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  1. I would like to thank you for the profound and on the highest level led discussion about German humor. I have the suspicion that Mekong has a completely different motive to point out the alleged humorlessness of Germans. Mekong claims that Germans are not even able to smile. He claims: „You expect a German to Smile ... More chance of winning the Lotto.“ With his reference to the alleged deadly-seriousness of the Germans, he merely reveals his hostility towards Germans, his Germanophobia. Obviously, my dear Mekong, you have never seen or participated in a carnival session. There you can see and experience hundreds, even thousands of laughing and happy Germans. Or visit the Oktoberfest in München. Cheers to Gemütlichkeit, to cosiness, congeniality. Prosit! It's not worth going into it any further.
  2. oh yes, like this: my beloved beach Hat Thung Wua Laen near Chumpon. After the view of the beach and the sea there is then morning coffee. I chose this picture because you can just guess the beach and the sea in the background. And then there is breakfast; Thai breakfast, of course. Oh I miss my som tam with kau ni au, tom yam gung, tom yam pla etc..
  3. Let's continue with my winter Corona diary. A massive cold wave is rolling over Germany for 6 days now. After the snowfall, it gets very cold. Only in the south is it still mild at the moment, but not for long: the cold air is quickly asserting itself - with significant consequences. A look at the weather forecasts also shows that winter will settle in Germany in February 2021. A view from my kitchen window of the courtyard and the buildings behind it. Temperatures below minus 20 degrees in large parts of Germany at night. Here in the Hamburg area, the ponds and lakes freeze over. I know that Canadians and US Americans from Maine and Alaska, for example, laugh about this; it is normal for them in the winter months. Also for the Skandinavians, the Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, cold and snowy winters are normal. The Teutonic winters are usually milder. Snow is generally only in the low mountain ranges and in the German Alps. In these days and weeks it is very funny to drive a car. Or is it not funny, but very dangerous? When will spring finally come? Meteologists predict that spring will not arrive until the end of March. That means another 6 weeks of freezing and shivering in Siberian cold. On top of that, your own apartment is a prison, a jailhouse, thanks to Corona lockdown. Those are nice prospects, aren't they? When will I be back on the beach at Jomtiem? Will I ever swim in the 26 degree warm water again? Will I ever have a Chang beer with Khun Bou, with Tony Sing, with господин Serg Cvanov again? Will Khun Andy, a compatriot of mine and boss and host of Joy's Paradise, ever snap at me and reprimand me again? !!! I have no idea, only he knows everything better !!! Andy is yelling loudly at me. Oh, dear fate, I'll gladly put up with the know-it-all and belligerent Andy, if only I could be back in Soi Welcome ... http://s637300098.website-start.de website in German language
  4. Winter and Corona lockdown One's own flat - actually almost the whole country - has become a prison, a jailhouse! The night was cold with temperatures under zero degrees. I am sitting at breakfast and Elvis comes to my mind. I rock and bawl and dance with Elvis with a cup of hot coffee in my hand. „Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock Everybody in the whole cell block Was dancin‘ to the Jailhouse Rock“ It's maddening. As crazy as German politics has been for years under Madame Merkel. Exhausted, I collapse, recollecting myself, reflect and suddenly my mind is in Soi Welcome. I blossom like a flower in the first warm sunshine. We start our stroll through the bars and pubs of Soi Welcome. We begin at Joys Paradise with the German landlord Andy. There is some extremely loud heavy metal noise going on (I refuse to call this stuff music). The eardrums hurt, the diaphragm bounces; and even the two bar girls with their seductive looks and ingratiating smiles cannot prevent our escape from the bar. Andy, that's how you drive away guests who make a good bill now and then. But: still much better than at home. We cross the street, stop at "Happy Bou" and mingle with the party people. Great atmosphere, a musician entertains the guests with live music, he sings and plays international songs and hits alternating with current Siamese tunes and tearjerkers. We drink a beer together with Tony, Khun Bou and господин Cvanov and his blonde wife. I enjoy the atmosphere and think of other places of pleasure in this Soi: Our Place, KC's Hideaway, Richmond Bar, Rehab Bar, Helter Skelter and a few others. Nana Night Bar, does it still exist? Nui Pizza, great for hearty breakfasts. Do these bars still exist? Will they be open again when I return in a year's time? It may be that my memory is clouding me and some pubs and bars have already ceased to exist or now have a different name. Anyway, you can have a beer in any of these places. Times are bad - so they say It serves us right - so they say The naysayers - in the form of the Corona virus - are once again directing the action. Let it go to hell - the melancholy, instead let's catch the sun. There's so much future ahead, let's conquer it! Let's reach into the blouse of happiness. Let's do it - now! ... or never The happiness of the moment sometimes falls into our laps. Like a hint that life gives us, seemingly nothing - and yet so big. A small word full of cordiality, the warmth of comfort, all this and much more can be found in the Soi Welcome... Here you can enjoy good young Elvis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0Rz-uP4Mk
  5. at mPih: Yes, of course. That's how it can be. You invest money, and that puts people to work and earns them wages; sure. Putting money into investments is always better than putting it into consumption. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = When you watch videos from the last weeks and months of Pattaya on youtube, you are overcome with melancholy. The images repeat themselves for weeks. Almost deserted beaches, most bars, restaurants, music clubs, venues and other locations are closed. The few that are open have no guests. It is a disaster. The weather service has predicted frost, ice and snow for large parts of Germany for the next 8 days. For the Hamburg region temperatures between - 3 and + 4 degrees, snow showers, freezing rain, ice-cold wind and thick grey clouds. Plus the complete Corana lockdown. Those are nice prospects, aren't they? This is where the fun starts, isn't it? I lose it, I panic. The alternative: Pattaya / Jomtiem; 30 degrees, blue sky, sunshine, water temperature 26 degrees. In the evening, two or three Chang beers with good atmosphere and party music. And, if the opportunity arises ... there is something else, isn't there? Oh yes, now I remember, how does Shakespeare have his Hamlet express himself: „That's a fair thought, to lie between maid's legs.“ [Here should be a picture; but I deleted it.] I am unshaven. Khun Fah got me out of my bachelor manners in no time at all; the only thing she tolerated was that I didn't have to shave for three or four days.
  6. I read on the Facebook page of Phil Ross, boss of the bar "Le Pub" Soi Diamond, that the Pattaya City Council is renovating and beautifying the entrance to Walking Street. Phil shows several pictures of the work being done on the entrance gate to Walking Street with large equipment. This is what the Pattaya Municipality has money for? They have no other worries? Tens of thousands of Pattayans have hardly had any income for almost 10 months, many do not even have money for daily food and drink. But the city of Pattaya spends a lot of money on renovations and beautification. My hotel in Soi Welcome, Jomtiem, under the direction of the boss Khun Bou, has been giving out free food and drink to those in need in the Pattayan tourist industry. The money for this comes from guests such as a Dutchman, a German couple and some others. Are there any other renewal and beautification works going on in Pattaya that are paid for by the city of Pattaya? I also wanted to transfer money to "Happy Bou" - Hotel in Soi Welcome in Jomtiem - for the next action .... but now I am thinking about doing that. Tens of thousands of Pattayans have hardly had any income for almost 10 months, many do not even have money for daily food and drink. But the city of Pattaya spends a lot of money on renovations and beautification. If the city of Pattaya overlooks and passes over the people whose work they live on, and instead spends money on beautification work, then the need does not seem to be great yet. I have nothing against important, essential repair work, e.g. a fallen electricity pole, a blockage in the sewerage system etc., but beautification work at the entrance to Walking Street? Exception: The costs are paid by the companies that advertise there; that is something else. Whatever ... Maybe I make a mistake and my assessment of the situation on the ground is wrong. I don't know …
  7. my dear and sweet Ango-Americans, I am so glad that Trump's presidency will end in a few hours. I am looking forward to you - dear dicutants and dialogue partners here - coming down on Biden and Harris with the same energy and passion. Because there will soon be a lot of controversy to discuss. Despite Corona - have a nice day. Nasiadai
  8. Some thoughts about Soi Welcome - Jomtiem / Pattaya What and who can be seen in this picture and what is the actual statement, the implicitly intended meaning of this picture? I try to give an answer and dare to formulate a thesis that refers to the Soi Welcome in its particularity and uniqueness. Three gentlemen can be seen; they are standing at the entrance of the Richmond Family Bar in our Soi Welcome. These three grandseigneurs are in the prime of life and - as the Bavarians put it so nicely in their dialect - they are "gestandene Mannsbilder", fine figures of a man. The gentleman in the picture on the left is wearing a checked tartan skirt with a certain pattern and a sporran.The respective different patterns and colours of the kilt show the affiliation to a certain Scottish clan. His short-sleeved shirt shows the Scottish colours on the sleeves; a white St Andrew's cross (saltire) on a light blue background. At the bottom of the dark blue shirt are two rampant lions, the coat of arms of the Scottish kings. In front of his belly, this gentleman carries a sporran (Scottish for "purse"). This sporran is part of the traditional dress of the inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands. It replaces the trouser pockets on the otherwise pocketless kilt. The gentleman in his football kit is a Russian господин. He is wearing yellow football boots, blue socks, blue sports shorts and the shirt of the Spanish football club FC Barcelona with the blue and chimney red vertical stripes and the club crest at the top right: George Cross (top left), Catalan flag (top right). The gentleman on the right is wearing an elegant black suit and a white shirt with a bright red tie. On his head he wears a red baseball cap with the inscription "Make America great again". His silver-grey hair sticks out from under the cap on the left and right. He holds his left hand bent in front of his chest with the thumb extended upwards and the index finger thrust forward; the remaining three fingers are curled inwards to form a kind of a fist. The hand forms the symbol of a revolver, a gun, so to speak. It is obvious: in this outfit, with this clothing and the gesture with his left hand, he represents the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Three gentlemen, as different as they are in nationality, origin, language, culture, clothing, interests and attitudes, virtues and values, nevertheless form a unit. They are united in friendship. They enjoy the amenities of this place together, the sun and the warmth, the beach and the sea, the excellent Thai food, the warmth of the Thai hosts, the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of this street, they drink a beer or two in one of the pubs in the evening, they celebrate a party together - whether the occasion is a birthday, a special holiday, a victory of a football team or the arrival of new holidaymakers. That is the essence, the authenticity, the unity, the mineness of this street, the Soi Welcome. The described characteristics of this Soi unite the different persons and groups of people. The contradictions, different interests and attitudes, the animosities that the various nationalities and ethnic groups harbour against each other are negated in a first step and then lifted and preserved into something new, something common. This new common ground freed from the "old burdens" enables then - the Thai hosts are included here - acquaintance, conversation, community, friendship. Nasiadai live from winterly, dark, cold, grey Hamburg - 14.1.2021 - 7.05 local time early! too early
  9. Over the last few years I have changed my hotel and the area where I holiday in Pattaya. I used to stay on Second Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8, right in the middle of the action. But three years ago I moved to Jomtiem. This change from the middle of the action to the periphery of the Pattaya scene is most probably due to my increasing age and above all to the severe stroke that hit me more than 8 years ago (paralysis of the right side of my body). I chose two great hotels/guesthouses there in Soi Welcome, where I get a nice spacious room for 10,000 baht per month. There are several other good and inexpensive guesthouses in Soi Welcome, many good restaurants and, above all, some bars with lots of pretty girls and opportunities to party, drink and be merry. Joys Paradise und Hotel Happy Bou have been my favourite accomodations in this Soi. I just saw a video of a party on Khun Bou's Facebook page; this party took place two years ago in January 2019, and I was probably there myself. We in the Western world have just had two celebrations: a Christian one, Christmas, and a secular one, the turn of the year, Old Year's Eve. What actually is a festival? To celebrate feasts is human; and I believe that only we humans can celebrate feasts. Neither the palm trees on the beach nor the sea, nor the nightly stars, nor the deckchairs and parasols celebrate feasts. The ships and cranes in the port of Hamburg don't celebrate festivals either. I think that festivals are not celebrated in the animal kingdom either. I have never seen the four or five geckos in my hotel rooms dancing together. Neither the monkeys in the jungle nor a pride of lions after a successful hunt celebrate feasts; that is reserved for us humans. * every religion has its own specific holidays * we celebrate the birth of a child * we celebrate a solemn funeral when a person has died * we celebrate a wedding * we invite friends and drink when we have been promoted or when we have received a hefty pay rise. * the winning of a football championship is celebrated lavishly There are many occasions and ways to celebrate. We human beings are - inevitably - celebrating and therefore festive living beings. For me, the feast is a moratorium on everyday life; it is an exit from grey normality, from daily routine. So my three-month holiday – always in the winter months - as an exit from the Teutonic winter is - in a modest way - a celebration. Live from Hamburg – late! 0.50 am
  10. Mekong, that's right. The world starts laughing about America. Get this clown out of the Oval Office.
  11. The most successful cover version is by the 1963 Liverpool beat band Gerry and the Pacemakers, who for a few years shared the same managers and producers, Brian Epstein and George Martin, with the Beatles, also from Liverpool. George Martin produced the 1963 track together with Gerry Marsden and the Pacemakers. The Pacemakers held the number one spot in the British charts for several weeks. It was ultimately Gerry Marsden's voice that made this song a world hit and an evergreen. It is the very version that we all have in our ears and that we intonate and sing in the stadium. When I started listening to the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS; it still exists today) on FM as a 14-year-old high school student in about 1963, I took part in the meteoric rise of a new form of rock music, namely the beat. The beat bands usually consisted of 4 to 5 musicians, a drummer and 3 guitarists; possibly a keyboard player. Almost all the groups played their own compositions and were successful, storming the English hit parade. Among them were many songs that became evergreens, long-running hits that are still part of the classic canon of beat and rock music today. All the up-and-coming Beat bands of the time, such as the Beatles and Stones, the Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Yardbirds, Kinks, Animals. Manfred Mann and many others played (almost) exclusively their own songs from their own production, which they turned into hits. That was what was new about this music! The identity of composer/lyricist and performer/interpreter guaranteed authenticity. Here is an aged Gerry Marsden live at the Anfield Road stadium. His voice, however, is still very beautiful. The Pacemakers had a string of big successes and number 1 hits between 1962 and 1965. For example, in 1963 their How do you do it, which made it the hit of the year in 1963 in England; ahead of the Beatles! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQD-m2AQoXc Another great song is the beautiful ballad Ferry cross the Mersey. A hymn and declaration of love to the city of Liverpool. Auf Wiedersehen und auf Wiederhören Gerry Marsden And: Thank you for these songs.
  12. In 1944 /45, the composer Richard Rogers and his lyricist Oscar Hammerstein were looking for a stage play suitable for a Broadway musical. These two - Rogers and Hammerstein - were the most successful musical writers of the 40s and 50s! The worldwide hits Oklahoma, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music (about the Trapp family) were all penned by Rogers and Hammerstein. They decided on the Liliom and Molnár gave his approval. They moved the story to 1940s America and "Americanised" the plot. Hammerstein adapted the material, which originated in the imperial and royal monarchy, for an American audience. They also gave Molnár's socially critical play a hopeful ending. They named their joint baby Carousel. The premiere was on 19 April 1945 on Broadway. Carousel was a great success and ran on Broadway for over two years to sold-out audiences. house. One song appears twice in it: "You'll Never Walk Alone". First in the first act, and then in the grand finale with pompous orchestral accompaniment. On the history of its impact: After only several weeks, a successful reception history of this song began. All the great singers and entertainers have covered this song and included it in their repertoire. Louis Armstrong, Shirley Bassey, Chris de Burgh, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, the Kelly Family to the Toten Hosen have performed their version of the song. The list is by no means complete. Even the fabulous soprano and opera diva Kiri Te Kanawa has interpreted this song. By the way - in her active days, she was one of the leading Mozart interpreters in the world and one of the most sought-after by conductors with her soft and lyrical soprano voice. Mozart, the great womaniser. None other than Frank Sinatra performed our song at the inauguration of US President George H.W. Bush in January 1989; in a particularly sustained, hymn-like manner. The Italian opera composer Giacomo Puccini (1858 - 1924) was also so enthusiastic about Liliom that he wanted to make an opera out of it. But Molnár refused to agree, saying: "If you set my piece to music, the whole world will talk of a Puccini opera. But as it is, it remains a piece by Molnár". To be continued
  13. But what is this song about? Where does it come from? Who composed it? Who sang it, played it and made it famous? In 1909, the Hungarian playwright Ferenc (Franz) Molnár wrote his most successful play, Liliom. The first performance was on 7 December 1909 in Budapest. The Austrian writer Alfred Polgar translated the play into German, or to be more precise: he used He used the Austrian idiom, added a lot of "Viennese charm" to the drama and moved the action to the Prater in Vienna. Through Polgar, Liliom began its unique triumphal procession and was performed at all German-speaking theatres and even in Amsterdam, London and New York. Liliom has been filmed several times, e.g. by Fritz Lang, Frank Borzage, Kurt Meisel, Otto Schenk, etc. All the great German-speaking actors have played Liliom: Hans Albers, Curd Jürgens, Helmut Lohner, Paul Hörbiger, Harald Juhnke and many others. When a theatre is on the brink of closure because the municipality no longer grants money, the director and his actors put Liliom on the programme and the theatre is sold out for the next three months. Our Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus also staged the melodrama at great expense in the 80s. I still remember it well. My daughter had just been born and the actors were advertising their play on the big square in front of the theatre. It ran for weeks to sold-out audiences. My urgent recommendation: If Liliom is given in a theatre somewhere in your region or the surrounding area, definitely go and see it! An entertaining, exciting and eventful evening at the theatre is guaranteed. It is precisely Liliom that creates a catharsis in us theatre-goers, we experience a "cleansing" and "purification" through the fact that "lamentation" and "shuddering", "pity and fear" (ancient Greek: eleos and phobos) are aroused in us. Through the stage action, which we as theatre-goers experience at close quarters, a peculiar feeling of pleasure flows through us, which is linked to these states of excitement, into which we as spectators of this melodrama are transported and from which we are released again. Especially in the case of Liliom, which touches all theatre-goers particularly intensely, this discharge of affect is extremely forceful and fervent. To be continued
  14. Singer and musician Gerry Marsden is dead Gerry and the pacemakers. Another childhood memory. The Football Anthem: From the Imperial and Royal Monarchy to Broadway and the Stadium On the genesis history and impact history of the song "You'll Never Walk Alone". On the origin story: "You'll Never Walk Alone" is the stadium anthem in many football arenas around the world. This song softens the heart of even the most hardened football fans. The song describes almost all possible moods at a football match and yet actually has nothing to do with the ball game. It was first sung at Liverpool's Anfield Road stadium, whether on the occasion of a glorious victory or after a bitter defeat. The crowd sang it and the stands joined in: "You'll Never Walk Alone", majestic, exuberant, melancholy-droppy, depending on the result, but always from the heart. When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of a storm Is a golden sky And the sweet silver song of the lark Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams Be tossed and blown Walk on, walk on With hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll never walk alone To be continued
  15. Play Me the Song of Death - Once upon a Time in the West - Location Comparisons Then & Now Worth seeing 10 minutes. The different filming locations are compared - once in 1968 and now in 2016. Accompanying this is the overwhelming music of this film's soundtrack: the whimpering, wistful wailing harmonica accompanied by the strings carrying the melody, the basses playing the counterpoints. Later, Jill's motif, sung by a female soprano. From about the 10th minute we see the final scene with Jill bringing water to the men. A scene with mythical significance. * The exterior shots were made in the Tabernas desert in the Spanish province of Almería and near Guadix at the train station of La Calahorra, province of Granada, * Cinecittà Studios Rome The interior shots in the Cinecittà studios in Rome. Cinecittà (Italian for "film city") is a film studio complex in the southeast of Rome on Via Tuscolana. These film studios are music to the ears of film lovers. Scenes of legendary flicks such as "Ben Hur", "Quo Vadis", "A Heart and a Crown", "Play Me the Song of Death" or "For a Fistful of Dollars" were shot here. Federico Fellini once had the Via Veneto recreated here for "La Dolce Vita". * And, of course, filming also took place in Monument Valley in Arizona and in Utah, where director John Ford had once directed many important US westerns. In the end credits, the film thanks the Navajo representatives for their support on their Indian reservation there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g35CZzWXBTE A candy on top, for good measure. Jill's arrival at the station somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the West; the station clock has stopped. The camera work is inventive and completely new for the time. Jill enters the conductor's room to ask the stationmaster for information; the camera shows the scene from outside through the open window. Then Jill leaves the room through the front door and the camera, lifted by a crane, travels over the roof of the house to reveal a panoramic view of the emerging western town of Flagstone.The cameraman deserves an Oscar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp0d330bbxs Have fun, enjoy!
  16. Now live again: Now for something completely different. A memory from my – our - youth. This text was written on the sad New Year's Eve of the year 2020; Corona lockdown, everything, but really everything, is closed. I sit alone at home and listen to - yes I indulge, I celebrate - a world-famous piece of music full of melancholy, full of sadness and despair. It is booming from the loudspeakers; I am alone in the whole house, I cannot disturb anyone. Yesterday, 23.12.2021, I watched the film "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod" for perhaps the 12th time in my life; broadcast on the TV channel 3Sat. 3sat is an advertising-free German-language public television programme. It is a joint facility of German, Austrian and Swiss television. German movie title is: "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod" = Play Me the Song of Death = ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST I saw this film for the first time in 1970. It had already been showing in German dubbed versions in Düsseldorf cinemas for more than two years and was the topic of discussion for all film enthusiasts. Monumental images, unforgettable actors, beguiling music by Ennio Morricone. The harmonica howls, it sends shivers of unease through my body and my mind. It's the prelude to a western that will last for cinematic eternity. I see three sinister-looking gunmen - figures with long dust coats - occupying a remote railway station. The conductor is unceremoniously locked in a closet - and with that the last spoken word is silenced for the next 10 minutes. From now on, only sights and sounds determine the scenario: the footsteps that make the dilapidated floorboards gasp, the insistent creaking and squeaking of the windmill at the water tower, the drops of water that fall into the felt hat and accumulate inside it to form a drinkable puddle, the excited buzzing and humming of a fly that becomes captive in the barrel of a Colt. It is the exposition of "Play Me the Song of Death", Once upon a Time in the West. In 1968, Italian director Sergio Leone made his masterpiece with Hollywood stars Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson, who was still quite unknown at the time, one of the best westerns of all time, which grandiosely settles the score with the myth of the "Golden West". The perfect epic, at the same time a highlight of the Italo-Western, lives from its grandiose CinemaScope images, of which, unfortunately, little remains on the boob tube. You have to watch this film in a cinema with a big screen. The magnificent film music by Ennio Morricone also remains unforgotten. One of the best westerns of all time! The Monument Valley rest stop somewhere in Utha, Arizona. This movie is a Western staged as a tragic opera and swan song to the genre, multi-faceted, wistful and exciting. A wistful Western that tells of the end of an era, showing how the progress of supposed civilisation and technology rolls mercilessly over the presence, burying the heroes and outlaws beneath it, whether they want it or not. It is a last gasp, both from Sergio Leone, who made his final western with it, and from the characters in the film. For with the railway comes civilisation, bourgeois society with law and order, with sheriff and judge. The end of savagery and lawlessness, the end of the right of the strongest or the one who shoots first and faster. Jill - Claudia Cardinale - changes from the high-class prostitute from New Orleans (harlot with a heart of gold) to the mythical mother. In the final scene she goes out to the railway workers with a water jug and brings them the life-giving water, she embodies the new beginning (after the disaster), departure and new life. She is stylised in this scene as the "original mother" of America. All three male protagonists are relics from a time that is saying goodbye, almost mythical figures because they are larger than life, who no longer have a place in this new, modern world. But the real focus of the film is Jill, she is the emotional centre around which the hustle and bustle of the story revolves, and at the same time the only character with the ability to adapt to all circumstances, no matter how adverse, instead of trying to resist the inevitable with violence. While the harmonica fades away wistfully, I drink another glass of red wine - completely lost in old youthful times. I'm looking at the clock right now: the new year 2021 has just begun.
  17. Finally, I repeat what I have written in other threads about the 2020 election. That concludes the topic of Election 2020, Trump and Biden. In the last two days I read again many texts, essays, articles about Trump and his presidency, which I saved on my computer in the last weeks. After reading them I come to the following conclusion. A review of his presidency. Trump can say: "Mission accomplished". * Obamacare corrected * the illegal influx from the south has been curbed * the Syrian war is cut back to its regional core interests * defused the ongoing conflict with Russia * the unfavorable trade agreements were improved or overturned * he opened the confrontation with an expansive China, postponed by Obama * launched the first successful peace initiative in the Middle East * Beyond that, Trump has not instigated any new wars. Until the outbreak of Corona, the American economy grew and the labor market boomed. All Americans - including blacks - benefited from this. But then Corona came and destroyed the chances of his re-election. Everyone who thinks about Trump's person and his character with honesty, sincerity and common sense, has to come to the same conclusion as I did (see my previous postings). He is an unsuitable person for the office of president. If he had "normal", average qualities, he would have won by a clear margin. He has catapulted himself out of the Oval Office. Many voters voted for Biden not out of conviction, but because they wanted Trump out of the Oval Office. Trump failed because of his deficient personality. He is a victim of his own deficient personality, his inadequate character. If he had a normal average personality with a reliable character; if he had been recognizable as an "average American" in his appearance and actions, he would have won hands down. Right from the start: Trump will not come back. He will not make it again in four years. * Let's assume that Biden remains in office for four years. Will he run a second time then? I don't think so. Then he will be 82 years old and his dementia will have increased. A further term of office will then be impossible. ** Let's assume Biden is replaced by Kamala Harris in two years. Then the USA will get an extremist left-green apocalyptic rider. What will she do? What will her politics look like? a little short brainstorming: * she will tear up the borders - "no man is illegal". * it will make a policy that favors the urban "new middle classes“ It will neglect the entire area between the Apalachian Mountains in the east and the Rocky Mountains in the west. Only the urban centers and the metropolitan areas will benefit from her policy. * It will commit all American industry to ecological and climate-friendly production. This will cost millions more jobs. And not to forget: Behind Harris lurks Bernie Sanders; and behind Sanders there are many younger Americans - most of them with a degree in the humanities, social sciences, or cultural studies - who are unemployed or threatened with unemployment or who are in precarious circumstances. All of them politically far left, socialistic. The USA is heading for troubled times. And I see in the moment no "bridge over troubled waters". The real choice of fate will come in 4 years.
  18. here I give a few reasons why I am interested in American presidents and American politics: The American president is (still) the most powerful man in the world. He is the leader of the most important Western power; his decisions also directly or indirectly affect the other Western states, above all Germany. Since Kennedy's assassination - when I was about 13 years old - I have been interested in American politics and in the respective president. A historical example: If Kennedy had not said the sentence "Ich bin ein Berliner" at that time, with which he declared his support for the Western alliance and the defence of Western Europe, a large part of Western Europe would have become communist. The Soviet pressure was very great and the situation around Berlin was extremely dangerous. The Americans and the British brought democracy to us West Germans in 1945. I say thank you for that. And we were very good and willing students. A few examples: Our political system is very stable. In our country, electoral fraud, electoral forgery is hardly possible, at least not on a large scale. Look at America: something like that is obviously possible there. In our country, voter turnout in federal elections is around 80%. In the US in 2020 it was a catastrophic 64%. That was the highest in 40 years!!! The average voter turnout is 50 plus %. This low figure is depressing for the West's oldest and most important democracy. The low voter turnout also has systemic reasons, among others. There are electoral organisational obstacles that are directed against minorities and underprivileged social groups. Organisational hurdles are being erected that prevent these groups from voting in the first place. Just one concrete example: Almost all German voters need only a few minutes to get to the polling station. The voting process takes no longer than 2 to 8 minutes. In the USA, long queues form in front of the few polling stations and people wait for hours. There are deficits in American democracy. * Catastrophic voter turnout * systemic obstruction of certain groups from voting. * the given possibilities of electoral fraud Here, the oldest democracy can learn from its former pupil to do better. As an American, I would have voted for Trump to prevent Biden and, above all, Kamala Harris.
  19. not live - written 2 days ago. Outside it is cold and grey - 3 degrees. A powerful low pressure system coming from England slowly moves over Germany with rain and snow showers - snow at altitudes and regions above 400 metres. Of course, what else can come from Britain but only bad, unpleasant things. My heating is turned up full and a bottle of red wine - Le Filou Rouge - is waiting to be drunk. Slowly, it is time to say goodbye to an exceptionally entertaining politician. Donald Trump is finding it hard to get used to the fact that a slim majority of his countrymen have denied him a White House lease extension. Donald, you got the notice from the American voter. You are fired. Instead of accepting this fact, he is fighting windmill wings like Don Quixote once did. He is desperately fighting the sack and the withdrawal of love from the American electorate. DT, the trained businessman, has presented himself as a man who prefers to tweet succinctly rather than formulate long speeches. Trump, the linguistically shallow man, knew exactly what he wanted as president and has consistently pointed his country and his party in the right direction. Trump has shaken up the wider world politically. He has called off a sham peace with Iran, helped Arabs and Israelis come to a rapprochement and brought soldiers home from perpetual war zones. He has severely restricted - albeit without a wall - the flow of refugees from the south. Until summer, the American economy was doing very well, the labour market was humming and millions of Americans had good jobs. But then came Corona ..... The boorish American with strong German roots, prone to rumblings, will leave the international arena and concentrate on his home games; the real estate market, and there he has enough to do. Goodbye Mr Trump, we will miss you as a blustering, snotty, sometimes lying entertainer. The world political stage is losing an American president who was one of the most interesting and unusual politicians of his country. On the allegations of fraud, vote rigging, inaccuracies in the election. Trump could have shown style, could have shown poise, could have shown greatness for once in his presidency and said in a great speech. (I am using thoughts and assessments of a German journalist here). "This is my legacy: You have seen how vulnerable our electoral system is to error, falsification and fraud. I have shown you how urgent it is that a stable, fast and transparent system of voting and counting be installed in every state. Not to eliminate errors, because there can always be errors. But to restore the lost confidence in our electoral system by developing a process that is traceable, verifiable, secure and secretive." Why can't I be Donald Trump's idea man and speech writer? This is an opportunity Trump has squandered, and it would be the biggest surprise if Biden seized it. To be continued
  20. The moderator fixed it. I can post pictures again. That's why there are now a few supplements. Delayed for some days. This is not "live". So let me go on with my Corona diary: In times of Corona lockdown - everything is closed, bars, pubs, discos, music clubs, museums, music halls, theatres, cinemas etc., large gatherings of people are forbidden. The Bundesliga plays in empty stadiums - it's crazy. Even family parties with several people are not allowed. Even the most churches are closed over Christmas. No Christmas services with crowded churches. I posted about the painting "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" by Vermeer in my Düsseldorf thread. And yes, I bought an art print of this painting. High-quality reproduction in fine art giclée process worked directly on artist canvas and traditionally mounted on a wooden stretcher frame. Look! There on my wall the picture hangs now and the girl looks at me, I am quite familiar with her; sometimes I hold a dialogue with her and she answers me; especially when I have a few glasses of red wine in my head. Because in the meantime, the picture radiates silence, security and inner peace for me. The two of us maintain a familiar communication. The picture has changed. My initial surprise and curiosity, the tension that the portrait of the girl exerted on me, has given way to a reassuring familiarity, intimateness and friendship. Perhaps it is the subtle colour harmonies and refined shadow sections that achieve these effects. I don't know; it remains a mystery of the great skill of the painter Johannes Vermeer. And yes, I opened a new bottle of red wine: Le Filou Rouge - 1 litre From the description of a German wine importer; I quote and translate: „Le Filou Rouge is a French red wine - completely in the tradition of the classic Vin de Pays. The blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes gives Le Filou Rouge a uniquely harmonious structure: soft in character, with an unmistakable velvety richness. Le Filou Rouge is grown in the southern French departments of Aude, Herault and Gard. The Mediterranean climate there, in combination with the clay and limestone soils, creates optimal growing conditions for this special red wine.“ Vermeer's girl laughs mischievously at me and whispers: Charly, you've earned that wine; Corona is a disaster, so please, have another quarter glass. Enjoy. And I do. Late! too late! 2:20 am central european time CET
  21. Here is the german version of the Bach melody by Alma Cogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VyRnZL6qVM Here are the Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmJ1AqtTuyo The difference is in the lyrics that is sung. That falls softly on the meadow Birds high above in the trees Serenade the flowers with their melodies oh oh oh See there beyond the hill The bright colors of the rainbow Some magic from above Made this day for us Alma Cogan sings: That's how it always starts: A boy doesn't want to be alone anymore. He looks at you questioningly and holds your hand... Just like in the novel. Oh, that's how it always starts: He only talks about great love. At first you don't believe in it, then later on red roses arrive. My first choice is Alma Cogan's. She has this somewhat smoky voice in the mezzo-soprano - alto range. She has that certain enamel, melodiousness in her voice. Corona - oh I love you....
  22. Something else comes back to me. We want to go out in the evening, the three of us. Yes, wonderful. I take my hairbrush and go through my hair, put on my shoes and am ready. Khun Fah stands in the room and says two or three sentences aloud, making hand movements that are supposed to mean that both, Ott and I, should leave the room. Ott translates for me that she wants to get ready for the evening and that we can both go downstairs to Khun Boh's bar and have our first beer. „What did she say, 'we were allowed to do'?“ I ask my friend. „Yes“, says Ott, „I translated exactly, we have her permission, we are allowed.“ I remember an old song from the 60s, Alma Cogan sings the Lovers Concerto by the Toys in German (actually a minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach) with the German title: „So fängt es immer an“. That's how it always starts. „So fängt es immer an. That's how it always starts“, I say to my Thai friend. „A few days ago I could do what I wanted without asking her. Now she allows what I can do, and in a few days she says to me in a clear unmistakable commanding tone: 'Tonight my favourite TV show is on. We'll watch it together. Don't you dare leave the room.' That's a nice outlook.“ Ott looks at me with a broad grin and pats me encouragingly on the shoulder: „As an old husband with a lot of experince, that sounds familiar to me too. Do you think our Thai women are different from your German ones in this respect?“ You live and learn, leaped to my mind ... A few seconds later we were at the bar enjoying the first beer. no pictures, sorry.
  23. Preliminary remark: German syntax is much more complicated and varied than English. I apologise for violations of the rules of English syntax as well as for linguistic inaccuracies. I have only school English to offer. It is 21. / 22. December 2020; the sun has reached the Tropic of Capricorn, the point of the winter solstice; in the northern hemisphere we now have the shortest day and the longest night (the Scandinavians, British and Canadians know what I am talking about). We are in the season of winter. In our German low mountain ranges and in the Alps we have the first snow, in the Southern Alps in Austria and Italy - Tyrol - the first "snow disaster" happened with up to 3 metres of snow; in some regions even more than 4 metres. The few hours of daylight here in Hamburg are mostly foggy, cloudy and gloomy. There is some rainfall, sometimes snow showers or dangerous freezing rain. Temperatures are between 0 degrees and 8 degrees; depending on the distribution of the high and low pressure areas. So everything is quite normal. In my mind, I beam myself to Jomtiem in Soi Welcome, to the "Happy Bou" hotel. I burst into the middle of an exuberant party, loud rock and pop music, a terrific atmosphere among the party guests, drinking and laughing, everything is just the way it should be at a great party. I sit in the middle of the celebrating guests, sip my Chang beer and begin to review a few adventures and events of the last 2 years in my mind. How was it with Khun Fah, that wonderful girl? She was suddenly there. Just like that. She was present and still is. That is an event of being that I am very happy to put up with. She's 38, has a daughter like me. Her guy ran away from her about 5 years ago. She doesn't speak a word of English. Our communication is via software applications with translation aids on her smartphone and my notebook. Works pretty well. Bachelor manners? Khun Fah got me out of those habits within 1 ½ days; super fast. Peeing on the toilet seat? Is no more, finished. She goes into the bathroom, but comes out again after a second with a face full of anger. I thought, is there an evil spirit in the bathroom now, or some fat cockroach, or just a harmless gecko? She grabs me by the arm and with a loud torrent of words she drags me into the bathroom and points with a gesture of indignation at three yellowish drops of pee. I scratch my head in embarrassment and mumble some excuse in German. She takes toilet paper, moistens it a little with water and then wipes and away. Guys, I have learned that lesson. to be continued The board doesn't allow me to post pictures! What's going on? Where is the moderator?
  24. Hi Flashermac, the last time he posted was on 3. October 2020. Does anybody knows something about his whereabouts?
  25. i will close this thread now, stop it because i can't upload any more pictures. Since 1. November is not over yet and 2. I can't upload any more pictures, I intend to open a new thread. I'm thinking about what I will call it; probably "My Corona Diary" or something like that. Thanks to all my readers; I hope you spend as much time and attention on my new thread. Nasiadai
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