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  1. I'm with you on this one. If Gore runs, he can win again.
  2. Thai. Thai and PAL both have a couple of daily flights, but I've found TG to use nicer aircraft (777 on the afternoon flight). Big difference is between the terminals at MNL. Thai uses terminal 1 which has a nicer bar, internet, more duty free, things to keep you busy... Terminal 2 (PAL) is not much more than a holding area.
  3. My friend once peed on Lorenzo Lamas' bedroom floor, at a party. He was blind drunk and thought it was the toilet, so he opened the door and just started peeing. Lorenzo happened by and screamed, "What are you DOING?" and had our little group thrown out of the party. We weren't invited in the first place. Yesterday I saw a tweaker get off a bus, jump on to a bus bench where two girls were sitting, and start peeing from there into a hedge. I thought that was pretty rude.
  4. You can still get the same experience at Long Gun, no?
  5. Hahaha...haven't heard that term (jacks) in years! Of course, I haven't been to Ireland in years. The Disneyland story happened when we were taking my dad's pal from Dublin there while he was visiting. He had no interest in Mickey Mouse, but he did want to see a jazz performer, Stan Kenton, later in the evening. So we left him in a family restaurant bar across the street for the day. By the time we fetched him, he'd already had 18 whiskeys, by his own admission. After a stop at the liquor store, so he could buy us some more booze to sneak into Disneyland, we went back to see the show. You get the picture... This is the same character who had a job delivering fish, a boyhood friend of my father's. When he spotted my dad on the street, when he was visiting Dublin, he pulled his van over, dumped all the fish into the Liffey and they went out drinking. The same summer as the Disneyland trip, I had to take the guy to Malibu as part of my tour guide activities. There was a sign on the pier that said, "NO DOGS BIKES ALLOWED ON PIER". He took out some kind of sharpie and wrote on the sign, "I'll ride my bike where I like, so fuck you. Fido." I was only about 17 years of age, but I quickly learned that there are some adults you just can't take anywhere! That's why I like the Irish.
  6. In a back yard at a party. I passed out while doing so and rolled down an ivy hill into a chicken coop. My friends dragged me back up the hill and put me in a buddy's VW van, where I later peed in my pants. Double whammy. Back seat of my dad's car, which my brother was driving, on the way home from Disneyland. The beer bottle I was peeing into overflowed on to the passenger next to me - the van owner mentioned above. Double, double whammy for that guy - first I peed in his car, then I peed on him. Two acts I've seen, but did not commit myself: A golf course ball washer. Some kid's orange juice during elementary school 'nutrition' break. :nono: Like you, I'm sure I could come up with more examples, given adequate time to reflect.
  7. Flash, I'm surprised you haven't posted this link yet (unless it's in another thread). It seems even Miss America 1944 packs a pistol and ain't afraid to use it. This one's for the NRA side: Link
  8. I agree about nutcase control, but the problem is the killer was an adult (18 or over) and the authorities have to determine that he's a danger to himself or others in order to do anything. In this case, it seems that should have been clear. In Korea, they'd probably send him home to his parents and let them sort it out. Wouldn't have helped in this case though. After the incident, didn't the father commit suicide and the mother attempt to? I expect some serious family problems to be in the news soon.
  9. I had a Lao girlfriend here in the US for a couple of years. I don't think her education level was very high (she did nails here). But she spoke a few languages and had some very interesting stories about being a translator for the North Vietnamese army when she was quite young. Not necessarily by choice, either.
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