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  1. I've had some good experiences at YANHEE hospital, too, but never had any cosmetic surgery there. I've been there three times for routine tests, and I had a dental cleaning done there. All went well, but I've learned to be cautious at YANHEE. I'll explain why below. What I like about YANHEE: It's a hospital, plain and simple, not a hospital trying to appear like a 5-star hotel. The walls are painted in hospital blue, not mauve and taupe. There are no modern-art sculptures in the waiting rooms or fusion food in the dining room. It's just a hospital. And a very efficient hospital. Never waited more than 20 minutes for anything, even if no appointment. Prices are reasonable, but they are not cheap. YANHEE is not any special bargain. What I don't like about YANHEE: The biggest objection is the location. No skytrain or subway anywhere nearby. No river ferry either. My TG tells me there is a bus, from Victory, but no thanks to that. Easiest I've found is take subway to Bangsue (end of the line), and then taxi from there across the river. My second objection is the approach of "up-selling" at YANHEE. You want one thing, but the doctor recommends something more expensive, which you may or may not need. This is everywhere in Thailand, not just YANHEE, but I will give a couple of examples so others can learn from my experiences: Example: Teeth cleaning at the dental clinic. Dentist rushed thru -- the shortest, fastest, cleaning I've ever had in my life. Not thorough at all. Then X-rays. After that dentist slowed down and had all the time in the world to explain to me he could put caps on my front teeth to make them look whiter. I politely, but firmly, declined. Then he explained that three different fillings were leaking and must be replaced. But I knew that one of those fillings had just been done about one year ago. I declined that, too. Went back to my regular dentist, and was shown that only two fillings needed repair. In my opinion, the YANHEE dentist's mission was to speed thru the cleaning in order to promote extra dental work. Another time at YANHEE I noticed they have a weight-loss clinic. Well, I would be happy to lose 10 kilo, so I went in. Waited a few minutes until an English-speaking doctor was available. His approach was to lecture about eating less -- as if I were a child. Not a language problem, an attitude problem. Then he said, "You take some pills and come back in one month." He didn't explain anything, just stood up to indicate the appointment was finished. The nurse let me to the cashier window to pay, and there I was handed a bag of pills. Zero explanation about what or why or how. I was not impressed. I paid, but when I got home I threw the pills in the trash: Amphetamines. They were just selling pills. However, the simple, routine tests I need have always gone well at YANHEE. I can walk in without any appointment, and the work is done carefully and efficiently. Never any problems with that.
  2. . I'll second the recommendation made by coops for proxy software. Many web sites are banned here in Thailand -- thousands of them. The only way around is a proxy. The government has even banned some -- but not all(!) -- of the proxy download sites. Here is a link to an excellent discussion with more details: http://geobay.com/5b2c15 And that forum is not (yet) blocked here. .
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