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  1. https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/advanced/2222155/boss-hiding-in-austria- 'Boss' hiding in Austria? Red Bull scion Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya, wanted for a hit-and-run case from 2012, is believed to be in Austria. The claim was made by vice chairman of the House committee on police affairs, Sanya Nilsupan, after a meeting with the Royal Thai Police (RTP) that concentrated on Mr Vorayuth's whereabouts. Mr Sanya said the search for Mr Vorayuth is still on, and that the police believe the fugitive is living in Austria. As Interpol has issued a red notice for his arrest, the RTP's foreign affairs division has sent a letter to its Austrian counterpart to verify if he is living there and track him down. The committee is not planning to question other members of the Yoovidhya family, it said, as they were not involved in the hit-and-run and aren't expected to cooperate. Mr Vorayuth postponed his court appearances more than five times before fleeing abroad. While he was overseas, a speeding charge against him was dropped after its one-year statute of limitations expired. A second charge -- failing to stop to help a crash victim -- expired on Sept 3, 2017. Two charges remain active -- the first was for narcotics use after cocaine was found in his system following a drug test. That charge will expire on Sept 3 next year. The second charge -- reckless driving causing death -- will expire in 2027. The Office of the Attorney-General initially planned to drop the charge, but later decided to pursue it after a public uproar.
  2. worth a look https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/12/thailand-king-flies-germany-monarchy-reform-calls-persist https://www.sammyboy.com/threads/siam-king-returned-to-germany-with-huge-entourage-30-poodles-and-countless-chiobus.312468/
  3. Tangentially, I was watching an Al Jazeera piece on how the Indonesian Fishing Industry is overrun by Thai boats, crewed by effective slaves and the efforts of the group, rescuing them. The Thai fishing companies torture and kill the workers. The Thai fishing industry appears to be one big criminal enterprise. At one point representatives, meet Prayut, they are lined up and genuflect towards Prayut as though he was god, he says "we must investigate to see if laws are being broken". Needless to say, nothing is happening.
  4. Any updates on Angeles? Still worth a visit?
  5. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/philippines-rejects-chinas-demand-remove-grounded-navy-ship-2021-11-25/ The Philippines will not remove a dilapidated navy ship grounded on an atoll in the South China Sea, its defence chief said on Thursday, rejecting a demand by China after it blocked a mission to resupply the vessel's crew. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana dismissed China's assertion on Wednesday that the Philippines had committed to remove the BRP Sierra Madre, which was intentionally grounded at the Second Thomas shoal in 1999 to reinforce Manila's sovereignty claims in the Spratly archipelago. :::: The Philippines has a Navy... who knew?
  6. an error that has been rectified
  7. no, you are correct, you'll see that I have removed any board reference to the aforementioned I stand admonished
  8. Mr Nostitz -has a public persona unrelated to this board and has been discussed many times before, in particular his work in the journalistic field. And photos of the night life you know.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Nostitz
  9. 1- Cav has in a previous post said that he's in contact with the board member who is Nostitz and posted content from him. 2- I believe that Cav had already linked the two names but as ou are correct I'll alter my post for the board name...
  10. and The RNC is paying Trump's legal bills for matters before he was a President https://www.newsweek.com/rnc-paying-donald-trump-legal-bills-gop-remains-hitched-former-president-republicans-1652349
  11. Donald is now a Disney exhibit Only in America...
  12. Cav never wrote that, he's reposting ••••• Nick Nostitz
  13. F.F.S. further comment, superfluous and will prompt a deluge of Leather Jacket Jesus utubery...
  14. I posted this, on a Hunting board, I am a member of (I'm an Archery aficionado me), which is filled with lower I.Q. blokes. They all loved it, the joke being, that they're the target, of the pithy saying, as they thought they were all cleverer, than the Woke... But other wise identical. They know "woke" is bad because facebook told 'em so.
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