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  1. Despite the advent of international air travel and the multicultural society in NZ these days, I can still see the local women, getting all excited when they encounter an "Outsider". At school I was mortified, when a weedy Foreign Exchange student turned up and all the pretty girls, lined up to drool over him... I myself spent Sunday "shopping", at a local clothing outlet store mall, with my wife, she shopped, I parked up with a coffee and perused the eye candy from some 20 or so nationalities... Yum... As I think I've said, let me know your flight number and I'll put the kettle on. There's a phrase, 1st world problems, I think this is appropriate, Unemployment, but we have Social Welfare, it's not enough, but there is no real reason to starve here. So we've got all the issues other counties have. And at last look, none of us, have been disappeared, over our thoughts or actions. Hang on, I'll do a head count...
  2. Coss

    China Thread

    Every time you add some more brush strokes to the canvas, you get more interesting
  3. Race and gender, aside, Katie Porter is the only US politician I've heard speak, who I'd entrust anything to. I watched her skewer Zuckerberg in a hearing and she did'nt let one second, of wishy washy evasiveness go past, unchallenged. She can strip paint of a Sherman tank at 100 yards with one well executed phrase. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Porter
  4. Cupla pix for Cav's shrine. Makeup Diaper trouble
  5. Proof that Fox News promotes Fake news - Link.
  6. I'd also like to thank Donald Trump for his forthcoming efforts to improve the gene pool in America. Donald Trump's upcoming rally labelled ‘dangerous move’ amid Covid-19 pandemic 7:05AM • SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS health experts question the decision, citing the danger of infection spreading among the crowd and sparking outbreaks when people return to their homes. The Trump campaign itself acknowledges the risk in a waiver attendees must agree to absolving them of any responsibility should people get sick... https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/world/donald-trumps-upcoming-rally-labelled-dangerous-move-amid-covid-19-pandemic
  7. If you'll forgive my language, wot a C*nt, and a fat C*nt, at that.
  8. Below are three utubes from an engaging chap who, seems to have it right, about who, what and where, are manipulating the social media of today. Whilst I wouldn't say this guy has it 100% right, I reckon he's got it right enough. What is good about these videos is that he went to the people in Facebook , Twitter and youTube and has got them to speak (in the most part) on this, so there is perspective from their end. I would value the comments and such, from the brains on this board, if you've got time to watch these. My personal take, is that whilst he's got it right, given the present arena, the whole premise of "popularity" being equivalent to "accuracy" and "success", is a flawed one, and I've been saying this, since Google first floated the basics, behind their algorithmic approach to search. Put simply, if all the Ugandans think that Idi Amin, had the best recipes for casseroled meat, these may not be the best ideas, to promote on the world stage... Anyhoo, if anyone has the time, get yer eyeballs around these 3 vids, yes I know this has been covered previously in the most part , but I reckon these vids give a much better perspective than a series of headlines across the years.
  9. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Incidental discussion :: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12339726 The flu has been squashed down to historically low levels in New Zealand, thanks to the raft of radical measures we used to crush Covid-19. New data has revealed how the combined effect of shut borders, heightened hygiene, record vaccine uptake and six weeks of lockdown also knocked back several other infectious diseases. More than 200,000 Kiwis catch the flu each year, and an estimated 500 people die from it - more than the annual road toll. Experts have been left astonished at the impact that the fight against Covid-19 has so far had on flu rates - one likening it to a fascinating "natural experiment". But they warn the common virus will likely creep back up as Kiwis mingle under the looser world of level 1 - and are urging Kiwis to keep up good hygiene this winter. It's also unclear whether rates will stay low enough to avoid the annual pressure heaped on hospitals, or help district health boards make headway into an 18-month backlog of elective surgeries from the pandemic... --- comment - 1/. All the "Covid isn't as bad as flu, road toll, etc etc etc", so we should be able to go out and beat each other to death, with guns n bullets etc, results in - actually all this social distancing and hygiene is a good thing... 2/. maybe the science is true and the malaria drugs ain't. 3/. as a grumpy old fuck, I find my self, well pleased, when people keep their distance.
  10. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Because it's all he's got, every time he looks around, the world has changed, this is unsettling, but if he keeps his gaze firmly affixed, on the 3 or 4 dead horses, in his hero's paddock, then he can maintain a semblance of stability.
  11. Attendees of President Donald Trump's upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, must agree not to sue the campaign if they contract coronavirus. Rallygoers are asked to RSVP to gain admission to the event and by registering, they must agree to a disclaimer that states they acknowledge the "inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present." "By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury," the disclaimer reads. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/11/politics/trump-campaign-rally-coronavirus/index.html Donald Trump has claimed while Abraham Lincoln "did good" for African-Americans, the end result was "questionable". The US President made the curious claim during an interview with Fox News, also saying aside from Lincoln, he's done more for blacks than any other President in history. "Let's take a pass on Abraham Lincoln 'cause he did good - although it's always questionable you know, in other words the end result." Host Harris Faulkner - an African-American woman - interrupted him: "But we are free." "But we are free," Trump repeated. "You understand what I mean." https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2020/06/freeing-the-slaves-had-questionable-results-donald-trump.html
  12. Kim’s Sister Says Army Ready for Action on South Korea The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said it is “high time” to break relations with South Korean authorities, adding the next action against the “enemy” will come from the army. It’s better to take a series of retaliatory measures rather than release statements condemning South Korea’s behavior, and which could be misinterpreted or dismissed, Kim Yo Jong said via the official Korean Central News Agency on Saturday. “Rubbish must be thrown into dustbin,” she said. “By exercising my power authorized by the Supreme Leader, our party and the state, I gave an instruction to the arms of the department in charge of the affairs with enemy to decisively carry out the next action.” ... Well done Donnie... Marking the second anniversary of the 2018 meeting between Kim and President Donald Trump, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon said the U.S. had broken its word and dashed hopes for denuclearization. “Nothing is more hypocritical than an empty promise,” Ri was quoted as saying in a KCNA report Friday, adding the U.S. has shown it’s aiming for the “isolation and suffocation” of North Korea... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/kim-s-sister-says-army-ready-for-action-on-south-korea/ar-BB15q6Pz
  13. Looks fake, but methinks, be real - from Republican Voters against Trump. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/502494-gop-group-touts-grahams-past-praise-of-biden-criticism-of-trump https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Voters_Against_Trump Organizers include Republican political strategist Sarah Longwell, conservative writer Bill Kristol, and former Jeb Bush aide Tim Miller. References : Warren, Michael (May 28, 2020). "New GOP group launches $10 million campaign to get Republicans to vote for Biden over Trump". CNN. Retrieved May 28,2020. : Karni, Annie (May 28, 2020). "Get Republicans to Vote Against Trump? This Group Will Spend $10 Million to Try". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Retrieved May 28, 2020. ^ Roos, Meghan (2020-05-28). "Anti-Trump Republican group launches $10 million project to get Biden elected". Newsweek. Retrieved 2020-05-29. ^ Waldman, Paul (May 28, 2020). "The Never Trumpers might finally be on to something". Washington Post. Retrieved May 29, 2020. ^ Mazza, Ed (2020-05-29). "Rank-And-File Republicans Turn On Trump In New Effort To Block His Reelection". Huffington Post. Retrieved 2020-05-29. and https://www.rvat.org “I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again.” These are Republicans, former Republicans, conservatives, and former Trump voters who can’t support Trump for president this fall.
  14. please please please, watch the video
  15. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    or a first point 3,7th
  16. It is because of this sad occurrence and others, that I've shelved a novel, a work of fiction, the possibility that someone in Laos may not treat a work of fiction, as harmless, has real consequences.
  17. Sex Beer Rugby in that order, no wait, all at once
  18. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    I found the paper linked to, too dense for my feeble mind. But I did note in the " "quite unusual for viruses that cross species barriers" and has properties vastly different than SARS and "which have never been detected in nature."" "quite unusual" no it's not, ebola, swine flu, bird flu, most corona viruses... hence the word zoonotic "properties vastly different than SARS" wot? sneezing? coughing? ... "which have never been detected in nature " I got news for this guy, this is nature, we are a component of nature... All I really draw from Flash's post, is that the virus or some like it, hav been studied, so they didn't have to start the study fresh. Like "Oh yes this is coal, now what kind of coal? where is it from? what other coal is it like?", rather than having to start fresh with, "Wots this? it's black, I wonder, does it burn?"
  19. Well I like to think that because we're a small place, we're all on the same bus and every now and then, we vote for a new driver, who gets to choose the route, but not the journey. In essence the driver doesn't get to decide, who is on the bus, or who gets to vote. The whole of us, are generally committed to making sure, that we all are looked after and have an egalitarian time of it. We do have our left and right, but the extremes are small in number, so easily dealt with. In terms of the USA, I reckon that the 'freedoms' that every one is demanding are not tempered enough. And the internet has given every idiot a megaphone. The world of business has too much power, but that's self correcting, as we are seeing today. I was saying some time ago, "you gotta look after your peasants or they'll be revolting", and now they are. Sorry to say, this is not over, when Trump goes. It's as though, the Lions have escaped from the Zoo and are now roaming suburbia, eating people as they please. The big tough guy, with the biceps, tattoos and the attitude, turns out to be useless against Lions, so the old fella with the trusty 303, is the only option to clear out the Lions. It'll take a long time, but it'll get done.
  20. I make the rash assumption that you are replying to Cav or other, as you prolly know, I am with you, on these points.
  21. 1 = ratings 0 2 = did already, and their replacements, and their replacements and on and on 3 = only crimes Barr could prosecute are Trump and family, everyone else is keeping their collective nose clean, because they know they'll be sacrificed à la Cohen and Flynn, if they do anything for Trump.
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