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  1. Hong Kong readies for more chaos as violence spreads citywide HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong prepared for more clashes on Wednesday as anti-government protesters paralyzed parts of the Asian financial hub for a third day, with some transport links, schools and many businesses closing after an escalation of violence... ooh er..... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hongkong-protests/hong-kong-readies-for-more-chaos-as-violence-spreads-citywide-idUSKBN1XN04N?il=0
  2. Impeachment hearings start Wed 10 am ET USA I got popcorn in specially. interactive here https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-TRUMP-WHISTLEBLOWER/0100B2EZ1MK/index.html
  3. Russians practising on NZ
  4. Yes, Sonar pulses. Sonar Features & Specifications DUAL-FREQUENCY (50/200 KHZ) SONAR CAPABLE DUAL-BEAM (77/200 KHZ) SONAR CAPABLE FREQUENCIES SUPPORTED Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) ClearVü and SideVü 260/455/800 kHz TRANSMIT POWER 500 W (RMS) If you're really interested, heres the Garmin support/Sales video
  5. Thanks Steve, I'd forgotten what pig ignorance looked like.
  6. Well, I ran the fishyfinder on Simulator all day, connected to the Li-ion pack. It started out at 16.8 V and after 10 hours it got down to 14.4 V This has exceeded my expectations. It maybe a different story when the transducer is connected and it's pumping out watts, but I reckon it should go for a while, and I'm not likely to be running it for more than about 6 hours on the water.
  7. That's enough from the cheap seats... I was 120Kg, the Kayaking is my fitness drive, after the stroke
  8. Belay that, I'm an idiot. I put on two pairs of close-up reading glasses and re-examined my soldering work. Underneath one of the connecting wires, on the +ive terminal of one of the cells, a stray piece of solder had melted through the cell's plastic covering and allowed the +ive terminal to be connected to the -ive metal casing of the cell, i.e. a short circuit. After I remedied that, everything works as desired. Shit hot !
  9. When I bought my Kayak, I found, it, just a little low in the water for my 112Kgs. So in an attempt to raise the waterline I'm stripping weight from my setup.I need to know about using Li-ion batteries from power tools etc, to power fish finders.So I found a lot of these recycled 18650 Li-ion batteries on the interweb, that are the recycled good ones, from dead, power tool battery packs, tested and working and - wait for it - cheap!I've previously repacked two laptop battery packs, with these and they work just fine.So I got some more, to solder together, to make a pack, for my fish finder. Using a weighing machine I found that I'd save about 2.5Kg if I used these, and not my current (geddit?) lead acid batteryI'd completed the soldering and then I put the battery charger on the pack and the needle shot off to the right, > 7 Amps, a dramatic orange glow started to come from the inside of the charger. I quickly disconnected everything to prevent fire, danger, or a fission event.I am hesitant to plug in my expensive fish finder to see if it works.Then I got to thinking. When I repacked the laptop battery packs, there was a little circuit board in them, that I assumed, did a bunch of things including, perhaps - provide some resistance in the circuit.My 12 V battery charger is one of the old ones - transformer, plug, clips, needle/meter, switch, nothing in the way of electronics. Do I need to provide some resistance in the circuit with these 18650 cells ?It may be that my fish finder will have the necessaries to do this, if I connect it straight to the battery pack. But then how to recharge? I am hoping that someone here will be able to give me advice on this.Some specs ::18650 Cell Features and Technical Specifications Nominal Voltage: 3.6V. Nominal Capacity: 2,850 mAh. Minimum Discharge Voltage: 3V. Maximum Discharge current: 1C.Garmin Striker plus 7sv specifications Transmission power: 500W (RMS) Voltage range: 10 V to 28 V input voltage. Help please ! See diag. below for the arrangement I made.
  10. Steve you are correct as usual. my 10¢ - He know's it's coming, he is trying to ride it out as he has in the past - 'never admit anything' (Roy Cohn) He's never actually suffered a consequence, due to to his father's insulating money All his life he's craved the wealthy Manhattan society, acceptance, which makes his address move to Florida, telling The reason Jared has been spending so much time in the Middle East and achieving almost nothing, is that the Trump clan are shopping for a palace, or similar, as a bolt hole, for escape purposes thereof
  11. I hope that Laos doesn't pick up on this.
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