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  1. A few shards of thought I would like to add. Check out the activities of Phil Ross of Le Pub on Facebook. All of his activities are born out of necessity, but they seem to ensure Le Pub's survival in austere times of need. He does live broadcasts from his bar via webcam: the girls playing pool the girls at four connect the girls dancing and spraying good humour And the watching men in Farlangland pop a few ladydrinks. That's what I call ingenuity. Phil is innovative and creative. He doesn't sit passively in his bar night after night waiting for customers who don't come. He does something, he develops imaginative activities to get sales and money.
  2. My point of view: The Pattaya bar business is a market and operates on capitalist market principles. Only those bars survive and do well in business that adapt to the ever changing rules and circumstances. I predict: Webcams will be an integral, normal part (not in all) but in many of Pattaya bars in the near future. Note: the whole bar does not have to be in view of the webcam, but only 2 - 4 square metres (or so), so that a certain intimacy and discretion is guaranteed. One thing is clear - whether we like it or not - there are thousands of male Pattaya holidaymakers who want contact with the bar girls via webcam and are prepared to spend ladydrinks. We can insult and despise these Pattaya brothers like some guys do it . However, it doesn't help. They want the contact and they are willing to pay. Case in point: After an exciting and adventurous three-week holiday - we all know what is meant - our Herr Mustermann, Mr. John Smith, John Sample is back home in Farlangland in his daily routine and boring everyday world. He thinks about his three or four girls from different bars he carried on with. He has the names of the bars, their addresses and bada boom bada bing he makes contact with the girls chatting and laughing and flirting and paying a few lady drinks online. It does his soul good and he feels great. Times are changing. While it used to be strictly forbidden to take pictures or videos in GoGo bars, that could soon change. Depending on the spatial conditions in a go-go bar, a (small) dance floor of the go-go could be in the area of a webcam. Men from all over the world can log on to this webcam for a fee, can additionally pay for Ladydrinks for their favourite dancers. What I am outlining here is a possible business idea for gogo bar operators who are willing to experiment. And at low cost. I'm not just thinking of Western men here, but East Asians like Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans, etc. It may be that webcams will be a part of the Pattaya bar business. I am sure of it. But: „Making predictions is difficult, especially when they concern the future.“ to be continued
  3. My topic today: Webcams in Bars A few days ago - in March 2021 - an Anglo-American beer bar operator in Pattaya reported the following incident: A couple of young ladies asked him if they could work in his bar. He said yes. Then the girls looked at the bar, discovered after a few moments that this bar had no webcam. The ladies asked if he could install a webcam. !!! They would only work at his place if the bar was equipped with a webcam!!! Background: Some clever, resourceful bar operators have installed webcams during the long months of the worldwide Coronalockdown. Now the bar is connected to the world online via various communication platforms such as Facebook. Men from all over the world can now contact this bar directly. The business idea: these men take part in what is happening in the bar, they can see the girls, they can communicate with the girls, and they can spend ladydrinks online. This offer has obviously been gratefully accepted by many guys, who cannot come to Pattaya because of Corona. Many a bar in Pattaya owes a considerable part of its turnover to this technical facility. And the girls benefit as well, because they get about 50% of the price of a ladydrink. Now there are discussions on the few remaining Pattaya boards; also German ones. Some bar operators also want to install webcams or they already have them in use. Others refuse to do so. On the side of the male guests, there is a large group who strictly reject this and another group who would use this offer or have already used it several times. The discussion is being fought with no holds barred. Some guys do it loudly and with strong swear words: Idiots, fools, assholes are still the most harmless insults. to be continued
  4. A story from Charly's short-time den It's 6.15pm in Bangkok; dusk has set in, soon it will be dark. We - my friend Ott and I - are on our way to the “Brown Sugar” on Phrasumen Road. This place is the meeting point for Bangkok jazz lovers. Ott wanted to listen to a certain band. We left his car in a safe car park and got into a songthaeow that took us the last two kilometres along Thanon Phrasumen quickly and safely. The songthaeow was well occupied; but the inmates moved a little closer together so that there was room for us to sit. We rolled slowly along in the traffic; then a stop at a traffic light, after which the way was clear and the bus picked up speed. I estimated it to be about 60 km. Suddenly there was movement among the passengers. We see an interethnic family, father, mother, two small children of kindergarten age, 4 and 5 years old, a girl and a boy. The family's happiness could not be greater. Suddenly the Thai mother calls loudly and with clear emphasis in her voice (in German): „Wir sind am Ziel. Wir müssen raus! Aussteigen, aber dalli dalli - zack, zack!“ "We are at our destination. We have to get out! Get out, but dalli dalli - zack, zack!" dalli dalli = get a move an! Pronto, pronto! Zack zack = look sharp! Jab jab! Ott and I both look at each other in astonishment and wonder at the barracks court tone with which this Thai woman commands her family around in German like a sergeant commands his company. Her dozing husband gets a strong push with her elbow so that he wakes up, then she grabs the children and off they go. When the family has got out, the father has paid the driver, we bend our way through the bars of the songthaeow outside, and Ott calls out in German with unmistakable irony in his voice: „Familie, stillgestanden! Im Gleichschritt marsch!“ "Family, attention! Forward march!" Now the astonishment was on the family's face. The woman quickly regains her composure and, with a laugh on her face, she says to us: "Yes, sometimes I have to be very German in order to keep our family together in a more or less organized way.” Our Songthaeow slowly started up again, threading its way into the traffic. We waved goodbye to the to the family and two minutes later we too were at our destination. While Ott pressed the bell button causing the driver to stop, he called out to me with a grinning face: „Raus hier! Dalli, dalli – zack, zack!“ "Get out! Dalli, dalli – zack, zack!“ The other passengers - all Thais - looked at each other in amazement, unable to understand what was going on. An elderly man asked a question in Thai, which Ott answered briefly. I only understood the word "Jöraman", which means something like German or Germany. The old man had obviously asked about the language spoken with the family during the exit scene. The concert was great. I only drank water, while Ott was so excited that he drank seven or eight bottles of Singha. Don't ask me how we got home in his Jaguar. It was a hell of a drive through Bangkok at night. Ott didn't drive a car, he was finally flying his Phantom F5, his beloved girl. So what? I always have a prayer on my lips for such situations; the famous 23rd Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd, I fear no evil; for he is with me. He makes me lie down in green pastures Thy rod and thy staff protect me”
  5. osted just now And here we go with some beautiful and pleasant memories in difficult times. My topic today: Driving through Bangkok with Ott We start in front of his mia noi's house somewhere in the north of Bangkok. Yes, indeed. Ott has a mia noi, a little concubine. She is a stewardess. We spent the whole of last day and evening at her place, spent the night and had breakfast together the other morning. Here is my night's lodging at Ott's mia noi. His mia noi left for the airport to start her service and Ott and I decided to spend the day in Bangkok at Chayo Praya and go to the jazz place "Brown Sugar" in the evening. Every time I get into the car with Ott, it's like: gather up all my courage, get in, buckle up and pray. Hopefully, some guardian angel will keep an eye on us and intervene to help. We drove from Nana Plaza to his home a few times around 3 a.m.; drunk as skunks. Those were crazy rides, pure madness. My dear Ott, you often confuse your cars with your beloved Phantom F5, which you used to fly at supersonic speeds through Thai airspace as a daredevil and swashbuckler. In most cases, however, he is slowed down by the dense, slow-moving Bangkok traffic. Thank Buddha. to be continued ...
  6. We Pattaya / Jomtiem holidaymakers have to accept that the 2020/2021 season is over for us. It is no use running any more. My goose is cooked. This season - thanks to Corona - is a lost season. The great hope that remains for us is that the world will get this pandemic under control in the next few months, e.g. through comprehensive vaccination campaigns. What we are left with is the hope that the world will be spared such pandemics for the next few years, and that as many countries as possible will survive the Corona pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns economically well. As someone who grew up Christian, I would now say, "Let us all pray for that."
  7. Thanks guys for the kins words. The fall at the pond, I told you about, unfortunately had more serious consequences than I had initially thought. The bloody nose has healed; everything is wonderful. But the sternum was badly hit. It started to hurt about two days after the fall. Especially left and right muscles and tendons hurt a lot; especially when I move in bed, like from the left side to the right side of my body. This creates hellish pain along the sternum. I can hardly sleep any more. But I'm tough, like a boxer I have taker qualities. Whoever was so careless and reckless must be punished. I'll survive.
  8. Whenever my camera spots a pretty female creature, it gets all fucked up in its photo bag, sorry, nervous, excited and whispers to me: "Get me out, switch me on, I want to take photos, beautiful, great ones, I also expose correctly, choose a suitable time-aperture combination, you can rely on me. For sure" My camera's blood pressure and heart rate also rise, it seems shaky and excited, but then it suddenly concentrates on its work. Bangkok, Krung Thep, the Siamese Los Angeles, the city of angels, not only has the god Brahma on offer, but also lots of picture-perfect girls; it's to get on your knees; as we say in German. Whether on Thanon Silom or Sukumvhit, whether along the shops and shopping malls of Ploenchit or Ratchadamri, pretty young girls, young women by the hundreds. I'd rather keep quiet about Nana Plaza ... Saint Peter, my dear, when I come, I'll bring along prominent reinforcements, none other than Bob Dylan, and then I'll knock and sing "Knocking at heaven's door ..." together with Dylan. No, I don't need 72 virgins, like the Mohammedan mass murderers, one is enough for me, but then please the right one .... memories, sweet memories ... now I can be flamed ....
  9. This man arrives with the support of dancers and a band, who are to lend unmistakable and distinctive emphasis to his pleas for blessings and intercession. Brahma can hardly say no to that, can he? The music is very shrill for western ears and remains incomprehensible for us. Yes, you have to be able to understand music, you need access to it. Otherwise you just hear sounds that tell you nothing, that do not penetrate our hearts and minds. Here everyone can let his imagination run free, what is this young couple asking for? Healthy children, a happy family life? to be continued ...
  10. The Erawan Shrine - an island of peace, contemplation, prayer, pause - surrounded by modern Bangkok traffic. Above, the crossing of the Skytrain, the elevated railway, to the left and right an eternally roaring traffic with infernal noise and exhaust fumes. Below, the praying, devotional people amidst the traffic noise. What would the god Brahma say? Does he feel comfortable in this place? Is this a place of comfort and concentration? After all, even a god has to listen intently when he is in conversation with his believers; and almost always multitasking, and in several languages and dialects to boot. He must be a real polyglot. And that in such nasty conditions. Well … Here is a view of the deity to be continued
  11. In 1987, the Erawan Hotel was demolished and replaced by a more modern building and shopping centre on the same site, and the ownership also changed; it is called "Grand Hyatt Erawan". The shrine got a new location that is shady and therefore not quite as hot. In this almost all-day shaded area, there is space for worshippers and prayers as well as for professional temple dancer groups and small music bands. Here it is - the attractive sight in Krung Thep - the Erawan Shrine. A visit is a must for every Bangkok tourist. More misfortunes, attacks, bomb terror. My text is a kind of short summary of essays, of information from the English-language Bangkok Post and the nation over the last decades: On 21 March 2006, a deranged Muslim destroyed the statue with a hammer. He was immediately attacked and beaten to death by two horrified Thai men (Buddhists). They were taken into custody on murder charges, but were released the very next day. The destroyed statue was replaced by a new one. (In our country, the Mohammedan would have been given a state funeral, and the two Germans would have been sent to prison, or rather penitentiary, with the maximum sentence until the end of their days; with subsequent preventive detention). On 17 August 2015, there was a bomb attack on the shrine with 20 dead and about 125 injured, some of them seriously injured, scarred for life! Two Muslim Uyghurs were accused and imprisoned, who wanted to draw attention to the oppression of their people by the Chinese government with the attack. I try to describe the Brahma statue and I give a few explanations. The god is seated facing north in a relaxed posture, the right leg bent, the left hanging down. Four heads adorned with crowns and lotus blossoms look alertly into the four directions. The faces with pointed beards are slightly different from each other, but all with friendly benevolent and contented expressions. A fifth crown sits on top in the centre. The figure holds in its eight hands various symbols, each with a positive meaning in Hinduism. A sacred cord typical of Hindu deities leads from the left shoulder to the right hip. There is a hellish noise, above, the trains of the Skytrain - the elevated railway - thunder over the tracks, on both sides along the streets the traffic rolls, the motorbikes, the buses and the trucks roar, in addition to the stench and the dust from countless exhaust pipes. In direct sight of Brahma, the praying and meditating devotees squat and kneel. Behind them, covered, the Siamese dancer groups and the music bands. These professional dance troupes are hired by the supplicants - usually for three to five minutes - to honour the god and thus make their wishes gracious. These dance troupes perform traditional Thai temple dances during the prayer or devotion. It goes without saying that after the god's wishes have been fulfilled, offerings have to be made again in gratitude. Now a few pictures I have taken at the Erawan shrine in recent years. Caution dear readers, some of them could be interpreted as "fully contaminated with toxic masculinity". continued
  12. Background: Many Southeast Asians believe that there is a spirit, a demon, a divine being on every piece of land. When people take possession of a piece of land in order to erect a building, a dwelling house or the like on it, then a ceremony must be held at an auspicious time before construction begins in order to appease the spirits, these (mostly lower) deities who are at home here and who are to be regarded as the actual and rightful owners of this land, this plot of land, and to make them merciful and benevolent. And so on almost every plot of land used by people there is a "ghost house", in Thai San Phra Phum, which are sometimes even - depending on the purse and generosity of the builder - real "ghost villas". Even in the house and even in flats there is a shrine, a kind of house altar, which serves as the abode of the resident spirits. They are also regularly served and provided with all kinds of offerings such as drinks and rice, garnished with burning incense sticks. This is a form of animism that actually has nothing to do with Buddhism and simply coexists with it. Animism assumes that the whole of nature around us is permeated by an all-souledness. Nature and all its appearances and the things and objects that occur in it are said to have an inner spirit, an individual, personal soul. Nature is animated by spirits, demons, gods, etc. Here is the ghost house on Ott's property. This ensemble is looked after by his wife, who also regularly provides the spirits living in it with small gifts such as food and drink. And there are always a few incense sticks on top. Back to 1956 and the construction of the luxury hotel Erawan. During the construction work, serious accidents occurred again and again; also with fatal results. No one could explain this series of accidents. After every further crash or serious mishap, the safety measures were tightened by the builder and in consultation with the construction workers. Nevertheless, the streak of mishaps and disasters continued. To the workers and everyone involved in the construction, this undertaking seemed to be under a cloud of doom. Finally, when a ship loaded with marble destined for this hotel sank at sea, the frightened workers stopped work. The advice of a ghost expert was sought. He said that the spirits of this property had been greatly angered and that the deaths, serious accidents and mishaps were due to the wrath of these spirits. This expert recommended the construction management and the workers to erect a shrine on the plot. The choice fell on the four-faced Brahma god Than Tao Mahaprom. A statue of the Brahma God was cast and gilded; he was given his shrine to go with it and after its completion and inauguration in November 1956, the hotel construction could be completed without any further misfortunes. Here is the old Erawan Hotel, which no longer exists, with the Brahma shrine. to be continued ...
  13. Annotation: It was very difficult for me to translate the German text into English; I actually only know school English. I apologise for grammatical and syntactical errors. (Khun Ott is one of my German-speaking friends; he was a colonel and Phantom F5 pilot. Now he is retired. I have known him for about 25 years from Hamburg from the German military Leadership Academy). Erawan Shrine Together with Ott at Erawan Shrine. We drove one afternoon towards this myth-enshrouded shrine, located at probably the busiest junction in all of Bangkok. There is no parking far and wide. What does my wily Ott do? We drive his Jaguar cheekily onto the grounds of the Bangkok police headquarters, which are close to the shrine. We park and get out. A car pulls up next to us and a high-ranking police officer - you can see it immediately from his uniform - gets out. He looks at us briefly and asks a question. Ott pulls out his service card, shows it and explains to his police colleague that we want to go to the Erawan Shrine. "Oh, well then everything is clear. I wish you and the Farlang a few stimulating and inspiring hours at the shrine. May all your wishes come true." Both gentlemen go into guarded positions and salute militarily. Our parking is thus officially sanctioned. (On the way to the shrine Ott translated the short conversation for me). The Erawan shrine is located at the busy intersection of Ploenchit and Ratchadamri streets in the heart of downtown Bangkok. Above it, two lines of the Skytrain, Bangkok's elevated railway, meet. There is a deafening traffic noise here for almost 20 hours. Nevertheless, thousands of Thais and foreigners come every day, try to concentrate and then ask at the shrine for blessings, fulfilment of dreams, and success in their personal lives and careers. There he is to gaze upon, majestic in glittering gold, impressive and awe-inspiring. The gilded plaster figure of the god Brahma sits on a one-and-a-half-metre high pedestal in a Thai-style shrine decorated with colourful mosaics. Countless legends and myths entwine around this Erawan shrine, and an air of tragedy and misfortune hovers over the four-faced god Brahma, a high deity from Indian Hinduism. It was built in 1956 for the hotel being built right next door. Not to offer guests a retreat to pray, but for memorably more mysterious reasons. To be continued
  14. Let's continue with my golden memory ride In this gogo bar "GOLD" in the LK Metro, a golden creature dances. Slim, petite, a little fragile looking; she weighs barely 48 kilos. But the little one has tits ... absolute world class. Wonderful, slightly swinging, bouncing big breasts with every dance move she makes, boobies, bosoms, hooters ... I'm going crazy, my heart is increasing its frequency, my blood pressure is rising, it's getting restless inside me. I feel the testosterone flowing in, creating that tingly feeling of horniness, I guess that's what we call it. I reach into my left trouser pocket and take out the tube of tablets and take one Metoprolol and one Amlodipine to stabilize the circulation. After a few minutes I feel the calming effect of the medication. I watch the girl on the dance stage, oh no, I devour her with my eyes. The magic of this girl touches me, goes to my heart. I smile at her, she comes to me. After the usual greeting and mutual introduction "How are you?" "What's your name?" "Where do you come from?" I realise very quickly that her knowledge of English is very limited. She calls in her half-sister, who takes on the role of interpreter. "Same father, but two different mothers." She is 28 and thus the pi-sa-u (older sister) to the 3 years younger nung-sa-u (younger sister). I stay in the gogo for over 4 hours. Just because of the girl. They are wonderful hours. After 2 hours - I have used all my charm (do I even have that?), my politeness to please the girl. I sense from her reactions that yes, there is still something there, it works, she reacts increasingly positively and interestedly to my compliments. The half-sister translates. I avoid overtexting the girls. Every now and then I ask a question about her family, her circumstances, etc., so that the two girls also get a chance to talk. I drink one bottle of beer after the other, the girls get their ladydrinks; they have to go to the dance stage for 15 minutes every 30 minutes or so. This gives me the opportunity to look at them, to admire them. Getting off on the sight of them, that phrase would be inappropriate now because it's too objectified. It degrades this sweet beauty queen to an object of sexual desire. However, over the course of 2 or 3 hours, I have created an intellectual and emotional distance from this girl whose father I could be. I'll explain that in a moment. She puts her hand on my arm a few times, smiles at me. "I take care you. Pay bar for me. I go with you." Girl, you tempt me, make it infinitely harder. Luckily, the two ladies have to go back upstairs to dance. That gives me a chance to think for a moment. I have to admit to myself that I am no longer an adequate, equal, coherent partner for this girl. Precisely because of my age and my frailty. I began thinking of all the beautiful girls I have had in the years and decades before. I have dozens of slide boxes with the most wonderful pictures from the analogue time and hundreds of pictures from the more recent digital time. We made love all night and all morning in all possible and impossible positions, so that even the mattress groaned with pleasure. I kept gushing like an inexhaustible Saudi oil well. At noon, around 12 o'clock, room service pounded loudly and insistently against the hotel room door, shouting: "Stop fucking now! I must clean room." (memories, sweet memories) "I can't do that anymore. The stroke has crippled you; the right side of your body is largely paralysed. You can no longer move your right arm and hand. Why don't you face up to it?" "You can only disappoint the girl and make a fool of yourself. Now maybe the girl is a little impressed with you. She realises that I'm not a bonehead like the many other farlangs she's had the experience of "See me, feel me, barfine me, fuck me, pay me." This sets me pleasantly apart from the others, I suspect, I hope. She is so pretty, so overwhelmingly erotic, her daintiness, her fragility, her smile, her luscious, light velvet breasts are overwhelmingly erotic in their appeal, but these qualities of hers also create a certain distance that is heightened by her innocence, purity, virginity. Sure, it would be totally different if I were 40 again, being full of sap, physically trained, with a washboard stomach. (being full of sap = voll im Saft stehend; being strong and physically able to perform) "You old cowboy should keep your hands off such a creature. Besides, you smell like a beer keg. Not very pleasant for such a girl. You're not 40 anymore, athletically trained, successful in your job, bursting with strength and lust for life. Then you would be an appropriate partner for that girl." In the hour that followed, I asked neither about the amount of the barfine nor about her price for longtime. The many beers had an effect, my head began to spin. I gradually became drunk. I still had to take the Songtheo back and then walk about 250 metres. That can be dangerous in this drunken state. My bill: about 3000 Baht, which is about 85 euros. The euro has degenerated into a junk currency. I want my old hard DM back. I went to this gogo for a few more evenings and had a great time with the two half-sisters.
  15. 19 February 2021 - Hamburg and surroundings / Germany The long, cold period of winter with frost, snow and ice is over for now. Central Europe gets a strong air stream from the southwest, bringing us pre-spring temperatures. Thank God! My thoughts carry me quasi automatically to beach road and my magic garden ... I am sitting in the "Lovely Corner Bar" on the corner of Beachroad and Soi 7, where I have set up my office. Here I wrte my reports for my people at home - family, friends etc. My office in the Lovely Corner Bar - my office, opening hours 11 am to 4 pm Time is tight, time is precious. Time means Sanuk, joie de vivre, euphoric mood. All this is savored to the full, enjoyed to the last drop. Here is one who once again enjoys Pattaya life to the fullest. Because I live a Pattayan life, every second, every minute; I revel, I indulge, I feast, I savour, I carouse. I luxuriate and bask in the smiles of the girls, I live like Hans Liederlich - Sloppy Joe - and yet I feel free and happy. Precisely because I waste my energies - and my money, too 55555 my three service girls from the Corner Bar the one on the right is my favourite - 38 years old, she is wonderful. At that time she was a newbie, no English; flirting with her was therefore limited to a few glances we exchanged and a quick smile. My dear Saint Peter, if I knock on your heavenly door in a few years and you let me in, you will have to make a huge effort if you want to top that with your paradise! This is Lady Nuang. We knew each other two years ago. I used to go to the "Rolling Live 4" bar on Soi 7 a lot. I was usually blotto, roaring drunk in this bar. After two years he recognised me immediately, jumped on me, threw her arms around my neck, hugged and kissed me. "Hello Khun Charly! Nice to have you back." I was usually blotto, roaring drunk in this bar. Today, Lady Nuang is 30 years old; and she brought her sister, who is 10 years younger, right along with her for this season. Sure, sure, not the prettiest. There are four or five thousand prettier girls in Pattaya. But they offer a wonderful warmth of heart, and I say it in the jargon of die-hard Pattayans, they offer best girlfriend sex, girlfriend experience and take-care-feeling. Money invested and spent on these girls is money best spent. You get back from the girls exactly what money is not compatible with, this exuberant emotional attention. Drunk like a lord However, you also have to do something yourself. A purely passive consumer attitude does not work and does not lead to the desired goal of a take-care feeling and girlfriend experience. You have to be polite and friendly, you have to treat her as an equal partner, full of respect and esteem. What does the sociologist call this? That's right, reciprocity. A few kind compliments and everything goes in the desired direction. This is actually all quite natural. But most of the male Pattayans are stupid blockheads - not all of them -, they do not have a flexible behavioural repertoire, they have a very limited knowledge of English, they simply cannot flirt freely with these girls. And yet these creatures make it so easy for us blokes. I refrain from erasing the girls' faces. The pictures are too old for that. to be continued ...
  16. continuation ... The number of old white men of retirement age who take long-term holidays or live year-round in Pattaya or elsewhere in Thailand will continue to decline slowly but surely. The reasons are - just keywords: Loss of economic performance, lower competitiveness and productivity, continuing weakening currencies. Pensions and other retirement incomes will stagnate or even fall slightly in the future as the negative demographic trend gradually takes full effect. Fewer and fewer active people and contributors will have to finance more and more pensioners. This is especially true for Germany! Moreover, the central banks of the Western countries must keep interest rates at zero in the long run. Saved capital hardly pays any interest. The number of Western male singles of active age - the typical Sanuk holidaymakers, as I have been - will also stagnate or even decline slightly. See above for the reasons. Now, please understand me correctly. Westerners will be there in the long run as holidaymakers in Pattaya and Thailand, but they will no longer - how shall I put it - "set the agenda". Western culture and popular culture will slowly but surely lose its hegemonic position. A change in the ethnic composition of tourists Western visitors are being replaced by Asian tourists. They come mainly from Japan, China, Korea, India, Pakistan and Singapore. In addition to these new tourists, Arabs are also coming in large numbers. The largest group is the Chinese. They come from Hong Kong, mainland China, special economic zones like Shenzen or Taiwan / Formosa. They are coming to Pattaya and Thailand in ever increasing numbers. With the increasing ethnic change, a cultural change is also taking place. Until now, the Sanuk scene - the beer bars, the gogo bars, the discos and music clubs - has been dominated and shaped by a Western, an Anglo-American culture. Western beer, whiskey, brandy, schnapps and Coca Cola are sold and drunk. Anglo-American rock and pop music is played. In the discotheques, people dance to Anglo-American pop music in the Western style. This is already changing. If you stroll through Walking Street attentively, you will notice that national, ethnic and cultural groups have already created their own localities. There is the Russian scene with Russian guests and music and cuisine. The Indians have at least two large entertainment venues, two Indian clubs with Indian music and Indian cuisine. The Pakistanis will folllow soon . The Arabs have always had their own sanuk scene. In Bangkok, for example, there is the Grace Hotel and a handful of bars around it in Soi 3 / Sukumvhit. Several bar complexes on the Walking Street already firmly in Arab hands. The Chinese, the Korenaers, they too will create their own entertainment szenes and venues in the next few years. „Making predictions is difficult, especially when they concern the future.“ I'll stop now. The future will show. Let us all be curious about what is to come. Sorry for my limited, stlistically awkward and partly faulty English.
  17. My theme: A critical analytical look back at the Sanuk scene in Pattaya - with a few side glances at Bangkok. What has changed - how will it continue in the post-Corona era. The whole thing as short as possible. From around 2010 until 2020/2021 today, one group has conspicuously dominated the scene in Pattaya. This was the group of old white western men of retirement age. The vast majority of these retirees lived in Pattaya in the dry season from October to early April for many weeks, a few months to half a year; some even for the whole year; local expats. Many of them have planned their lives and their finances with this goal in mind. Many could realized what we discussed on the relevant boards in the 90s: to spend their old age as retirees in Pattaya (or elsewhere in Thailand). The group of white western men who are in active age - i.e. roughly between their early/mid-30s to mid-60s - has shrunk considerably in numbers during this period. These are actually the classic Sanuk holidaymakers who spend their holidays - usually between 2 to 4 weeks - in Pattaya because of the overwhelming Sanuk offer. Just like me back in the 90s and 2000s. From around 2010, 2012 onwards, the numbers of young, active, white, western men dropped considerably. Active means being in employment, working, and being sexually very active. The economic crises and currency crises of the Western economies were responsible for this. Incomes stagnated or fell slightly for years; in addition, unemployment was high. In parallel, there was a price explosion in the core area of the Sanuk scene. The prices for ladydrinks, for barfines and the prices for the girls (ST - LT) doubled, even tripled. I paid the following prices in the 90s to around 2010: Beer bar girl: ladydrink 60 to 70 baht; barfine 200 - 300 baht; ST = 500; LT = 1000 baht. GoGo girl: ladydrink 70 to 80 baht; barfine 400 - 500 baht; LT = 1500 to 2000 baht. Ladydrink prices skyrocketed, 120, 140, 180 to 240 and more in the established and hip gogos. The gogo girls suddenly demanded 4000, 5000 and 6000 baht for the LT. Result: Most of these men could not and above all did not want to pay that. A large number of these active men no longer came to Pattaya. But at the same time, the number of Sanuk holidaymakers – active middle-aged men - from East Asian countries; from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. increased. They were willing to pay the horrendous prices. The upheaval of the Sanuk scene in these years became particularly clear to an attentive observer in Bangkok. Nana Plaza, Thermae Coffeeshop, Soi Cowboy. I'll be brief. These used to be playgrounds and fat cheap hunting grounds for white local expats and white Sanuk holidaymakers for decades. Like me. With the beginning of the 2000s, the venues slowly but surely turned over. Today, two thirds of the male audience and barfiners is Asian; only one third comes from the West. In Thermae, a white man is already an "exotic". Japanese and Korenans are the new masters and top dogs. This ethnic, cultural and linguistic change in the active part of the Sanuk visitors - fewer and fewer Westerners, more and more Asians - leaves its mark on the bar business. In the recent past, many bars that were run by Westerners have given up because of a lack of guests. The best example: SECRETS. Bars targeting a Western audience will continue to struggle for survival. Only the bars that have an attentive host and a well thought-out gastronomic concept will still generate some turnover and profit and will survive. Good example: Phil Ross and his “Le Pub”. Most of the customers of these bars are retirees, not activ middle-aged Sanuk holidaymakers as in the past. It is precisely this group that usually makes much more turnover than the old long-term holidaymakers or local expats. They go on holiday for 2 to 4 weeks, have a well-filled travel fund and want to live the “high life” and want to make party during this most beautiful time of the year for them. The history of the Thailand Pattaya Info Boards is revealing. It is a reflection of the course of the Sanuk scene I have just outlined. With the advent of the internet in the early 90s, Siam and Pattaya boards were founded by addicts and enthusiasts - the Asfo list was one of the first. There were a lot of such boards in the mid 90s - German-speaking as well as English-speaking. All were very lively, had hundreds, even thousands of members. Optimism reigned, with hundreds of posts a day almost exclusively about Sanuk, the prices, bars, gogos, the girls and fucking. Those were the topics discussed 80% of the time: Trip reports about Girls, Fucking, Prices. From around 2008 onwards, most of these boards started to die. For the boards that survived, membership declined, the structure of the membership slowly but inexorably changed, and the number of posts decreased. The Secrets board is a prime example. It actually started very late, in 2006, but it got off to a flying start. Within a very short time, it had thousands of members and hundreds of active users. The topics were girls, prices, fucking. But as fast as the ascent, so rapid came the descent. The age structure of the members changed, the number of young active men decreased and the pensioners and old local expats took over the board. With that, the topics changed as well. The Girls, Prices, Fucking disappeared and doctors, medical care, cheap and good food, flat rents, the weather and the cheapest chicken legs were 90% of the topics. I say it in a deliberately snide, derogatory tone (sorry for that): Secrets have become a board of old, grey men who don't have the balls in their pants anymore. Here, seniors discuss the weather, rental conditions, health care, pizzas and chicken thighs; and sometimes where and what to buy: Viagra or Cialis 555555 I don't mind such topics. But if they control 80, 90 % of the board, then there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Reports, stories, experiences, adventures, information about the girls and the bars should be 80% of the content of this board. Then chicken wings and pizzas and medical care would be a pleasant addition. Short thesis: The reason was that fewer and fewer Western men of active age were coming. They could not or did not want to pay the extremely increased prices of the bars and for the girls. I stress, everything else like accommodation, daily food and drink and also the beer prices and alcohol prices in the bars only increased very moderately. Pattaya and Thailand is still a good value holiday destination. But the Sanuk is too expensive for many younger western guys. To be continued
  18. My subject now: old white Western men. In the following, I refer to the group of old white Western men. Men over 60, 65, 70, 80 and older - that is, retirees, pensioners - who come from Western Europe and the Anglo-American world, overwintering in Pattaya for several months or live there year-round. I suspect that this group used to come to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui, etc. in their active years as 30something, 40something, 50something single men: and they came because of the inexpensive SANUK. These are precisely the generations of Western men who experienced the golden years, the age of blessed Arcadia of relatively cheap vacation pleasure as young, active men in the 1980s, 1990s through the 2000s and 2010s. I was one of them. I first came to Nana Plaza in 1992 and saw Pattaya for the first time in 1993. I was then already relatively old for one who came for Sanuk to Siam; I was already over 40. Most other Western men at that time started their careers as Sanukers in their early/mid 30s. This group then decided to settle down in Pattaya in their old age with their retirement benefits and pensions. It has been discussed about this topic - to spend the old age in Pattaya - already from the mid 90's on various Thailandboards again and again and intensively. Also on this one. I remember very well. I do not have official figures and statistics. I base myself on German newspapers like "Der Farlang" of the last years. There are said to have been over 60,000 Western retirees living in Pattaya for six months and all year around 2005, 2010. As of 2015, Thai ministries and authorities have to increase the financial requirements for semi-annual and year-round visas. Many Western retirees could not meet these requirements and therefore stayed away. In parallel, Western currencies deteriorated. This further reduced the number of Western retirees. Corona aside. How many retirees lived in Pattaya in 2018 / 2019 during the period from the beginning of October to the end of March? 30,000 with a decreasing trend? „Making predictions is difficult, especially when they concern the future.“ How many more will there be in the post-Corona era? The decline of the Western currencies also signals a loss of economic power, a loss of competitiveness, a loss of innovation, and a loss of productivity of the economies behind these currencies. Therefore we must always keep in mind that both the labor income of active employees as well as pensions and other retirement income in Western countries are stagnating or even decreasing. Please, on the whole. Generally speaking. How many Westeners can still afford a vacation then? How many will still meet the requirements for a long-term visa?
  19. Some general but important reflections on the economic situation of Western countries; with a focus on the EU. The EU may now spend 750 billion euros as Corona reconstruction aid. Note: The EU is not allowed to do that. This violates all rules, laws, agreements, pacts, statutes of the EU and the ECB. But the Maastricht Treaty and the statutes of the ECB have long ceased to interest European politicians. There is only one rule: to keep the euro as a common currency and to keep all states in the euro. No matter what the cost. The ECB has inflated its balance sheets by several trillion euros!!! The states of the Eurozone are all allowed to go into debt with many more billions of euros. In the near future for all states of the euro zone - and here first of all the Club Med - debt cuts are pending; in billions and even trillions! This has an impact on the confidence of the Euro. Confidence in the euro as a stable, valuable currency will decline rapidly. The external value of the euro will continue to decline. In the beginning, we got 50 to 52 baht for one euro. Now only about 35. The exchange rate of the euro against the baht will continue to fall. Maybe to 1 : 32, or 30. Who will then be able to afford a longer vacation lasting for months? I have already reported on the gradual decline of the West on this board in 2014/15. For 10 - 15 years it can be observed, the number of Western vacationers in Siam decreases, the number of East Asian vacationers increases. The purchasing power of Western vacationers is decreasing; partly because of the decline of Western currencies. The Euro has lost more than 30% of its value against the Baht, as has the US Dollar. The English pound - if I see it correctly - over 40%. The decline of the Western currencies also signals a loss of economic power, a loss of competitiveness, a loss of innovation, and a loss of productivity of the economies behind these currencies. Further money creation ex nihilo by Western central banks - combined with massive debt cuts - will further weaken confidence in Western currencies. Many millions of Westeners will then hardly be able to take vacations abroad. Especially not to make a long-distance trip, e.g. to Siam or SEA.
  20. The question now is, when can i come back? If and when I will come back to Siam and SEA, depends a) on Corona b) on my travel budget The economic and financial situation is coming to a head in Germany; it is getting critical. My daughter is now unemployed after almost a year of short-time work. Her company is bankrupt. No one knows what will happen next. Here in Germany the lights are going out. I don't understand many decisions of the Merkel government anymore. My daughter is losing her job. The company is bankrupt. Millions of Germans are going through the same thing. Millions lose their jobs; companies go bankrupt!!! This is a disaster!!! We have a number of important state elections this year 2021 and the federal election at the end of September 2021. The Merkel government will shit all over the country and the economy with freshly printed money - money created out of nothing by the ECB, the European Central Bank. Billions and even more billions to prevent electoral defeats. But what will it bring? I do not want to report here about the social, political, economic, cultural situation in my country in detail and discuss it. I have been doing that for over 10 years on the relevant boards and websites, as well as German newspapers and political magazines. But renewed vacations and wintering in SEA depend on these developments. Not only for me, but for hundreds of thousands of German vacationers.
  21. Yeah, ok. Coss. Now I understand the context. First, a pleasant message. The cold wave with temperatures constantly below zero degrees, with ice and snow is over. We now have three to six degrees; so everything is in the normal range for the month of February. The outlook for the next days. No, I will definitely not keep this "Coranalook". I will shave thoroughly and also shorten the long hair. I hope that the hairdressers will open again; then I'll get my obligatory short haircut. Then I'll look decent again and I'll be able to mingle with people again.
  22. Khun Fah would take care of me now. The first thing would be she sends me to the barber, then a close shave. Then she would take out the first-aid kit from my trolley. She would clean the wound with a cotton ball and then apply a healing ointment to the wound. Khun Fah, I miss you so much. That I have to erase this pretty woman's face is a felony, a crime!!! As soon as the corona crisis is over and the world has returned to a state of normality, I will come to you. I promise.
  23. I'm calling once again from wintry Germany. We have a freezing cold but sunny weekend behind us. In the night from Saturday to Sunday (13.2 to 14.2.) the temperature in the Hamburg area fell once again below - 12 degrees. In other parts of Germany, where there is a thick closed snow cover, temperatures were partly below - 20 degrees. bbbrrrrr ... cold. Ponds and lakes are frozen. At the beginning of the week from 15.2. there are milder temperatures. Here in the Hamburg area only - 1 to - 2 degrees. I hope that it will be warmer soon. Afternoon on 2/15/2021 in the Hamburg area. Temperature about - 1 degree. I dress warmly, put the scarf around my neck, put on my cap, put the camera bag around my shoulder and take my cripple club (walking aid) in my hand and leave the house. I turn left and march toward the outskirts of town and the Este River. The river is dammed there and the water forms a large pond, the so-called Mühlenteich, Mill Pond. This pond is located in a small park, which is very popular with walkers. The pond is almost completely frozen; a layer of ice about 6 cm thick covers the pond. The snow from a week ago melted during the day in the sunshine of last weekend, but the water and moisture form slippery and dangerous patches of ice. For me, as a hemiplegic and walking disabled person, this is very dangerous. But good old Charly is in good spirits and daring and strides along with good cheer. I want to take a few photos of the frozen pond, rummage out the camera, make a few adjustments and carefully I go step by step down the steep embankment of the pond to get into a better position to take the ultimate picture 5555. And then it happens. I slip on the slippery ground and fall headlong down the embankment. I can break the fall with my left arm, but the fall is so violent that I fall on my face and hit my nose bloody. There I lie now in my blood, me high-spirited little sausage. After a few seconds I realize that I can't get up on my own. I need help. To make matters worse, it starts to snow in thick, big flakes. Fortunately, after about three minutes, a young couple comes by and helps me get up and up the steep slope. I thank them warmly, knock the snow and dirt off my pants and jacket, put my cap back on and limp home. I take out the handkerchief and keep dripping the flowing blood from my nose. It snows thicker and thicker; after about 25 minutes I arrive home, white as a snowman. Once again the old super hit of the Mamas and Papas comes to my mind, the one about "California Dreaming". The poetic persona dreams, yes beams himself or itself - I don't know - from the cold and wintry New York into warm and sunny LA. I've been for a walk On a winter's day I'd be safe and warm If I was in Soi Welcome Soi Welcome dreaming, Soi Welcome dreaming on such a winter's day, oh yes. Here you see the picture of misery. Unshaven for over 6 weeks. Not been to the barber for 5 months. All barber shops are closed for over 3 months - Corona related.
  24. I don't understand. Who is Peg? No, surely not.
  25. No, I have never been to the Oktoberfest in Hanoi. But I have been to the Oktoberfest in Bangkok. One of my German-speaking Thai friends is even on the organizing committee. I present a few photos: Before the beginning of the festival. The brass band is warming up. It is the brass band of the Royal Navy. They also have a girlie; she plays the tuba. Good old Charly in the middle of the musicians. What do they play? Bavarian brass music; you wouldn't believe it, real Oktoberfest music. John Keats: On Beauty A thing of beauty is a joy forever The organizers hired 10 beautiful young ladies as serving girls. They were students, secretaries, doctor's assistants, etc. Each one is in a snazzy costume with dirndl and short skirt. But the best thing about you are your wigs. Every man in the hall smiled. Sweet girls, you are the inspiration of the evening, you come into the ballroom like a whirlwind, you are the Bangkok girls with long blonde hair, your smile eclipses the sun. You bring the summer in my heart and I rev up. Everything goes skyward with these Bangkok girls. Me being a man of advancing years, an aging boy, and handicapped by a stroke with devastating consequences still had my fun with the pretty girlies. Oh dear Bangkok Oktoberfest, finally start and never stop. Girls, come to me when you're lonely. Come to me when no dream kisses you. In soft night I spoil you with wild longing, and with hot heart I am there just for you. They have the most beautiful legs, so slender and wonderful. I look at them and realize: Kalkutta liegt am Ganges Paris liegt an der Seine, doch das ich so verliebt bin das liegt an Madeleine. "Calcutta lies on the Ganges Paris is on the Seine But that I am so in love It's because of these pretty girls ....." This is how the South Tyrolean Vico Torriani once sang in 1960 in his hit song that has become an evergreen. (In the German text is always a rhyme). Memories, sweet memories ...
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