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  1. I've had some good experiences at YANHEE hospital, too, but never had any cosmetic surgery there. I've been there three times for routine tests, and I had a dental cleaning done there. All went well, but I've learned to be cautious at YANHEE. I'll explain why below. What I like about YANHEE: It's a hospital, plain and simple, not a hospital trying to appear like a 5-star hotel. The walls are painted in hospital blue, not mauve and taupe. There are no modern-art sculptures in the waiting rooms or fusion food in the dining room. It's just a hospital. And a very efficient ho
  2. . I'll second the recommendation made by coops for proxy software. Many web sites are banned here in Thailand -- thousands of them. The only way around is a proxy. The government has even banned some -- but not all(!) -- of the proxy download sites. Here is a link to an excellent discussion with more details: http://geobay.com/5b2c15 And that forum is not (yet) blocked here. .
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