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  1. 90 percent of the women there have had the 'snip' and HIV as with most parts of Africa have heavy HIV/Aids numbers.
  2. I was there last summer. There are freelancers in several bars. They will quote you in dollars, so you will have to negotiate of course. Best to befriend a local e.g. barman, waiter, etc and then take them out for a beer or two (very cheap) and they will point you in the right direct about prices and where to go. The locals are nice enough but the country is very very poor, so keep your wits. I had no probs, but I am dark skinned so that meant I didn't stick out too much. Have a good one.
  3. What's the opinion about Soi Buakhao? Cheap and Cheerful or a place to avoid in Pattaya? Thinking of checking it out and maybe saving the hassle and staying on one of the guesthouses there. What do you guys make of this soi?
  4. I hoping to spend a few days in Burma - Yangoon. has anyone got any up to date knowledge of hotels, nightlife, etc? Any info would be appreciated guys.
  5. Anyone know how much a taxi from Bangkok (airport) straight to pattaya would roughly cost? Would it be the same price back? Thanks guys.
  6. Yea good advice so far use a fake name and get a full check at Bumunrungrad hosiptal. The longer you leave the more you will stress and possibly pass something on. Most the STD's are curable so try not to panic too much. Good luck.
  7. Well I know of only one case. The guy in questins spoke a high level of Thai including basic reading and writing. At the point of getting the girl out of the bar, he had been here for 10 years and the girl was of a similar age to him - 36. The girl was in the bar as a way of supporting her two children at bome. There have been some ups and downs but after 7 years they are still together and quite happy.
  8. Thanks guys, however, I must say I will stay away from anything to do with chemicals/drugs. So how do the prices compare to LOS and what about massages? Thanks, jake
  9. jakestevernson


    As I will be in Jakarta for a few nights, can anyone recommend any good 'Sanuk' venues/bars. Going rates, things to watch out for. Much appreciated.
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