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  1. when it's hot, ice belongs in everything... yes everything
  2. If anybodys interested, some kind of police event at Nana. Lots of places closed for the night. Looks like they're set up for a presentation in the Nana Hotel parking lot. Interesting...
  3. I've been making my yearly round of just about every gogo in Nana and Cowboy. I though i'd share so maybe someone will have a better night out... Soi Cowboy Sadly Midnight has turned into another horrible coyote bar: lovely girls that will never go with you but do drink up 250baht per minute. I remember when they had the secret room behind the bookcase. Sigh. i was there for less than 10 minutes cost me 450B Bacarra is the same as ever, downstairs girls are better than the little ol' bitches upstairs. The place is always packed with Nipponese. the usual. I love the place, easy chairs if you're lucky. I often just stop in on the way home for 1 drink to soak in the ambience, sit in a comfy chair and ogle the dancing girls. Shark bar is good. lots of good lookers. nothing new there, but two doors down is the new Lighthouse that seems to be connected with Shark bar. Understaffed and bringing in dancers from Shark bar Cowboy2 has some great lookers and that good old gogo style. Rawhide and Longgun are same as usual. the dancers there must have unionized, no turnover, same OLD girls. Way too many places on Cowboy have turned Coyote. Sahara, Spicy, susywong,etc. I hope every one of those places will fail. And there is now a ladboy bar on Cowboy Tilac looks the same as ever, but i hate the place for some irrational reason, so i never go there. And around the corner where the recently closed Dubliner was on soi 23 is indeed a new gogo bar. can't remember the name Nana Plaza Angelwitch 2 is a new one where Hollywood was on the bottom floor. GD ugly girls! thankfully there were only a couple of them so i could look somewhere else to spare my eyes. But they play that old "Classic Rock" some folk like. Playschool looks a little different but basicly the same same. Rainbows 1,2,3,4 all the same. All OK by me except for Rainbow 3, I absolutely hate having a couple of sourpuss old lady waitresses sitting right in front of me, arguing about whatever, like they don't want to walk very far because they know you'll checkbin in a couple minutes just because they're right the fuck in front of you, blocking the center of attention... dancing girls! ugh i hate that place ever time i set foot in there, but i always forget just how awful it is. Sorry for the Rant Wild Thing is a new place top floor. The girls really dance at least on opening night. They had a opening deal where you could slap yellow stickers on the girls butts and whoever got the most sticker would win 1000B. But the stickers wouldn't stick! Carnival is finally closed but "this bar could be yours" says the sign. What a place. i think even the mechanical bull was embarrassed to be there. What used to be VooDoo on the bottom floor now appears to be a ladyboy bar Next door to the old Voodoo is a newly named (Biohazrd?) can't remember Lolipop and Spankys are the same old tourist traps Mandarin upstairs is always good, still can't figure why the upstairs never opens up, Maybe its a firetrap Mandrin on the second floor is kinda like Pattayas Beach club but not so raunchy. tabledancing Fantasia no idea Erotica secondfloor left corner is good and popular with punters. Straps, no idea Gspot is gone and looks like it's being remodeled. I don't think i'll miss it but it did have a crazyness to it... like you' never know what you were in for. That's all i got. i'll be out to Cowboy tomorrow. If you're there, look for a fat man with a long red beard. That WON"t be me. Haha
  4. high context culture always surprises me. memes lost on me
  5. OOO you got me! I would believe anything after hearing the police let in the protesters
  6. Being American (in a liberal state even) I hear about how the Mexicans are stealing our jobs, Obamas a Muslim, and if I don't believe it, i'm not a "real American" and i should just move to Canada. I pity them for thinking like this and i pity this Thai Professor too. It's just human nature, base instincts to want to exclude minority Phenotypes that compete for resources- when we were dumb monkeys. Evolve or die
  7. On-fucking-believable! only in Thailand do you get the authorities to drop their defenses invite in the insurgents, and the criminally charged rebel gets an intervention.... This is why i keep coming back.
  8. Seriously? Infowars is American right-wing conspiracy-theory propaganda. the article is written to legitimize the addle brained opinions of American teabaggers, Old coots that can't figure out why the world is different from what they were told it was 50 years ago.
  9. Oh NO! Do you think the bars will close early?
  10. Thanks for news, Best i've found on the internets.
  11. Damn Expats get so jaded! It's all perspective... Step off the plane when you're 28... Thailand is freaking paradise.
  12. I went to the Rainbow Bar on Suitisan a couple times last year with the security guard from my (sometime) apartment and a few other lads from my building. It is a very Thai place, absolutely huge, lots of white skinned girls that act like nice uni girls. Not great to go solo, but you won't be left alone. It's friendly enough, and cheap- buy a bottle, coke, ice. Or beer of course. Didn't take away so can't tell any rates, but i'm guessing the girls are there to bring in punters , make arrangements for after work, maybe1500? Weekdays and early weekends is very quiet, late night weekends is Full. If you know where RCA is on Suitisan walk back towards the BTS and go right on the last block before the skytrain. (it's divide there into two one ways). there are a number of other seedy joints between the Sapan Kwai bts all the way to Huay Kwang MRT station, but the straight action seems to end at the expressway overpass. Good cheap food down Suitisan too
  13. learn a few phrases in Thai, learn to speak them fast. and pretent you own the place
  14. dashiling

    bj options

    Besides Lolitas, two blocks up on soi 10, is Lolipop. The place is almost a mirror image of Lo's. Talent was poor when i went in for a hummer. Girl i got (woman would be more accurate) was dumb as a stump. She figured the faster and harder she sucked, the faster she would be done. That's my problem with these places, some of the girls are really bad at their job. But i keep going back to my favorites. Chokdee
  15. I love the GoGos! i don't have a comprehensive update because i can't be bothered to go to ever joint, but this is what a got: not many customers even on the weekend, but LOTs of girls. Farm fresh or maybe flood fresh. two new place on the top floor Billboard where Hollywood Strip used to be and a place next door that i can't remember the name. Billboard is just about the same as before but they classed up the facade and put in a jacuzzi pool for the girls to frolic in. I was not much impressed with the talent, but i was there early so can't be too sure. The place next door was better, hopefully it doesn't turn into another katoey bar. I'll give them a B- and and A respectively. Mandarin was full of lovely girls, i don't think i saw a single girl that was not attractive there, The upstairs is still closed after all these years. It was like 10 years ago when the russian mamasan got busted for running underage girls up there and still it seems to be off limits. either that or it's "fire Code" it would be the worst place to be if there was a fire, though i found a roof exit wandering around up there looking for the toilet. you could jump>?>> Mandarin get an A+ Rainbow 1 first floor in the corner had a lot of hotties A+. Playschool, nice but not many girls (again maybe too early) but i'll give it a solid A. G-spot, wow could this place get any worse? I really got to look before i sit, I was front and center to the fattest uglies dancing girl i think i've ever seen. she had this nasty hairy highway going down from her navel to snatch (thank god for that bikini) to be generous, there was another fattie there who really put her all into dancing, tit's slapping around and all the belly fat undulating, i suppose if i were a chubby chaser, she 'd be a looker, but really going with a fat pro kind of defeats the advantages of chasing chub. They should be free and grateful, right? G-spot D- i'd give it an F but at least i wasn't hustled for drinks. But i was harassed for the full 20 minutes i was in there by a suspected post-op that was so overdone in the ass and tits that he/she looked like a cartoon of a real person. OK F. That's all i got for now guys, And i got through it without insulting any eurotrash or cigarette-virgin-branding-asians Chokdee
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