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  1. How will they get them up the rivers? As far as I can see the water around Thailand is quite shallow, so where would these be useful? I guess the could look out the windows at snorkeling Swedish women and sunken containers full of dissidents...
  2. Munchie, the place I fish at, has no limits on size or number, due to the water being full of small fish, thereto, anglers are encouraged by Fish and Game to take all they catch. And the little ones make a good breakfast, smoked, then fried in butter. Yes 1 brown and 8 rainbows, I'm off there again on Tuesday, fly down and we can take to the waters. Cheers Coss
  3. well I'm working on it... She's bright and friendly enough, but me sidling up to the counter and whipping out an iPhone to take a picture might brand me as a perve... But if I said it was for you, it might make a difference
  4. Caught on New Year's eve. Sorry for the quality, they look a bit manky from being in the fridge all night. Gorgeous Khmer girl working in a cafe in the middle of nowhere, still there, blue blouse, smile, nice coffee. Coss
  5. Voltarin (diclofenac), 75mg 3+ times a day does it for my gout
  6. Moo... went again today, caught one, lost two and... gorgeous Khmer girl working in a cafe in the middle of nowhere still working in a cafe in the middle of nowhere but wearing pink T today. Recognition, smile, little wave when I left... Arrrrrrghhh.... Going back on Thursday and the following Tuesday, for the fishing of course! Coss
  7. Well I don't know but... "Maybe it's due to the clientele, whether it's in quality or quantity. Maybe it's a prestige thing, being able to say you work at Rainbow 4 for example marks you as a cut above the rest. I don't know. " I was always under the impression that the punters will commonly pay over the odds here, 3, 4, 5K ST. but I am not the expert on this. Coss
  8. Killing Tinkerbell would create a martyr, not a good idea...
  9. A belated Xmas wish, to all on the board, and their significant others, wives, children, and in particular CTO's ex maid, whom I'd like to show something to. My apologies for being tardy in my missive, I was cooking all day and bloated all night, too full and happy, for an internet site. Cheers Coss
  10. F*ck that's funny, very good, you can't pay for service like that....
  11. Coss

    The lovely Noy

    an update... one for me: Noy my Laos lovely, of whom I have only, the most platonic of relations, and not even any of these, for the last 11 months, texts me and emails me on Xmas day. Talk about raking the embers... But still nice to be remembered. Coss
  12. Some, I've heard, use both Onyx and Applejack, for arcane reasons I can't determine.
  13. 'bout the only thing I do is open disk utility - applications/utilities/disk utility and repair permissions on my hard disk periodically. The software security updates that download every now and then seem to take care of any virus problems. If you want to go more technical on the maintenance side of it I can recommend applejack - http://applejack.sourceforge.net/ once installed, you restart your mac, hold down CommandS and when ready, type "applejack auto restart" and it'll give your mac a clean down to the plumbing level. Cheers Coss
  14. Curiously, I can drink Singha here in middle earth but can't stand it in LOS, must be an export version. Coss
  15. Hi all, I'm thinking of writing a piece on a guy who decamps from life in the west by running away to Thailand or Cambo etc on his credit cards. Obviously he could go for a few years on what credit, they give you these days, but I'd like to ask if anyone here has any experience or has heard of anyone who has done this. PT me if you do, I want to flesh out the character of this guy and any real experiences of this kind of life would be helpful. I'm particularly intrigued by the concept of suicide by bargirl. Thanks and Cheers Coss
  16. Whilst, I like the tone of the original post, I hope that the world's reaction to climate change (warmer or indeed cooler, we are overdue for an ice age) will step away from the religious fervour that it is now mired in. I listened to some interesting facts the other day, from a scientist, not a journalist, not a politician. This scientist was merely stating facts from research, not offering opinion. The net result to me, is that of all the information available to the public, once you exclude the jounalist's and politician's views, there is no case that Anthrogenic warming is the danger that it is made out to be. If the planet warms more, it will. If it cools, it will. On balance, my view is that we can do precious little about it. This it not to say that measures such as reducing pollution, deforestation, excessive population and moving to renewable energy are not good things, I think they are. They just won't affect the warming that we are told to fear. The temperature of the last interglacial period 120,000 years ago was 5 degrees C warmer than today, and we had bugger all to do with that, I don't think we can to much about the warmth or coolness of this interglacial period. Did you know that after the last glacial period (11,700 years ago) people were living in settlements next to the sea, with cows, hunting and fishing and eating seals etc, and that these settlements are now 10 metres below current sea levels? The point here is that people adapt to seas rising (and falling). Polar bears have been hunting on land forever, if they lose the ice cap, they still will hunt and breed. The lichen on Antarctica that was supposed burn and vapourise due to the ozone hole from the '70s has adapted by growing thicker cell walls and increasing the concentration of "sun block" chemicals in the cells. The point here is that animals and plants (though lichen is not strictly a plant) will adapt , or evolve, much like what has been happening since the dawn of life. I really do wish that journalist and politicians would devote real time into researching their opinions and actually using facts rather than expectations and perceptions to drive their arguments. JMHO Coss
  17. Daily hotel bht 1,814 usd 53.35 barfine bht 600 usd 17.65 girl + bj bht 2,600 usd 76.47 food bht 800 usd 23.53 refreshments bht 1,500 usd 44.12 transport bht 100 usd 2.94 total bht 7,414 usd 218.06 or 6,500 odd usd for 30 days ymmv Coss
  18. Yes, indubitably, go for it, what ya waiting for? Think of the depth it'd add. Great resource, oh I could go on...
  19. Is it a photo or a frame from a video? in which case it's a vid cap?
  20. " * Meeting Coss's *GORGEOUS* 19 year-old Iraqi "friend/back-seat-of-the- car-buddy" who had the most amazing eyes you could ever wish to see and flirted with him mercilessly the whole time we were with her (VERY jealous, Cossy!)" num num
  21. "Soi 8" pub It's owned by a Kiwi and has an eight ball as it's logo, good food, booze, sports tv, air. Not directly opposite but about 20 meters up the soi towards Suk. Not super cheap, but not expensive. I often breakfast there with conquest du jour. Coss
  22. A pic of Piggy with trout we caught, a couple of 1.5 pound rainbows. I'll let Piggy elaborate. Cheers Coss
  23. Some can be quite beautiful, one of my first girl friends was such, a look, very Tahitian, others can look like a sweet little Chinese face on a Gorilla. Plenty of Chinese traders and gold miners here in the early days and then market gardeners. Coss
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