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  1. Good to see a little effort on the story (even if cut-n-paste). So you sit around all day licking your tail, happy that you get some tuna fish... Have you forgotten about the time she took you to the doctor and paid him to cut your balls off? cheers... YimSiam
  2. Sounds regimented enough to be Chinese... Can't they find any motivated improvisational massage girls these days? I guess they're all work opfit now...
  3. Can't help but post, though not sure I've been since the last post. What's the story - still an inside scene, loud music but not much fun and few attractive options, or back to its heyday at THE 10 am party place?
  4. Was in there about a year ago - great, cute friendly helpful girls to assist, felt clean and new-ish (at least, not too old...). Went again last night, and time has taken a toll - virtually none of the air conditioners were working, the concrete floor has lost it's attraction, entrance is into a room full of covered tables not in use... but still, a cute and helpful girl on hand, I'll give them that! Not what it used to be, and I can't imagine it lasting much longer in current state...
  5. A few years ago: the very frequent sick-as-a-dog, stinking of old booze and cigarettes, will-we-ever-get there ride back to Suthisarn from yet another lost evening capped off by a night at the Penthouse hotel off Soi 3... More of a subjective problem than objective traffic conditions, but the impact was the same...
  6. Wy ask Wy? Thais like 'em, they make them feel better, it's all good! (I have noticed recently that multi-colored pills seems popular? Half-yellow, half-green, say? Seems a bit much...
  7. Mekong, So you're suing her and working up criminal charges because she threw you out of the house, sent your stuff home, and caused you a lot of paperwork hassle? Seems a bit extreme - the earlier advice about not getting emotions involved seems good advice indeed! It's been about a month since the last update, so maybe there's been progress... I would imagine that even in the most litigious societies her actions would hardly be the stuff of significant damages, let alone possibility of criminal sentence. My money is on her and her family being let off completely scot free, and you having a hard time getting a visa over the next few years... But hey, I may be wrong! Any update? YimSiam
  8. Encore, May be the same girls, probably not - the story is always interesting the first time you experience it, but then the second and third time something similar happens, the second or third time you go through the events with a new girl, it becomes clear how frequently these same stories occur. These two girls both "went inside" after this story, one is apparently out now and back living with family somewhere on the eastern coast side, the other has been in jail maybe the past six months or so. The kid involved in the story - amazingly - is a robust four year old luuk kreung, healthy as a horse, smart & strong -- and has given me chance to think more than a few times about how strange and lucky/unlucky life can be. There we were, spending our few days trying to get rid of that baby a few years ago, and now here that baby is - growing up. YimSiam
  9. Ah, Happy Pub. Used to visit often some years ago - around 2005, I guess. Had a regular there - but for the life of me, that's the sum total of what I can remember about her! No name, no image, just that she was from Happy Pub, and had a kind of happy demeanor - although probably I'm just conflating the name of the bar with the attitude of the girl. Fond memories - kind of. YimSiam
  10. Well, if you started walking clockwise, then I'd say maybe you arrived about fifteen minutes too early... If going counter-clockwise, you were a good hour or more too late! YimSiam
  11. Previously posted - no fair aiming for double credit! Kind of like plagiarizing myself, and while there's very little limit to the things I'm willing to do to myself, self-plagiarism is out of bounds...
  12. I’ve never known what’s good for me, this much is true. I try to do things right, have a good time, nobody gets hurt, but... there's always a hitch. The story basically starts here in the Pattaya Marriott lobby at noon on a Tuesday in June, where a Korean tour group gawks at me like I’m part of the Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibit, or maybe they’re looking at my 35-year-old drop-dead-wasted Pattaya freelancer Neung, or perhaps it’s the two of us combined that’s shocking them. Anyway, Neung and I, we’re doing our best to look casual, but near cross-eyed from our night of Pattaya’s worst gutter adventures we parse the couches through cheap faux-glamour Walking Street sunglasses, stalling flat-footed in the lobby to suss out little Tou. This Tou, she’s a regular of mine, due to meet us here about half an hour ago, straight off the bus from Bangkok. Neung’s never met Tou before, but she spots her before I do ‘ I guess the giveaway is Tou’s swollen belly under a long t-shirt, and the fact that Tou’s a cheap-looking Thai girl sitting alone in a nice hotel. Neung pulls on my shirt and points to a chair where a nervous white-skinned girl is holding a magazine and trying to appear comfortable. Neung’s right, for once, it’s definitely my Tou: the sharp nose and chin she had done when she was eighteen, gift of a Japanese customer; the loose t-shirt that tries to hide the pregnant belly; the skittish look, cheeks drawn, of a Thai street girl who hasn’t taken care of herself for years. I hate being this fucked up during the daytime (call me old-fashioned), so I’m hesitant to yell or whistle to get Tou’s attention. Nonetheless, before I can start towards her she looks up and sees me, her Kim. It’s that telepathic thing the girls have, they can feel someone look at them, and go immediately into action. Tou’s out of the chair in a second, running to me, and though part of me wants to blend into the scenery I can’t help but give this tiny girl a hug and swing around big enough to catch everyone’s eye. Fuck ‘em: when that wide-eyed group is back in Seoul they’ll be wishing they were in my crazy shoes. I’ve known Tou for three or four years, she’s played various roles and she hoes a hard row, and what I’ve learned over time is that she’s got a great heart and spirit. These days I’m always happy to see her, especially alive and smiling. Once we’ve had our hello, it’s off to the elevator as quick as I can herd these two - there’s a joke in here about herding Thai pussy, but I’ll skip it. Before coming back to the Marriott, Neung and I were at JP bar from about 6 am, and we are looking well the worse for wear. Neung. Ah fuck me, Neung. She and I go back a couple years, probably because we feed our own worst appetites, and the past evening has been no exception. Even skulking through the lobby alone, we turned heads. Now, with a clearly pregnant little white-skinned freelancer from Bangkok thrown in, we’re obviously the main attraction for staff and customers alike... Damn dirty freak-pervert farang, please stand up, please stand up. Yessir, that’s me for the moment. I press 9, the door slides closed, and here I am: 34 years old, on a supposed holiday, and in an elevator with two lifetime hookers well past their prime, one just out of jail, and one at least three months’ pregnant with the child of an unknown customer ... Where did I go wrong, I wonder again? One day, but not today, I’m gonna write a trip report about the 10/10 stunner I took from some go-go, and the great sex we had, and how I love Thailand and like to cook Thai food and study Thai language, and how I’m sending my stunner my money now. One day, but not today. Shoot me the day that happens. This trip started five days ago, in Bangkok, off the plane from my current home in south Asia. I spent a couple disappointing days in Bangkok, then two in Siem Reap with friends from the States. From Siem Reap straight to Pattaya, it was about 4 am the night I arrived when I got a call from Tou, who explained her current dilemma: a few months’ pregnant, she couldn’t work Sukhumvit anymore, but she didn’t have anywhere else to get money from. [Enter Kim, stage left...]. She’d meant to get an abortion once she’d found out about her missed period, but... well, time just passed and she never had the money, and she thought that next week would be fine. Now, with Kim back in the country, she hoped I could help out with that. Of course, at the first mention of pregnancy, I’d pulled out my abacus and started doing the math... and figured that even with the widest margins of error, the most freakish biological deviations, and the effects of the ancient Chinese calculator, there was no way I could be the father. After that, things took on an academic flavor, I have to admit. This is what she tells me while I’m trying to find a quiet space on Walking Street in the early morning, somewhere quiet enough to hear her pathetic story. In yet another of my many moments of poor judgment, and in a poorly-considered attempt to get her off the phone, I told her to get on the bus and come down to Pattaya, where we could talk in more detail. It bought me time to party a few more hours, but also meant we’d soon be face-to-face. Oops. Get on the bus she did, and that’s how I found myself in my Marriott room with Neung and Tou in the early afternoon, listening to Neung and Tou discuss Tou’s options. You might wonder how Neung and Tou share an interest, and why Neung would be trying to help Tou out at all. I really can’t understand it myself, but there’s a strange ‘honour among thieves‘ with these girls, and girls who can link themselves through a specific farang - Kim, say - can in a way expect some kind of consideration. A few months ago there was a fire on lower Sukhumvit and one of my very ex-regulars, Pom Yao, lost her room and possessions. Among the freelancer crowd, consensus was clear: because Pom Yao was an ex-Kim girl, and because Tou was a semi-ex-Kim girl, Tou should help Pom Yao out during her time of trouble. And Tou did, letting Pom Yao stay with her for a couple months, until she got back on her feet again. Strange. Sadly, Pom Yao is no longer with us these days, it’s too bad. She was one of those messes with some spark deep inside that made her special – still doomed, but special doomed. Anyway, this particular bizarre Tuesday afternoon Neung tried to help Tou with her problem, this child she’s got in her, while I stood witness and watched the problem grow ever greater. I mean, not literally, her round belly stayed pretty much the same, but our awareness of just how fucked she was, of exactly how few options she had, grew immeasurably. Initially, Neung took Tou down to Soi X, where there’s apparently a ‘helpful’ clinic. There, the first problem emerged: Tou has no ID card, having lost it at some point in the past couple months. Neung tries to be helpful, making her way through her mobile phone memory until she’s found a friend who will rent her ID for 1K baht ‘ and a promise that Neung will go to the wat and tamboon for the life lost during the abortion... Neung says she would have been happy to loan Tou Neung’s own ID, except that – of course – Neung doesn’t have one either, she says a friend stole it from her a couple months ago to try to force Neung to pay back debts Neung alleges she doesn’t owe, at least not to the girl who stole her ID... but enough about that. I enjoy Neung and her stories, but trust them? No thanks.) Arranging this whole transaction is taking a while, and just after Neung has finalized everything, pregnant Tou arrives back at the room: the clinic can’t do the procedure, with or without the ID. She doesn’t say exactly why, but she says the clinic referred her to another doctor on Soi Y, who can do it, but it takes all day, so she’ll have to go in the morning. For the time being, there’s nothing to do but wait. Tou begs to stay in my room with me and Neung, but I’ve had it with this kind of nonsense so I hand her some money ‘ enough for the room and the procedure she’s going to need ‘ and send her out to find a cheap room somewhere in Pattaya. Poor baby, here she is, how many months pregnant, and she’s being turned out on the streets of Pattaya while Kim and his newer girl go out all night... Sometimes I think these girls play me like a violin, other times I think I’m the height of cruelty. Whichever it is, kind or cruel, at 10 am the next morning, Wednesday, I’m still out with Neung when I get the call from Tou: the clinic won’t do the ‘procedure’ for the 10k that was estimated. They’ve done an exam and, well, she’s not four months pregnant, she’s six months pregnant. That doesn’t mean a total bar to the procedure, however, which will shock some of you, while others won’t be surprised at all: rather than the usual 10k, they’ll do it for 65,000 baht, but it’s her risk. Neung says she’s had a friend die recently of a botched abortion (but I’ve already noted Neung can’t entirely be trusted, and keep in mind that Tou – however pregnant – does still pose something of a rival to Neung when it comes to Kim), and she advises Tou not to do it. Probably more relevant to the eventual outcome, I tell Tou that I’m not willing to sponsor her ‘healthcare’ at that particular level, so... that’s that. I’m not sure why exactly I draw the line at 65,000 – partly the principle of the money, perhaps a little less some doubt of my own that the procedure at that stage is an ethical thing to do, perhaps just a mixed desire not to shell out that much and to get the whole series of events over with and get back to my partying. An hour or so later, we meet again at the Marriott for a goodbye. Tou is upbeat, as always, laughing about her endless bad luck, and agreeing that her best move is to go back to Bangkok and try to move in with her brother and his family until she delivers the baby. No one talks about what she plans to do with the baby, or with herself, for that matter. She asks to stay and sleep a few hours in my bed, but I just see more trouble with that and take the easy way out: pack her palm with a bunch of US twenties and Thai thousands, and send her to the bus stop... I tell her I’ll try to stop by Bangkok before I fly out, but she and I know it’s a lie, and in the end that doesn’t happen: I go direct from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi with minutes to spare, and no time for Tou. It’s about a month later now. Tou’s resolved to have the baby, although she refuses to call it her baby in her messages and phone calls, instead referring to it as the ‘gik inside’ or ‘my friend’, as in ‘my friend inside come out 2 months’. She says she’s still working Sukhumvit, and I can only hope that means selling beer on Soi 4 after hours, not on her back. Neung, meanwhile, still seems unable to get it back together in Pattaya after her stint in ‘Hong Kong’ (aka Monkey House), and is floating from friend to friend, no room of her own. There’s some Finnish chump in Sweden who might sponsor her someday, but for now, she’s looking at nothing, wishing it was something. I guess what I mean to say in all this is: you never know when a holiday will not really amount to a holiday, and if a girl ever mentions she’s pregnant, don’t invite her down to see you in Pattaya... But most of all, if you see a light-skinned pregnant girl selling beer down around Suk 4 in the early hours, buy one for you and one for me, and tip the kid big, because she’s a sweetheart and she’s got almost nothing else going for her.
  13. Alright, here I am four years later to amend my opinion of this place. Yes, it may be open and rockin' (in its way) at all hours of the AM. But it just isn't fun anymore - my last three or four visits over the past year have all been let downs. What used to be a kind of anything-goes party atmosphere is now a crappy insider crowd marked by remarkably unfriendly farang... Sure, there are some standard girls waiting around for the lucky early morning strike from a customer, and some good old fashioned drinkers putting in time after the(ir) bars close down, but any positives are outweighed by rude wankers who keep the mood negative and the vibe too aggro. I've been a fan for a long time, and I gave JP bar all the second chances I could, but it's now time to withdraw the YimSiam Seal of Approval for this particular establishment. There are better places to play pool with some girls while waiting for the morning rush hour on the road back to your hotel to thin out... Sorry, JP bar, it was good while it lasted, but it's all over now. YimSiam
  14. Chinese girls in Hong Kong? Ok, maybe, if you speak Cantonese and just want a quickie in a brothel, or do the sauna thing. But if you want the full LOS experience, you can get it with Thais in HK. And they make far more money than they do in LOS - but the risks are high, the language skills have to be pretty good, but quality requirements are low - as Gadfly notes, they're almost all older, come in as tourists for a month or two (some 'married' into HK, and have are residents), and have an extensive um, 'support network' for everything from their plane tickets, to their jungle Western Union systems, to the food they eat, and so on. Wanchai is location of choice - either on contract in the rip-off bars, or in the free lancer discos. They tend to get started later than the Filipinas (and now Indos and Vietnamese, and Colombians, Ethiopians, Kenyans, and so on), and are usually the bulk of the very late night crowds along the Jaffe Rd and Lockhart Rd places. Plenty of Thais in Hong Kong - for when you want that loving feel of home... Do some websearches for Neptune II and you'll probably stumble onto much more detailed info quite quickly. My Thai improved a lot while I was in HK, if that says anything... but my bank accounts were bouncing around like the needle on a Fukushima Geiger counter! Say hi for me when you meet them - YimSiam
  15. Left 14 days ago - looking down the barrel of another seven weeks in the middle of f*cking nowhere, but hopefully can finagle a BKK RnR excuse by then - not sure who the excuse is for, I suppose just me after all... that makes it easier...
  16. Forty-five days, and that's the optimistic view... (Those who see the glass half-empty would think: forty-five days.) YimSiam
  17. Strange indeed - beyond visible, it sometimes seems like the darkness is even tangible as you work yourself finally, resolutely out of the shadows and into the light (thank god for the mototaxis)... It was only on about my third JP morning (consecutive? can't recall) that I realised that the reason I put my sunglasses on for the short ride back to the hotel with [run Random TG Name Generator App] is not to keep the bright light out, it's to keep the damn darkness in... Consider this a formal request for a trip report, however brief, on JP - you know you'll end up there, so no excuses. This thread just might give "Bored" a run for its money... cheers - yimsiam
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJbq8PH8eBA
  19. I'm surprised she hasn't contacted you herself already, you'd think word would've gotten back to her by now...
  20. Lol? Not so much on this end. But maybe the mods enjoyed it. cheers, YimSiam
  21. so I wonder, is there a thai board out there somewhere with a thread titled: "Crusading Man with Digital Camera Ruins Thai Con Artist Holidays!"? Probably not, because you'll never shut these guys down, their business is too big and too easy -- ever been to India? Morocco? Turkey? Same shit goes on everywhere -- and frankly, I think some people actually find it an exciting part of their trip, something adventurous to tell when they get home ("and the tuk tuk driver was in on it! and the German at the Black Buddha temple too! it wasn't even the King's Birthday sale, and Wat Po was actually open!" etc, etc.) just as long as the cost was not too high. Anyone who doesn't know to avoid anything to do with 'gems' in Thailand needs a wake up call anyway... (As to TAT's response, I'll agree that they hardly seem to be doing anything - not even a warning on the website! Meanwhile, the Thai MFA and probably every western embassy give clear and detailed warnings on this scam.) YimSiam
  22. bibblies, "relaxed" may be the wrong word, just disinterested in working for the moment - like approaching wildlife, it's sometimes best to approach JP bar girls slowly, from downwind, always leaving an escape route open - some of them startle like thompson's gazelles on occasion, and next thing you know they're all throwing bottles and pulling hair... you don't want to be caught in that... also like thompson's gazelles, you just have to wait them out, once they've expended their burst of energy, it's easy to separate one from the group and make your move... I've seen that 'one last game' thing at 11 am, some poor guy begging a girl to go home, he's put hours into what should be a simple low-end ST arrangement... and in the end she'll send him off and keep playing. Strange place, that.
  23. I think the most notable lease agreement of all time is probably Guantanamo Bay, where - as I recall - both sides have to agree to cancel the lease for it to end. Meanwhile, Cuba fumes while the US pays something like $4 a year for the base... Of course, Cuba could send in 100 vandals during the night and try to smash up the place, Thai-style, but I'm thinking it wouldn't work out quite as smoothly... YimSiam
  24. That'd be like finding 9,230 baht in your pants pocket 14,041 days in a row -- yeah, I could get by, but I'd still resent those guys who were taking advantage of my inability to enforce the contract in a court, overstayed their lease and wouldn't even read the damn sign I put up... What sucks in my view is that another little market area is gone and will doubtless be replaced by some soulless apartment building or, worse, shopping center. Fill in the khlongs, close down the markets, and the heart of Bangkok starts to shrivel. YimSiam
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