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    Massive Boom, bigger than a very big thing :: Aftermath of the massive explosion. A giant mushroom cloud rose above the city as the blast rang out. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/300074046/huge-explosion-rocks-beirut-killing-scores-and-injuring-thousands https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/122349266/the-beirut-explosion-in-pictures-it-is-a-disaster-in-every-sense-of-the-word
  2. As weary as I am, of being alarmed every morning by the antics of 'merica, there are times, when I post here, so as to at least, have something in the record, on this forum, for future reference. Playing tennis with Cav has lost it's entertainment value. Dr. Deborah Birx warned that the country is in a “new phase” of the coronavirus pandemic and that the current outbreak is “extraordinarily widespread.” Birx stressed that Americans need to follow public health recommendations, including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. She added: “What we are seeing today is different from March and April.[…] It’s into the rural as equal urban areas. […] To everybody who lives in a rural area, you are not immune or protected from this virus.” (CNN / New York Times / Axios) So of course Trump slams his closest supporting Medical expert Trump tweeted that Dr. Deborah Birx’s performance has been “pathetic.” Prior to Dr. Birx’s comment that the virus is in a “new phase,” and that it is “extraordinarily widespread,” Nancy Pelosi said Dr. Birx had been “too positive” about Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Trump then accused Dr. Birx of unfairly criticizing the administration’s response to the pandemic, saying she “took the bait & hit us.” Pelosi also said she does not have confidence in Dr. Birx, linking her to Trump’s disinformation about the virus spread of the coronavirus. “I think the president is spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his appointee,” Pelosi said, “so I don’t have confidence there, no.” (CNN / New York Times / Wall Street Journal / Washington Post / Politico / Reuters / Daily Beast) Trump rebuked Dr. Anthony Fauci, retweeting a video of Fauci explaining to a House subcommittee that the U.S. has seen more cases than European countries because it shut down a fraction of its economy in response to the pandemic. “Wrong!” Trump wrote. (Politico) Againilly ___ The Manhattan District Attorney’s office suggested that it’s investigating Trump and his company for bank and insurance fraud. Until now, Cyrus Vance’s inquiry had appeared focused on hush-money payments made in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election to two women who said they had affairs with Trump. But, in a court filing Vance said Trump’s arguments that a subpoena for eight years of his personal and corporate tax records was too broad stemmed from “the false premise” that the probe was limited to hush-money payments. Vance told the judge that he was justified in demanding the financial records, citing public reports of “extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization.” The filing doesn’t say specifically what Vance is investigating, but instead quotes from an October opinion by a district judge in New York, who listed a number of publicly reported investigations that included allegations of “insurance and bank fraud by the Trump Organization.” (New York Times / Associated Press/ Bloomberg / CNN / Axios) Oh dear! ___ Deutsche Bank opened an internal investigation into a 2013 transaction between Trump’s personal banker and a company part-owned by Jared Kushner. In June 2013, the banker, Rosemary Vrablic, and two of her Deutsche Bank colleagues purchased a Park Avenue apartment for about $1.5 million from a company called Bergel 715 Associates. In 2011, Kushner introduced Vrablic to Donald Trump – a time when most mainstream banks refused to do business with Trump because of his history of defaults and bankruptcies. Vrablic and her superiors agreed to take Trump on as a client, despite defaulting on a Deutsche loan three years earlier. In an annual personal financial report, Kushner and Ivanka Trump reported that they had received $1 million to $5 million last year from Bergel 715. (New York Times) Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner earned at least $36.2 million in outside income as they served in the White House last year. The Office of Government Ethics require administration officials to report the worth of assets and liabilities in ranges. The two advisers reported a minimum combined income that was at least $7 million higher than in 2018, when they reported making at least $29 million. (Washington Post) Oh dear! Againilly! ___ Notables. Trump threatened legal action after Nevada’s Legislature passed a bill to automatically send mail-in ballots to all active voters. Trump tweeted that lawmakers were “using Covid to steal the state” in an “illegal late night coup.” Trump also claimed without evidence that the “Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In Votes without preparation.” House Majority Whip James Clyburn, meanwhile, said he believes Trump is “trying to put a cloud over the election” and has has no intention of “peacefully” transferring power if he loses in November. (Politico / Bloomberg/ Axios / CBS News) poll/ 52% of Americans believe Trump will not accept the results of November’s election if he loses. 55% of Trump supporters say they refuse to accept a narrow Trump loss if mail-in ballots contribute a Biden victory. (Yahoo News) Homeland Security reassigned a senior official whose office compiled “intelligence reports” about journalists and protesters in Portland. Brian Murphy, the acting under secretary for intelligence and analysis, was reassigned after his office disseminated “open-source intelligence reports” containing Twitter posts of journalists, noting they had published leaked unclassified documents. (New York Times / Washington Post) Trump appointed his choice to fill the Pentagon’s top policy job to a temporary senior position in the same Defense Department office that does not require Senate approval. Anthony Tata confirmation hearing was canceled amid bipartisan opposition to the nomination. Tata’s role is essentially the deputy of the role he had been nominated for. (Politico / CNN / New York Times) House Democrats subpoenaed four top aides to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, accusing them of stonewalling their investigation into the firing of the State Department’s former inspector general earlier this year. Pompeo previously said he recommended that Trump fire Steve Linick as the State Department inspector general, citing leaks from Linick’s office and claiming that the internal watchdog was trying to undermine his department. At the time of his termination, Linick and office were investigating the Trump administration’s use of an emergency declaration to expedite arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. (Politico / Wall Street Journal / Associated Press)
  3. And though it was something else Trump said, that I alluded to, being like "Mob Boss" talk, I watched the yahoo content at the link and the impression I got was of Donald, back pedalling from his "I wish her well" comments. But the original "I wish her well" now takes on a more sinister tone, after Donald says, "I wish you well", "I wish everybody well"... Imagine if, in the Godfather, Marlon Brando, instead of saying - “I'll make him an offer he can't refuse,” had said - "I wish him well". If you view Donald's comment as 'Mob Speak', it fits well, as a warning to Ghislaine Maxwell. Also we know that Trump successfully, had any references to the Godfather movie banned from Michael Cohen's trial. Book out soon. Lastly on this Mob thing; Pre the 2016 election of Trump, I was commenting to an old fella, down here in NZ, ½ a world away, that I thought that Trump was an idiot etc. The old fella said, 'I'd be more worried about his Mob connections' ... true or not, prescient in my view.
  4. Autopsy confirms death of key witness in Red Bull heir’s case was accidental .../ of course: A second autopsy, conducted on the body of Julachart Mardthong, a key defence witness in Red Bull heir’s hit-and-run case, has confirmed a police report that he died in an accident and that there was no foul play. The finding was disclosed at a news conference this afternoon (Monday) by Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab Wongsook, commissioner of 5th Region Provincial Police, Dr. Bannakit Lojanaphiwat, Dean of the Medical Science Faculty at Chiangmai University and Associate Professor Dr. Kanda Mekjaidee, Chief of the Forensic Science Department at the same university. Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab said that Mr. Jurachart sustained a fractured skull, a broken brain stem, shattered spleen and six broken ribs, with bleeding in the stomach and brain. {consistent with a head shot followed by falling of a moto at speed} An X-ray didn’t find any metal in the victim’s body, but his blood alcohol content was measured at 0.218%. {bullet went straight through then or was removed before autopsies} “A road accident can inflict injury or death if the victim has a 0.218% blood alcohol content, which results in slower reaction times. The muscles lose reactive response because of the influence of the alcohol. The impact caused the fracture of blood vessels in brain stem,” said the Police Commissioner. He insisted that doctors examined the body thoroughly and did not find anything suspicious, adding that the full results of lab tests will be out in the next few days and the public will be informed. Although no traces of assault, which may have led to the victim’s death, have been found, Pol Lt-Gen Prachuab said those in charge of the case have not ruled out assault or suspicions about the victim’s personal wealth. The victim’s body is still at the hospital, waiting to be claimed by his relatives. Julachart was involved in a motorcycle accident with another motorcyclist in the early hours of July 30th, in Chiang Mai province, as both of them were heading for a town centre bar. https://www.thaipbsworld.com/autopsy-confirms-death-of-key-witness-in-red-bull-heirs-case-was-accidental/ via Thai Visa along with the general stink of this case, there is the 'other' bloke, who was drinking with him and persuaded him to go to another bar, down the road, which has now become known as 'Sniper's Alley'
  5. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Gentlefolk, the wonders of international travel have ceased. And like many, I worry for my family and friends, in NZ, Aus, LOS and Laos and elsewhere in the world. This pandemic looks like it's here for a while. The media are doing a reasonable job in getting the facts out, but we only have to see this story from Iran - BBC story - where the government has reported less than 1/3 of the actual deaths, to know the governments everywhere, are determined to keep the stains of death, from their shiny clothes. This has the potential to upset, not just the American Dream, but the dreams of all of us. I know I'm often a doomsayer, but I have enough knowledge, to say that the typical spread, of diseases in populations, is enhanced and prolonged, by contact, between discrete pools of hosts. So from the virus' point of view, having places like Perth Aus, and NZ, where there is almost no infection, is great, because it allows speedy infection to a fresh bunch of hosts, from infected areas like Victoria Aus, and other places of infection. The only way out of this, is to treat every one as though they have the plague and wear masks and keep one's distance, until such time as we can say, the virus is gone, or at least is so minimal, that contact tracing can contain it. To all those who wanna have no mask parties and protests, in places like those that feature in the news daily, I say, - some of you will die.
  6. Steve, it is redundant of me, to say, I concur. The fact that otherwise intelligent people, are promoting Trump after all this time, after Trump's obvious lack of utility and with the multiple mountains, of flammable court actions, all poised and ready to go, is astounding. The only answer is that Trump is the rotting meat, they put out on hooks to catch the alligators. And before any Trumpanzees tack me for being partisan, I am not, I am anti-politician and I think that Trump is the worst of the worst, little more than a carnival barker and not a good one at that. A carnival barker without the integrity - (Leonard Pitts Jr.)
  7. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Any way, all the troubles we got is caused by the government, and health problems are caused by demons, alien DNA is being used in medical treatment, the government is run by reptilians and scientists are developing a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. I know because Cav told me so.
  8. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    A Common Snake Oil Reemerges for the Coronavirus The pandemic has sparked an interest in dubious cures such as colloidal silver—and some are trying to capitalize on it. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/06/does-colloidal-silver-work-covid-19/613177/ 555
  9. “Shocker!” Trump, to this day, can't handle being reminded of the time his older brother dumped a bowl of mashed potatoes on Trump's head when Trump was seven, in order to get Trump to stop picking on their youngest sibling.
  10. Trump’s campaign canceled a series of ad spending as it undergoes “a review and fine-tuning of the campaign’s strategy” less than 100 days before Election Day. The moves comes after Brad Parscale was demoted and Bill Stepien was promoted to campaign manager a little more than two weeks ago. (CNN / NBC News) So if no one likes you, fire someone The government dropped its effort to silence Michael Cohen and will no longer demand that Trump’s former personal lawyer not speak with the media before his book is released. Cohen was released from prison in May amid coronavirus fears in prisons, only to be re-imprisoned earlier this month because he refused to sign a form banning him from publishing the book or communicating with the media or public. (Associated Press) Donald say: "Shuddup!" USA government say: "No" ___ the first signs of Donald failing bigley... Donald thinks competent staff look like:
  11. Never heard of the two talking heads nor the political party they refer to. unmitigated excrement, attention whores.
  12. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Hydroxychloroquine use in NZ studies abandoned due to lack of evidence https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/122318977/coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine-use-in-nz-studies-abandoned-due-to-lack-of-evidence-and-covid19-cases A New Zealand Covid-19 study looking at the efficacy of weekly prophylactic hydroxychloroquine regimes for high risk frontline healthcare workers has abandoned the use of the controversial drug. Based on the lack of evidence around the effectiveness of the anti-malaria drug – which was controversially promoted by US President Donald Trumpand Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – the study won’t move onto recruitment and trials. The drug, which has been suggested as a possible Covid-19 treatment, is yet to be used in trials in New Zealand. It was to be included in three studies that received funding from the Health Research Council (HRC) and Ministry of Health in April. “Given the rapidly emerging evidence on potential Covid-19 treatments from other international trials, all three trials have adapted significantly and have removed hydroxychloroquine as a candidate for treatment or prevention,” the council spokesperson said... _____ Because, well, it was bull shit, that's why Trump promoted it. The old saying, "How do you tell when a politician is lying? He's speaking." Could be adapted to: "How do you tell if something is not true? Donald Trump is promoting it."
  13. I was looking forward to my next trip to LOS and getting some Coca induced dental work
  14. COPS SAY COCAINE FOUND IN ‘BOSS RED BULL’ WAS FOR DENTAL TREATMENT Vorayuth 'Boss' Yoovidhya, who has evaded justice for years in the death of a Thonglor police officer, spotted in 2013 at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone, England, in a photo provided by XPB Images. Photo: XPB Images / AP BANGKOK — Police insisted a trace of cocaine found in a billionaire accused of crashing his Ferrari into a policeman eight years ago was part of his dental treatment, a claim disputed on Friday by the national dentist guild. Dental Council president Pojjanart Poomprakorbsri told the media the use of cocaine in dental operations was abolished a century ago. Police said the drug was administered to Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya by a dentist just before the fatal crash in 2012, but declined to identify the person by name. “It’s still difficult for us to launch an investigation since police have not disclosed who [Vorayuth’s] dentist was,” Pojjanart said. “We’re willing to give information to the police if requested.” He added, “Cocaine was used to induce anesthesia in dental treatments in the past, but it has adverse effects on blood pressure.” In the latest attempt that sought to exonerate Vorayuth from his charges, the police on Thursday said investigators decided not to press drug charges against the heir to the Red Bull empire because the residue of cocaine found in Vorayuth’s bloodstream was for medical purposes. House Committee on Police Affairs spokesman Natchanon Srikokuea said the investigators failed to give sufficient evidence backing their claim. He urged the police to quickly clarify the matter to the public. Vorayuth was accused of killing a policeman in a 2012 hit-and-run incident, but his case never made it to the court. Since the crash, Vorayuth has been traveling the world and openly mingling with his friends and family, according to a report by The Associated Press. His family has also donated a sum of 300 million baht to the police and government in recent years, media reports said, though the authorities insist the charity did not influence the investigation into Vorayuth. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2020/07/31/cops-say-cocaine-found-in-boss-red-bull-was-for-dental-treatment/ _____ 1st, why are the Cops mounting a defence for the slime ball, and not the slime ball's lawyers? 2nd, when did the cops become defence counsel?
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    Well speaking as someone who has friends and family in Straya, certainly the phrase "Australia is America for beginners" seems apt . But my mate who is an intensive care specialist, says, that he wishes the leadership would follow NZ's tack and stop the virus in it's tracks. They may be starting to do so, after this attention whore: https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/conspiracy-theorist-eve-black-dramatically-arrested-in-melbourne/news-story/6b526b5f9e2b27f1fcfd111f96770c20 https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/eve-black-the-selfish-woman-from-checkpoint-video-arrested-in-melbourne-20200729-p55gpw.html
  16. The Department of Homeland Security compiled “intelligence reports” about the work of American journalists covering protests in Portland. The Office of Intelligence and Analysis has distributed three Open Source Intelligence Reports to federal law enforcement agencies and others. The reports include written descriptions and images of the tweets written by a New York Times journalist and the editor in chief of the blog Lawfare and noted that they had published leaked, unclassified documents about DHS operations in Portland. A DHS spokesperson said in a statement that after he learned about the practice, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf directed the OIA to “immediately discontinue collecting information involving members of the press” and that in no way does Wolf “condone this practice and he has immediately ordered an inquiry into the matter.” (Washington Post / The Independent) Trump threatened to send the National Guard into Portland to clear out protesters, whom he referred to as a “beehive of terrorists.” Trump claimed Portland was rife with professional agitators and anarchists and that “many should be arrested.” He added that he would send the National Guard to suppress them if local officials failed to get the situation under control over the next two days. He also said the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland “don’t know what they’re doing,” and complained that it’s “not our job to go clean out the cities, it’s supposed to be done by local law enforcement.” (The Independent) Trump defended his suggestion that the U.S. should delay the November election. During a press conference that was supposed to be about the coronavirus, Trump again attacked the process of mail-in voting. “You’re sending out hundreds of millions of universal mail-in ballots. Hundreds of millions,” he said. “Where are they going? Who are they being sent to?” He again falsely claimed that mail-in voting and absentee ballots lead to more voter fraud, vastly overstated the number of ballots that would be needed, and continued sowing doubt about the election process in general. “I don’t want to see a crooked election,” he said. “This will be the most rigged election in history if that happens.” (New York Times) Dr. Anthony Fauci will testify today before a Congressional coronavirus subcommittee. Fauci was initially prevented from testifying by the Trump administration by saying he was unavailable for the entire month of July, but his appearance was approved only after House Majority Whip James Clyburn wrote to Mike Pence. Fauci’s testimony comes two days after the U.S. experienced its 150,000th death from the virus, more than any other country in the world. (Reuters) Jeez I'm glad I don't live in Yokeland.
  17. Didn't Donald offer to sell him some hydro chloro gin and tonic pills? and if not why not?
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    Any New Jokes

    And now we know how Jigger made his money
  19. GOV’T DENIES HELPING ‘BOSS RED BULL’ ESCAPE MURDER CHARGES https://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2020/07/29/govt-denies-helping-boss-red-bull-escape-murder-charges/ PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and his deputy Prawit Wongsuwan on Wednesday denied allegations that the executive branch conspired with the prosecutors to drop charges against a billionaire accused of a fatal hit-and-run in 2012. PM Prayut said the government was never influenced by the family of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya into dropping the charges, despite reports that the clan has donated a large sum of money to the police in recent years. Deputy PM Prawit also said he didn’t even know Vorayuth personally. “They don’t have power to do so,” Prawit said. “I don’t know his family. I don’t know him personally either. They never approached me for help.” Their denial followed speculation that the junta-appointed committee on justice system and police affairs might have helped Vorayuth, whose family owns the Red Bull empire, to get away with the charges related to the crash in 2012. The most serious offense accuses Vorayuth of reckless driving that resulted in death. Vorayuth has never appeared in court, and an arrest warrant wasn’t issued against him until 2018. Media reports say the delay was caused by a letter sent by Vorayuth’s lawyer to the junta-appointed committee and the prosecutors, complaining of unspecified ‘unfairness’ in the case. The petition reportedly forced the investigators to reevaluate the evidence and eyewitness’ accounts. What conflict of interest? A report published earlier this week also revealed that the Yoovidhya family has donated a sum of 300 million baht to the government and the police. The donation was allegedly made after PM Prayut asked top-earning tycoons in April to come up with plans to assist the public in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Although Prayut’s call for advice did not solicit any money, the government accepted the donations from the Yoovidhya family anyway. Deputy PM Prawit today insisted no special arrangements were made. “There’s nothing about it,” Prawit said. “It’s just like other tycoons.” {they all give me money} Citing public interest, PM Prayut signed an executive order to set up a committee to probe into the case on Wednesday. The committee is chaired by a legal professor and is expected to spell out its findings within 30 days. {then the professor dies} Thonglor police superintendent Samphan Leungsajjakul and the former case officer Viradol Tubtimdee also reported themselves to the separate committee set up by the police on Wednesday morning. {can we have our money please} Advisor to the national police commissioner Sattawat Hiranburana, who headed the committee, said his task does not seek to reverse the prosecutors’ decision to drop the charges since the case is already concluded. {I've got my money} The committee will instead question whether the decision made by assistant police chief Permpoon Chidchob not to contest the prosecutors was legal, he said. The committee will conclude its findings within 15 days. {then Chidchob dies} See the new rings I got from Red Bull? All top class, number one, highest grade, best quality, 24 carat gold and 10bht weight, happy happy rich rich...
  20. KEY WITNESS IN ‘BOSS RED BULL’ CASE DIES IN ACCIDENT A key witness in police investigation into a billionaire accused of killing a policeman in a hit-and-run incident has died in a motorbike accident, police said Thursday. Jaruchart Mardthong, who was questioned by investigators in the case of Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya’s fatal crash, died around 1:30am on Thursday on Huay Kaew Road in Chiang Mai city, according to the police, who insisted his death had nothing to do with Vorayuth. “It’s a regular accident,” Police Capt. Kirat Butrwong, who is in charge of the case, said by phone Thursday. Jaruchat, 40, died at hospital after crashing with another motorbike driver, who was also injured but had already left hospital. “Looking at the CCTV footage, it’s an accident,” Police spokesman Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen said Thursday. “But the autopsy is ongoing and investigators will continue to investigate. We aren’t ruling anything out yet.” Police Col. Ronnachai Rodloi of Bhubhing police in Chiang Mai said that Jaruchat had been driving behind the other motorist before attempting to cut in front of him. Both motorists reportedly had alcohol in their blood. Jaruchat’s body has been retrieved by his family for his funeral in Chiang Rai. Testimony given by Jaruchat and another witness is believed to have contributed to prosecutors’ decision to drop the charges against Vorayuth. Contradicting experts’ belief that the Red Bull fortune heir was driving at a high speed, Jaruchat told police on Dec. 4, 2019, that Vorayuth was going at 50 to 60 kmph. Jaruchat said he was driving behind Vorayuth at the time. The crash killed Sgt. Maj. Wichean Glanprasert, who was on patrol in the nightlife district of Thong Lor. Police said cocaine, alcohol, and a substance linked to Xanax were found in Vorayuth’s blood after the incident. Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome on Thursday tweeted his condolences, and said that he would “follow closely to see if this is really a normal accident or if there are any irregularities since he is involved in the suspicious #BossYoovidhya case.” ___________ Of Course! - how many more will die for the little slime ball?
  21. I can give you first hand evidence, of the effects of having sex with witches and demons, in reality. Two from the Thermae, one from Soi 1 and also my first two wives. Sundry that I can only partially remember.
  22. Maybe they'll start to take this publishing lark seriously, or prolly not...
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