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  1. You Lucky Lucky man. I hope you have a great 67th!
  2. Watch the vid - you wont be disappointed
  3. How many hidden bull tahr can you spot? worth a look
  4. Crazy Rocketman: Riding the "BLACK PEARL" Jet Kart !!
  5. Coss

    Them They ?

    Yes I know, I was just giving yer tail a tug
  6. Coss

    Them They ?

    I didn't expect you to go off like a frog in a sock, Yeah Nah...
  7. Coss

    Them They ?

    So you are a multi-shoop-a-shama-lamba-a-ding-dong ?
  8. G'day, I reckon 2025 is the year, when things will be amenable to a holiday in LOS/Laos.
  9. Coss

    Them They ?

    Gender neutral pronouns I usually don't care what people want to be referred to as, in the internet age when people have pseudonyms like 'flirty-crocodile-267', names don't seem to matter. Coming from a family that includes Journalists trained in English, not trained in TikTok, the use of Them or They for a single person does not work for me. If we accept that the person, cannot settle on one gender, and that is their justification, for using Them or They, then what about people with 17 personalities? Are these folk condemned to being neither but possibly both genders? I reckon gender various (gender-various, you saw it here first) people should find new descriptors, like himf or herm or hef or shem or multi-shoop-a-shama-lamba-a-ding-dong https://edition.cnn.com/2022/06/20/entertainment/jennifer-lopez-emme-gender/index.html " they're my favorite duet partner of all time." See? english not working. Also for Yankee spelling...
  10. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    Wind Turbines Kill Clouds - Save the Clouds Wind and solar energy development are occurring at a rapid pace across the U.S. as part of the broader effort to phase out fossil fuel use. While this is positive from a climate change mitigation perspective, there is an unfortunate side effect — wind and solar energy infrastructure are threats to clouds. Clouds are of course important reflectors of heat from the earth's surface, sending the energy back into space and mitigating global warming. Yet somehow, whenever the subject of how many clouds are destroyed by wind turbines comes up, it is often remarked that wind turbines kill fewer clouds each year than do other threats like outdoor farting and open fires. The intention here seems to be to make it sound as though wind turbines are not a significant risk to clouds. While it's technically correct that some other threats destroy more clouds than wind turbines do, this argument is in some ways misleading, and in other ways irrelevant. Link. Clouds being destroyed by the chopping motion of wind turbines. Photo: Maydeetup/Shutterstuff.
  11. I draw the reader's attention to this article from 2014. And importantly, I'm not bring USA politics, to the assertion contained in this post. Though I do use, the storming of the Capitol in the USA on Jan 6 2021 as an example, of the Democratisation of Knowledge in the Internet Age and how a large proportion of people, do not understand this. What I am referring to is video footage of the moments the storming of the Capitol began and how citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, enabled technology to pick out the leaders of the Proud Boys, in the footage and follow them. These guys (dressed as normies - their words): 1/. Led crowds to the Capitol. 2/. Distracted police and moved barriers. 3/. Started fights and were first to break windows and doors. 4/. All whilst dressed as (normies) normal protestors with no insignia and scarves over their faces. The citizen journalists and open source software have, with the New York Times, made the identification of these guys and their actions, obvious and plain. My comment is that, in the Internet Age, not only do people leave digital foot prints, with their cell phones and social media etc, but facial recognition and even old fashioned photos, can track you down when there's thousands of people, waving cameras around. I think the only way to avoid identification in something like the Jan 6 insurrection would be to : a/. not be there b/. not do it. I still can't believe how many of these people, who are being prosecuted for crimes, videoed themselves in the act. Not very clever, the public at large. I know that some on this board are not only tech fluent, but conceivably experts, so I hope you'll share with me the amazement, that normally clever people, really don't know, that the Internet is an open book.
  12. Coss

    Polar Bears

    This article got my attention. Vis a vis global warming and the marketing around such. I'm not arguing global warming here, I want to examine what the public have been told and what they believe about Polar Bears. Firstly, we've all been told that Polar Bears absolutely depend on sea ice, to hunt seals. No sea ice = no food ∴ dead Polar Bears. The town of Churchill in Hudson Bay nicknamed "Polar Bear Capital of the World" has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years, trading in furs and whale blubber and such. The Polar Bears have come to associate this settlement with food so much so that you can fly there for Polar Bear Tours. This also makes for a good base for studies. Warm place with beer (glug glug) at night, to base your studies from. Some time ago there was a study (links needed) that investigated all the Yeti and Abominable Snowman relics and did DNA analysis on any that could be found including those that were held by Tibetan Monasteries and so on. What they found was that most were Brown Bear (Grizzlies are Brown Bear) or a hybrid between Polar and Brown bears. This of courses means that either Polar Bears travel south from the Arctic to mate with Brown bears, or that Brown Bears travelled north to mate in the Arctic. So Polar Bears at the very least encountered Brown Bears, probably not on sea ice. Then this article comes along and notes that: the population studied uses fresh water ice to hunt seals and does not roam like other populations, "The polar bears were found to be physically and genetically distinct from other species, which researchers believe is because they are hemmed in by mountains, the Denmark Strait, the East Greenland coastal current and the Greenland Ice Sheet." and - "Unlike other polar bears, the community also prefers to stay in one place, rather than venturing far over sea-ice to hunt. Satellite tracking showed that when 27 bears accidentally floated 193km on ice floes caught in a coastal current, they swam to land and walked back home." If you look at the below map you'll note that there are vast areas of land adjacent to the Arctic Circle that the bears can utilise. I think that the loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic Circle is going to result in more Yetis.
  13. No courage in your convictions? No facts you can report? No denials of reality?
  14. Thanks MP that's bloody good. Should be required viewing for Cav.
  15. "Had the Vice President of the United States obeyed the President of the United States, America would immediately have been plunged into what would have been tantamount to a revolution within a paralyzing constitutional crisis." -- retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig
  16. Just catching up with the coverage of Thursday”s (USA time) hearing. So far, Eastman”s request for a pardon, is a stand out.
  17. Standees it's a phenomenon City dwellers of a certain residential complex in Manila can rest easy after the shadow of a creepy intruder lurking in a condo unit’s window turned out to be nothing more than a standee of Jin, a member of the ridiculously popular K-pop boyband BTS. The standee owner, who goes by the handle @snowlight711 on TikTok, shared that she nearly gave neighbors a heart attack after they mistook the shadow of Jin’s standee as an intruder. The BTS fan shared that her condo building’s administrative staff called her at 11:30pm because residents from the building opposite theirs reported that they were “very concerned and bothered” as they had been seeing a strange man peering from her window for days... https://coconuts.co/manila/lifestyle/creepy-intruder-lurking-by-condo-window-turns-out-to-be-standee-of-bts-jin/?mc_cid=7a28c19210&mc_eid=503e28128a
  18. Thanks Cav, I was misguided, I thought you were still wearing your MAGA hat.
  19. Alex Jones April 2020 and A judge has denied a motion from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to dismiss the contempt of Congress charges against him.
  20. Tombstones in what's now Kyrgyzstan have revealed tantalizing details about the origins of the Black Death, the world's most devastating plague outbreak that is estimated to have killed half of Europe's population in the space of seven years during the Middle Ages. The source of that pandemic has been debated by historians for centuries, but the inscribed tombstones -- some of which referred to a mysterious pestilence -- and genetic material from bodies exhumed from two grave sites that date back to the 13th century have provided some concrete answers to this long-standing question. Researchers first excavated the burial sites in the 1880s. The tombstone inscriptions, written in the Syriac language, were painstakingly reexamined in 2017 by historian Phil Slavin, an associate professor at the University of Stirling in Scotland. He noticed that of the 467 burials that were precisely dated, a disproportionate number -- 118 -- were from just two years: 1338 and 1339. It's a revelation he described as "astonishing." ........ https://edition.cnn.com/2022/06/15/health/black-death-plague-source-identified-scn/index.html I'm intrigued by a stone that bears a likeness of a Maltese Cross, from the 1300s
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