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  1. >>Better to arrive than travel, then, we all reckoned.<< If an ass goes a-travelling, he'll not arrive home a horse. Oh wait, that one is true.
  2. Ahhh, it was only one week ago in the LOS, me in the arms of a pretty girl age unknown but I suspect she was older than her 25 year old appearance. She said: "NO! NO! NO! You not come!" "Too late." "Why you come?!!!" "What do you mean?" "Why you come now?" "You told me 10 minutes before to come, so now I come." "But I not come." "Why did you tell me to come if you not want me to come?" She gives me a sideway look as if to say I must be stupid to not have known what she REALLY wanted. She reproaches me again: "I not come yet." I think about how I met Ae three nights before on Sukumvhit, I swore she was the one staring at me earlier in Kiss Bar while another girl had claimed me by wrapping her arms around me. I had left the bar alone that night and found Ae at 3am wandering down Suk by herself. She said I was crazy, she not work bar. I took her to my hotel that night, she never said anything about me being required to get her off. And tonight, when this time she found me wandering on Suk alone, she again failed to mention her requirements. She rolls away from me, rests her head on the pillow, stares at the wall and says softly: "I not come." Wow. I've never seen such disappointment. I try to console her - "Listen I'm sorry I not make you come OK?" "I angry with you." This makes me laugh. I say: "I don't care." She turns and looks at me: "You not care if I come?" "I care if you come, I always wait for girl if that is what she wants. But I don't care if your angry, that is your problem." I look at her, she is genuinely frustrated by this experience. She obviously changed her mind about wanting me to come, but forgot to cancel the standing order to fire at will before the battle was finished. Its 4am, a long day and night of drinking has me aching to lay down and pass out. But a fine lady needs to get off here in my hotel in the middle of the dark Bangkok night. So I make up my mind. Its going to be hard work for me, but a sense of duty propels me forward. I slide out of the bed, open the desk drawer, pull out the large object that is rolled up inside a t-shirt. I smuggled it in right under the nose of Thai customs. She is sitting up, eyeing me suspiciously. I tell her "I have something for you." I unfurl the monster and speak in my best scarface voice: "Say hello to my little friend." A very wide smile crosses her lips, a happy BG is a good BG. But I underestimated my girl: She (we) went at it with the little friend until 6:30am, and somewhere in between I even got it up again and we went at it that way for awhile, but in the two and a half hours she never came once. We tried all positions and every way possible, I mean every way. I was astonished at what she was willing to try in her quest for release. We were both sweating like we had been in the shower, and breathing like marathoners. No matter, she not come. In the middle of things, she said "If you use your tongue I come." That is the only way we hadn't tried. This girl does the Soi 7 Biergarten/Thermae circuit, for how many years I don't know, but based on the things we did to her with the long double headed friend I suspected she was a very long time pro. Call me cautious, call me callous, a selfish prick. My tongue stays put. So its 6:30am she still has not come, but she was one hell of a horny girl having the time of her life. When we finished I ordered breakfast, told her she could sleep but I had to be up in a few hours, she said she has to sleep all day before hitting biergarten at 7pm, so she gave me her number and off she went at 7am, the sun already higher than the bangkok skyscrapers. I didn't see Ae again, I hope her next farang was able to meet her requirements. >>>Do most BG girls really enjoy sex with their "customers"?<<< Yep. But they don't always come.
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