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  1. At 10am, Friday morning, I entered Bangkok Christian Hospital on Silom for an appointment with my Orthopedist. When I departed at 11:30 and walked towards Sala Daeng BTS station, I was suddenly enveloped in a swarm of police. Sidewalks were immediately taped off as were all entrances to the BTS station and adjoining buildings. Passengers in the BTS station were not allowed to exit to the street. News crews came streaming in and it was instant sidewalk chaos with no place to escape. Pandemonium reigned for close to an hour, then tape barriers started being pulled down. Only then did I learn there had been a bomb scare at the BTS stairway near Patpong-2. Nothing found. A lot of disappointed news crews stalking away.
  2. Is it settled for Hanrahans? Time?
  3. Not long ago, the taxi I was a passenger in had to wait for one of Bangkok's endless red lights. Light finally went green; cars in front of us moved...we didn't. Took a few moments to realize the driver was sound asleep. Blaring horns behind woke him up before I had a chance and he took off with a lurch. We still had a fair distance to my destination but I had him let me off at the next convenient stop and took another taxi. No sleepy drivers for me.
  4. Few more pounds hanging on me as well but doing OK. It was great meeting LK and SB,neither of who I recall meeting in past years. Nice to catch up a bit with HH, Flash and Suadum....and a big thumbs up to Cav. for putting it together. Regretting that it's been so long since I visited T-360...a pleasure to see that Bust, DumbKnut, PomMichael Specialist, pe7e, Coss and even Mekong (Get me a stool, will you, bro) are still kicking cans. Sorry about your Dad's illness, KS. I hope for the best.
  5. CARL WOLF I don't know if Carl was ever a posting member of what was Nanaplaza.Com and I don't know if any current members remember him but he used to regularly attend the Friday evening gatherings at Gulliver's between 2004-2006, usually in the company of his friend "RickFarang" He was a slender man of medium height and had worked at APPLE for many years. Later, through a chance meeting on an airplane flight, he left Bangkok for a job with DELL in China. That job proved to be a nightmare and he returned to Bangkok sometime after 2010. I reacquainted with Carl through the local film industry as he was an actor in many locally made TV commercials, TV shows and movie productions. I was just entering that business and ran into Carl by chance at a casting four years ago. He was very helpful to me and introduced me to many people who were instrumental in me getting some very good jobs. We became part of a small circle that would meet weekly just to have a few laughs and complain about whatever was worth complaining about. Early last year he surprised us by announcing that he had come to the conclusion that he had had enough of Thailand and was selling his condo and returning to the US. He had settled on Jacksonville, FL and about six months later, said his "good-bye's". Last Friday, I received word via Facebook that Carl had passed away. His friends here in Bangkok, including myself had absolutely no idea he was ill but it seems he had gone through severally major surgeries recently. Carl was an intensely private person and he never mentioned his illnesses to anyone. We don't know the cause of his death. Carl was an energetic and funny guy; reminiscent of Robin Williams with a manic laugh and animated style. He was a good friend and will be missed. dddave
  6. Yup...It's me. Spent this morning on MCOT morning show with the Ha-Ha hosts. Sorry I have been absent for so long...I'll try to get back more often. 3 years ago, when I was really hurting for money a friend dragged me into a modeling agency. Those who know me know just how unlikely a public speaking career is for me. I have never "acted" in my life but in the world of commercials, acting ability means nothing..it's all look and I've been incredibly lucky to somehow frequently fit the face on the storyboards...40+ TV commercials so far...the most unlikely of which was a RED BULL ad to run in Afghanistan. There is no fame...it's really surreal to be riding in an overpacked Skytrain car with your own image playing on the TV's they have mounted inside the cars; so much for celebrity. Anyway, the "Backstory" on me reading the THAI lesson was that I was supposed to read off a computer screen, however the glasses I'm wearing are prop glasses and I'm practically blind without my regular 1/2" thick specs...thus the words I was trying to read were 80% illegible and I couldn't change the angle because of reflections in the lens....big headache after that one.
  7. ELEF: Great to see your Boardname back up, especially considering the many exaggerated reports of your demise and to which I admit to being a contributor. I'm in the US just now, this is the first time I've logged on to 360 in a while but I'll try to be a bit more attentive in the future.
  8. He's not one to toot his own horn, but long time board member, Marc (Tony's Bar) has opened a new venue on Soi 4, Nana called "BAR 4" Situated across from The Dynasty Hotel, Marc has gone all out, taking a space formerly an internet shop and creating a spacious and visually striking new room. The interior is black with back-lit red panels, a open mezzanine rises in the back. There are ample tables, enough for a lot of people but not crowded in like a lot of other similar bars. Like most Soi 4 bars, there is plenty of seating along the rail for those that like to watch the never ending Nana Parade. Music is kept low enough that conversation is possible without having to shout. There are three brand new Brunswick Pool tables, two downstairs and one on the mezzanine. Several 50", wide screen TV's are mounted on the walls so favorite sporting events can be viewed from any seat. Should you want a bit of company, a bevy of willing hostesses await your smallest signal but they won't bug you if you choose to be alone. Marc has invested in three state of the art beer coolers so frosty, cold ones are the order of the day. During the opening period, creamy Carlsburg Draft, now being imported from Malaysia is B100 a pint. Tiger Draft is also available at B70 a pint. All other bottled beers, along with mixed drinks are B70, a price you won't beat anywhere. These are regular, all day prices; not just "Happy Hour" so get your butt down there while the getting's good because he won't be able to maintain these promotional prices forever.
  9. Back in the USA, my VCR was my exclusive sex partner for more years than I care to mention. Once I discovered Thailand and the virtues of unlimited, assembly line sex, I developed more respect for the male porno stars who had to pound away for hours on some worn out old whore while some director demanded they contort their bodies into impossible positions to suit the camera angle, all the while being ready to "pop" on schedule. I used to envy them but not any more. Just so I don't accused of going off-topic, in my experience, most TG's aren't to thrilled if they see you using spit, some don't even like KY; too gooey, they just work it in and deal with "Jep, nit noy".
  10. Nice piece of writing; this may be "Post #1" but I assume you've written before. Where can it be read?
  11. Ahhh, yes; the infamous '05 Dubbs tour. I'm sure one uniquely bejewelled, Soi Cowboy maiden is still searching the sois, hoping for a return engagement. She has not been seen in these parts, or more accurately, we have not seen her parts in a long while. Watch out for those metal detectors!
  12. Two years ago, my GF was stung on her leg by a jellyfish resulting in chronic inflamation and severe scaring. Visits to a Thai Hospital, various clinics and Bumrumgrad failed to alleviate the problem. A friend who's wife had been treated at YANHEE HOSPITAL for a skin condition recommended we give it a try, he felt their Dermatology Dept was second to none. We went the next day with no appointment. The Hospital itself is not the "five star hotel" experience of Bumrumgrad; it is plain and utilitarian but spotlessly clean and well laid out, the staff friendly and helpful. Within an hour she was seeing a Dermatoligist who called in several consultants and gave her respectful attention, answering all of her and my questions. He prescribed a course of treatment that proved sucessful. I don't remember the total cost including meds, but I think it was around B2000. The patient waiting areas can be VERY interesting as Yanhee is a leader in -um- "gender reversal"
  13. Tom; Great start, I really enjoyed it!! Keep it going!! dj
  14. Even in the US, where there is at least a mediocum of consumer protection in the law, many thousands of "investors" lost money buying into timeshares. The main problem is that you are not getting any equity in the property itself, just the right to occupy for a specified period. All they have to do is sell the time shares, pull all the money out and let the place go bankrupt. Share owners have no standing in the bankruptcy, thus get nothing. When the assets are auctioned off, the same scammers often repurchase it using straws and do it all over again. dj
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