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  1. Men who eat meat should be banned from having sex, the animal rights group Peta has demanded, claiming that devouring sausages and schnitzel is a symptom of ”toxic masculinity” that is killing the planet. Peta's German operation cited research from the scientific journal PLOS One showing that men caused 41% more greenhouse gas emissions than women largely because they consumed more meat. Peta demanded a "sex ban for all meat-eating men" and called on women to "go on sex strike to save the world"... LINK _______ On behalf of carnivore men, "If this is what's on offer, then you wont be getting any offers..."
  2. Yes - recommended. IMHO well worth the watch.
  3. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has launched a website and phone applications to allow people to check information about places in Bangkok in real-time. This platform is made for the convenience of the people, so that they can view map information such as traffic, floods, and accidents through closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) installed on roads and intersections in real-time. They can be viewed on the website http://bmatraffic.com/index.aspx or with the mobile application named ‘BMA Traffic’ https://www.pattayamail.com/thailandnews/bangkok-launches-real-time-traffic-floods-cctvs-on-website-and-mobile-app-411124 _____ I went to the web site, clicked on the "English " button, but most all of the site is still in Thai, including the Maps. c’est la vie
  4. Speaking at a Thai Hotels Association luncheon on Wednesday, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt said the tourism and hotel industry is one of the top priorities for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to support because it is a major source of employment in the capital. He noted that part of the BMA’s responsibility is to support hotel owners and entrepreneurs so they are ready to welcome an increasing number of foreign tourists. Aside from making it easier to obtain a licence and pay taxes, Chadchart also announced plans to expand the city’s nightlife activities. He said the BMA is currently in talks with experts and related partners on decorating potential communities to serve as an attraction, primarily in downtown areas such as riverside zones. “Light, colour and arts will be used to decorate potential areas," the governor said. "Depending on demand, some will be decorated seasonally, while others will have permanent decorations. It will be part of a colourful Bangkok project. This vibrant nightlife can be experienced starting this year.” The BMA also plans to launch something called “Midnight Bangkok Governor”, which will see Chadchart and his team patrolling the capital during the night so that tourists feel safer and are more confident in visiting the city. The plan is consistent with the Tourism Ministry’s proposal to extend operating hours of night entertainment venues to 4am. Chadchart insisted he had no objections to the plan as long as it did “not cause any trouble”. It is necessary to consult all relevant parties and decide on zoning to determine which areas should be permitted to stay open longer, he said... https://www.nationthailand.com/thailand/tourism/40020297
  5. The Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (EC) tentatively scheduled the day of the general election next year for May 7. Registration for all candidates will be open from April 3 to April 7, 2023. The general election plan was announced by the EC today as the government’s four-year term of office is expected to end on March 23, 2023. According to Section 102 of the Constitution, the general election must be held within 45 days after the government’s term ends. That day falls on May 7, 2023... https://thethaiger.com/news/national/thailand-schedules-general-election-for-may-7-2023
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    I'll prolly rot in hell, for too soon...
  7. Pol Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, assistant national police chief, third from left, inspects fishing vessels in the southern border province of Songkhla before attending a media conference to announce the arrest of 11 officials involved in graft and malfeasance. (Photo: Assawin Pakkawan) Eleven government officials, including six immigration police, have been arrested and charged for allegedly taking bribes. In December last year, police and fisheries officials seized five trawlers and arrested 22 crew members for fishing in Thai waters without permission. After court proceedings, the trawlers were kept at the Songkhla customsoffice and were later put up for auction. The fishing boats had been barred from leaving Thailand following the auction. However, the vessels were soon spotted entering Malaysian waters, and Thai police worked with Malaysian police to intercept them. Police began the investigation that led to the arrest of 13 people involved in bringing the vessels out of the country. Arrest warrants had been issued for 11 government officials – six immigration police and five officials working at marine border and disease control checkpoints – for taking bribes, malfeasance and dereliction of their duty. All surrendered. LINK
  8. CHON BURI: Police have issued a warrant, approved by the Pattaya Court, for the arrests of three Chinese nationals following the death of a Kyrgyz woman in Pattaya on Friday, police said. The three were Nin Wai Siu, 48, a Hong Kong Chinese man, and two Chinese women, Song Qianli, 32, and Rou Li, 27, according to Pol Maj Gen Thitawat Suriyachai, commander of the Cybercrime Investigation Division 4, in his capacity as deputy chief of a police team for the investigation of sexual abuse cases against children and women. The three were wanted for alleged human-trafficking and other related charges. The warrants followed a police search on Saturday of a house at Natcha Housing Estate in central Pattaya in tambon Nong Prue of Bang Lamung district and the detention of Wang Gang, 45, the owner of the house, for questioning in connection with the case. An investigation began after the Kyrgyz woman, Anara Seitaleva, 30, plunged to her death from the seventh floor of a condominium building on Khao Thapaya road in tambon Nong Prue. She was initially believed to have committed suicide. Three days previously, on Sept 13, Seitaleva had filed a complaint with Pattaya police, saying she had been contacted and offered a job in Pattaya by a Chinese couple she met through a Kyrgyz friend. She was promised 20,000 baht a month for a job related to tourism. She arrived in Thailand on July 15 and was met at Suvarnabhumi airport by a Chinese man. After staying overnight in Bangkok, the man took her to Chiang Rai in the North. From Chiang Rai, she was taken to Laos via the immigration checkpoint in Chiang Saen district. In Laos, the Chinese man took her passport and forced her to work for a call centre gang, but she was unable to do the job. She was then forced into prostitution. Seitaleva said she was filmed while having sex with clients to blackmail her. On July 27, the Chinese man brought her back to Thailand. They returned to Bangkok where she was forced to continue selling sex. She managed to escape from the gang on Sept 11 and took a taxi to Pattaya, where she sought help from a German man and stayed in his condominium room. Seitaleva fell to her death from the seventh floor of the condominium on Sept 16. The German man told police that Seitaleva was a friend of his girlfriend. LINK
  9. Tourist Police Launched A Crackdown Against Bad Bangkok Cabbies On Monday And Immediately Arrested Four For Violating The Law. The clampdown on taxi drivers has been launched to protect both passengers and Thailand’s reputation, Tourist Police spokesman Pol Maj-General Apichat Suriboonya said. He added that the 1155 Tourist Police hotline has recently received a spate of complaints, with many Bangkokians saying they were left stranded in the rain because cabbies refused them. Apichat said this “lack of professionalism” is damaging Thailand’s reputation and undermining its competitiveness in the global tourism market. On Monday, four cabbies were arrested – two on Khao San Road and two near Siam Square shopping complex in the centre of Bangkok. Of the cabbies caught in Khao San, one refused to take passengers, while the other demanded a higher fare and refused to use the metre. The two taxi drivers near Siam Square were arrested for refusing passengers. All four reported admitted to the allegations and paid fines. “All Tourist Police units have been tasked with closely monitoring taxi drivers to ensure they follow the law and do not take advantage of passengers,” Apichat said. “Offences such as refusing passengers, refusing to use the metre, overcharging and leaving passengers stranded will result in the highest punishment by law.” https://www.nationmultimedia.com/thailand/general/40020214
  10. Pressed on QAnon theories that Trump allegedly is saving the nation from a satanic cult of child sex traffickers, he claimed ignorance but asked, 'Is that supposed to be a bad thing?' He must be running out of Trumpanzees to fleece.
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    My indifference to all of this, apart from the aforementioned Queen, leaving the world a better place than she found it, has changed. Because every media channel on the planet it seems, has abandoned normal service, in favour of wall to wall coverage, of "who is the most prolific attention seeker" associated with the Royal Family. Below a photo of an actress, seeking attention and dollars, to publish photos and video of same. Not a difficult role, crying on demand, it is one of the first things taught at actress school. more at LINK I think this is the actress that comes (or pretends to) with the little Hewitt boy.
  12. Long time Board Member, Black Tiger aka. Suadum has died in USA, after health battles. 57, too young. A good man - RIP
  13. I'm very tempted to dismiss the ongoing Drumpfiness as drivel: I've always said that, Trump has the intelligence and demeanour, of a 13 year old schoolyard bully girl. but I'm concerned, not because the status of the USA, is a particular worry to me, but because, the status of the USA as it affects, the rest of the Democratic world, is a worry to me. With the kinds of things Trump got up to and may still get up to, resulting in people like Putin, thinking they can push over the line, that formerly kept them in some semblance of good behaviour, It's worth noting the following story. vis 31 confidential, 54 secret, 18 top secret, 90 empty folders: Does Trump still have official docs he’s not supposed to have? Does Donald Trump, even now, still have official documents he’s not supposed to have? There's some uncertainty that Congress is eager to resolve. Sept. 14, 2022, 2:46 AM NZST By Steve Benen At this point, it’s tempting to think of Donald Trump’s scandal about classified documents as something that happened in the recent past: The former president effectively stole official materials, ignored appeals to return them, and allegedly obstructed the retrieval process. It’s why the FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago with a court-approved search warrant. But what if part of the problem is ongoing? Or more to the point, what if the Republican, even now, still has materials he’s not supposed to have? In a court filing last week, the Justice Department complained about U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s injunction, blocking federal investigators from examining documents they’ve already recovered from the former president’s property. Prosecutors specifically wrote that the Trump-appointed judge’s recent ruling could “impede efforts to identify the existence of any additional classified records that are not being properly stored.” The phrasing raised the provocative possibility that some materials have not been recovered. It also dovetailed with a recent Washington Post report in which officials with the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA, suggested that they, too, feared that the former president had not yet surrendered everything he took. It was against this backdrop that The New York Times reported this morning: The National Archives has informed congressional aides that it is still unsure whether former President Donald J. Trump has surrendered all of the presidential records he removed from the White House as required, even after months of negotiations, a subpoena and a search of his Florida property, Mar-a-Lago, according to the House Oversight Committee. In a letter to the acting national archivist, House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney noted that archives staff “recently informed the committee that the agency is not certain whether all presidential records are in its custody.” With this uncertainty in mind, the New York Democrat’s letter, dated today, requested that the archives “conduct an urgent review of presidential records from the Trump administration to identify any presidential records or categories of presidential records, whether textual or electronic, that NARA has reason to believe may still be outside of the agency’s custody and control.” Also of interest was Maloney’s request that the National Archives “seek a personal certification from Donald Trump that he has surrendered all presidential records that he illegally removed from the White House after leaving office.” How likely is it that the former president will personally certify that he has given up all of the records he illegally kept? I’m inclined to put this in the “not going to happen” category. That said, assuming Trump does refuse to acknowledge that he’s no longer breaking the law, this would itself be a striking development. Watch this space. LINK In summary: the chance that Trump still has information that he views as "get out of Jail Free", or "worth billions to the right Foe", or "will be effective ammunition, against Dems, or any one else he views as a threat"? About 100% in my view, so for pedants, an average of 99%, 100%, 101%.
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    Any New Jokes

    Things have changed with the Royality now the Queen has passed away You used to get a telegram from the Queen when you turned 100 Now Price Andrew sends you a text when you turn 14
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    Yes, what we need is the DVD set, brilliant! And the Great Dane wandering about in the back ground
  16. Yes I want to know too...
  17. Waiting in line to join the club but being ignored...
  18. At the risk of ridicule, hasn't the use of boats, propelling water downstream, been debunked before? https://thailand.postsen.com/local/47847/Navy-rushes-to-send-water-push-boats-Help-the-flood-in-Rayong.html
  19. The latest tourist attraction in Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi, the Sky Walk, which is a transparent walkway over the famous River Kwai, was closed yesterday (Sunday), only one day after it was opened to the public, due to the shortage of special shoes, which all visitors are required to purchase and wear. On its Facebook page, the Kanchanaburi Municipality apologised for the temporary closure, offering an assurance that the pedestrian bridge, which was formally opened at 9.09am on Saturday, will reopen this Thursday. According to the normal schedule, the bridge is open to the public from 9am until 6pm with six tours of one hour each. The bridge can accommodate 100-120 people at a time. Each visitor will have to pay 60 baht for a pair of special shoes, to be worn when walking on the bridge, which they can take home. note* After the tour there is a bin, where visitors can discard their special shoes, should they not wish to keep them. None of these discarded shoes will be resold... 555
  20. So be careful you don't wear any thing that could be construed as Thai royal dress, or it's jail time for you. I wonder if this might include something like this: you know for wearing on airport tarmac, prior to boarding planes...
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