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  1. In tour groups or otherwise, perfectly fine with me if they stay home - particularly if it gets us a couple extra hours legal, on those rare trips I look forward to making.
  2. Ah that's bad news. I mean it wasn't the greatest of bar clusters, but it was still somewhere you could roll up in the AM, chat with a bar tender, guide the music selection, and after stumbling off stumbling back in when things picked up - slightly - later in the evening. I think there used to be rather dismal little lane on the other side of the street, a real sketchy soi, spent some time down there over the years of the 'oughts (I mean the 2000s, but I suppose I could as well mean the 'I ought not have spent time on those sketchy sois back in the day, and ought not to have done many other things in the 2000s...') Maybe that sois still there, but I suppose won't be for long, the way things are going. Hope that the bars do reappear or that some other bar cluster pops up somewhere - the options are getting mighty thin indeed in that big mango.
  3. Here's one that might have appeal: A Billion Wicked Thoughts - some evolutionary biology/neurosciencey types use internet porn search data to explain why we're not all freaks for being into the stuff we're into, and why men and women don't understand each other. You probably won't like their explanation for why facial cumshot compilation videos are so popular, but hey... it's science.
  4. "Does it spark joy?" It does, and so let's keep it.
  5. Well, shit. There goes Robert Hunter, bless his soul. Goddamn. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2019-09-24/robert-hunter-grateful-dead-dies-obiturary
  6. Can't believe I would say this, but the degree to which people actually listened and responded to each other on this board during its hey-day is something that sets it apart from others I've seen, which are just kind of shotgun posting, or squabbles. Back in the day, this one was much more about exchange and appreciation. Cheers to that.
  7. Ah, so. I see. Cav's got a kickstand. Congrats, you must've won the genetic lottery - I mean, you know, 50-50, I guess... Thanks for the Teddy Bear reference - I've been in a 'missing Thailand' phase for about a week, haven't been since January 2018 - new world record! - so glad to find somethings that feed my nostalgia in various ways.
  8. Christ, I got to stop putting so much weight on profile icons... I thought Mr. Cavanami was a dwarf! Er, midget, little person, etc.
  9. Citizen / Taxi Driver - a 1977 Thai movie about a country boy who comes to the city, gets a taxi, gets involved with a sassy heart-of-gold hooker, loses car, tries to find it, runs up against Thai corruption, mafia, cops. The usual, you could say. Definitely slow as molasses by modern standards, I kinda skipped through it since my patience was at low ebb. For those missing Thailand and missing 1970s Bangkok at the same time, chance to see how much has changed, and how very much is still the same. Street scenes often remarkably similar to what you might see today, even if the taxi model was a little different. YimSiam
  10. YimSiam


    And then acted outraged that such a terrible thing could happen in the prison, and promised to investigate it - I suppose we can expect his version of the investigation results at any moment... I'm hardly a fan of prison guards or wardens, but I do feel a little bit badly for their families, having to just wait for the car accident/suicide/gun-went-off-while-cleaning-it/killed-by-prison reports that must surely be on their way to explain THEIR deaths as well...
  11. They still there, still a Thai scene for freelancer work there? I guess in the current turmoil, no - but then who knows, Wanchai is nothing if not persistent and resilient! But it did seem by the time I was no longer spending much time there - 2012, say - that things had dried up for the Thais, visas not as easy, lots of Colombian and other new competition... but fuuuuuccckk meee, that was a good time. My idea of heaven is some version of my Wanchai-HK life in those years, minus the time I was at work, which sucked... so God, please make me a home in heaven that's just living that HK high life all weekend, and it's only weekends...
  12. God, I freaking loved those Thai girls in Hong Kong those years, 2006-2010... another sweet spot for me, like LOS 1999-2005...
  13. YimSiam


    Christ, despite his best efforts to smash his own skull in against the wall, and to electrocute himself, they even kept Jack Ruby alive long enough to get a trial (well, one at least) and for cancer to catch up to him (if indeed it really was cancer, of course - a caution that also applies to Bob Marley's fatal football injury... )... I guess that just means that the Epstein thing is... BIGGER THAN JFK!!!
  14. Oh Flash, how quickly you forget! In the Land of Tons of Elephants, memory runs deep - what baan nok villager does not recall in his or her genes that dire day in December 1941... or the cruel wind that blew east from Burma in 1765 or thereabouts... and the Khmer will not soon forget the 13th-14th century humiliations! We must stay on guard, thinks that baan nok villager - we must stay on guard, with all the sleepless vigor of a Vietnamese looking northwards down the centuries for signs of new troubles heading south... There are imminent threats a plenty, my friend - just depends on your timeframe for 'imminence'... Too soon? YimSiam
  15. Step-brother, step-father stuff popular, as Mekhong says ("Asian stepmother", anyone?), mother-daughter team servicing a guy. I have no problem there - but yeah, beyond that, completely creeps me out that that is in the top ranks of PH materials. Huge appetite for something really disturbing.
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