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  1. This has to be the single most important post I have ever read on this board. This is absolutely the first time I've read of a thread of a fellow poster that has caught the disease first hand via hetrosexual contact. I hope you can answer some questions for us. I don't mean to be prying, just trying to understand the mitigating circumstances. 1. Are you circumcised? 2. Are you sure the person you caught it from is a freelancer? 3. Was there anything you remember from the incident (open sores etc) 4. Was there anything notable about your medical condition when you think you caught it? Like airline flight fatigue, sores, cuts 5. Was it just ordinary conventional sex or more? I really hope you don't take offence to my post. I really do hope you get through this and you have been very brave in providing information. By providing the above answers, you will be educating your fellow posters even further.
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