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    He's getting ousted anyway and the Americans want their hands in the pockets of the new guys...
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    Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria.... I believe that what ever the stated causes of these disruptions, what we are seeing is the beginning of the global food riots that have been discussed by some as a potential future calamity . "Algerian protests were initially about increases in food prices and were led by young people with no visible leadership. Five people died and more than 800 were injured, but the government quickly cut basic food prices and pledged to continue to subsidize wheat, milk and electricity." I'd have to do more research, but the concept of "global food riots" goes something like: too many people - not enough food for the poor - riots - a lot of dead rich people. It's times like these I am glad that NZ is: a/. food rich b/. democratic c/. populated in the main by people with a little bit of land attached to their house, enabling one to grow veges and keep chickens etc, even in the cities. d/. separated from the world by un-swimmable and large rough seas. I wouldn't live in any arab-like countries without an escape plan. Coss
  3. The European Union is not the only community to express concern over Thailand's contamination of food through the overuse of toxic pesticides. Food safety and hygiene have also become issues at home and the net is closing on those who sell contaminated meat, vegetables and substandard fruit. Consumers are more health-conscious nowadays and have rightly served notice that they expect high standards of cleanliness to be maintained. This was illustrated by Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanavisit on Wednesday, when he took offending vendors to task for excessively recycling cooking oil. He warned that using the same oil more than twice, even if filtered, could create serious health risks, of which there are currently no shortage. The US Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta links over 200 illnesses to food poisoning, many of them life-threatening. In general, though, the outcry over the use of toxic pesticides has taken some of the heat off the much-maligned street vendors, who have been shown to be not the only ones responsible if contaminated food is found at their stalls. But that does not absolve them completely because there are other contaminants, some caused by a lack of basic food hygiene. If that is the case, they will get the blame. Vendors are supposed to be registered, but not all are, and to maintain high standards of food safety. To their credit, a great many do because their business relies on repeat custom; roadside diners who have been made ill are not likely to return. Fresh food markets and street vendors are an integral part of city life and our culture but fight a daily battle against dirt, dust, vehicle fumes, flies and other pollutants. They are also the target of justified complaints from pedestrians who are forced to walk around them in the roadway because their street stalls are blocking the pavements. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and its municipal inspectors have long had a love-hate relationship with vendors and there have been constant threats to clear them from the streets because of the nuisance factor. That would be a sad day because street vendors perform an important public service and also help to keep inflation in check. They are part of what makes Bangkok unique. Incentive programmes and stiff fines already exist for non-compliance with sanitary regulations, but there is still room for improvement. [color:red]For a start there must be full enforcement of the ban on the use of borax to redden meat and colouring chemicals to improve the appearance of fruit.[/color] More frequent health inspections are necessary to check on levels of coliform bacteria and to ensure that noodles are fit for consumption and do not contain an excess of fungal aflatoxins. First, though, priority must be given to regulation of pesticides to preserve both our health and vegetable export markets. [color:red]The backlash from the EU should not come as a surprise to the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry, which two years ago was trying to prevent farmers from using traditional herbs as ``natural'' pesticides, by nonsensically declaring them to be dangerous substances. The ministry is surely aware of the survey last year by four universities and the Foundation for Consumers which provided evidence of the extent of contamination taking place. And that while the 42,089 tonnes of pesticides imported in 1997 were then considered sufficient, for some reason it became necessary to import 137,594 tonnes in 2009.[/color] Received wisdom has it that we are what we eat. In light of this month's revelations about hazardous chemicals in the food chain, that is an alarming thought. Link ________________________ Num Num
  4. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has declared Thailand's vision to be the automotive production hub of Asia. He told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday that the country has geared its policy towards becoming the region's major auto producer. Mr Abhisit told the ``Thailand and the Global Automotive Industry'' session that the vision was buoyed by the government's competitive export-oriented industry well known for producing high-quality one-tonne pickup trucks, eco-cars and motorcycles. Thailand holds many advantages, including a large pool of skilled labour employed at a competitive rate and an abundant supply of rubber. The PM said incentives were offered to attract investors, including exemption from import duty on machinery and corporate income tax exemptions for five to six years depending on volume of investment. Mr Abhisit also highlighted the government's plan to encourage the global automotive industry to use Thailand as its hub for business activities and as a product base in Southeast Asia. He said the automotive hub vision was enhanced by the fast development of Asean regional integration and free trade agreements with several countries. The country is also moving towards production of more fuel-efficient vehicles, including the hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electrical and fuel cell-powered models, with the introduction of special reduced excise tax rates for those vehicles. Thailand's notable advantage is that it is a natural gateway to Asia with a well-developed infrastructure and efficient connectivity to the rest of Asia and beyond. Mr Abhisit said the government has huge investment plans for the country's infrastructure and logistics network and Thailand would form part of the economic corridor linking Asia's north and south. Mr Abhisit has joined at least 35 other national leaders at this year's World Economic Forum, which ends on Monday. Link ___________________________________ {More with the f*cking hubs!}
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    Thank you, but to remove confusion, I am in NZ not the trouble zone, but I gladly trade positions to remove this Gout. I'm watching it on PressTV and RT satellite channels, 1 Iranian and 1 Russian. Cheers Coss
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    It's 4:16 in the a.m. here and I'm up with the Gout, and watching the country of Egypt go off. Thousands and thousands of protestors, situation completely crazy, makes the Bangkok stuff look like kindergarten. What with Tunisia, Yemen, a conflagration in wings? Coss
  7. I've been up that temple, nearly expired I did, but I think you're right. Split the tourism $ equally, problems solved. Then they'd have find something else to bicker over. A tree for example, that's rooted on one side of the border but whose fruit drops on the other. That'd be good cause for a war
  8. PATPONG – The staff and patrons of Super Pussy go-go bar had their usual evening’s proceedings interrupted by the sudden decision of a caucasian woman, who no one wanted in the bar in the first place, to climb on stage and briefly pretend to be a go-go dancer, sources report. As of press time, everyone was waiting patiently and politely averting their eyes as Meredith Walsh, a 34-year-old American tourist who had reportedly drank three gin and tonics, tried to shake her large, unwieldy mid-section to the beat of the song “Mambo Number 5†while holding the brass pole in one hand for stability. Meredith’s companion, 36-year-old Bradford Planck, initially cheered Meredith’s show of spontaneity but then settled into a steely gaze of gritted teeth as her exhibition extended into its second excruciating minute. “She’s a good sport about all this sex industry stuff,†he said. “A really, really, good sport.†When asked about unauthorized dancers on stage, the Super Pussy manager “Nat†reiterated the bar’s no-interruption, no-bouncers policy. “No need bouncer here,†Nat said. “Farang man have lot of sex so no more fighting. Farang woman want feel sexy so she dance. When she feel stupid she stop. Make farang man want Thai lady more.†Link
  9. Enemies demand other side stop agreeing BANGKOK – After almost five years of representing opposing political views and irreconcilable differences, the red-shirted UDD and yellow-shirted PAD are now both infuriated by the possibility that the two sides are starting to agree on things. The latest agreement, that the government has staged the discovery of bombs supposedly intended to disrupt a PAD demonstration, has provided the last straw for many core PAD and UDD members. “We reluctantly agree with the reds that this is a suspicious arrest,†Praphan Koonmee, a PAD spokesperson. “However, we’d like to point out that our suspicions are much more sophisticated than theirs.†Koonmee pointed out that while the PAD questioned the timing of the arrests, as well as jurisdiction conflicts in the police departments that handled the press conference, the UDD’s attacks on the government over the incident were “simple-minded, uneducated denials.†Responding to the PAD’s comments, UDD leader Jatuporn Prompon said that the UDD’s accusation of conspiracy came first, and thus counts for more. “The PAD is imitating us,†he suggested. “It’s irritating but what can you do?†In addition to the agreement on the bomb arrests, the PAD and UDD have found themselves uncomfortably aligned on a number of issues, including demanding Abhisit’s resignation, accusing the police of incompetence and corruption, spotlighting the non- transparency of the courts, and questioning the legitimacy of the Democrat-led coalition. Trying to re-establish their conflict-based relationship, UDD leader Veera Musikhapong has tried to steer the red-shirted core back to their anger-based, victim-mentality , class-warfare values in recent speeches broadcast on Voice TV. “Do not be distracted by these, um, agreements with the amart,†Veera said. “The government is the lapdogs of the elites. We just happen to not like that dog.†Similarly, PAD leaders have done their part by focusing recent communications on hot-button anti-red issues. The last issue of Manager, in fact, consisted of nothing but pictures of deposed PM Thaksin Shinawatra, apparently intended to anger their base with reminders of their increasingly irrelevant enemy. Ironically, the last issue of Red News contained the exact same content, apparently intended to inspire the red base with reminders of their increasingly irrelevant hero. Link
  10. Thai Patriots Network leader Chaiwat Sinsuwong on Friday called for the red shirts to step out and join force with the yellow shirts in protecting Thai territory and protesting to oust Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Chaiwat made the remarks in his first rally speech following his yesterday's release on bail for terrorism charge in connection with the two Bankok airports seizure in 2008. "I have received information from the TPN's legal team in Phnom Phen that Abhisit is conspiring to sell off the country to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen," he said. He said he expected a surge of the crowds for the week-end rally. He also revealed he had held talks with red-shirt leaders who served in the same remand facility because the two groups had the same objective to remove Abhisit from office. Link
  11. The nationalist People's Alliance for Democracy yesterday ratcheted up its rhetoric against Cambodia and the Abhisit Vejjajiva administration even though it told its supporters that it has no intention of leading Thailand to war with Cambodia. A man got on stage and insisted to the moderate turnout of some 3,000 in the early evening that "the PAD is not inciting [the government] to declare war with its neighbour". Nevertheless, a poster attached to the gate on Makkhawan Bridge showed a picture of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen being likened to a "criminal" as well as a monitor lizard, a symbol that Thais regard as an insult. T-shirts carrying patriotic messages like "Retake Preah Vihear Temple" in Thai, referring to the contested Khmer site that is claimed by Cambodia, can be picked up from vendors at the protest venue. Yellow bandannas with the message "protect our land" accompanied by a picture of Preah Vihear Temple are also available. And for those who can't read Thai, there's a yellow plastic placard that reads in English, "Stop MoU 43! Cambodians Get Out", alluding to the controversial MoU dealing with the disputed border signed by both governments in 2000. Shortly before 6pm and not long after the male speaker onstage promised that the PAD is not calling for war, his female colleague read a PAD leadership statement of the day, urging the Thai government to repeal the MoU unilaterally and "use military might to pressure [Cambodia] into drafting a new MoU". "Yeah! That's the way to go!" shouted one yellow-shirt supporter in the front row as many others waved their hand-clappers and cheered in approval. "That's the way!" he shouted again. Link
  12. Leading figures of the army are unhappy about speculation that another coup is imminent, army spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnerd said on Friday. Col Sansern said this after the Puea Thai Party said today that a general who name begins with initial 'D' had planned a coup. This caused many people to think of Gen Dapong Rattanasuwan, the army chief-of-staff. "Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, the army chief, is fed up with questions about this because he has explained the army's standpoint to the public many times. "There is a problem in this country, and it should be a burden shared by everyone, not only the army or soldiers," he said. Col Sansern said most of the stories about a coup had not come from the mouths of soldier. Information like this usually cam from "unidentified sources" or interviews given by politicians. "So we want the people to show discretion when hearing this kind of information. Government authorities are unhappy about having to repeatedly reply to questions concerning unfounded speculation," he said. Asked if opposition list MP jatuporn Prompan's claim he had information about a coup had damaged the army, Col Sansern said, "of course." He said even Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon had said he never even thought of suing anybody over such claims, because it was not clear who to sue. Asked if Gen Dapong had never thought about staging a coup, Col Sansern said it was not true. The army chief-of-staff does not have the authority to command combat units, he said. Gen Dapong and Gen Prayuth are both from Class 12 of pre-cadet school. Gen Dapong had an important role in drawing up the plan to disperse the red-shirt protesters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship at Ratchaprasong intersection last year. Link
  13. Coss

    Samart wins 3G auction

    Samart Corporation won today's TOT Plc auction for a 20-billion-baht 3G (third generation) wireless broadband network expansion. The e-auction was held on Friday morning after the Administrative Court last night rejected Ericsson's petition to halt the bidding. [color:red]The reserve bid price was set at 17.440 billion baht.[/color] There were 17 bids. The SL consortium of Samart, Loxley, Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei Technologies [color:red]won the auction with a minimum bid of 16.29 billion baht[/color], which was 6.59 per cent less than the reserve price. The contract is scheduled to be signed next month. [color:red]The AU consortium of Advanced Information Technology and United Communications submitted a bid of 16.77 billion baht.[/color] True Move, the country's third-largest mobile phone operator, and state-owned CAT Telecom yesterday signed a deal to develop a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network into a High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network. Both firms wanted to provide 3G mobile services quickly by turning 3,000 CDMA base stations nationwide to HSPA base stations by the end of this year. Meanwhile, a meeting of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission selection committee today chsose Jaturong Panyadilok, permanent secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, as the committee’s chairman. Reports said the meeting also made Okas Teparakul, chairman of the National Economic and Social Development Advisory Council, the deputy chairman. Assoc Prof Yubol Benjarongkij, chair of the Association of Academics in the Field of Journalism and Mass Communications of Thailand, was appointed secretary-general. Link ______________________________________ Comment: Now I might be stupid, but I thought that the point of a reserve price was that it wouldn't sell below that number. And also that if it's an auction than the highest bid wins. This doesn't look like an auction it looks like a negotiated tender. Discuss?
  14. No trouble with other women, before or since!
  15. I have some sympathy with your view, but I'm inclined to think that thugmorons are everywhere and tribal geography is just a confusing factor these days, now that modern air travel is affordable to the proles. Low education standards beget the machismo emetic attitudes of these idiots. I saw two english football hooligans going at it in Pattaya once, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. An ex cop friend of mine described that sort of behaviour (he'd seen often) as "Chimping". Very appropriate. JMHO Coss
  16. Abhisit talks tough after PAD raises issue during protest outside his office Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday that Cambodia had no right to rise its national flag over the disputed border area adjacent to the Preah Vihear Temple. "If there is such flag, it needs to be taken down," Abhisit told reporters, but noted that he did not know where exactly this flag has been raised. Abhisit made the comment after the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) raised the issue while protesting outside the Prime Minister's Office. Cambodia agreed earlier to removed two stone tablets at Wat Keo Sekha Kirisvara, which indicated that the area belonged to Cambodia and had been invaded by Thai troops in 2008 Abhisit said Cambodia did not have the right to declare sovereignty in the area, because Thailand was also claiming the land. The two countries have been at loggerheads over areas adjacent to Preah Vihaer for long time, though the boundary in the temple's vicinity has not yet been demarcated. Preah Vihear, as ruled by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 1962, is situated in a territory under the sovereignty of Cambodia, but Thailand is arguing that it owns the 4.6 square kilometres area surrounding the temple, and the land the stone ruins are standing on. Cambodia, meanwhile, claims that the 1:200000-scale map made by France showed that the Preah Vihear and its vicinity were on the Cambodian side. The ICJ used this map for its ruling. The PAD is mounting pressure on Abhisit's government, demanding that it scrap the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on land-boundary demarcation signed with Cambodia since 2000 and use force to evict the Cambodian community living in the area. The group first got angry when Phnom Penh managed to get a World Heritage Site inscription for the temple in 2008. The group, along with Abhisit as opposition leader, accused the then-government of Samak Sundaravej of supporting Cambodia's application for the status. When Abhisit took office with PAD's blessings in late 2008, he maintained his position to oppose Cambodia over inscription. He stood strong against Preah Vihear's management plan proposed by Phnom Penh on grounds that the conflict over the temple's surrounding area had not yet been settled. Abhisit told reporters yesterday that the ongoing conflict with Cambodia would be a good excuse for him to continue blocking the Preah Vihear management plan. However, his plans to settle the boundary disputes are different from those of the PAD. He believes that the joint-boundary mechanism set up in accordance with the 2000 MoU could work to end the problem. The PAD said the MoU, which was signed under the Democrat-led government with Chuan Leekpai at the reins, would never work because it recognised the French map that indicated the area belonged to Cambodia. Link
  17. Do you prefer to buy large eggs and wonder if buying mixed-size eggs by the kilogram will work for you? Small eggs are more nutritious than large ones as they have a higher ratio of yolk to white, says Assoc Prof Dr Chaiyapoom Bunchasak, head of the Department of Animal Sciences at Kasetsart University. Chaiyapoom said studies showed one kilogram of small eggs had more essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals than a kilogram of large eggs. "Moreover, they have longer shelf lives because they have higher Haugh unit scores, which indicates that they stay fresh longer than large eggs," he said. "And they have stronger shells, so it's more difficult to break them." Chaiyapoom said some of his experiments had found small eggs had a higher proportion of protein and a lower proportion of fat, though other experiments had shown the reverse. "I choose to eat small eggs," he said. "I want to tell consumers that small eggs do not have less nutrition. They are no different to large eggs in terms of quality. So there's nothing wrong with buying mixed-size eggs." "Indeed, the US has conducted research on how to reduce egg sizes to improve their quality," he added. The Commerce Ministry approved the sale of eggs by the kilo earlier this month with Bangkok as a pilot area. The measure will take effect next month. Chaiyapoom released his findings to the media in response to concerns that consumers would try to select large eggs over small ones when buying by the kilogram. Three or four years ago, Chaiyapoom's research team carried out a survey that found that prices and sizes of eggs were the main factors that influenced consumers' decisionmaking. Most of the 300 respondents said they knew little about the relative quality of eggs of different sizes. The survey inspired the team to research the nutritional value of different sizes of egg to help educate the public. "Thai people eat far fewer eggs than people in many foreign countries like Malaysia, the US and Japan. For example, a Thai eats only around 100 eggs per year on average, while a Japanese eats around 300," he said. A package of 10 of the largest eggs (size "00") at a supermarket costs Bt69. The faculty will give a lecture on comparing the nutritional value of large and small eggs and how to choose fresh eggs at "Kaset Fair 2011", which takes place at the university from January 28 to February 5. Those wishing to attend the free lecture, which will take place on February 2 and February 4 from 1pm to 2pm, can register on the day at the fair. Link _________________________________________ Comment: Far be if for me to suggest the above findings may be other than true, but this whole article and the findings of Assoc Prof Dr Chaiyapoom Bunchasak, seem to be suggesting that small eggs good and large eggs bad, in response to response to, and justification for, the move to sell eggs by the Kilo. JMHO Coss
  18. The National Security Council has opted to distribute 35 tonnes of weapons seized in December 2009 from arms smugglers at Don Mueang airport among the three wings of the armed forces. United Nations Security Council regulation 1874 allows Thailand to keep the armaments if no one claims them within 12 months of their seizure. A military source said yesterday the NSC considered destroying the weapons but decided it would make more sense to keep them to save costs and advance the military's technical know-how. "The NSC has agreed that the weapons should be split up for use among the security forces," the source said. Authorities confiscated the weapons on Dec 12, 2009, from a Russian-made Ilyushin-76 aircraft which had landed at Don Mueang airport to refuel after arriving from North Korea. The weapons included explosives, rocket-propelled grenades and components used in surface-to-air missiles. They were made in North Korea and were believed to be destined for delivery to Iran. Five aircraft crew members who claimed they were carrying oil drilling equipment destined for Ukraine were held briefly before being deported. "It looked like a huge cache but it is not. There aren't really all that many items when the components are assembled," the source said. The army has received the RPGs and the ammunition, and the missiles have been shared between the air force and the navy. Link
  19. Government blasted for death toll in South Published: 28/01/2011 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section: News A lower house committee has accused the military of lax security measures that allowed the insurgent attack last week on an army outpost in Narathiwat. The chair of the committee on military affairs, opposition Puea Thai Party MP for Nakhon Ratchasima Somchai Phetprasert, yesterday said military operations were "a flop" as it had taken the insurgents only 20 minutes to attack unit Ror 15121 at the army outpost in Rangae district and make off with a large number of weapons. Four soldiers, including unit commander Capt Krit Khampirayan, were killed, 13 were wounded and assault rifles were stolen in the raid on the night of Jan 19. Democrat MP Chen Thaugsuban said military operations were squandering taxpayers' money if they failed to curb insurgent violence. The military must be prepared to accept being criticised as a huge sum of money had been injected into the effort in the lower South to tackle the unrest, he said. The lower house committee yesterday invited Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 deputy director Sakol Chuentrakul to explain last week's attack. Maj Gen Sakol said an investigation was under way to find out whether the assault had received the assistance of someone inside the base. He admitted there were flaws in guarding the outpost and these would be corrected. Puea Thai Party MP and red shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan yesterday raised a motion in parliament to question the government over its handling of the southern unrest. He asked why there had been no sign of abatement even though several government panels had been set up to resolve the problems. Mr Jatuporn blasted the government for failing to douse the southern fire, which has claimed more than 4,000 lives since violence flared anew in January 2004. Deputy Interior Minister Thaworn Senneam replied that it was not the Democrat-led government, but the Thaksin Shinawatra administration, which must be blamed for mishandling the unrest. Mr Thaworn said there had been about 900 unrest-related deaths during the term of the present government, compared to the rest under Thaksin-related administrations. A military source said security forces had detained 20 people suspected of being involved in the raid on the army outpost in Rangae district. They are being detained at Ingkhayutthaborihan military camp in Pattani for questioning. Another senior military officer said insurgents had used all means to weaken military operations in the region. The insurgents had asked local Muslim officials not to cooperate with government agencies. Five village defence volunteers were wounded in a bomb blast in Yala yesterday morning shortly after escorting teachers to school. The home-made bomb, weighing 3kg to 5kg, was put in a metal box attached to a roadside power pole on Thasap Road in Muang district. It went off at 8am as a pick-up truck carrying the five defence volunteers was passing by. Link
  20. Banned politician rules out Puea Thai chances Published: 28/01/2011 at 12:00 AM Newspaper section: News Many politicians and political observers hesitate before answering who they believe will win the next general election expected in the second half of this year. Not Pairoj Suwannachawee, a core leader of the so-called 3P faction of the Puea Pandin Party. "I am 100% sure that the Democrat Party will win and again become the core party in forming a coalition government," Mr Pairoj replied quickly when asked the question. The only party that can match the Democrat Party is the Puea Thai Party, "but without a leader, there is no way [for Puea Thai] to win", the veteran politician said. Despite being in self-exile, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra remains the de facto leader of the Puea Thai Party. The official leader is little-known Yongyuth Vichaidist, who is not even a member of parliament. There was speculation that former deputy prime minister Mingkwan Saengsuwan and Thaksin's youngest sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, were top candidates to head the party. Ms Yingluck yesterday ruled herself out. But in Mr Pairoj's view, it is too late for Puea Thai to appoint a new leader before the election. And even if Puea Thai could turn things around and it won the most seats in the lower house, "it would be unable to form a coalition government because no other party would join it". Asked why, Mr Pairoj said simply: "There is a main factor - the power of the gun." He refused to elaborate. Mr Pairoj is one of 111 former Thai Rak Thai Party executives who were banned from politics in 2007 for five years. But Mr Pairoj, like many veteran politicians who share a similar fate, said he would not accept a political position after the ban expires. He said he was uneasy about re-entering politics under the present circumstances, which he described as a "no-choice" democracy. "I believe the Democrat Party will be the only choice to form a new coalition government after the next general election, and there will be no other choice because of the aforesaid reason [the power of the gun]." Amendments to the constitution, which have passed their second reading in parliament this week, will also favour the Democrat Party. "The new voting method for MPs on the party list will only benefit big parties, and I believe the Democrat Party will get the most benefit." The House of Representatives is made up of 400 MPs elected from constituencies, some of which allow voters to vote for three candidates, and 80 MPs chosen from party lists. The amendment before parliament calls for 375 single-MP constituencies and 125 MPs from the party lists. "The nationwide single party-list constituency will benefit big parties while small parties will have less chance to win seats from the party list," Mr Pairoj said. He said the Puea Pandin Party, to which the 3P group belongs, needed to be reorganised as it was now divided into factions. Puea Pandin is officially an opposition party, but Narisra Chawaltanpipat, of a small faction under the leadership of Suchart Tancharoen, is a deputy education minister. "We need to reorganise so we can answer the voters' questions from our standpoint," he said. Once a member of the Democrat Party-led coalition, Puea Pandin was ousted after the MPs in the 3P faction voted against the government in the last no-confidence debate. The faction led by Mr Suchart remained in the government because it voted in support of the censured ministers. The other two MPs in the faction are Pinit Jarusombat and Preecha Laohapongchana. Mr Pairoj claimed the 3P faction held about 18 seats in the House. Link
  21. Is Davo's not the one next to Rawhide?
  22. Yes I agree though I don't know Sun Tsu. The probability of aliens bursting out of the chests of all the world leaders is virtually impossible - until after it happens, and then we all say, we shoulda seen it coming. You have to have all the information for probability to stand up. i.e. you have to know that, all the world leaders are presently, not incubating aliens. How can you know that? I wouldn't put money on it.
  23. That'll be what they used on the wife's episiotemy 18 years ago, no sex since!
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