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  1. I don't believe an economic migrant would spend the amounts paid to a trafficker and secondly undertake the, clearly life - threatening trip in a rubber boat to get to the EU. Only a desperate refugee would take such risks to escape a clearly dangerous situation.
  2. Definitely the tip of the iceberg. The 14 indicted are middle level officials in FIFA. The one they are aiming for is the head, so they hope to turn some of the 14 to testify against Blatter.
  3. The lower the interest rate equals less investment into the country leading to a weaker baht.
  4. It's inevitable that solar, wind or other similar energy will be developed. I guess people in the middle east will return to time honored occupations like robbing and kidnapping religious pilgrims on their way to haj.
  5. Every person should have the option to choose. The absence of the right to choose is what is terribly wrong with this religion.
  6. In the US, when someone in the cockpit needs to use the bathroom, a flight attendant must take his place in the cockpit untenable he returns from the bathroom. A pilot is never left alone in the cockpit.
  7. Louis Jourdan, French actor, died at 93 in Beverly Hills, Ca.
  8. 50 years after the event, the facts are bound to be revealed as the people involved begin to die off.
  9. Very hard to encourage women's rights in a culture that is lacking elementary rule of law. In most western countries nobody is above the rule of the law, wereas in tribal Muslim lands only the very poor and unconnected are subject to it. Only the Muslim religion as opposed to encouraging many beliefs to exist isn't healthy either. In western countries religion evolved over the centuries but it is blasphemous to question or change Islam.
  10. Joe Franklin, tv and radio talk show pioneer,dead at 88 in NYC.
  11. Over the past 30 years China is the only country where I consistently get sick in from food consumed there.
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