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  1. I've got more beer and popcorn, the next 3 days are going to be good.
  2. The ever self-centred president has requested a major sendoff. It would begin with a throng of cheering, flag-waving staffers and supporters to see him off on the White House's South Lawn, according to a person familiar with the planning, and continue to a more formal ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, featuring a red carpet, military band, colour guard and 21-gun salute. practise throng - Cav, this is really ANTIFA dressing up as moving guys, to take Donald's stuff and burn it, while he's watching the TV.
  3. this may have already been posted -
  4. The My Pillow Guy https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/donald-trumps-america/300207436/trump-to-flee-washington-and-seek-rehabilitation-in-a-maga-oasis-florida One of Trump's final Oval Office visitors was Mike Lindell, the My Pillow founder and television pitchman, who showed up Friday afternoon brandishing notes that he said were from a lawyer, whom he would not identify, advising to institute "martial law" and install Trump loyalist Kash Patel in the CIA leadership. Aides say Trump has been consumed with anger over his impeachment Wednesday by the House for inciting the Capitol riot. Lindell, a vociferous supporter of the president, spent the afternoon at the White House but said in an interview that he left unsatisfied. "I had to make an appointment like everyone else," he said. "People were lined up to see him." Lindell claimed ignorance about the contents of the memo, which was partially captured by a Washington Post photographer as Lindell waited to enter the White House. "I didn't know what was in it," he said. "I didn't know who some of the people even were." He explained that the unnamed lawyer asked him, "If you get a meeting, can you drop this off?" Lindell said he presented his information to the president for about five minutes before Trump referred him to White House Counsel's Office. He also argued that China and Russia hacked the election, bringing a false article from The American Report, a conspiracy-theory right-wing website, as his evidence. Lindell said he has been working with a large team to try to prove widespread voter fraud and falsely argued that Trump had won by 11 million votes. "I have spent a lot of money and gone down every rabbit hole in this country," he said. But Lindell said Trump was noncommittal on what he'd do with the information and told him to talk to the lawyers, who were dismissive and argued with him. "They were skeptical," Lindell said. "They were disinterested, very disinterested. They are giving the president the wrong advice." He said the lawyers did not allow him to see Trump again...
  5. I'm not arguing, just posting a bit of news... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/123969048/monday-thoughts-take-extreme-care-if-investing-in-bitcoin Last week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a UK regulator, fired a shot banning many financial products linked to cryptocurrencies (but not banning cryptocurrencies themselves). The FCA’s warning is stark – that Bitcoin and similar currencies are ill-suited to the average investor and in fact pose harm. The regulator warns cryptocurrencies cannot be easily valued, are open to cyber theft, have wild price swings and aren’t well understood. To top it off the FCA said there is a “lack of legitimate investment need for retail consumers to invest in these products”. So the FCA, a UK government watchdog, is effectively saying cryptocurrencies are a mix of pointless and dangerous for investors. They go so far as to say “investors should be prepared to lose all their money.” Much of what they say is true. ...
  6. Cav, unfortunately it was your beloved President Donald who went out of the treaty which you might have overlooked. Quote yahoo: " When Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal, which was completed late last year, he predicted Putin was “going to come back and want to make a deal.” He did not. And Russia’s move signaled that the country did not intend to make it easy for the administration of Joe Biden to reverse Trump’s rejection of a series of arms control and military monitoring treaties." Bubi, are you trying to give Cav a brain aneurysm? Or maybe he's already got one...
  7. Excursion (2019) a.k.a. Dangerous Excursion A mystery thriller about a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London (UK), to make sure Socialism still prospers. I don't know if I'd call it a thriller, but there's quite a lot of good in this flick with some good performances in limited settings. Worth a watch ___ Honkytonk Man (1982) Clint Eastwood, depression times, he's a singer, all kinds of music, Country and Western. Who knew Clint could sing? And he's got this really bad cough and a penchant for the bottle. Better than you'd think, well worth a watch. ___ Six Minutes to Midnight (2020) UK, Aug. 15, 1939: 17 days before WWII, an English teacher and his camera disappear on a coastal boarding school. Nazi Girl's school, Bexhill-on-Sea, Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench, Carla Juri, James D'Arcy, Jim Broadbent, lots to love. Well worth a watch. ___
  8. Trump Lost, he contested an election and he lost.
  9. Well Cav, you are of course, entitled to your rants, but I remind you, that the current debate, has never been about whether or not Biden, will be any good, the debate has always been about, how bad Trump, is/was. To quote from the BTO song you posted above; "You need educatin' You got to go to school" "Any love is good lovin' So I took what I could get" I guess you were getting something, from Trump, but now he's gone, you'll have to get a new TV and transfer your affections to some new reality personality, Kanye West is looking for loyal followers I hear.
  10. FBI probing if foreign governments, groups funded extremists who helped execute Capitol attack As part of the investigation, the FBI is examining payments of $500,000 in bitcoin to key figures and groups in the alt-right before the Jan. 6 riot. ... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/fbi-probing-if-foreign-governments-groups-funded-extremists-who-helped-n1254525 "foreign governments" - interesting way to spell Russia.
  11. Looks like Trump is looting the Whitehouse, on his way out, staff loading a bust of Lincoln to go to Mar-a-lago...
  12. Yes, Trump has done a good job for Russia, opening all the doors and telling them all the classified stuff, in his weekly report to Putin. My prediction is that Putin controls more of what happens at the moment, than Trump does. Biden has got a stiff incline to scale, one hopes he's up to it.
  13. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Or, what's the word? Statisticalize? I guess if you can have statisticalization, statisticalize is valid. Always statisticalize questions. i.e. 48% Is the door open? 47% is the door closed? 5% is there really a door? Schrödinger anyone?
  14. Well, it really is feeling, like the phase "Further comment would be superfluous" is appropriate for this USA thread. Almost nothing is happening, vis-à-vis the Drumpf, that we, as the wise old heads, have not foretold, predicted and wished for. However, as an entertainment spectacle, with lashings of Schadenfreude, topped by garnishes of giggles, I'm sure that the spectacle, will keep our attention for a while yet. And it may well be a good time, to return the thread, at least in part, to a course, where ridicule is offered, for the actions of those culturally identifying as Americans, with the other phrase, "Only in America". vis: From a number of sources, a person died at the Capitol insurrection of a "medical event". One of them tased himself in the balls whilst stealing a painting and died of a heart attack. On account of have a Taser stored down the front of his trousers. --- A friendly US$100 wager over the 2020 Presidential election has landed in a Florida small claims court. Before the election, Sean Hynes, a Trump supporter from St Petersburg, reached out to Jeffrey Costa, an acquaintance who is a Biden supporter from Atlanta. The deal was sealed on Facebook Messenger: If Trump won, Costa would pay US$100. If Biden won, Hynes would pay up. Costa, 50, decided to sue. He's seeking the US$100, plus US$250 in court costs and US$300 in interest on the unpaid bet. He's representing himself in the action, filed December 28 in Pinellas County small claims court. --- This guy - - not only took part in the insurrection, he wrote Pence a note, oooooh, dangerous! Prosecutors say that after Chansley climbed up to the dais where US Vice President Mike Pence had been presiding moments earlier, Chansley wrote a threatening note to Pence that said: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.” Capitol mob aimed to 'assassinate' elected officials --- Wife of Proud Boy wants a divorce. The wife of a Queens, New York Proud Boy arrested in connection to the Capitol plot is crowdfunding her divorce. --- Only in America.
  15. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    "Medical error death rate is 10% over lifetime" so this assumes an average person living an average time, say 70 years. Meaning 'medical error' has 70 years, to have a go at the person. Covid has only been around for say, ~1 year, so 3% per annum, it's only had a really short time, to have a go at an average person. I'm doing this for fun, so see below. ----- if we take a population number of 1,000: average age on death = 70 yrs - Medical error (10%) kills 100 bods in 70 years Covid on the other hand kills 3% per annum - so 30 bods a year But if Covid had had 70 years, to have a go at the population, surely the number of dead bods would be 30 x 70 = 2,100, can you see where I'm heading with this?
  16. Coss


    "somehow prove that we have exported the goods" Bubi, it is unfortunate that you are not millennial. If you were, a proof of export would be a jesus phone photo, of the empty spot on the shelf, where the parts once sat, this being posted on a 'youtwitface' page, or similar.
  17. New Frontier (1939) The Three Mesquiteers convince a group of settlers to exchange their present property for some which, unbeknownst to our good guys, is going to be worthless. Black and White, John Wayne, simpler times. Happy days. ___ Action U.S.A. (1989) Cops, bad guys, breasts. A pleasant buddy cop movie. Worth a watch. ___ Einstein's Universe (1979) A documentary produced in 1979 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Albert Einstein. Narrated and hosted by Peter Ustinov and written by Nigel Calder. You can tell this was made in '79. Ustinov makes humour. I can't help feeling the physics may have moved on a bit since then. ___ The Puppet Masters (1994) Sci Fi, Donald Sutherland, verging on dross. ___ News of the World (2020) That young Tom Hanks is turning out to be a pretty good actor, he rescues a girl in the olden west. Very Good. ___
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