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  1. Coss

    Sex Training In Pattaya Busted

    Russian model Anastasia Vashukevich says she no longer has incriminating tapes, linking to US election meddling .....Speaking to an AP reporter in the courtroom in Pattaya, Vashukevich said she had promised Deripaska she would no longer speak on the matter, and that he had already promised her something in return for not making that evidence public. "He promised me a little something already," Vashukevich said. "If he do that then there will be no problem, but if he don't ..." she said with a shrug and a smile. She also shrugged and smiled when asked if she had kept her own copies of the information she recorded, which she said comprised "some audio, some video."..... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12110387
  2. Coss

    Cable TV in an apartment

    My solution is, big ass internet connection, Kodi and the will to learn it. I know that I am not in Thailand, but my Laptop is international, more so when I move it around, and has an HDMI cable for the TV, so all I need is a good internet connection and I can get anything I want, anywhere. E.g. All Blacks playing the Wallabies last and this weekend. Free coverage in NZ but delayed 2 or so hours ‱&♨︎^⚧%∄$℞#№@ ... So I look up the addons list in Kodi and find one that plays Aussie TV and watch it live, in real time, courtesy of the internet and Kodi and not because Sky have the last of my money. Freedom
  3. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Your point is reasonable, in my view and I also think that Trump will be forced from office one way or another, and then he'll get hit by a huge raft of investigations that are 'not quite ready' but waiting on the shelf. What you said.
  4. Coss

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Bad Samaritan (2018) IMDB - A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob. Quite a good movie, the cast do a pretty good job and David Tennant is very good as the Psycho... Worth a watch.
  5. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Most of it.
  6. Coss

    Global RIP thread

    One of the good ones. RIP
  7. Coss


    I just heard an interview of Nigel Farage on our Radio New Zealand, the interviewer being our Kim Hill, an excellent practitioner of the form and at times, refreshingly acerbic. Farage presents well, very erudite, seemingly educated and able to verbally and intellectually duel as a gentleman. What he failed to do, was convince the listener, me, that he was not a racist, divisive, liar. When asked why he was so proud to be close to Steve Bannon, the original progenitor of "Wear your Racist label like a Badge of Honour", Farage said, "I am unaware of that". When pressed, on his association will all things racist, he weasel worded his way into, "The Elite just want to keep the less educated and the less intelligent down". I've noticed this creeping into the politics in NZ too, the use of the proletariat, to advance the political fortunes, of people that are cynically attempting to manoeuvre, into a position of power. T'were it not such vile path, I'd be tempted myself.
  8. Coss

    Manila And Angeles Update

    Purely from the point of view of curiosity, anyone been to Angeles recently ? And how was it?
  9. Coss

    Usa Thread

  10. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Trump = Racist Cavanami = Racist
  11. Coss

    New version

  12. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Where's Cavanami? oh hang on... Donald calls a black woman a Dog, this wont go well...
  13. Coss

    New version

    I don't like the custom streams either.. I just use 'unread content', if I read the new ones, then I'm hip to date.... Not a lot of new posts to play with though, so in an effort to liven up the base, I'll post in the USA thread...