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  1. Still going on about loosing the vote ...... jeez.
  2. You would have to fly to the Ukraine first
  3. Interested in the part about soapies. If I do get to Manila I usually get put in Makati. But I can ask for a hotel from work in other areas as well. So decent hotels with soapies close or even attached is nice. Karaoke never really done that.
  4. Russia taking an active interest in sending people to Mars is great. It will make other nations want to go there too. Now if we could only convince all world leaders to spend their defence budgets on space exploration ............. What I never understood is, why doesn't Kim Jong Un use his rocket program to send people into orbit. Basically if a rocket can send a person into orbit and land them it can carry a nuke too. But no one can forbid him from sending people into space peacefully . Iran is actually using this. They have already launched animals into space and seriously consider a human mission.
  5. When I met her and slept with her when I had my own modeling she was already over the hill Can't imagine what she looks like now. W
  6. Anyway .... Trump now wants to be ruler for life like Xi ......
  7. Bubi I went through Frankfurt Airport 89 times last year. Maybe have a meetup there I am Senator so we ca do the Senator lounge.
  8. Will do my best to be there. Will be the first time out in Cowboy in ages.
  9. If I cum would that stop others from coming
  10. The bill needs 60 votes in the senate Coss. And there are only 51 Republicans of whom 4 voted against. And 5 Democrats (I believe) voted in favour. So unless they give something to the democrats it will not pass. It goes for most US legislation that needs a 60 vote majority at this moment. It will not pass if the Democrats block it. The Republicans wanted to attach the Child Healthcare program to the spending bill sp the Democrats would be kinda forced to vote in favour of the bill. Then Trump tweeted no way will I sign of on that. The irony is that the Child Healthcare plan is absolutely not controversial at all. Both parties support it. But Trump doesn't support it.
  11. I'll become a Kim Jong Un follower if I can have 5 them
  12. Great a reason to go to Kanchanaburi again
  13. Problem is she already lies in the first minute of the video. She claims the girls are forced to sleep with over 40 men a night! That is impossible. A night is only 8 hours. Even in 24 hours sleeping, forced or not, with 40 men is impossible. Let alone every day. So this whole video starts of with a lie. W
  14. Basically Trumpistan is now blackmailing other countries. I hope the EU severs all ties with Trumpistan and refuses all Trumpistanis access to the EU. We don't want those terrorist babykillers anymore. Fuck the US under Trump.
  15. The crashing of Trump might involve a lot of violence and a civil war in the US. His die hard supporters will never ever acknowledge any evidence against the man. And they own most of the guns.
  16. Consulates are not embassies Cavanami. I thought as a traveler you knew the difference.
  17. So basically the lady shouldnt go to jail. She should be executed for stupidity and endangering the lives of other kids
  18. Jones act was temporarily suspended for 10 days today. So your work should get a bit easier. A friend whom is a courier like me went there with parts and was supposed to turn around immediately. He is now stuck there. It seems it is easier to get in than to get out again. Puerto Rico should go for independence and ask Cuba to help them rebuild. They would get more help then from the US.
  19. Off topic: I wonder what the women in Monterrey Mexico look like. My next destination.
  20. All that fuss over a song and a piece of cloth. Meanwhile 3 million Puerto Ricans are dying. But no cloth, a song and rocketman are more important than helping your own citizens. America doesn't need external enemies. It is it's own worst enemy.
  21. Yes that strange situation in which you agree with both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in the same week: Trump: Kim is a madman (agreed) Kim: Trump is a dotard (agreed)
  22. Just came back from a trip to Chennai ..... I always thought Manila was the most horrible airport. I guess Chennai outdoes Manila. I dread that I have to go there again as the company got me a double entry visa ....... As to worst airlines .... Air China to me. SAS and KLM are pretty awful too.
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