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  1. Bill Withers, Ain't No Sunshine fame - not the virus: NY Times is keeping a thread on those: https://www.nytimes.com/series/people-died-coronavirus-obituaries
  2. SPILLOVER, Dan Quammen - the story of zoonotic diseases that spillover from animals to humans. As with so many of the virus tales, it's a great drama with just the write superficial science on top - unless of course you've had your fill of the disease genre for the time being...
  3. Christ, the world really IS ending!
  4. Just Mercy Story of Bryan Stevenson, death penalty lawyer in the US south. Relentlessly formulaic Hollywood telling of one case in an impressive career - good to see an actual good guy get some credit once in a while. It's long at over two hours (I think: maybe it just felt that long) but no one walked out in the Tunisian theater I saw it in, which surprised me- even got a good round of applause as credits rolled... Note to self: don't be black down South... YimSiam
  5. Down in a fiery helicopter crash, with his daughter - Kobe Bryant. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-01-26/aircraft-slams-into-hillside-explodes-in-flames-near-calabasas
  6. Virtually skipped off at the end... wonder what the whole story is, might have to look it up. Brutal indeed.
  7. As an American and Texas resident, I can attest that bullets are about as common as Tic-Tacs these days, and easier to purchase -- losing track of a couple of rounds in your carry on is about as unusual as finding an old mint in the bottom of your bag, or an orphaned sock in the dryer... Suvarnabhumi should be more understanding!
  8. 10 baht for toilets! That's it, the last straw! No more Thailand for me, that's just to rich for my blood, er, piss... I can piss for free at my local McDonald's, and ogle girls at the local mall, and satisfy physical urges at the Asian spa down next to Bed, Bath and Beyond... Ah, who am I kidding... I'll be coming back even after Immigration just takes my PIN at point of entry and drains my savings directly... Come heart attack, stroke, hip replacement or worse, I'm captive market for the Thai smile, no matter how faint and unfeeling it may become... YimSiam
  9. Triple Border - Ben Affleck and co rob a drug baron, seems a fool-proof premise enough for a movie, looks good on location, but absolutely crap overall. Supposedly crack military special forces team turns out to be clumsy, dumb and incompetent novices. The Irishman - Better to go back and watch Goodfellas again, or the G'fathers, just another mafia story (of dubious origins) told well enough be messed up by CGI to make de Niro, Pesci and others look thirty or so years younger in the face, while supported by 70-year-old bodies... Getting good reviews from everyone but me though, so - fuggedaboutit!
  10. Succession, first season About half-way through - it's gotten enough attention that I imagine there must be something to it, though I'm yet to be fully persuaded at this point. Would probably do better to watch one of the King Lear adaptations, as neither the comedy nor the drama part of this show have emerged as of yet. YimSiam
  11. Not exactly classically beautiful maybe - but she was sexy-hot in that Run Lola Run film ... had the glow of youth then, even though she was already 23-24...
  12. Thanks. Guess I'll tell her give it a go and see how long it works, and if it all goes south, I'll house-sit the place for a few months til she gets sorted. That's what friends are for!
  13. Thanks for comments - I also have two passports, but not issued by the same state. In the case of my friend, she has two passports issued by the same country, to facilitate frequent travel, one passport with embassy for visa issuance in some country, while she's off traveling to another. Both US passports, but with different numbers. Think they are counting you as a single individual, or might there be room to increase the time spent in LOS by rotating? (As I understand there are limits on the 30 day visit stamps within time periods?) I guess she'll find out - but with a condo and life in Bkk, she doesn't want to find out the hard way! YimSiam
  14. Denny's Bar, eh? Home of the "Moons Over My Hammy" special, I assume. (Sorry - that one is for Americans who appreciate a failed breakfast-menu joke only...)
  15. Wow, that most mythical of creatures: the New Bar Area in Bangkok! Welcome. Look forward to it, and hope it lives up to what limited expectation there may be!
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