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  1. 9 days to go.........! I'm gonna go on a spinner hunt
  2. Can you find girls like thainee/tussinee in the go go bars in Bangkok? I like the spinners
  3. Hi Chris, You sound like a good guy, and have a great attitude. My father has been living with HIV for over 10 years. He is 61 this year and has more life and energy in him than men half his age.. Take care of yourself ok? But by the sound of things - you will be doing just that. A bit off topic - but does anyone know how long it takes for HIV to 'take hold?' I had an accident (or 2) in Bangkok with my Thai gf that was a massage girl (ie sex worker). When I came to Taiwan I had to get a blood test 2 months later. If I had HIV, would it have showed up in that test? Thankfully it was negative, but after reading the bravery and attitude of this guy and the info in this thread, I dont think it would be such a devestating thing to find out anymore...
  4. 27 hours till I hit the tarmac in Bangkok Hope I can shake this horrible flu by the time I arrive though..
  5. 3 loooong days to go... Heading to Taipei tomorrow for a few days before leaving..
  6. My last girlfriend was a Thai girl studying in Brisbane, Austraila. 22, sexy and very independent. I think she may have been sleeping with her 'host father' but hey, the sex was good and she was fun to go out with.. She liked being away from her parents because she could wear slutty clothes and go out drinking without getting into trouble. When she is home in Thailand, she dresses like a nun and is home by 8pm every night..! Met a Laos girl when I was working in a government call centre. Very confident and professional attitude, and liked girls unfortunately. I felt like a right twat when I tried to feel her up at a drinks night after work one day..
  7. 13 days to go Staying for a week and then will have to go back again soon after to process working visa for Taiwan! Will have to pace myself I think
  8. 2 weeks to go until I visit Bangkok for my first time! Staying for a week
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