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  1. further - There's been plenty of analysis this week on what has made the US such a stark outlier internationally when it comes to gun violence, and particularly mass shootings. This analysis has been going on for years; in 2017 a New York Times piece dove into the data, coming up with one answer - it's not mental health, it's not video games, it's not the overall level of violent crime - it's all the guns. Americans make up 4% of the world's population but own 42% of the guns, and studies have found that has a clear connection to the odds of it experiencing a mass shooting. "American crime is simply more lethal", the piece concluded. "A New Yorker is just as likely to be robbed as a Londoner, for instance, but the New Yorker is 54 times more likely to be killed in the process." This is - incredibly, unfortunately - a partisan issue. The New York Times this week asked all 50 Republican senators whether they would now support two Bills that passed in the House last year, that would allow stronger background checks for gun buyers. Most of them declined to answer, or said they would not. Many leaned on the need for more information - as if the research, and the litany of tragedies stretching back decades, does not exist. https://www.stuff.co.nz/opinion/300599786/safety-illusion-fortress-schools-wont-solve-americas-tragic-mass-shootings
  2. Yes, complete lala land. And they pay real world money for meta world real estate...
  3. The Northman 2022 In what could've been good, the actors look like they should be there, the story is weak, the execution pale, and in general, don't bother.
  4. What?Monkey pox season already?But I've still got my Ukraine decorations up
  5. As far as I am aware, there is a law passed by the Senate and ready to go, that is being held up in Congress by, wait for it, all the Republicans and that Democrat that thinks he's a Mining Baron Republican. I don't know the name/number of the law, but you can do your own research. The law is about making background checks compulsory when buying guns, to weed out bad men and nutters, it came about after Sandy Hook and Columbine. At the moment an 18 year old, sane or no, can go into a gun shop and come out looking like Rambo.
  6. "Not gonna argue, not gonna debate," ditto I have one question, as I obviously know very little about this. If you wanted to convert all your bitcoins\ to USD, how do you do so?
  7. It's my opinion, that big wealth comes on the backs of the relatively poor (money, education, common sense) folk. No Millionaire (then), or now-a-days, Billionaire, got rich from an army of workers possessed of great educations and financial well being. So I beg to differ, when everyone has a university degree, and the rewards of society are so commonplace as to be valueless, the people will want the next thing. When I was a kid, having a wrist watch was a status symbol, now it's a $2,000 NZD iPhone. Next it'll be an A.I. bot that lives in the ether and will do all your thinking for you, whilst funnelling your money to whomsoever replaces Bezos and Gates and Musk.
  8. Coss


    Likewise, everything I ever constructed from the bits and bobs, of my fathers work space under the house was labeled "Heath Robinson". One example, at 10, I made, a right angle cannon, built from a section of copper pipe, that had come from a plumbing re-construction, held down by bent over 4 " nails, to the end of a railway sleeper, to prevent recoil. The fuse end was a "Thunder Cracker" inserted in the pipe, with a series of diminishing sized washers over the fuse, held in place by a series of nails into the sleeper, in a corral or cage shape, allowing for less dissipation of the exhaust gases from the explosion. The tricky bit was getting marbles that would flow freely around the right angle bend. Because of the relatively wide gaps between the marbles and the pipe, they would only fire about 12 feet. My dad quietly disassembled this, when he saw it.
  9. Moon Knight TV Mini Series 2022 Steven Grant discovers he's been granted the powers of an Egyptian moon god. But he soon finds out that these newfound powers can be both a blessing and a curse to his troubled life. Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy 6 Episodes, based on "MARVEL" and don't you forget it it, comics. The quality of the actors make this a very good series, I found that the "Super Hero" bits detracted, from the excellent bits that had actors acting. Well worth a watch, particularly for Oscar Isaac
  10. Please do let us know, how this goes. I have a not dissimilar problem, in that: Our house in Vientiane is still unfinished. By choice it is, because I know, that if it's going to cost X to put a concrete wall around the property, it'll coat 1.5 X to us, because: A/. Farang is paying B/. Farang in another country is paying. So we've being stockpiling cash, for when we can visit and supervise the proceedings. And direct the work, to one of our trusted relatives, rather than one of our, more sly, ones. An unintended consequence of this, is we've stockpiled enough to do the house and now have also purchased a couple of: hectare properties, on the city environs as well, known internally as the Bamboo Farm and the Forest. At ~250k bht each, I wonder if these are good buying, given the superbly unstable outlook, for the future of private land ownership, under a communist regime. Got to chance one's arm periodically.
  11. Emergency WHO meeting over monkeypox spread: 'We should take it seriously' ... The World Health Organisation is reportedly convening an emergency meeting to discuss the alarming spread of the monkeypox virus around the world. The United Nations' health authority is bringing together leading experts on the rare disease as a number of new countries announced their first confirmed cases on Friday, according to the Daily Telegraph. Eleven countries — including Australia, the US, Spain and Italy — have now detected monkeypox, in the first global outbreak of its kind... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/emergency-who-meeting-over-monkeypox-spread-we-should-take-it-seriously/LCDE6E3U4AEKVCXHMS5LNEDC2M/ ... Apparently small pox vaccine works against it
  12. And yet, there'll be girls from villages, waiting in bars, to see us
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