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  1. People are refusing because they are ill informed and come with stupid figures which they interpret in a completely wrong way. I am discussing with an anonymous twitter account in Dutch. The account was made in October 2021. Person claims to be a mathematics professor. So the anon quotes one statistic from one hospital. Which says 63% of people in hospital are vaccinated. Against 85% of Dutch population is vaccinated. So anon claims. unvaccinated have a lower chance to end in the hospital. I ask if he has ever really attended mathematics classes as to my calculations it means unvaccinated have a lot higher chance with these figures. But he keeps arguing (without proof) he is a mathematics professor and I am not. So other idiots in the discussion believe him. This is why people refuse to vaccinate. They believe a completely anonymous person claiming to be a professor, without evidence. Whom obviously misinterprets numbers they themself present from only one hospital. People are stupid. Which is why governments should implement mandatory vaccination or suspending civil liberties for people whom are to stupid to make decisions and see the blinding obvious. This person is even calling for a civil war in the Netherlands because "although he is peace loving" he has reached boiling point.
  2. We always joke about stupid things in Thailand. But this eats the cake. In the Netherlands people are now organizing corona parties to infect each other so they get a proof of recovery as they refuse to vaccinate. My mouth fell open when I read this. There are even people putting up advertisements on marktplaats (the Dutch Ebay) offering 50 euro to a person with corona to come and infect them. Human stupidity really is showing during this crisis.
  3. So if your vaccination is older than 6 months as a foreigner you need to do a test to enter KSR and pay money for that privilege ..... yes this will attract people! https://aseannow.com/topic/1239472-khao-san-rd-foreigners-must-take-100-baht-swab-tests-if-vax-is-old-ambulance-on-standby-to-take-them-away-if-positive/
  4. Well apart from Mexico all my countries are on the list of countries. So that is not an issue anymore. It is an issue with Singapore which has a much shorter list even.
  5. Wouldn't come for tourism. And for my work this whole setup is too difficult. Just got called. This afternoon to London. Tomorrow to El Paso USA. My tickets still need to be issued (as usual). In my line of work simply couldn't wait for 3 days to get a Thailand pass.
  6. Hello BuBi, hope all is well. Well you just check the rues before you fly. Simple as that. And you make sure you are first in line to vaccinate. Normally if I would get a call to go somewhere I could answer whether I would do it in 5 seconds. Now I need to answer give me 2 minutes to figure out the regulations for that place. Although some countries I know out of my head, they could always have done a last minute change. Luckily there are many groups on whatsapp and telegram of people whom do the same work. There are maybe 500 people doing this fulltime and most are in one of those groups. We use it as a collective memory bank and most people will post a message if something changes in the entry requirements for their country. So usually I know the new rules 1 or 2 days before the news media reports about it. Thailands new Thailandpass makes it easier for people going on holiday. But not for people in my work whom know at best 24 hours beforehand if they are going somewhere. Often I show up at a check in counter and my ticket was just booked which means it isn't even in their system yet!!! Luckily most airports now have testing and rapid PCR on site. Although it sometimes costs a fortune. In most of 2020 this was the biggest problem for my work. The time it took to get results for a test,
  7. Since it is only a small group of 17% of the people above 18 in the Netherlands I feel government should stop listening to them (they are extremely vocal) and simply have them ask for permission to leave the house. So they can ask for 2 days a week to go buy groceries and that's it. Only other reason is for medical care or if they finally relent and get a vaccine! In Biology at school in the 90ties I learned 95% of a population needs to be vaccinated for a virus to slowly disappear. But idiots in Dutch government say 75% is enough.
  8. Yes so which idiot are you talking about. There is only one idiotic president in the recent past. Trump. A sour looser and instigator of an armed rebellion. In any democracy he would be in jail for that. But US is not a Democracy as many people tell me, but a republic
  9. Yes I have a second passport but still. Most countries have access to your travel history anyway I have learned. Still huge. And yes I predicted that quite a while ago. Been through Frankfurt airport 23 times already this year. And 165 times since November 2016 (That's how far back I started updating my app to see how much I travel).
  10. I am trying to explain that to non vaxxers as well. They just don't understand it.
  11. I keep my Thai simcard up to date through the internet. I actually use it in some countries as it is cheaper than my Dutch simcard. And it offers data roaming packages for most countries in the world! While my Dutch provider charges 4 euro!!! per MB!!!! outside of the EU. My rule is Dutch Sim card in the EU. Hong Kong sim card for Hong Kong Macau and China, US for US. Mexican for Mexico and Thai card for most other countries in the world. Thailand's reopening seems like an utter mess. I will observe closely as I am already getting asked by brokers if it would be possible to do jobs to Thailand again. But like for Singapore, Thailand seems to have one killer requirement for my work. You need to have been in your country of departure for 21 days before you fly. And with me traveling through 10-12 countries in a month that is impossible.
  12. Still going on about loosing the vote ...... jeez.
  13. You would have to fly to the Ukraine first
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