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  1. Obviously not. There's all kind of porn out there. Some of it just erotics and some violent sodomy. I used to have one of those jobs where i'd occasionally had to visit people's houses. But no, no sex Although I'm pretty sure japanese plummers must be getting pussy. And besides, what's wrong with spitting? Obviously it can be a turn on if done right. If there's something that arouses you and it's not demeaning to the other partner, then there's nothing wrong with doing it. Btw, by the bathroom of California, do you mean Hollywood?
  2. look i'm not doing this to prove a point. i'm doing this because i honestly think the information can save his life. and it's not quackery. these are serious well renowned scientists (even a noble price winner) that are putting forward an alternative hypothesis to the one that HIV is the cause of AIDS. The official hypothesis has to this day not been proven right. it's up to him if he wants to find out more about it. and i don't want the thread to turn into some discussion wheter or not HIV is the cause of AIDS so i won't post here more if he doesn't wants me to.
  3. Well presume i'm right and presume that he does have HIV. Then if he starts taking the medications he might, ironically enough, die of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome due to the damage the drug does to the immune system (not to mention the damage it does to the entire body). I just want to warn him. If what these people are saying is true then junglesoup can go on and live a healthy life without having to worry. If i were him, knowing that, would make the situation a lot more bearable. I'm sorry if i have offended him, it was never my intention.
  4. I'm sorry Bjon045 but you're wrong. Google it yourself. The so called HIV medicine hasn't been able to show any health benifits to the patient whatsoever. To the contrary actually. Don't trust your doctor. Look it up and make up your own mind. I hope the second test comes up negative. I strongly recommend you to take one.
  5. yeah get a second test! there are many cases of false positives. facts: 1. the so called HIV drugs are DNA terminators. They will cause adverse effects on your body and in the worst case, even kill you. 2. Many people live healthy lives (10+ years) with HIV without taking any medication. 3. There´s is no proof that HIV is the cause of AIDS. you must be going through hell right now. i probably can´t even imagine. but really, before you start accepting that you have HIV, you should really make sure that you indeed have it. there are probably thousands of people out there, who on their first test recieved a false positive, walking around thinking that they´ve got HIV, when they don´t.
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