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  1. It's been 10 baht for both Thais and Farangs for many years now. However I think schoolchildren in uniform only pay 5 baht. It's getting increasingly difficult to get a baht bus operating as a bus, as many drivers cruise around looking for Russian couples willing to pay big bucks to go to Cosy Beach, or Pratamnak Hill. M/c taxis, though, have recently put up theikr prices, so I don't think it'll be long before baht bus prices go up.
  2. I would suggest the Penthouse Hotel on soi 13/4 (soi Pattayaland 2), just off Beach Road. It has large rooms with dancing poles, jacuzzis, and has a LB Agogo on site. You can find more details at http://www.penthousehotel.com/
  3. eyebee


    To me, robaus, Israel and Palestine (well, Gaza) are like two naughty boys going "He started it". What they both need is to have their heads metaphorically banged together and told "sort it out." Unfortunately, I don't think this will ever happen with the entrenched feelings on both sides, especially amongst the extremists. Islamists and Hassidic Jews etc. Mind you, in addition to your list one other unimaginable did happen: the IRA called a truce which is still holding.... So the impossible is still a remote possibility. "Sometimes I like to think of six impossible things before breakfast", said Humpty Dumpty in Alice...
  4. Yes there is. At the very bottom of the page, in the middle, you will see a little up arrow icon in a grey circle. That is the "back to the top" button, which you will see if you hover over the icon.
  5. I vote for Buffy The Vampire Slayer...
  6. This is how your topic looked in the Recent Topics Added column - Another Female Reporter Groped In Egypt by gobbledonk. So I say can't you control yourself gobbledonk?
  7. Hitler's favourite composer...
  8. The part in Dr Zhivago where the camera zooms in to a field of flowers, gets closer and closer, then magically transforms into Lara's face. To the tune of Lara's Theme (Somewhere My Love).
  9. Flashermac said: On Sept 11, singer Piya 'Giftza' Pongkulapa, of popular girl band Birly Gerry Birly Gerry???? A bit like Burly Chassis (Shirley Bassey for the non-Brits).
  10. I don't think it's ever been 2am in reality, even though that's what the law says...
  11. At the last count, soi 15 had 9 Gogos: Beach Club, Shark (rear entrance...), Angelwitch, Sapphire, Smile Rock Girls, Misty's, Private Dancer, What's Up and Baby Dolls. All of them worth visiting except for Smile Rock Girls (possibly the worst gogo in Pattaya). Lots of interaction in Private Dancer and Baby Dolls; shows in Sapphire, Angelwitch and What's Up; eye candy in Misty's and Shark. In fact something for everyone!
  12. God gave us a penis and a brain, but not enough blood to use both at the same time. Robin Williams
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