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  1. I have searched many of the threads on ED, and though Levitra is mentioned, no one has really advised on its availability in BKK. So is Levitra or an Indian (preferred) or Chinese generic of Vardenfil available in the pharmacies in BKK. I am aware of the availability oof Viagra (and Pnengra, IKamagra) and cialis (apcalis). This question is specific to Levitra and generics.
  2. Do any of the pharmacies in BKK sell Armour Thyroid? It is used for hypo-thyroid conditions. I have allergic reactions to synthroid which is more common. Armour thyroid is basically desiccated pig thyroid. It might also be sold under some generic name if coming out of India or China>
  3. Moo Gata/steak place just down from from the On Nut BTS is OK, known for steak which is sometimes OK, sometimes tough. Personally, I like the moo gata restaurant on Phrakanong (Suk 71) but it is quite a way down from Sukimvit, about Pridi 39 or so (soi if you wish), it is on the left hand side as you are going away from Sukhimvit. If you order the seafood "moo gata" they have shrimp, mussels, oysters, squid, and scallops (yes, real scallops in the shell) along with the normal beef, port, chicken and fish offerings. Quite a few additional dishes as well, not expensive 199 baht if memory serves me.
  4. Rather than wasting your time getting opinions, if you have the Windows 7 software, just install it and see. Windows 7 has to be the easiest OS install I have ever seen (even ultimate), you basically answer a couple of questions at the beginning and let it rip and you are up in about 20 minutes. If you have a legitimate copy, I would wait to activate until you are sure you want it, if your copy is not legitimate, using something like the DAZ Loader (available anywhere on the net) and activate it with that software, throw some free antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, etc. on it and you are ready to go. With only 2 gig, you don't need 64 bit, so you can install 32 bit, which if you are migrating older programs would give you a better chance at total compatibility. However, remember that there are new programs that run only on 64 bit (CS5 Premiere and After Effects to name a couple). There might be a couple of specific driver issues with your computer, but usually you can get around them with Microsoft generic drivers. Good luck.
  5. Nobody has mentioned Stevie Ray Vaughn, definitely died before his time, or Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits yet, if you like a guy who uses his fingers instead of a pick. Sometimes, it isn't all technique, but feeling, a la Carlos Santana. Another guy I thought was worthy of mention was Roy Buchanan.
  6. Forgot one thing. Microsoft has a free tool, whatever, called "synctoy", which could be used to move folders over to another PC, but also maintain folders in sync afterwards by several different methods. I have used it to synchonize massive jpg/raw photofiles, some as large as 15,000 plus entries. Does a nice job laying down the first copy, and then synchronizing them dependent on what rules I give it for synchronization. People might find it handy.
  7. It's a nice guideline. If at least one of your systems is Windows 7, read carefully. Windows 7 introduced a thing called 'homegroups', and it changed the way you set up file sharing. W7 to W7 is pretty straight forward. But XP or Vista to W7 is not as straight forward, read this and other documentation carefully. It works nicely but the initial setup can be confusing.
  8. My windows PC (circa 5 years old and 3 years old) also have them. But..., go look at the new ones, most do NOT. High end i7 laptops (ASUS, Acers, HP's) don't, their old ones did (I owned them all). Look at the new high end motherboards for desktops, very few still include firewire. Again, don't know why, firewire is a good transfer mechanism, and most of us (at least, I do) have legacy equipment that use firewire. On the wireless, looking at a simple "G" spec, 56 mbits, match that against a 100 mbit LAN. The LAN spec is approximately twice as fast, but if you measure transfer as I mentioned earlier, by time, on one large file, it's almost 4x faster. Multiple small files are even slower with most of the wireless protocol. As you say, most rural folds don't have LAN cables hanging around, so if he has a lot of time, I agree with you, keep it simple and don't change anything. I migrated to full gigabit network at my house back in US, simply because I move and backup a lot of stuff across multiple PC's as well as running media boxes feeding my TV avi's, mp4's, mkv's, and flv's that I collect either from PC or NAS on my home network. My house in Phitsanulok, is not as complex using LAN only when I want to stream movies, as wireless makes most of the media boxes stutter a bit in my experience. Anyway, was just trying to help.
  9. Thanks, just tried it up here in Phitsanulok, download isn't as fast, it stutters a bit from time to time, but thanks again. Not that much of interest for me yet, I watched the NFL station a bit, but I can hardly wait for the weekend and see if I can watch a little NCAA Football, some great games this Saturday.
  10. You use a LAN cable because it is up to an order of magnitude faster. Wireless is what, 56 to 108 mbit, and there is much more overhead in the protocol. A LAN is 100 mbit if you have old equipment (old PC, old Router, most likely most people have NOT bought gigabit routers as yet), and 1000 mbit, if you have gigabit LAN. Do a simple test, even if you have old equipment, transfer a large movie (700 mbytes or larger) from PC to PC using a wireless setup, and time it. Now, LAN up (pun intended), using a LAN cable connect to a router (as I said, it is most like a 100 mbit LAN), time it. I guarantee it will be a lot faster, now multiply that by the amount of files you want to transfer. Another poster mentioned firewire, never tried it except for DV from a comcorder, not sure it supports file to file transfer, but even if it did, most new windowslaptops and desktops today, no longer have firewire ports. I cannot speak for Apple, but I believe firewire was initialy an Apple spec, so they may still retain it. I don't know why, it was a good spec. Maybe because most of the HD camcorders now transfer via USB. Before, all the non-HD camcorders (I know Sony & Panasonic for sure all used firewire)for their most of their non-HD digital camcorders as I owned quite a few of them.
  11. There is a good night club in the topland hotel, walking distance from Pailyn, gets crowded 10:30 on. Plus, if you walk that way but turn left and go over the bridge, there are entertainment areas as well (these are Thai places, not like SC or Nana), but some of the local farangs frequent them as well. The Pailyn is about a block from the river, if you walk to the river and look over on the other side, there is a good night club with girls. Near the main bus terminal, down the side street that leads back to Mitraphab Road (the large, large road that goes from one end of Phitlok to the other, there are several Karaoke bars with ladies in waiting. There are aponuats near the "old airport", towards what is now the army base. You will see the colored lights. By the way, there is not a plethora of tuk-tuk drivers there. There is a tuk-tuk station as you walk close to Topland hotel. If you pay near BKK prices, you are getting royally ripped, be a little hard ass on bargaining, Phitlok is not a rich city, and women are hungry to meet farangs.
  12. Last 2 movies I saw were "The Wolfman" and "Shutter Island". The Wolfman, a remake of the 1941 classic with Lon Chaney, Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Ralph Bellamy and the inimatable Maria Ouspenskaya (as the gypsy lady), was an interesting collage. Atmosphere in the movie was great, as was the acting with Benedicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, et al. However, there were lots of plot jumps in the story that did not hang together, you found yourself asking, how did Lawrence get here or there? The effects were good although, from what I understand, they tried to stay away from CGI effects and let the actors be werewolves often under makeup. Obviously some of the scene had to be very athletic doubles or graphics. All in all enjoyable, but the plot had holes. On the other hand, Shutter Island is not to be missed. Leonardo di Caprio turns in a masterpiece performance (hopefully worthy of an oscar nomination), running through a full gamut of emotions and characters. The supporting cast, Ben Kingsley et al. are excellent. The story is well written and the frightening moments are more those which touch the soul rather than over stimulating the auditory and visual senses--a gimmick much too overused in most "scary" movies. Scorsese has always been one of my favorite directors and IMHO, he does not fail here. The movie does not drag at all in its 2 hours+, but it does require your attention as there are a lot of plot lines to follow as the story untangles. If you take a Thai GF with you who does not speak English well, but rather reads the subtitles, they might be better served to see the movie in Thai, unless they can read the subtitles very quickly, as there are many scenes were is a lot of important, verbal interaction as well as a lot of medical babble. But, all in all, the movie is not to be missed, really, really, excellent.
  13. Just watched Zombieland, a hilarious takeoff on all the Zombie/undead flesh-eating monster movies with Woody Harrelson playing a twinkie-eating zombie killer . Hilarious, and bound to be a cult classic. Remember, the fatties die first.
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