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  1. Easy answer: those interested in Thailand, to the exclusion of all other nations, post some Thai content. Get off your metaphorical arses and post about Thailand, see if there's enough Thai content to drown out, the the soon to be irrelevant 'merican dross.
  2. Fair point, about it being Thai vs International. However, when you get there, do you partake of any food or stand around and complain?
  3. See what happens when you give a daughter, her own phone? I still reckon they should get a job and earn the money, to buy their own phone. I have a friend whose daughter did just that, at age 13 and she is nothing but respectful and happy. A fine teenager.
  4. So easy a Board Member coulda done it... Are there any Thai people in Siberia? A rapid Arctic meltdown taking place in Siberia alarms scientists ...Wildfires are raging amid record-breaking temperatures. Permafrost is thawing, infrastructure is crumbling and sea ice is dramatically vanishing. In Siberia and across much of the Arctic, profound changes are unfolding more rapidly than scientists anticipated only a few years ago. Shifts that once seemed decades away are happening now, with potentially global implications... https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30390764?utm_source=homepage_hilight&utm_medium=internal_referral gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  5. “The PM emphasised that his government has never approved a project to favour any particular individual or company.” PM Prayut Chan-o-cha lashed out at some MPs from the opposition Kao Klai party, for what he took as an insult to his and his ministers’ intelligence. When the MPs questioned some Transport Ministry projects, Prayut insisted that all of them were properly vetted and transparently implemented.... He's looking a bit thin on it, stress getting to him? https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/politics/pm-to-opposition-dont-insult-my-intelligence gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  6. A boycott is in full swing amongst western retailers to pull Thai coconut products off their shelves following allegations that the coconuts have been picked by monkeys who were ‘abused’ to learn how to pick coconuts. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals director, Elisa Allen, claims the macaque monkeys are “snatched from the wild” and cruelly trained to climb up coconut trees and pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day. “These curious, highly intelligent animals are denied psychological stimulation, companionship, freedom, and everything else that would make their lives worth living, all so that they can be used to gather coconuts.” PETA says that the Thai pigtailed macaques are treated like “coconut-picking machines”. A new investigation into Thailand’s coconut industry reveals the monkeys are confined to cramped cages, chained, and forced to work. PETA reports that the monkeys are used by commercial farms that supply 2 of Thailand’s best-known coconut milk brands, Aroy-D and Chaokoh. Both brands are exported EU countries and the US. In the UK, Waitrose, Ocado, Co-op and Boots have now announced they will stop selling some coconut products from Thailand. A spokesperson for Tesco told the BBC… “Our own-brand coconut milk and coconut water does not use monkey labour in its production and we don’t sell any of the branded products identified by PETA”. “Following PETA’s Asia’s investigation, more than 15,000 stores will no longer purchase these brands’ products, with the majority also no longer buying any coconut products sourced from Thailand monkey labour.”... https://thethaiger.com/news/business/peta-reveals-abused-monkeys-used-to-pick-coconuts-in-thailand gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  7. https://www.nationthailand.com/premium/30388433?utm_source=homepage&utm_medium=internal_referral gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  8. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed serious concerns about the resumption of international travel under the “travel bubble” scheme, stressing that Thailand must implement a vigorous arrivals screening protocol. The scheme is a proposed limited resumption of international travel to and from countries with a reciprocal agreement. The Thai government has indicated it has taken a risk-averse stance with future Covid-19 legislation after largely getting the local outbreak under control in late May, early June. There hasn’t been a locally transmitted case in Thailand for 40 days... https://thethaiger.com/news/national/thai-pm-expresses-concern-over-travel-bubbles Colour coordination, lovely, I wonder when he'll move to leopard skin prints... gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  9. "... So on Jun 4, when news broke about the alleged kidnapping of Thai political dissident Wanchalearm Satsaksi in broad daylight outside his Phnom Penh residence in Cambodia, followed by widespread allegations against the Thai government, Polly expected an equally robust response on Thai social media from her peers. But all she witnessed was silence. ..." https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/thailand-bangkok-choose-change-teens-politics-social-issues-12895558 gosh golly, I posted this without any obstruction from anywhere...
  10. I went to a food court yesterday, it has food from all over the world. The food from America, the MacDonalds, the KFC, seems popular, but there's Thai food and Cambodian, and Burmese and even Lao, along with some Chinese, German and ahem, English cuisine, others too. Quite a big place, plenty of seats. And then there's this bunch of people standing near the entrance, complaining about how the American food is popular and then refusing to eat any of the Thai food, or any of the SEA food, even though there's plenty of room to do so, plenty of seats, the food is good. I dunno, maybe the American food is more tasty at the moment.
  11. Q: why is it that Cav is the only Trump supporter left on the board? I'd proffer an answer, but to do so, would be to insult dumb persons everywhere.
  12. Coss

    Any New Jokes

    I thought so. I always found mermaids to be stuck up unfriendly, and snobbish whenever I was out swimming. Doesn't surprise me they're racist.
  13. After two unsuccessful attempts, to find the one I'm with, sure, I'd stay with her for $150 million, hell, I'd stay for $150 in singles.
  14. Yes, and whilst I've been thinking the conditions are ripe for a Civil War, the flaw in my thinking, is this: Historically, a civil war has two or more sides, and the sides have strong and sometimes multiple leaders. This current mess has Dems and Republicans. Dems have a leader, maybe not a great one, but still a leader. Republicans, well Trump is not leading. The more he won't say boo about Russia, the more I'm convinced there's Kompromat, Piss tape, Children, it's conjecture at this point, but as everyone knows, the "truth will owt".
  15. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Japan, China, Hong Kong, most of South East Asia, where've ya been Cav? Under a rock? Which rock?
  16. Some of the news articles have been saying that Thais are subsidised for domestic travel, is this in effect now? What's the rate? Does this apply to Nana hotel?
  17. The following makes me chuckle. Ghislaine Maxwell arrested I also make a 3 part prediction : 1/. Ghislaine dies, in some manner, any manner, soonish. 2/. Ghislaine dishes dirt on Trump and/or Andrew, not excluding others of note. 3/. Trump and Barr and DOJ, contort themselves into circus acrobat positions, to clear, or move jurisdiction, or otherwise keep Ghislaine, from speaking.
  18. Yes unseasonably cold here at the moment
  19. The following is not opinion, merely some reporting, that does not opine one way or the other. A New York appellate court judge ruled that Simon & Schuster can go forward with the publication of Mary Trump’s tell-all book about her uncle, Donald Trump. The decision from Judge Alan D. Scheinkman reverses a lower court decision that temporarily halted publication of the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” which is scheduled for release at the end of July. In his decision, Judge Scheinkman declined to address the central claim from the Trump administration: that Mary Trump violated a 20-year-old non-disclosure agreement by writing the book. Instead, the judge ruled that Simon & Schuster was not a party to the agreement and therefore could not be bound by it. (New York Times / Washington Post / NBC News) Joe Biden raise more money for his presidential campaign than Trump did for his campaign during the month of June. This is the second month in a row that the Biden campaign outraised the Trump campaign. The Biden campaign says it raised $141 million in June, while the Trump campaign announced that it raised $131 million during the same time period. In May, Biden’s campaign raised $80.8 million and Trump raised $74 million. (New York Times / Politico / Washington Post) The Commerce Department is blocking the release of an investigation’s findings into whether it pressured the head of the NOAA into supporting Trump’s false claim in 2019 that Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama, according to the department’s inspector general. Peggy E. Gustafson sent a memo to Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross claiming that staff in his department had “thwarted” the publication of her report. Gustafson says the department claims portions of her report contain information that cannot be made public, but refuses to indicate which sections. She says the department’s refusal to allow the release of the report “appears to be directly linked to the content of our report and the findings of responsibility of the high-level individuals involved.” (New York Times) NOAA’s acting administrator “engaged in the misconduct intentionally, knowingly, or in reckless disregard” for the agency’s scientific integrity policy when he released a statement that backed Trump’s false statement about the path of Hurricane Dorian in 2019. Neil Jacobs criticized the National Weather Service forecast office in Birmingham for a tweet that contradicted Trump’s inaccurate tweet that Hurricane Dorian, which was then approaching the East Coast of the U.S., would hit Alabama “harder than anticipated.” No punishments have been proposed, despite the violations. (Washington Post / New York Times) Officials at NOAA were “sick” and “flabbergasted” about Trump’s inaccurate statements, altered forecast map, and tweets about Hurricane Dorian in September, according to emails released in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. The emails also show that the No. 2 official at the agency claimed that neither he nor the acting administrator approved the unsigned statement that a NOAA spokesperson issued on Sept. 6, which criticized the Birmingham National Weather Service forecast office for a tweet that contradicted Trump’s inaccurate assertion that Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated” from the Category 5 storm. (BuzzFeed News / Washington Post / NBC News)
  20. No, there's no gaslighting BS on this board, apart from Cav's posts. And traction? like Trumps' poll numbers and tongue kissing his daughter? *note: none of my opinions first appeared on, or consist entirely of, some uTube attention whore's "look at me" channel.
  21. In our and other countries (not Yokel land) we tolerate different opinions, and the majority get to run the place. It is, as you know, a situation in Yokel land wherein Trump managed to briefly wangle a majority (or what passes for one in the electoral college) which consisted of some Yokels and stupid people, with some disaffected by the "Wall Street" greed mongers. Now that all the fringe support has dropped away, we are left with a minority, that is too stupid, to know that they are finished, as a political force and that think, that shouting, shouting anything, will rouse some support from the folk, who made a big mistake in the last election. It is people like the great Bubi and CS who keep the discussion relevant and I join with Bubi and CS in discussing matters from an intelligent perspective. Not only can I write an opinion, that is well thought out and not entirely consisting, of other peoples thoughts, but I can also use the medium of the day to proffer insight, wherein I tender the following documentary, of life in Cav's home town.
  22. Note the variability. long watch
  23. Obama good. Clinton good. Biden good. Comey good. Brennan good. McCabe good. Strzok good. Clapper good. Rosenstein good. FBI good. DOJ good. CIA good. State good. They all good @RealDonaldTrump was a cun * . Worst scandal in our nation's history. There y'go Cav, fixed it for ya, your gonna want to get to where you got a few barain cells left.
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