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  1. Coss


    I just heard an interview of Nigel Farage on our Radio New Zealand, the interviewer being our Kim Hill, an excellent practitioner of the form and at times, refreshingly acerbic. Farage presents well, very erudite, seemingly educated and able to verbally and intellectually duel as a gentleman. What he failed to do, was convince the listener, me, that he was not a racist, divisive, liar. When asked why he was so proud to be close to Steve Bannon, the original progenitor of "Wear your Racist label like a Badge of Honour", Farage said, "I am unaware of that". When pressed, on his association will all things racist, he weasel worded his way into, "The Elite just want to keep the less educated and the less intelligent down". I've noticed this creeping into the politics in NZ too, the use of the proletariat, to advance the political fortunes, of people that are cynically attempting to manoeuvre, into a position of power. T'were it not such vile path, I'd be tempted myself.
  2. Coss

    Manila And Angeles Update

    Purely from the point of view of curiosity, anyone been to Angeles recently ? And how was it?
  3. Coss

    Usa Thread

  4. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Trump = Racist Cavanami = Racist
  5. Coss

    New version

  6. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Where's Cavanami? oh hang on... Donald calls a black woman a Dog, this wont go well...
  7. Coss

    New version

    I don't like the custom streams either.. I just use 'unread content', if I read the new ones, then I'm hip to date.... Not a lot of new posts to play with though, so in an effort to liven up the base, I'll post in the USA thread...
  8. Coss

    New version

    I use the ' unread content ' link at top right, is that what you're referring to?
  9. Coss

    New version

    when a thread has multiple pages, clicking the ' >> ' button next to the page numbers will take you to the last page.
  10. Coss

    New version

    Is gorgeous x x !
  11. Coss

    New Zealand Thread

    Cavanami, not only are you ignorant, you also lie. 1 These attention whores were not banned. 2 Not "the powers to be", the owner of the venue, that they'd booked, canned them at the last minute when it became obvious that there would not be enough ticket sales to support the rent of the venue, an old night club, with fading decor. If they'd had enough sales to the "secret" venue, they would have had a show. See Promoting Events 101, for guidance. 3 They did speak, both on free to air TV and Radio, they didn't say much. How can they be banned if they spoke on at least two separate occasions, freely available to the NZ public? 4 They only started bleating about being banned, on YouTube in an attempt to garner some attention, after they'd abandoned hope, of grifting a cool buck from NZ and had left our fair shores.
  12. Coss

    Usa Thread

    Well, as terrible as the Catholic Church's involvement in Paedophilia is, it is unrelated to the conspiracy theory of Pizza-gate, which at heart was centred around a non existent basement at a pizza restaurant, and an opponent of Trump. So by this illegitimate logic, the formula seems to be: If a paedophile gets caught, and they should be caught, then it doesn't matter where in the world this happens, because it's all the fault of Hillary in a non existent basement at a Pizza restaurant. There y'go, write your own fake news using the above instructions.
  13. Coss

    Prc At Their Best Behaviour

    More Foofs - - It all began when a 19-year-old female tourist from the Netherlands and a 44-year-old Italian-American traveller wanted to snap selfies in the same position. https://www.nzherald...jectid=12105443 They seem to think that is they can post something like this: on their Instagram account that money will come to them.