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  1. Coss

    Usa Thread

    She say bad thing, cue hissy fit ~ poor Donald, Home Coming Chickens Roost....
  2. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    That it's joke that people still believe in magic (any magic) in these modern times.
  3. Coss

    Usa Thread

  4. Coss


    I just found out that if one' is a Gmail user, as I am, they track every online purchase I've made, and list them. https://myaccount.google.com/purchases They do this by A.I. reading my emails. I can delete this list, one item at a time, by deleting the relevant email that they've read. "Only you can see your purchases. Google protects your privacy and security." yeah right, by amalgamating these lists they can sell intelligence, f'n spies.
  5. Coss


    It's bad enough that my f'n phone tracks me with multiple apps phoning home every time I move and farkle something. So now you're telling me that the tech is not only there, but being actively pursued, to tell un-named possessors, of big computer servers, when my hamster has a cigarette, drinks too much water, won't empty his trash can, gets inside his vending machine and farts whilst doing so? Fuck that I'm just gone build him a cage out of an old fruit box with no power sources. I value my Hamster's privacy.
  6. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    Yes, my point
  7. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/business/2019/05/15/the-nation-to-ditch-paper-edition-source/ A major English-language newspaper is set to shutter its printed editions, a source said Wednesday. According to a source inside The Nation, paper issues of the English-language daily will be discontinued in favor of a solely online platform. The last edition is expected to run on June 28. A formal announcement is expected “soon”, the source said. The Nation’s English language daily was founded on July 1, 1971, or 48 years ago. In recent years, the paper has been plagued by financial losses. Nation Multimedia Group, which owns The Nation, lost 1.7 billion baht in 2017 alone. Just last week, the group pulled its TV channel, Spring 26, from free-to-view digital TV. In 2015, a co-founder of the Nation Multimedia Group, Suttichai Yoon, resigned as chief editor and chairman. In 2018, a news mogul behind ultraconservative outlet T News acquired a majority of shares in the Nation group. The Nation Multimedia Group consists of two digital TV stations, two Thai papers, a publishing house, and an English paper...
  8. Coss

    Usa Thread

  9. Coss


    Schools in Scotland are serving up vegan meals after a humans rights challenge by campaigners. https://nz.news.yahoo.com/scottish-schools-set-to-serve-up-vegan-meals-after-court-battle-114653440.html So if being allowed to eat non meat~etc vegan meals is a human right, then eating meat is also a human right, so they lose their ability to protest! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
  10. Coss

    And Tourists Continue To Die On Koh Tao

    guide to safety in Thailand for women, from the Prime minister: Safe not Safe
  11. Coss

    And Tourists Continue To Die On Koh Tao

    And other Kohs various, getting so common place as to be unremarkable, as the tourist dollar shrinks, the ne'er-do-well's beer money, does also, how to replace? This article is from November 2018 and captures the situation quite well - IMHO https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/03/world/asia/thailand-koh-tao-death-island.html “They think our country is beautiful and safe and they can do whatever they want, wear bikinis wherever they like,” the prime minister said. “I’m asking, if they wear bikinis in Thailand, will they be safe? Only if they are not beautiful.” Prayut Chan-o-cha
  12. Coss

    Insurance mandatory for long-stay foreigners

    Clarification - the sign of a useful mind, boy I'm glad I didn't go down the Thailand visa route, when I went to Laos. The Thai system and vacillations annoys me. The Laos system is not better, not at all, in fact only recently have furriners been allowed to get a 'marriage' visa which is essentially the same cost as, but extra, as the 1 year working visa and covers most of the same ground application wise. So unless one were to shell out $30 every month for a tourist visa, you'd have to get someone to lie about you working for them (a business) and do it yearly for $5~6~700. But at least it's only matter of paying someone.
  13. HEALTH insurance has been made mandatory for foreigners aged 50 years and above seeking long-term stay in Thailand. The insurance policy must offer up to Bt40,000 coverage for outpatient treatment and up to Bt400,000 for inpatient treatment. This is one of the measures the government has introduced to ease the financial burden placed on state hospitals by foreigners, many of whom have not paid for treatment. “The Cabinet has already approved the new rule,” Health Service Support Department director-general Nattawuth Prasert-Siripong revealed yesterday. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30369323 via Thai Visa
  14. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    The year is 2019. Newly ordained priests lie on the floor as Pope Francis leads a mass in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. Giuseppe Lami/Pool via Reuters
  15. Coss


    Jeez, most people would have a hard time remembering what/how Moore's Law is/works. Unless you're an English religious pedant and are obsessed with St Thomas More, known for his 1516 book Utopia and for his untimely death in 1535, after refusing to acknowledge King Henry VIII. But have i got this right? I could get one of KS' temperature devices and stick it me fridge, in the middle of the Amazon or Antartica and it would tell me via a dashboard on my computer/smartphone, WIFI and satellite, if my beer was the correct temperature? You know cool about 3~5 C° - not warm, like a summers day in Stratford on Avon.