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  1. Canada 375 baht (about $12.00 CDN) Bangkok 60 baht, 80 baht with tip
  2. TAT to target Chinese tourists: http://www.4hoteliers.com/4hots_nshw.php?mwi=4795
  3. Greatly saddened by this news J.S. It takes some courage to bypass personal privacy to post such information for the benefit of others. I've learned something about HIV today from what you have written, and from a site another board member noted earlier in his response. F.T.
  4. I can send a donation by cheque to the Amherst postal box, but it will be drawn on a Canadian bank. Are there any cross border banking issues involved that would affect the donation amount?
  5. I heard or read somewhere today that Virginia gun control laws, at least at the retail level, are not that stringent. I believe one of the questions on the form that must be completed by the purchaser is related to stays or contact with mental institutions. All the man had to do was lie about his, no follow up. The police were also involved prior as women had complained about him stalking them. They did not press charges. He may have set some fires as well.
  6. This event continues to evolve in many unusual directions. The number of official investigations that will have to be initiated to begin to understand what went wrong, is extensive. This man should have been sidelined a long time ago. Another examination of gun control yes, but this will be just one facet going forward.
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