountain ranges all have snow (over 500 m). The snowfall limit is 500 m. The German Alps drown in snow. In Bangkok are predicted between 32 to 34 degrees for the next days ; blue sky, sunshine full. Sigh! I get jealous. Our weather makes me sad and melancholic. I think of an evergreen from "Breakfast at Tiffany" Moon River. This dreamy, lugubrious melancholy of the melody brings me in no time at all on a flying carpet of a thousand and one nights to sunny and warm Bangkok. Fly with me!
  20. It got cold in Germany. The last four nights we had in large parts of our country -1 to -4 degrees in the night. In the low mountain ranges and in the Alps of course correspondingly colder. A high pressure area over Central Europe led to a cold spell. I had to turn on the heating for the first time in this autumn. To pass the time I watch some videos from warmer areas; e.g. Pattaya Walking Street, Beach Road. I'd like to be there now. and some more ....
  21. Once again it applies to Pattaya: Nothing is as constant as the permanent change. My beloved “Super Girl” is now “Angel”. One of my favorite gogos - the Super Girl at Diamond Plaza, Pattaya - changed to "Angel". Now I read on a very lively German-speaking board that another Gogo Bar has closed down: Wild Cats. On Pattayagogos I find the confirmation. Actually this Gogo - located in a small side soi of Walking Street - was a kind of insider tip. Not as expensive as the Gogos, which lie directly in the WS or the Soi 15. Nevertheless with many attractive girls. I was often inside and had my fun with the Gogo Girls For over 27 years I have been wondering how bars, gogos and other amusement and catering establishments in Pattaya survive the low season. Many of these companies hardly earn any additional costs or monthly leases. As a result, they can hardly pay the staff. How and with what do the many gogo bars pay their girls? If such a gogo has 20 to 30 girls on the payroll, how do these bars pay the partly (by Thai standards) horrendous salaries? PS: I ask Buffalo Bill from the bottom of my heart not to post more in my topics, threads. Please get out of my topics, threads. I have asked this gentleman before not to post in my threads.
  22. But I don't want to discuss and reflect on death any further. I have a three-month holiday in SOA ahead of me. I will spend roun about 5 weeks in Pattaya, in Jomtiem. The reunion with Pattaya Jomtiem will undoubtedly be a celebration. Here's my little philosophy of the festival: To celebrate feasts is human; and I believe that only we humans can celebrate feasts. Neither the palm trees on the beach of Pattaya nor the sea, nor the nightly stars, nor the deckchairs and parasols celebrate feasts. Neither the monkeys in the jungle nor a pride of lions after a successful hunt celebrate feasts; that is reserved for us humans. We feast on different occasions: we celebrate Christmas; the birth of Jesus Christ; to say welcome to a new born baby to say good wishes to people when they get married or have passed an important test or have been promoted: We human beings are - inevitably - celebrating and therefore are festive living beings. For me, the feast is a moratorium of everyday life; it is an exit from grey normality, from daily routine. So my three-month vacation is an exit from the Teutonic winter, from the solicitudes and sorrows of daily life. Live from Hamburg –17:15 - 27.10.2019 Nasiadai - Bakwahn
  23. Guys, let death be a final thing. It is inevitable and and comes with deadly certainty! For every living being nothing is as certain as death - literally cocksure. But man is the only living being of which we are certain that he knows it, however uncertain the time of passing away may be. I learned at school: "mors certa, hora incerta". Death is certain, but not the hour. All life stands under this almost definitory condition. You don't have to be Benjamin Franklin to realize that at least for us humans taxes and death are inevitable. And we in Germany have the highest direct taxes, the highest social security contributions, and the highest indirect taxes. But I think positiv! ----> I remember an old song of Stevie Wonder: POSITIVITY! Nasiadai – Live from Buxtetown on the Este River – 25.10.2019 - Late! 0.50 a.m.
  24. At the moment I am preparing my holidays in SOA from January to early April 2020. My doctors - two internists and one general practitioner - have given the green light again. All examinations had a good result. Something else: In my social environment - friends, acquaintances - men die away. A friend from old childhood days - a gifted football player, later a coach - died at the age of 64. Two doctors - a paediatrician and a gynocologe - died at 62 and 75. My ex-brother-in-law died at 68. The impacts are getting closer and closer. 555555555555
  25. 555555555 yes, I know. It's hard for me to converse in the English language. My possibilities of expression are very limited. The situation is different when I express myself in writing in comments, reports, annotations, etc. I use dictionaries and small translation aids from the Internet. The English grammar and syntax are very simple, thank God. The only difficult rule for me is the 'paraphrasing with to do'. The grammar and syntax of the German language are probably the most complicated of all world languages. A foreigner who has a reasonably faultless command of our language has my highest recognition.
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