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  1. I'd just like to congratulate Mr Trump on running a very successful Pandemic. No one but Trump could have achieved such high virus penetration. And even though it's too early to congratulate him on the most deaths ever, I'll put money on him winning that accolade too. WINNING! Good on you Donald! Sad that the majority of deaths will be low IQ yokel MAGA fine Trump followers, but that's the Demonrats fault.
  2. For the Americans on the board :: The reason the rest of the world, dislikes Trump and wants as little, to do with him, as possible, is not because of what he is doing, or not doing, it's not because of his politics, it's not even the Russia thing, or any of his other transgressions. It's because, he's fucking stupid.
  3. Yes, if Biden, is 1 x Bad, George W, 0.5 x Bad, Obama 0.3 x Bad, Trump is 100 x Bad, the worst. But at least he knows more than anyone on the Planet. Kayleigh McEnany Mocked After Insisting Trump Is 'Most Informed Person' “The president does read and he also consumes intelligence verbally," the White House press secretary insisted. --- White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany came in for some skewering for her latest defense of President Donald Trump. McEnany attempted Tuesday to explain away damning reports that the president was either not briefed or didn’t pay attention to intelligence reports that raised concerns the Russian government was paying bounties to Taliban fighters to kill U.S. soldiers. A reporter asked about reports that the president isn’t much of a reader, especially when it comes to his intelligence briefing books: “The president does read and he also consumes intelligence verbally. This president, I’ll tell you, is the most informed person on the planet Earth when it comes to the threats that we face.”... Link
  4. It occurs to me, that the last time America had a Great Depression, they did not also, have a run-away Pandemic. Trump and Pence are claiming success....
  5. And in anticipation of Trump's next move and in light of his poor audience numbers recently, I think he'll find a sporting event, with lotsa fans and turn up and take a bow, because he thinks the fans will cheer him.
  6. New York City's mayor has confirmed a Black Lives Matter mural will be painted right in front of the Trump Tower in Manhattan amid ongoing anti-racism protests sparked by the police-involved killing of George Floyd. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office said the mural would serve as a reminder for the president and all who see it painted in bold on the city’s iconic Fifth Avenue, where President Donald Trump has owned his 58-floor skyscraper since 1979. “The president is a disgrace to the values we cherish in New York City”, Julia Arredondo, spokesperson for Mr de Blasio, said in a statement. She added: “He can’t run or deny the reality we are facing, and any time he wants to set foot in the place he claims is his hometown, he should be reminded Black Lives Matter.” https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/new-york-city-mayor-to-install-black-lives-matter-mural-outside-of-trump-tower/ar-BB15VmSI It's a start.
  7. I know we've been predicting the current situation, but that doesn't make it any good.
  8. Via Thai Visa Thai Immigration announce changes to TM30 reporting https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1169664-thai-immigration-announce-changes-to-tm30-reporting/?utm_source=newsletter-20200624-0553&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news
  9. larf? 5555555555555555 Trump was just down at the border wall There has been 200 miles completed/repaired, 3 new miles, Woohoo! Donald signed it! The border is 1,954 miles. The Mexicans must be really happy, because it keeps all the Covid-19 ridden Arizonians out of Mexico Record daily increase! Trump say, cases not up, testing up, deaths wayyyyy doooown!
  10. I think that Trump can now be best described as - Day 1251: Underwhelming.
  11. Don't know if Biden is any good, don't care, hell there might be a Republican that is good for the Job. As I think I've always said, it doesn't matter who get's to be President next year, so long as they look like they can do the job. And Trump cannot. Trump being President, makes as much sense, as me being a Pattaya GoGo Girl
  12. Well... Fuckedy, fuck, fuck, fuck, eh Donald? House Judiciary Chairman to issue subpoena for William Barr. Click Linkie... https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&client=safari&rls=en&ei=P1vxXvGkIIaX4-EPzMaqmAg&q=house+judiciary+chairman+to+issue+subpoena+for+william+barr&oq=house+judiciary+chairman+to+issue+subpoena+for+william+barr&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQDFAAWABgjaQEaABwAHgAgAEAiAEAkgEAmAEAqgEHZ3dzLXdpeg&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwixwNj05JbqAhWGyzgGHUyjCoMQ4dUDCAs
  13. Pubs, bars may open on July 1 if they follow 22 iron-clad rules https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390097?utm_source=category&utm_medium=internal_referral A meeting between the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)’s special taskforce committee and entertainment venue operators resolved that pubs, bars and entertainment venues could be allowed to open from July 1 provided they strictly observe following 22 practices: • Controlling the number of patrons to ensure the venue does not get congested; • Checking every customer and staff member’s temperature; • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitising gel at all entrances and other areas as necessary; • Ensuring groups are no bigger than five; • Ensuring customers queuing to be seated maintain social distancing; • Ensuring all tables are at least 2 metres apart or are partitioned; • Ensuring seats are at least one metre apart; • Ensuring all venues are properly ventilated; • Only eating and drinking is allowed; • Beverages can only be served individually, and shared jugs or ice buckets are prohibited; • Serving staff are required to wear a mask or face shield at all times; • Stage or performance area must be partitioned, and audience must be at least 2 metres away from the stage; • Event comperes or speakers are required to wear a face shield at all times; • Patrons are not allowed to be loud or walk around the venue if not necessary; • If the sharing of food or beverages cannot be avoided, everyone at the table must be provided with an individual serving spoon or glass; • Toilets must be cleaned every 30 to 60 minutes; • All tables, chairs and frequently touched surfaces must be cleaned regularly; • No sports matches or competitions that will attract large groups of people are allowed; • No video gaming or pub games like pool and darts will be allowed; • Social distancing measures must be observed in smoking areas; • No service personnel or public relations representatives are allowed to sit with customers. --- So if it's you and < 4 freelancers, you should be OK as freelancers are neither patrons or staff. Or me and 4 freelancers for that matter., and a large child's paddling pool, 2l baby oil...
  14. Coss

    Seven groups of Falang

    Seven groups of foreigners expected to be allowed entry, words at - https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390085?utm_source=homepage_hilight&utm_medium=internal_referral
  15. The list of things that make President Donald Trump the maddest goes something like this: 1) Small crowds at his rallies 2) Small crowds at his rallies 3) Negative press coverage of small crowds at his rallies
  16. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    I had acka punctuation once didn't like the pointy things...
  17. This is of course Donald's fault, if things hadn't got out of hand in Yokel land, the rest of the world wouldn't have become emboldend to rise up, rightly or wrongly.
  18. and go teenagers! trolled the Trumpanzees big time https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=teenagers+rock+trump+rally&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  19. Cav sweetie, this is your Jesus :: worth reading because it's true! It's Mr Donald Trump on a 14 minute rant, because of some coverage of him at West Point, notes his tentative ramp walk and two handed, water glass incident. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Donal Trump : "You know, it was interesting. To show you how fake they are. You might have seen it. So last week they called me, and they say, 'Sir, West Point. West Point. We're ready.' I said, 'Oh that's right, I have to make a commencement speech at West Point.' You know they delayed it for six weeks because of COVID. So they delayed it. "And I went there, 1106 cadets were graduating, and beautiful. Beautiful cadets. So, just to show you how bad the fake news is. So, they say to me, 'Sir! We're ready to go.' I say, 'Let's go!' This is after saying hello to a lot of cadets; inspecting little areas of a building. That was very exciting, actually, it's beautiful, very old. Studied a lot of our great generals, some of our presidents that went there. West Point is beautiful. Right on the Hudson River. "But after an hour – the general that runs it is a fantastic guy – after an hour, we land, we do some more inspections and they say, 'Sir are you ready?' 'Yes, I am.' So we walk like, the equivalent of about three blocks, which was fine. We go on stage, which is fine. They make some speeches, then I make a speech. It lasted a long time, I don't know, maybe 45 minutes, maybe longer, I don't know, but a long time. President Donald Trump speaks during his campaign rally at BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla. Photo / AP "The sun is pouring down on me. OK? But they said to me before the speech, 'Sir! Would you like to salute each cadet, each single cadet? Or maybe they'll be in groups of two. Would you like to salute? Like this, yes. (He demonstrates a salute for the crowd.) Like this. (He demonstrates it two more times.) "Almost six hundred times. Do you know what that is? Six huuuundred tiiiiiiiimes. Thank god they were in twos. Cause let me tell you, you do that six hundred times, you go home and you say – it's like doing a workout without a weight, right? Six hundred times. "So I did that. Then the incredible helicopters, brand new, gorgeous helicopters, the Apaches and the other new ones that we just bought, so they fly over. And the kids throw the hats in the air, it's beautiful, it really is, and it was a beautiful day. And we're all finished. I was on the stage for hours. Hours! Sun – I came home, I had a nice tan. Meaning I had a nice sunburn. The sun's going right, like that. (He motions towards his face.) "But I make the speech. Right? I salute for, probably an hour-and-a-half. Maybe more, but around that. Watch, if I'm off by two minutes, they'll say, 'He exaaaaagerated! It was only an hour and 25 minutes. He exaggerated, he lieeeeed. He lied, he's a liar.' These people are sick, the fake news. (The crowd boos the reporters behind them.) "So then, I finish saluting my final salute, I said, 'Thank goodness, thank you very much.' (He looks to the heavens.) But think of it. So, essentially, almost six hundred times. Now, the general says, 'Sir, are you ready?' I said, 'I'm ready general. Where are we going now?' You have to understand, I left early in the morning to get there. Now it's sort of late in the afternoon. "A lot of these fakers were with us, so they know. (He points to the reporters, and the crowd jeers again.) He said, 'Sir! We can now leave the stage.' I said, 'That's great general, let's go, I'll follow youuuu.' "And he goes like this, 'Right here, sir.' And I walk off. (He walks away from the microphone, re-enacting the scene. He then shows the crowd the bottom of his shoe, pointing to it and mouthing the word 'leather' before returning to the mic. The crowd cheers.) "And the stage was higher than this one. And the ramp was probably 10 yards (about nine metres) long. I say, 'Generaaaal!' Now you've got to understand, I've got the whole corps of cadets looking at me. And I want them to love their President; I did this big thing. I love them, I love them, they're incredible, and they do. "I said, 'General! I've got myself a problem, general. Because I'm wearing leather-bottomed shoes.' Which is good if you're walking on flat surfaces. It's not good for ramps. And if I fall down – look at all those press back there, look at that. (He once again points at the reporters, sparking more boos.) "And this was a steel ramp. You all saw it, because everybody saw it. This was a steel ramp, it had no handrail. It was like an ice-skating rink. And I said, 'General, I have a problem.' And he didn't understand that at first. "I said, 'There's no way!' You understand, I just saluted almost six hundred times, I just made a big speech. I sat for other speeches. I'm being baked. I'm being baked like a cake! I said, 'General, there's no way I can make it down that ramp without falling on my ass, general. I have no railing.' True. It's true! "So I said, 'Is there like something else around?' 'Sir, the ramp is ready to go! Grab me, sir! Grab me.' I didn't really want to grab him. You know why? Because I said, 'That'll be a story too.' So now I have a choice, I can stay up there for another couple of hours and wait till I'm rescued, or I can go down this really steep, really, really really – it's an ice-skating rink, it's brutal. President Donald Trump claps while supporters cheer during his campaign rally at BOK Center in Tulsa. Photo / AP "So I said, 'General, get ready, because I may grab you so fast.' Because I can't fall with the fake news watching. If I fall – I remember when President Ford fell out of the plane. You remember? I remember when another president, nice man, threw up in Japan. And they did slow motion replays. True! Right? It's true. 'I don't want that, general.' "Now he's standing, big strong guy, and he's got these shoes. But they're loaded with rubber on the bottom. Cause I looked. The first thing I did, I looked at his shoes. Then I looked at mine. Very, very slippery. "So I end up saying, 'OK general, let's go, I will only grab you if I need you.' That's not a good story; falling would be a disaster. It turned out to be worse than anything. I would have been better off if I fell and slid down the damn ramp. Right? "So what happens, is I start the joouuurney! Inch by inch, right? (He re-enacts walking again.) And I was really bent over too, you know, I didn't like that. I didn't like this picture. This picture I'm sure will be an ad by the fakers. So I was bent over, right? (He re-enacts being bent over. The crowd laughs appreciatively.) "And then we finally reached almost the end! And the fake news, the most dishonest human beings, they cut it off. You know why? Because when I was 10 feet (about three metres) short, I said, 'General, I'm sorry, I'm -,' and then I ran down the rest, right? I looked very handsome. That was the only good part. "I wouldn't want to run down the whole thing, because a fall there would definitely be bad. So I took these little steps, I raaaaan down the last 10. And by the way, their tape – take a look. In almost every instance, it ends just before I run. And they said, it was the number one trending story. "I call my wife. I said, 'How good was that speech? I thought it was a-', hey look, I'll tell you when I make good ones and bad ones. Like, so far, tonight I'm average. But we're having fun. We're having fun. So far tonight. "But I call my wife and I said, 'How good was it darling?' She said, 'You're trending number one.' I said, to our great First Lady I said, 'Let me ask you a question. Was it that good, the speech, that I'm trending number one? Because I felt it was really good.' 'No no, they don't even mention the speech. They mention the fact that you may have Parkinson's disease. It's true. It's truuuee! (More pointing and more booing.) "They say, 'There's something wrooong with our President!' I'll let you know if there's something wrong, OK? I'll let you know if there's something – I'll tell you what, there's something wrong with Biden. That I can tell you. So then my wife said, 'Well, it wasn't only the ramp. Did you have water?' "I said, 'Yeah, I was speaking for a long tiiiiime. I didn't want to drink it, but I wanted to wet my lips a little bit.' You know, you're working hard up there with the sun, poouuuring down on you. I love this location, the sun's like this. (He motions towards his face again.) This way they save on lighting, right? That's why they did it, probably. "So what happens is, I said, 'What does it have to do with water?' They said, 'You couldn't lift your hand up to your mouth with water.' I said, 'I just saluted six hundred tiiimes! Like this. (He salutes again.) And this was before I saluted. So what's the problem?' And she said, 'Well I know what you did. You had on a very good red tie. That's sort of expensive.' It's silk, because they look better. They have a better sheen to them. "And I don't want to get water on the tie. And I don't want to drink much. So I lift it up, the water. I see we have a little glass of water, where the hell did this water come from? (He produces a glass of water from under the lectern.) Where did it come from!? And I look down at my tie, because I've done it. I've taken water, and it spills down onto your tie, it doesn't look good for a long time. And frankly the tie is never the same. "So I put it up to my lip, and then I say – because I don't want it! Just in case. (He re-enacts taking a sip of water.) And they gave me another disease. They gave me another disease. (He drinks some water. The crowd goes bananas. He throws the glass away. The crowd starts chanting, 'Four more years!') "Anyway that's a long story. But here's the story. I have lived with the ramp and the water since I left West Point. Not one media group said I made a good speech, or I made a great speech. "But the kids loved it because they broke their barrier, which wasn't good in terms of COVID. But they broke their barrier and they wanted to shake hands, they wanted to – and I don't want to tell anybody, but there were a couple of kids, they put out their hand; I actually shook their hand. OK? I actually shook it. Cause they were excited. They were excited! "They were with their President, they were excited. The most beautiful, young people. Men, women. The most beautiful young people you've ever seen. Think about how you feel, if you're me. "So I go there. 'How did I do?' 'Sir, that was a great speech.' You know, all my people. 'Sir, that was one of your best, that was great.' And I say, 'That's great, I agree, it was a good speech. I liked that speech.' "They don't mention the speech. But they have me going down this ramp at an inch at a time. It's soooo unfair. It really is. Soooo unfair. They are among the most dishonest people anywhere on Earth. They're bad people. Bad people. OK, that's enough of that. I wanted to tell that story." https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12341710
  20. How's this for social engineering? Donald Trump has blamed the poor numbers at his much-hyped re-election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma today on protesters, who his team say prevented his supporters from showing up. The US President and his team spent the last week raising expectations for a massive crowd at the event, which is the first political rally Mr Trump has been able to hold since the coronavirus pandemic forced him to cancel a number of planned rallies. Mr Trump claimed almost a million people had requested tickets. His campaign even constructed a stage outside the arena, with plans for the President to give a second speech to people who were unable to make it inside. "We've never had an empty seat, and we certainly won't in Oklahoma," Mr Trump promised midweek. 55555 Count the empty seats Cav. Arena holds 19,000 less, staff and helpers.
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