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  1. Guys, I stay at the Landmark 3 or 4 times every year. I always get a Club floor corner room and it is very nice. It is not expensive relative to the US and is very comfortable. However, most people consider it very pricey for Thailand. And I think so as I pay after tax and VAT about 8,000 baht per night. I hear rooms other than the Club and Premium rooms cold use an update though.
  2. I have a question and hope this is the right place to post it. I'm from the US and will be doing freelance work in Taiwan, traveling into Bangkok when I get a chance. I know there are limits on bringing cash into Thailand and thought it was something like $10,000 USD or equivalent. What if you carry more cash into the Country than the limit? I will be paid in cash for the work I do in Taiwan and am trying to figure out "what if" I carry more cash than the limit. I have a KTB Thai bank account and can get a better exchange rate at Vasu if I carry money in vs. wire transfer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for any help proved.
  3. I use Malwarebytes. There is a free version but if you pay for the subscription you get real time protection. Works great for me. Hope that helps Flash.
  4. Jack, Big Dogs serve at about 10:30 am, Hillary about 10:00 am. I drink in Big Dogs every morning when I'm there, just a few beers to start the day. If you can believe it, they are putting in a Hooter's Restaurant where Golden was. I jut returned from Bangkok this week so this is current news.
  5. Thanks, hope the searches stay dropped off.
  6. Gobbledonk, Can you please post more information on these "searches"? Or let me know where I can look it up? I may times carry cash in excess of what you mention in Bangkok, I get paid in cash for my job there. I'd like to get more informed on his, Thanks
  7. Dude, I've been a part of this forum for several years and go to Bangkok quite a bit on business. Don't post much but I'll be landing April 25, 2013 if that helps you. Glad to help if I can. Let me know what you need picked up if you'd like.
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