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  1. Specialist, they may well be using hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin, that doesn't make it right for an ignoramus to tell other ignoramuses that it's OK for use. And if any Americans don't know, that there are a huge amount of the citizenry, who believe Trump, then the problem is a lot worse than it seems. Because Trump is one "last person he talked to" away, from "shoot the neighbour if he coughs", "it's OK, I'll give you a pardon..."
  2. Jared Kushner’s shadow coronavirus task force appears to be violating both the Presidential Records Act and Federal Advisory Committee Act. Kushner’s task force is using private email accounts and has not complied with requirements to document, preserve and maintain records of “the activities, deliberations, decisions, and policies that reflect the performance of the President’s constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties.” (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)
  3. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    from a friend who still uses farcebook https://www.facebook.com/nampai14/videos/3933228876695170/
  4. Cav - Aquarium ≠ Fish A fish is living or dead organism of Phylum: chordata, Subphylum vertebrata. Most are bony fish, Osteichthyes. An Aquarium is usually a box shaped construction often made of glass or plastic in which, fish are kept, as a hobby or for decorative purposes. An Aquarium is inanimate and cannot be killed. It can be cleaned. Chloroquine Phosphate, is present in both anti-malarial drugs and in aquarium cleaners. However, the formulation of the aquarium cleaner makes it toxic. The wife told reporters that “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.” So, it is not a fish cleaning chemical. 1. are you functionally illiterate? 2. What? Oh and by the way, Trump is just now (as I write this) saying that Hydroxy Chloroquine "is the better of the two, and it's a very successful Drug". "And people are dying, they can be tested immediately on the people, who in many cases they're dying" - direct quote. A reporter questioned him and it's "More Fake News" Now he's leaving, thank fuck.
  5. Trump is telling the world that everyone (governors military) are grovelling at his feet, because he's doing such a great job, like the world has never seen. He now reckons that the USA needs ventilators after saying they didn't. "more important probably, than it's almost ever been, probably". "...and that doesn't include the thousands and thousands that we've already given , and the quality of the materials is important, they've got to be top of the line, and they didn't even know they've got them, and the thousands and thousands and Boeing , each plane can carry 63,000 lbs of cargo that's a lot of cargo...." "we only want to get people tested if they need it" "we're now testing more than 100,000 patients per day, more than anyone else in the world" "rational, determined and deliberate vigilance, then you see what's going on all over the world, so many countries, we're going to be in very good shape, " " Boris Johnson is calling for ventilators, you know he's tested positive, Italy, Germany they're all calling for ventilators, we're gonna make a lot of ventilators..." Arguing with reporters over whether or not he said they needed ventilators and why he's making General motors make 100,000, then he got into blaming NewYork of not knowing he'd sent 2,000 then 4,000 then many thousands.... farrk... Reporter: "What do you want the governors to do?" "All I want them to do is be appreciative" "and when they're not being appreciative to me, they're not being appreciative to the army corps...." He's now calling the crisis, a, pause, Global, pause, Pandemic. Not the Chinese Virus. Each of the people speaking after him, starts with a 'Trump is so wonderful and great... ' before moving onto the factual briefings they give. I think they've got some of the import, of this crisis into Trumps bubble, but it is obvious that he thinks the virus will disappear and he'll run a successful election campaign. And bail out Boeing, Black Rock etc... A few weeks ago I'd be laughing my lungs out at the excellent comedy. But these days, people are dying and a huge number of Americans, have put their faith in this clown, as is often said: This is gonna hurt.
  6. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    This Anutin twat, seems like he wants to be added to the list of reasons that Politicians should not be allowed to control a country. Maybe we are all ready for government of technocracy Anutin Sorry For Threatening To ‘Whip’ Doctors Who Caught Virus :: “As far as I have been briefed, no doctor has been infected while they are treating Covid-19 patients,” Anutin said when asked about measures to prevent infection among the medical professionals after news surfaced that some of them have caught the virus. “This is why we have to whip them. We’re not happy with those medical personnel who do not take good care of themselves. They are supposed to be a role model.” [ unlike politicians who are supposed the be role models for the most execrable , nasty, people on the planet ] https://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2020/03/27/anutin-sorry-for-threatening-to-whip-doctors-who-caught-virus/ and
  7. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    I have no superior knowledge of the USA, my comment was an attempt to rark up Cav. And yes Red Neck, is indeed from the coal miners, as noted several times on this very board. But in my use, was intended to portray, the modern, gun-carrying, yokel, Trumpanzee, such is the modern use for this term. Perhaps Red Cap might be more appropriate? Any hoo, I hope it doesn't come to this. We've already had queues outside a gun store in NZ, where the IQ of the participants was revealed, in that, in NZ, you have to wait some weeks, to get a gun, and only air rifles are available off the shelf. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/412528/gun-store-owner-urges-calm-after-firearms-owners-queue-outside-shops
  8. Can I call it the USA virus now? 55555 Sorry, this should not be a laughing matter.
  9. Donald Trump, live now :: On the G20 virtual meeting - Donald is reading the roll call of the people who were at the meeting, he must be pleased being allowed to do the roll call. Interspersed with bits of how well he's doing with the border wall, and it's a little bit different, among all those countries, waffle waffle. Then he had a meeting with the governors, fake news, positively, only fake news, Tom Brady great guy, I wish the news could be real, so much of it's corrupt, no contention virtually one maybe one little tiny rising of the wise guy, but he wouldn't be so much any more, it was a great meeting took place at 12 O'clock. Thank the democrats and republicans for passing the legislation..... more waffle Donald is going to fly to Virginia to "Kiss the hospital ship goodbye", before it leaves for New York. I gave up.
  10. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Bubi, we are in a minority, that is, being folk who understand things about this virus. The wide spread ignorance and idiocy that large numbers of people around the world are exhibiting, is unfortunate, in terms of numbers of deaths that will occur, though if anyone, is as a group, going to improve the gene pool by leaving it, it's the ignorant.
  11. No greater love hath Trump than to lay down your life for his re-election Richard Wolffe Only a once-in-a-century leader has the guts to say out loud what the worst among us are really thinking: everyone other than me is expendable https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/25/donald-trump-coronavirus-response-richard-wolffe ‘If only we could target the virus to those who get in the way of our economy and, more importantly, Donald Trump’s re-election.’ Photograph: Sarah Silbiger/EPA Donald Trump isn’t much of a doctor or scientist. He isn’t much of a diplomat or general. His leadership skills match his business skills. There’s a reason his companies went bankrupt so many times. But he might just be a pioneer with this idea of letting people die for the sake of the country. Only a once-in-a-century leader has the guts to say out loud what the worst among us are really thinking: everyone other than me is expendable. Anyone older is past it, for sure. The younger ones we can easily afford to lose: they don’t actually pay for anything. The smarter ones? Totally annoying. The dumber ones: what’s even the point? The sick are a real drain on us, financially and emotionally. The poor won’t really do much in the long run, no matter how hard we try. The wealthy just keep shoving it in your face. Foreigners aren’t like us at all. And our neighbors are frankly a bit too close for comfort. So when you add it all up, it’s only sensible that we ask everyone else to sacrifice themselves for us. For the sake of the nation and all that’s good, please just go, so that the rest of us – not counting the undesirables – can get back to our old lives. “Look, you’re going to lose a number of people to the flu,” this pandemic of a president told Fox News on Tuesday. “But you’re going to lose more people by putting a country into a massive recession or depression. You’re going to lose people. You’re going to have suicides by the thousands. You’re going to have all sorts of things happen. You’re going to have instability.” Mr President, it might come as a shock to you but we are currently suffering from a viral case of instability, and you are one of its hotspots. As you surely recall, if you lift all restrictions, the estimated death count is 2.2 million Americans. “You can’t just come in and say, ‘Let’s close up the United States of America,’” continued the president who prides himself on closing the borders of, um, the United States of America. Being a fundamentally religious man, albeit one with a love of paying off porn stars, Trump has a full resurrection in mind for the country in all of two weeks. “I would love to have it open by Easter,” he told the normally diligent hoax-busters at Fox News. “I will, I will tell you that right now. I would love to have that. It’s such an important day for other reasons, but I’ll make it an important day for this too.” Pray tell: what are those other reasons that Easter is important? Perhaps if we could discuss those reasons, you might rethink this one. It seems – how to put this diplomatically? – a little perverse to kill large swaths of the population to celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead. The White House comms team might think it’s confusing to mix one message of rebirth with another about mass death. Of course, this kind of party-pooping epidemiology is so typical of the elites. They just don’t get it. Or worse: they’re trying to save lives just so they can hurt Donald Trump’s re-election. “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success,” tweeted our LameStream President on Wednesday. “The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!” If it’s not the media’s fault, it’s the doctors and scientists, or the governors or the Chinese. Someone, anyone, not called Trump The real people won’t be surprised to hear that our fearful leader’s latest gambit is to blame everyone else as he desperately tries to squirm his way to November’s election. How else can he divert attention from his disastrously botched handling of the pandemic and the ensuing economic collapse? If it’s not the media’s fault, it’s the doctors and scientists, or the governors or the Chinese. Someone, anyone, not called Trump. There is some history to this one, naturally. When Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico in our antihero’s first year in office, he thought it was fine and dandy to let the sick and elderly die. In the early days, the official death toll was so low it was actually worth celebrating their deaths on his one and only trip to the American colony after the storm. “If you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here with, really, a storm that was just totally overpowering,” he said, “nobody has ever seen anything like this. What is your death count, as of this moment? Seventeen? Sixteen certified. Sixteen people versus in the thousands. You can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people working together.” Of course, they weren’t working together because they had no commander-in-chief. At the time Trump was talking, the death toll was growing exponentially because our so-called president failed to surge supplies to the island. So the sick and the elderly died in their thousands because there was no reliable power, clean water or food, in hospitals and senior centers. Anyone who complained, like the mayor of San Juan, was corrupt or crazy or incompetent: a combination of qualities that Trump should actually trademark. And when the real death toll finally emerged – at more than 4,600 Americans – it was naturally all a plot by Democrats to make him look bad. Those old and sick Americans in Puerto Rico were no different from the old and sick Americans whose lives are so cheap for Trump and the Texas lieutenant governor and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. If only we could target the virus to those who get in the way of our economy and, more importantly, Donald Trump’s re-election. It would be so much easier than sourcing more ventilators, or respirator masks, or reviving an economy that is heading for depression. That would require leadership, or at least crisis management skills: rallying a government and nation to a common cause to save each other and ourselves. All the rest is the wishful thinking of a group of people whose malign influence is now a matter of fact. The coronavirus has no sense of morality: it just spreads its selfish genes, along with its misery and chaos, as fast as it can. At long last, this president has finally met his soulmate.
  12. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Thailand reported 111 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, hitting a grim milestone of more than 1,000 since the outbreak began. and because the truth is dangerous :: The government’s response center to the coronavirus epidemic on Thursday published and later deleted an announcement that 111 more people tested positive for the virus
  13. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    So America wants to call it the Chinese Virus and China wants to call it the American Virus, woohoo, now we are binary again, just like the if Trump is bad, Hilary must be good, binary drivel.
  14. In fact at the link in the above post :: https://www.futurity.org/millions-of-marine-viruses-ebb-and-flow/10 Million Viruses in one Drop of Seawater We can see that USA Scientists have been collecting Viruses from Bats since the year 2000 and who knows where the CIA has deployed them? Why not the American Virus? BATS - (Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study) vis "For the new study, scientists studied in unprecedented detail the temporal and vertical patterns of virioplankton abundance within the open ocean. Samples were collected throughout the upper 300 meters of the water column every month, beginning in the year 2000, at an open ocean hydrostation called the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS) site." 55555
  15. I'd slam the Chinese Government for underreporting the numbers, hiding the facts etc, but not by the mislabeling of the virus to rark up the rednecks that support Trump. The thing is, the virus is no more Chinese, than water is, or Oxygen, or Bacteria. The fact that the first reported infections of Humans by the virus, occurred in China is as relevant as saying, My friend Flash got a cold first, this is White Cracker sickness. To single out an "other" as a focus for Nationalistic politicking, is a common ruse, used by the ignorant and insecure. Flash; from your own post in another thread "Coronavirus Could Be a 'Chimera' of Two Different Viruses, Genome Analysis Suggests..." we can see that the actual origins of the virus in it's human infecting form, are unknown, it could have been Pangolins smuggled in from Africa, or Thailand, who knows? Bats flying across from India? Russia? Whereas Chinese food is appropriately named as being from China, not from bats, pangolins or a CIA deep deep operation. I saw a docco on the Soviet biological warfare programme, this virus could have just as easily been from that, in that we don't know where is is from . Did you know :: The oceans contain almost 200,000 different viral populations, according to the latest count. And :: https://www.futurity.org/millions-of-marine-viruses-ebb-and-flow/10 Million Viruses in one Drop of Seawater
  16. Also on the 2 Trillion legislation package: "the democrats have treated us very fairly" hear that Cav? Trump said it, is he telling the truth or a lie?
  17. Trump, right now: "We are testing more than anybody, no one is even close, we have the best tests, we've tested far more than everyone else, we have the best test, no country is even close"...........
  18. It would seem that the Dems had a point, will Trumpo veto the bill? Trump’s businesses and Trump-owned companies are prohibited under the new stimulus package from receiving loans or investments from Treasury programs. Firms owned by the president, vice president, members of Congress, or heads of executive departments would all be excluded from receiving that aid under the current language of the bill, including companies controlled by their children, spouses or in-laws. (Bloomberg / CNBC / Washington Post)
  19. Cool? Hard to say, if this is great, or indicative of a sustained lack of good breeding
  20. I had hope for Boris on account of his actually having an Education. But really, stepping away from the personalities, Boris and Trump are representative of the Political classes, now not caring, if we can see their slip (as in, your slip is showing). Put another way, they're grifters and they don't care who knows it. They will soon.
  21. Can Trump get away with 2 million dead Americans? He's messaging that he's fighting the bilgiest, invisbible (yes he said invisbible) enemy, he want's to be a "wartime president". Election 7 months... fall out from Virus, 7 years.
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