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  1. Succession, first season About half-way through - it's gotten enough attention that I imagine there must be something to it, though I'm yet to be fully persuaded at this point. Would probably do better to watch one of the King Lear adaptations, as neither the comedy nor the drama part of this show have emerged as of yet. YimSiam
  2. Not exactly classically beautiful maybe - but she was sexy-hot in that Run Lola Run film ... had the glow of youth then, even though she was already 23-24...
  3. Thanks. Guess I'll tell her give it a go and see how long it works, and if it all goes south, I'll house-sit the place for a few months til she gets sorted. That's what friends are for!
  4. Thanks for comments - I also have two passports, but not issued by the same state. In the case of my friend, she has two passports issued by the same country, to facilitate frequent travel, one passport with embassy for visa issuance in some country, while she's off traveling to another. Both US passports, but with different numbers. Think they are counting you as a single individual, or might there be room to increase the time spent in LOS by rotating? (As I understand there are limits on the 30 day visit stamps within time periods?) I guess she'll find out - but with a condo and life in Bkk, she doesn't want to find out the hard way! YimSiam
  5. Denny's Bar, eh? Home of the "Moons Over My Hammy" special, I assume. (Sorry - that one is for Americans who appreciate a failed breakfast-menu joke only...)
  6. Wow, that most mythical of creatures: the New Bar Area in Bangkok! Welcome. Look forward to it, and hope it lives up to what limited expectation there may be!
  7. Hi all, Anyone have experience or knowledge of how Thai immigration sees and deals with persons with multiple passports? A friend has two US passports, issued to facilitate frequent business travel and totally above-board, different numbers but same identity. She has a condo in Bangkok and is quite well-settled and so doesn't want to get in trouble that might cause problems or get her blocked from entering, since her life is all based out of Bangkok. Not old enough for a retirement visa yet, kind of considering the Elite visa as a solution, but in the meantime can do frequent 30 day stamps on arrival. Anyone know if this is likely to be detected - rotating the two passports on a regular basis, coming in through the airport rather than land visa runs. Are they going to identify that she's using two passports, and if they do, is there any limit to coming and going with 30 day stamps split between two passports? Thanks! YimSiam🙂
  8. Election results pretty staggering - massive turnout, absolutely unprecedented support for the anti-Beijing camp, couldn't have gone better for them - and that's well after I would have thought the violence and disruption of the protests would have turned off HK voters, who I'd expect to be fine with some popular crowds in Victoria Park, but not molotov wielding street ninjas closing down campuses and Central... Lucky for China they'd already pretty much neutered the entire electoral process, so that even a best-case-scenario for the opposition has limited impact in any practical sense... Wonder where this goes now, of course, as that doesn't get any clearer... does China back off and let the protests wear themselves out with time, and just continue to wait out the latter half of the 50 years of Basic Law? Or do they come in hard and press the dreaded Do-Over button, give up on the attempt to milk the financial benefits of Hong Kong for another couple of decades, and turn out the financial lights on the place by real intervention in policing, judiciary, and so on? We will see... Wonder to what degree the Wanchai nightlife has been squashed as a result... Would love to go and spend a week investigating the remnants! YimSiam
  9. Of all the big artistes, it's the Goya name has the staying power? Wouldn't have guessed. Maybe did a soi 33 bar two or three times, just to see what the MO was. Didn't do it for me. But did plenty of nights at the hotel there on the street, I think it was - maybe still is - a Novotel, but maybe was under another name as well. Was a hotel where I first got my taste of the suite life, and never looked back, have been a suite man ever since. If that's all soi 33 ever gave me, it's still enough.
  10. Kind of, but only a very pale shadow of nightlife's former self. Nonetheless, a symbolic residual legacy that will be sad to see plowed under - and without even a touch of the fanfare and frontpage melee of the Chuwit debacle...
  11. How could I NOT fall in love in that environment?! I was doomed from the moment I climbed those steps...
  12. Me, I had an old-fashioned heart attacked - now not even drinking at Goodwill Games level anymore, though I can't promise that'll be the case when I'm next in town in LOS.
  13. Here's one worthy of the Pattaya One News records of terrible balcony malfunctions: James Le Mesurier, founder of Syrian White Helmets group, apparently flings himself to death in the middle of the night off the balcony of his Istanbul home, after being diagnosed with... high blood pressure. Ex-Sandhurst, British Army, mercenary and significant irritant to Assad and the Syrians, accused of association with jihadist groups through White Helmets... meets what is now being called a suicide by the Turks, no reason to suspect otherwise. At least the Pattaya news sources are always diligent and report the floor number from which the poor gentlemen fell/jumped/were pushed, not so in this case. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/james-le-mesurier-death-white-helmets-syria-russia-propaganda-a9204896.html Ah, the ledge ascertained and photographed: not quite the height one would expect as a choice for suicide, I must say. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7680285/Ledge-James-Le-Mesurier-fell-death-seen-time.html
  14. Give it five-ten more years maybe, and then a quiet pardon on a particularly auspicious day of some sort...
  15. Indeed to many others - but mainly 'many others like us' - and there are not so many of them around these days as there were just a couple decades ago! My first Patpong visit - 1995, what's that, 24 years ago? Jaysus, the years fly by. Came as close as I come to falling in love with a go-go girl from the Firecats upstairs club, which if I recall correctly had a motorcycle or tuk-tuk suspending from the ceiling for a sex show, which was as I recall mainly a demonstration of the mechanics of copulation... I think her name was Lin, something like that. Cute as a button, that one. Dropped in every so often for the next few years to see if she'd popped around again, but alas - and thankfully - she never did reappear. YimSiam
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