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    It's not just Social Media that is reporting, it's mainstream (normal, reputable) media also. Now he's been deported ... The Serb departed Australian shores late on Sunday, bringing to an end a saga which started on January 6 with Djokovic’s 10-hour stand-off with the Australian Border Force at the Melbourne airport. https://www.thehindu.com/sport/tennis/novak-djokovic-deported-from-australia/article38278286.ece Ending this episode, of the hypocrisy of the tennis ace, who has a history of calling on others to respect the rules, while flouting them himself.
  2. By Pravit Rojanaphruk https://www.khaosodenglish.com/opinion/2022/01/16/opinion-how-to-turn-thai-journalists-into-pr-servants-of-the-state/ In a quasi-dictator’s wet dream, the ‘democratic’ state gets to decide who can become a journalist, who not, and what journalists cannot write about – basically turning them into public relations servants. This is a dream that the regime of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and his men have been dreaming of – and it is getting close to reality now. The Cabinet, led by Prayut, approved a bill to licensed, control, and punish the press on Tuesday. The draft law was penned by the government’s own Department of Public Relations, headed by no less than former junta spokesman Lt. Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd. Here is how you can try to pull it off without anyone ‘suspecting’ that there’s anything fishy about it. Step One: Obfuscate, use smoke screen, and euphemism. Named the bill with benign words like “Draft Media Ethics and Professional Standards Promotion Act.” I mean, how could anyone oppose such a nice-sounding bill, right? No one would have suspected that there is anything sinister about it. Trust them, they have done it before. After the May 2014 coup led by Prayut, the junta came up with the term “attitude adjustment” as a euphemism for detention without charge of its opponents, real or perceived, for up to seven days at a time. I went through that treatment twice and the first time inside a military base in Ratchaburi province. Sansern even ‘visited’ along with a crew of army-controlled TV 5 cameraman to broadcast to the world that we were not being ill treated. He even greeted me by calling me “elder brother Pravit.” Step Two: Get willing journalists on board to undermine the already low-level of press freedom by creating a “Press Profession Council” and reward them. This will attain just enough veneer of respectability and independence among the proposed 11-people Press Profession Council. Under the bill, five out of 11 will be representatives from various media associations. Five more chosen from the pool experts and one to break the tie if there is a deep disagreement – from a state-sponsored media fund. The five experts should not be a problem, the heavily pro-Prayut parliament can choose regime-friendly ‘experts’ to fill the quota. As for the five from media organizations – well, there is so many fly by night media associations out there and it would take a few hundred words to type the names of all of them here. Even the big one like the Thai Journalists Association (TJA) has far less than half of media professionals as members. Also, TJA has a checkered history including one president who resigned to join a well-paid junta-appointed ‘National Reform Council’ (sounds familiar?) after the 2014 coup led by the same Prayut, who just gave the ceremonial nod to this press control bill. Another past president was a staunch defender of the lese majeste law when he headed TJA and still is. It should not be too difficult to find willing takers among journalists and media associations to serve the new proposed council – especially given the ‘prestige’ and remunerations commensurate with their expedient aspirations (and lack of press freedom principles). Step Three: Introduce media licensing system, empower the proposed council the authority to grant and revoke license for journalists and media organizations on the pretext of maintaining “people’s good morals.” The bill stated that while the press has freedom to report news, “the exercise of freedom must not go against Thai people’s duties or people’s good morals.” Then tasked the council with the job of coming up with ethical news reporting and commentary standards. Then voila! Problems solved. Yes, “people’s good morals” – whatever that means. Do you know what it means? The term is so vague one could probably classified anything under the rubric of “people’s good morals” and branded anything as being against “people’s good morals.” After all, one man’s morality is another man’s oppression. This will be the key criteria in granting, not granting, or revoking press licenses in the future if Prayut got his way. Is reporting in detail and in an empathetic manner about the monarchy-reform movement go against people’s good morals? Probably yes, if you are an ultra-royalist or working for the Public Relations Department. The same can be said about reporting empathetically about the ‘freedom fighters’ in Patani, the Deep South, branded by the state as separatists and even by some media today as “southern goons.” So what is left to the state of Thai press freedom after the media control and licensing bill is passed into a law? Not much really. Real journalists will become rogue journalists while media lapdogs, or public relations officers wannabes, will be licensed as bonafide journalists. This is nothing short of a declaration of war against press freedom in Thailand and the public’s right to be informed with diverse news and views. Who is Prayut and Sanserm, his chief PR officer from the junta years till the present, think they are trying to fool? Everyone apparently.
  3. The national police have pledged to address illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing at its roots, by identifying and suppressing capitalists and mafia behind the practice. An assistant police chief has promised local fishermen any government officials or politicians involved will be prosecuted. Pol Lt Gen SurachateHakparn, Assistant Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police said key figures behind the illegal practice will be brought to justice. His remark was delivered during his meeting with fisherfolks in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Pol Lt Gen Surachate said the police will be reviving cold cases before their statutes of limitations expire. He promised to enforce the law against everyone involved in IUU fishing... https://www.pattayamail.com/thailandnews/thai-police-to-investigate-key-figures-behind-illegal-fishing-386408
  4. “ I was chilling and sitting alone, drinking beer and relaxing on Pattaya Beach. A young Thai man approached me and immediately slapped me in the face before a second Thai man arrived and began screaming at me in broken English to get off the beach, threatening me physically. I was upset but decided to flee and file a police report.” The Swedish man explained to Pattaya police... https://thepattayanews.com/2022/01/15/swedish-man-reportedly-attacked-by-two-thai-men-on-pattaya-beach-for-no-reason/
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    Nong Khai bridge the final step in China-Laos-Thailand Railway In order to connect Thailand to the new China-Laos Railway, the State Railway of Thailand has received orders from the Cabinet to build a second bridge across the Mekong River, this on for trains to link Nong Khai province to Laos. The SRT was instructed to design and build the bridge as quickly as possible. https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/transport/nong-khai-bridge-the-final-step-in-china-laos-thailand-railway
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    I see that Prince Andrew has been "stripped" of his titles. For getting girlies nekkid &c. - Ironic... Also breaking news: Formerly known as Prince Andrew's lawyers note, that a man in Sao Paulo has an agreement with a bank, locally known as a mortgage, wherein Virginia Giuffre, J. Epstein, G. Maxwell and D. Trump are not mentioned in any way, shape, or form. Thereto this absolves Prince Andrew of any connection at all, with the current accusations by that , who? what ?
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    An observer's view. The Aus govt has handled this poorly, on the basis of a, or several, incorrect decisions. the other side: Djocovic has rule breaking form, hitting line-girls with balls, intentionally and then being banned from that U.S. tournament. There are more, use Google Djocovic said "I had a positive test" ergo I am immune and thereto, that is the same as being vaccinated, but I will not get a vaccine. Aus Tennis, in their eagerness to lick Djocovic's wedding tackle, granted (through mates in Govt), an exemption to the rules so the Tennis event would proceed. Problem: Djocovic in the days around the claimed test, was flying around Europe and elsewhere to appear in any publicity he could, the day after the positive test, instead of isolating, or any other sensible measure, he was at an event for kids, and was face adjacent with many of them, for selfies. I bet he didn't say, "Sure, I can do a Selfie, I just had a positive Covid test, but I don't believe in any of that, quick more photos..."
  8. One could indulge in conjecture, that Trump has a tramp stamp. Or Obama.
  9. BANGKOK — Livestock authorities on Tuesday confirmed the detection of African swine fever (ASF) in Thailand. Sorravis Thaneto, director of the Department of Livestock Development, said the virus was found in a surface swab sample collected at a slaughterhouse in Nakhon Pathom province... https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/2022/01/11/officials-admit-detecting-african-swine-fever-in-thailand/ Bugger... Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_swine_fever_virus
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    I'm not Stryne. But I'm gonna try the "yeah I had Covid, now I'm recovered and immune, so I don't need tests/quarantine or impediments to my access to lots of money" explanation, on my Visa applications when I make them.
  11. Palatkik - thank you for your review, what follows is not directed at your post, it's more to do with "Chef Movie" This and the feted Nicholas Cage film "Pig", gets my blood boiling. As a chef of the old school,, Cordon Bleu - own restaurants - '80s, '90s, 00's - I can sum up the experiences of a Chef as being, very much a 'practitioner', a good/outstanding chef is a leader and a thorough manager and there is no democracy, in his/her kitchen. These cinematic attempts to equate Chefs with notable artistic or dramatic brilliance, would better off, it they chose Artists or Dramatic Actors for their stories. No Chef deserves or wants a movie, if a Chef thought he/she'd were subject matter for a movie, the electricity would be turned off. Any Chef that thinks they do deserve a movie, has a stupid head, like Jaimee O. or some such. The point of being a chef is having the consumer consume, a great meal, with no personality from out back, and don't leave anything on the plate. As erroneous as - trying to give a ditch digger a Nobel peace price for digging a straight piece of ditch.
  12. Sometimes that was the only exercise I got in a year, on my 2 weeks in Bangkok (to see the temples at Angkor Wat) holiday... Desk Job in Middle Earth for the rest of the year.
  13. So Nicola Sturgeon's survey runs the risk of all kids saying "yeah I do it all the time, 5 times a day... Everyone, boys, girls, unattended animals..." Headline - "Nation of buggerers !!!" Again I risk offending the Scots on this board.
  14. At the risk of offending the Scots on this board, we all know that anal sex leads to gender fluidity and a penchant to wear rainbow prints and blue hair...
  15. I'll go back, but this covid thing and the high airfares, will have to return to the old days first. A friend paid $8,000 NZD one way to Laos from NZ, for what is normally a < 1,500 NZD, return ticket. I know businesses have to cover costs, but the consumer has a choice, particularly with video calls and such, making the family call us at 2 am, because of the time difference...
  16. I'm reminded of a survey done asking 12-14 yr olds if they'd ever "brought a weapon to school". "Was it a gun or a knife?" All the young boys said "yeah I carry all the time, Guns of course". In NZ, where guns are quite hard to come by, for kids. But the result of the survey stated that 40% of our children were armed with guns at school. Any survey of kids should be viewed through the filters of: A/. what the kids think you want to hear... B/. what the kids think is cool...
  17. Or that all rich people are clever and thereto deserving of great respect.
  18. The Girl in the Spider's Web 2018 Stompy little goth troll, scowls and resents, her way through the movie and saves the world, due to her skills in computers and harming and hating men.
  19. Yes And now they give the same accolades to people who can "spin" records and their digital equivalents, no musical skills, no singing, on writing, no nothing, just giggling around enthusiastically to other people's music. F"n DJs...
  20. Especially now we all don't smoke, before It might have been a handy stop...
  21. https://www.pattayamail.com/cartoons/farangaffairs/farang-affairs-thaksin-returning-in-2022-357758
  22. Right near Asok, looks like a pleasant place to stroll... https://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/2022/01/06/a-review-of-bangkoks-new-wetland-park/
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