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  1. The other night when I walked past the booths along the stretch from Sukhumvit Sois 7 to 17, I saw that almost every second one of them seemed to sell "Viagra" and "Kamagra". I'm aware that these guys are not licensed by Pfizer and Co; still, it caught my curiosity. Anyone of you guys ever bought some and tried them out? Do the pills have any effect besides an emptier wallet? And if yes, how much are they?
  2. True, of course. Still, I'd like to give it a try to interest her in MMF.
  3. Thanks, mate. Yes, finding a regular Joe would be easier. The thing is that I want to lure her towards MMF. She's very shy and conservative, but mentioned that she might want to go to a 'ladyboy bar'. Therefore the idea to barfine a guy there who she likes, in order to start her interest in MMF.
  4. Pay barfine for young man in boy bar in Pattaya, to take to hotel to have sex with my girlfriend. Anyone ever tried this variety of MMF? If yes, what bar??
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