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  1. Again on the positive side:the pleasure, yes pleasure, of not smoking is enormous and it has to do with the euphoria of sheer, unobstructed breathing. Every runner knows what I'm talking about. And every asthma patient - as one poster mentioned here-knows what the opposite feels like. And as soon as you have made up your mind to quit you are a non-smoker, it's not like that tedious, slow, loosing weight thing. Instead, quitting smoking is rather like instant gratification. And look how much fresher bars without smoke feel like, even hopeless smokers like the Japanese appreciate how much nicer Thermae is without the smoke in that claustrophobia inducing basement. So think positive and quit and good luck! And I really don't mean to sound patronizing against smokers (or theatralical about ending discussing on the board; might just be the cool thing to do "unter Umstände" like the Germans put it; I'll be back probably with some boring and pompous Blu-ray opera recommendation...)
  2. Yeah I'm aware of sounding pathethic. "Im soo misunderstood by the whole world"!
  3. To end on a more positive note: if you must have that cigar you should at least enjoy it with one of the great cognacs. XO is optimal but you would probably consider it too healthy - tons of antioxidants - so stick with one of the VSOPs. Less expensive too. But far away from other people please; bye now!.
  4. This discussion is going nowhere. You don't care if people smoke, you don't care if a society is smoke free or not and you obviously don't care about other health issues either. And you equate the smoking industry lobby with the anti-smoking groups and you say you are totally indifferent about which side to support. Since our basic values and perceptions about smoking are so different from each other I give up trying to make my point. But obviously your attitude is the prevalent one on this board and as I said it's welcomed by your friends in the tobacco industry. I am getting somewhat fed up posting on this board. I cannot get my points understood. Basic values, tastes, preferences in life, attitudes etc here seem to be fundamentally so different from my own that I start doubting that any useful dialogue is possible. It's about time to reconsider things.
  5. I and thousands of other people who join each other or not in protesting against the attempts by the tobacco industry to sabotage the environment and people health are no health big wigs. I don't even wear a wig although some might suggest that I should. So on which side are you regarding the November meeting by the tobacco industry? You find it OK that they try to expand the market for cigarettes in Asia or do you agree with those who protest against it? Well, I know your position already and I am afraid that it is shared by most of the "caviar" (and the not so "caviar") leftists on this board, so my question is redundant. A "caviar"leftist on this board is typically a guy who comfortably denounces capitalism with the exception of tobacco capitalism from his first class air seat (he might also tend to brag about his affiliation with hi-so Thais without realizing that such bragging is typically low class, but that's another issue).
  6. So now people who work to improve environment and protect peoples' health are nothing more than a profit making "industry" equivalent to the tobacco industry? This goes for every group who opposes cynical exploitation by big industry? Those who opposed the war in Iraq are an "industry" who in fact like the war? And I who thought this was mostly a left leaning forum, from what I read in the furious replies to our previous house Republican..Rogue... By the way I am a Nazi, because I hate breathing smoke in public places. We all know that.
  7. You shouldn't worry to much about the odd anti-smoking poster here (myself and two or three others). You have massive support by the mighty tobacco industry against which the whole health campaign network is rather powerless, it appears. An industry meeting in Bangkok in November will roll back years of struggle for a smokelss environment in Thailand. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/22624/policy-denounced-as-moke-and-mirrors
  8. Reason to switch from the Petrus and Chateau Latour vintages?
  9. 'I do find that many smokers are quite polite..." Indeed, not least as reflected in the polished language of some posters in this thread.
  10. "Hehe.. The anti-smoking Nazi who was in Carousel is probably the sort of guy who'd get hit by a bus whilst trying to cross the road to get to a vegan resaurant whilst clutching a recently-purchased bag of anti-oxidents and herbal teas. One can only hope." From what I've read about Nazism it's something quite different from just preferring unpolluted air in bars. But you might have other sources.
  11. Ironically, the most vehement outbursts in this thread have come from those who declare themselves non-smokers. For smokers, smoking-bans in bars make it easier to quit, because they reinforce the cortex (where reason and judgment sits) part of the brain and block the proliferation of nerve endings in those nicotine-hijacked false pleasure centers of the brain. Cortex reacts on a smoking ban by saying: "It's not OK to smoke". Or so I have been told, and it might be incorrect. Right or wrong the reaction here will certainly be the usual eloquent: "Moron, idiot, wanker, pussy, fool, nazi" etc. So I will let others continue this discussion.
  12. Yeah, I have given up, fed up being branded everything from parasite to nazi. The pro-smoking group should give lessons in common civility.
  13. "No "irony (and parody)", intended." Then why in the anti-smoking thread? Anyway, my compliments to your high professional level as a chef!
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