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  1. When did Islands restaurant close on soi patong resort? recently ?
  2. and the time of the year when people are not concerned where the water they ingest comes from
  3. and also, do thai medical facilities carry liability insurance ?
  4. he forgot to throw some coins in the engine for good luck.
  5. the yearly drive to up the kick back fees ?
  6. be sure to ask the coach why he did not think the warning signs did not apply to them.
  7. the do it yourself kits look fairly easy to use, check it out.
  8. Funny, when I used to frequent Nana and Cowboy the opposite happened to me. Start out with one woman accepting drinks and end up with 10!! and we all know what would happen if a runner was made from that situation ( for the guy)
  9. scary to think now will be called the good old days all too soon
  10. like many countries, could it be the persons that claim to be in charge are not really the ones running things ?
  11. The way I have understood the computer crime laws in Thailand it seems to protect the Snow Flakes who's feelings get hurt, and punish the people reporting fact filled news and reports.. it goes after persons they have a chance of extracting money from.
  12. so, thats why the have the no pissing signs in the singapore lifts ?
  13. “How 'bout a shot of truth in that denial cocktail.†makes it too bitter to swallow
  14. too bad it was machete verses off duty cop with a gun, might give others pause to think first
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