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  1. for all the Trumpanzees, this is one of the very many chickens, strutting through the door of the roost, as they come home... The prosecutor personally selected by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origins of the Mueller probe says he can't find any evidence to support the theory that the probe was a setup by American intelligence agencies. U.S. Attorney John Durham was contacted by the office of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and asked whether a Maltese professor who had early contact with the Trump campaign was actually a U.S. intelligence asset. U.S. intelligence have agencies denied the claim, and Durham informed Horowitz's office that his investigation had also produced no evidence to support it. The previously unreported interaction between Horowitz and Durham is documented in a draft of Horowitz's forthcoming report on the Russia investigation, which argues that the FBI did have sufficient evidence to launch the investigation in the first place. (Washington Post / CNN / The Hill)
  2. Remember at the beginning of all this, when I was ridiculing Trump, for speaking and behaving, like a 12 yr old girl, in the school yard? And so it goes....
  3. or in words that Trumpanzees will understand::
  4. I should say, special mention, thanks for the link, Any Trumpanzees that still think The Orange One is God the Light and the Way, should ask themselves, how do you accomplish anything good, when you are the laughing stock of the world?
  5. Steve, againilly, wot you said... I think you are more perceptive, than 40% of your countrymen and if 'merica had Knighthoods, you should get one, for your considered and fact based opinions. ____ And this continuation on a theme :: Why is it, that when Trump speaks to Erdoğan, something good happens for Putin? Could it be that Trump can't be seen speaking to Putin anymore? because all the Americans are getting upset, every time Trump takes his instructions? I predict something good for Putin, a little way down the track, or Trump is getting advice, from Putin, on this looming disaster that is the Impeachment thing. Trump met privately with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for an unscheduled meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London. They discussed trade, energy, and the importance that both countries fulfill their alliance commitments. The meeting was not open to U.S. media. (Bloomberg) "They discussed trade, energy, and the importance that both countries fulfil their alliance commitments. " Like fuck they did. Secret meetings, always a good place to get instructions.
  6. And from the "Trump never fails to deny the truth and thereto provide amusement to thinking people" file :: On Tuesday, Mr Trump was pressed about his views on Britain's Prince Andrew stepping down from his royal duties amid backlash over his association with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. "I don't know him, no," Mr Trump said, shaking his head, at a press conference on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London. "I don't know Prince Andrew, but it's a tough story, it's a very tough story."
  7. So what you're saying is that the 9 GOP Trumpanzees voting against the truth, the light and the only godly way, are not partisan? As a rationalutan, I can only be amused...
  8. Trump at NATO he thinks he's King of the world now. If it wasn't for him, we'd all be fighting WW III Witch Hunt Not talking about British Election but he'd win it for them if he wanted to. Then he started to regurgitate intelligence on "thousands of people being killed in IRAN", that's why they cut off the Internet. China Trade Deal, great deal but only if he (Trump) wants to do it.... Best deal, everyone will be surprised. He want's to wait till after the (Presidential) election to do the China deal...
  9. I still say Trees and animals → swamp → buried swamp → very deep hole in the ground → millions of years → now oil in deep hole in ground → drilling by humans → make petrol, plastic bags and LP records → use plastic bags to carry shopping → bury plastic bags in hole in ground → wait a million years → perfect definition of recycling though not strictly vegan as there are animals in that swamp rotting away in the first place And the problem is not the plastic bags, it's the people throwing them on the ground. In NZ you can walk for miles and miles and miles and never see a plastic bag, if you do it's dropped by a Thai tourist. Look at any rice field in LOS and Laos and wot yer got? Why not ban rice fields? No rice fields in NZ, no plastic bags on ground....
  10. Correct, orange man bad... And 'all you do is criticizing' - Cav you may not have noticed, STEVE IS NOT THE POTUS, so Steve can't do this, the POTUS can. And what the POTUS does is put children in cages. To Pre-empt your next comment, - POTUS is not as bad as Stalin. So putting people in cages/camps is Bad - we agree - and you keep saying everything orange man does is bad... I have to agree with you
  11. common decency, is that before or after you grab them by the pussy?
  12. And it shall ever be so, read same same for everyone with a bit of power, Royals, Yanks, NZ'ers and so on...
  13. Steve, your last two posts - Wot you said. I agree, whole heartedly, Cav is hypocritical, if we go back through this thread we will find, that Cav was the first, to loudly and and without basis, attack Michelle and her kids. Then he has the unhinged gall to say this in his postabove : Some of you may know the author of the below: Well, for us Yanks it has begun…Thanksgiving…a holiday somehow celebrating the commencement of the genocide against the first wave of American immigrants by subsequent manifest destiny types in the 15 &1600s …couple of hundred years later Abe Lincoln thought the troops needed a day off and a good feed so he made it a national holiday…later corporate government forces reinforced it by sponsoring parades and shit to start the Xmas/new years season bingeing …Canadia even jumps the Yanks guns by doing their own version earlier….figure it gets colder earlier there…
  14. I heard the Hong Kong Ambassador to the UK, being talked to on "Hard Talk". The host gave him a real good dressing down. But if I am objective about the performance, I have to give the Ambassador credit, for holding up his end. But in the end, it's like what I say about Lao Politics, compared to Western Politics. The same kinds of people, doing the same kinds of things and saying the same obfuscated bullshit lies, for the same (usually) self interested and corrupt motives. I really do think, we should take the control of our societies, away from the politicians. Or if we have to have them, perhaps a democracy should have more 51% majority referendums, and a leader could be voted out at any time in the term, with a 60% majority vote in the senate/parliament/pub/PlaySkool. On the lack of nightlife in Hong Kong, that you've been speaking of: Wot about Pattaya? via Thai Visa - Pattaya is Dead
  15. I agree with Steve, and like him, I have no problem with her methods to enrich herself. Jeez I'd do her, but the eyes ... We all know women who used their greatest talents to rise in society. And even though the basic equation, is that wealth flows from Man to Woman in most relationships, you could argue that it is a matter of degree and it's an arbitrary line we draw, that distinguishes a normal woman from a whore. And men too, for those that can't think, in the general conceptual space. My money is on her screwing her way to the top. There's no way that she came from the background that she did and by chance and talent, got to marry a (purported) billionaire.
  16. Happy Thanksgiving you 'mericans... Apple slammed by Ukraine for marking Crimea as part of Russia - I'm ashamed to be an Apple fan boy. And in other Apple developments, Apple is now reviewing and rconstructing it's testing process after the slap dash and bug ridden IOS 13 roll out. When they start again with the testing regime, you know something's f*cked. My Apple using people I know, all agree, Apple software no longer 'just works'- it's now much more like Windows, constant iterative bug fixes that never get to the bottom of the "features". and this is real, how low is America prepared to go? from his very own post on his very own twitter account twit? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1199718185865535490
  17. Official Secrets (2019) The true story of a British whistleblower who leaked information to the press about an illegal NSA spy operation designed to push the UN Security Council into sanctioning the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Matt Smith, Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans, Tamsin Greig. Keira no longer looks like a High Class Heroin Hooker, she's put on a bit of weight at age 34 and it suits her. Her performance as the lead is very good. This telling of the true story, has quite a lot of intersections, with real life events, in the modern international reality, of politicians ruining it for the rest of us.
  18. Coss

    Tilac, I Want To Eat Steak

    We've got Argentinian steak houses in NZ too, even in Vientiane. They operate on seeming to give you vast chunks of BBQ'd meat, at reasonable prices. But most people don't really eat more than about 200gms of meat at a sitting and when the bill comes, it's not outrageous, but more than you first thought. As to the eye watering price in LOS, well, yes, TIT
  19. Yes Cav, Donnie has very right to "ask" about anything. "Where's that woman? you know the model, Melanie, something? She has a son, together...." So do I, "What about the vast Criminal enterprise the Trumps have been operating since they grifted their way to the best seats at the trough?"
  20. Heh heh, sorry my earlier post was confusing, I had to read it again. What I was trying to say in my obscure manner, was that Bloomberg is working for the Republicans and a figurative Paper Tiger. If he get's traction, he further divides the Democratic field. If the deplorables, come out for him in polling, he could suddenly go public as a Republican. Remember Trump was a Dem. Again, I reckon a list of who he's been meeting with over the last year, would be revealing. Republican rule # 1 - don't lose power, not even a little bit.
  21. Suicide by flunky, a long and honourable tradition.
  22. 55555... thanks for that, made my day. I had a friend who was into HIFI and he spent ridiculous money on gear. Some was obviously good stuff, like valve amps, and even I could hear the benefit, of $30,000 electrostatic speakers, but this cable stuff was stupid. He even had a mat made from sheet copper, (think kitchen foil only copper) that cost him $300 to sit the Amp on. Cav! protect your cat! (from the post above)
  23. I think you will be surprised. Bloomberg has, after some faffing around, announced his run for President. If I were an astute Journalist, with access to the tools of a news organisation, I'd be listing who, in the Republican party, Bloomberg had been talking to, over the last year. 1/. Republicans don't want to lose power. 2/. Even the Republicans can see, that Trump will end badly. 3/. Better to have Bloomberg to sort out this mess, like he did after Giuliani's Mayorship, than let the Dems get more power.
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