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  1. It is because of this sad occurrence and others, that I've shelved a novel, a work of fiction, the possibility that someone in Laos may not treat a work of fiction, as harmless, has real consequences.
  2. Sex Beer Rugby in that order, no wait, all at once
  3. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    I found the paper linked to, too dense for my feeble mind. But I did note in the " "quite unusual for viruses that cross species barriers" and has properties vastly different than SARS and "which have never been detected in nature."" "quite unusual" no it's not, ebola, swine flu, bird flu, most corona viruses... hence the word zoonotic "properties vastly different than SARS" wot? sneezing? coughing? ... "which have never been detected in nature " I got news for this guy, this is nature, we are a component of nature... All I really draw from Flash's post, is that the virus or some like it, hav been studied, so they didn't have to start the study fresh. Like "Oh yes this is coal, now what kind of coal? where is it from? what other coal is it like?", rather than having to start fresh with, "Wots this? it's black, I wonder, does it burn?"
  4. Well I like to think that because we're a small place, we're all on the same bus and every now and then, we vote for a new driver, who gets to choose the route, but not the journey. In essence the driver doesn't get to decide, who is on the bus, or who gets to vote. The whole of us, are generally committed to making sure, that we all are looked after and have an egalitarian time of it. We do have our left and right, but the extremes are small in number, so easily dealt with. In terms of the USA, I reckon that the 'freedoms' that every one is demanding are not tempered enough. And the internet has given every idiot a megaphone. The world of business has too much power, but that's self correcting, as we are seeing today. I was saying some time ago, "you gotta look after your peasants or they'll be revolting", and now they are. Sorry to say, this is not over, when Trump goes. It's as though, the Lions have escaped from the Zoo and are now roaming suburbia, eating people as they please. The big tough guy, with the biceps, tattoos and the attitude, turns out to be useless against Lions, so the old fella with the trusty 303, is the only option to clear out the Lions. It'll take a long time, but it'll get done.
  5. I make the rash assumption that you are replying to Cav or other, as you prolly know, I am with you, on these points.
  6. 1 = ratings 0 2 = did already, and their replacements, and their replacements and on and on 3 = only crimes Barr could prosecute are Trump and family, everyone else is keeping their collective nose clean, because they know they'll be sacrificed à la Cohen and Flynn, if they do anything for Trump.
  7. KS, you'll prolly get a cease and desist letter shortly
  8. re: the below, comment would be superfluous https://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/putin-outpaces-in-trump-in-global-trust-poll-76534341518
  9. When the Elephant dies, it often takes a long time for the legs to stop kicking
  10. And plan B, the one Donald has been practising so hard for - touring the once great nation, that was the USA and signing menus in restaurants, where he'll find the only people prepared to give him money for anything. Great pupil dilation Donnie....
  11. The following is a placeholder post, to able to look back, on this in the future and see precisely, when and what was happening. You know you've done something pretty stupid and reprehensible when the Pope weighs in. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/international/2020/06/10/pope-sends-strong-message-to-us-catholics-after-floyd-death/ Great job handling the crisis Donald, oh wait, which crisis? Covid? Floyd? Recession? ahh so many crises, so little time. None of these Crises are being handled. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-virus-deaths-hours-johns-hopkins-1.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Floyd_protests https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/06/08/872336272/its-official-scorekeepers-say-u-s-economy-is-in-a-recession
  12. Cav has no words of his own, only talking points fed to him by his Trumpanzee friends. Apparently I was right when I supposed that Steven Miller and co. were floating about, in the background, feeding Trump phrases, that they know will appeal to the Trumpanzees if Trump repeats them. There's a speech being worked on, for Trump to give, about racial unity. Boy oh boy I'm looking forward to that one, not because I think it'll be good, but because it'll light the pile of fireworks, Trump is sitting on.
  13. I wonder if trump will fall harder than he's pushed.
  14. We went to level one yesterday (Tuesday) meaning back to normal, but no international traveling. Curiously I was in a mall both Monday and Tuesday, Monday was packed with social do-stancing, Tuesday quite empty no need, for any social stances....
  15. The Hongi is lot less prevalent, but given that we don't have any Covid-19 anymore (unless it's evolved, to hidden and harmless) I would think that we'll be sniffing each other's behinds in very short order. Hongi - That chap who reckons that Prince Charles is his Dad and a NZ road worker (Fulton Hogan does the roads down this way) Oh and more important than anything, Rugby! Super Rugby Aotearoa (coz the other countries can't field teams yet) Shortly after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that New Zealand was moving to Alert Level 1, New Zealand Rugby confirmed that the doors to Forsyth Barr Stadium will be open when they start the competition against the Chiefs on Saturday. Auckland's Eden Park will also welcome in fans for the Blues' much-awaited match against the Hurricanes on Sunday. Woo hoo!
  16. Bubi, we have that same problem in NZ. The way I would argue the proposition from a NZ perspective is, as a person nearing the pension age. Since the late 19th and the early 20th century, my Great Grandparents and my Grandparents and my Parents and me and my generation, paid enormous amounts of tax, over those years. This tax funded our nation-wide system of Hydro-electric dams that has resulted in cheap or free electricity (that the governments sold ownership of, to faceless foreign corporations, but that's another argument), and also roads all over the land, street lighting, Universities, Hospitals, a democratic egalitarian political system and so on and so on. Remembering that 100 or so years ago, we had very few of these things and those that we did have, were in their infancy. 1893 Electoral Act gave the vote to all Maori, all Women and other citizens. So we've all had, as they say down these ways, "a Fair Suck of the Sav", since then. Now that the millennials are having to put their shoulders to the wheel, they don't like it. History should be required study, before these kids are allowed to leave their parent's care, and the privations, of previous generations, in WWI, the great depression, WWII, etc etc, should be noted and force fed to them.
  17. Yes when I think that a certain fellow, whom N'Dog and I had lunch with one day, got removed a week or so later, I still wonder about the relative safety of Laos.
  18. Abolishing the police force don't make me feel good, abolishing the orange pile o'turds would though. And will Andrew give up Trump?
  19. The following is surely a feel-good post and story, to me it shows that the America we knew and loved, is not dead yet - https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/06/us/teen-cleans-buffalo-protest-rewarded-with-car-scholarship-trnd/index.html
  20. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    one for the computer guys
  21. Ahh so it's Donald that's upside down!
  22. Best protests, ever, in the history of protests, every one is telling me, I'm like the expert on protests, I know more about protests than anyone, beautiful protests, the biggest protests, no President ever, had protests like me, I'm the king of protests.... Donald be shitting himself
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