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  1. Hi I haven't been to Thailand in 5 years and I will be back in November. Question I have is doAmerican atm cards still work on Thai bank ATM's ? The reason I ask that is that the world has moved on to chip and pin cards while america is the only country that still uses the magnetic strip cards. Should I get something like the Travelex cash card that has pin and chip ?
  2. Hi I'm planing on taking a very long tour of Asia China India Thailand but instead of buying a multi country ticket in the states . I was thinking it might be cheaper for me to just buy a ticket to Thailand and from there buy tickets to China and India. I would like to spend 3 months in Thailand and the rest of my time in the other countries and finaly returning home from Thailand back to the USA . Question I have is if I arrive in Thailand with a round trip ticket dated 8 months later from entry to return will I have any problems with immigration officials upon entry? Being that Thailand just gives 30 entry visas would they ask me any questions regarding what I'm planing on doing for such a long time between entrry and return?
  3. The cheapist and best way to send money is trough moneygram anything less then $900 dollars is only $10 dollars to send. I wouldn't even trust the post office here in America sending cash. thanks for your advice
  4. Hi Everyone I am thinking of sending a box of various goodies to my Thai friends through the postal service from America. My worry is that knowing how the postal service is in developing countries wil it get through intact? Have any of you had experience with this?
  5. Wow just took a look at that picture of Buck Angel.Fucking that is not a matter of gay are straight,you would have to be one sick motherfucker fucking! Im going to have nightmares tonight
  6. Saw Avatar at Siam Paragon good special effects story not so original'cowboys and Indians in space thats all.However really Enjoyed Sherlock Holmes,downey was great in that!
  7. Thats why I don't usually stay in Bangkok anymore.Pattaya far cheaper and lots to do.You can still get a cute girl for a Thousand,Now a superstar will costs you a lot more but still cheaper then Bangkok
  8. Saw Paranormal Activity,very boring"Men who stare at Goats"was funny Glooney was good in that.Also saw "The Vampires Assistant"Liked that one to
  9. Even gallo wines would be expensive in Thailand
  10. Generaly California wine should have a higher Alcohol content then European wines 13,14 some even 15 percent due to warmer climate higher sugar content longer hangtime with grapes. That is a pretty low price for a California Wine in Thailand.The tarrif for imported wine in Thailand is pretty dam high,I think 80% so i am surprised at the price
  11. T minus 5 days and 12 hours for me Looking forward to meeting old friends and delicious Thai food
  12. Milk enemas! I guess the milk industry could use that for there latest"GOT MILK COMMERCIALS!"
  13. Its not so bad really.I couldn't really taste the meat small and bony taste overpowered by chiles,and according to Thai tradition to be downed with lots of Thai whiskey.Well thats what my host said.Between the two i think the Thai whiskey was the worst!
  14. Had rat at a Thai friends house in Ayuthaya once,prepared stirfried with lots of chilies couldn't taste much flavor of the meat very bony not much meat, overpowered by the Chile's.Seemed like more of a Appetizer to be eaten with friends while drinking Thai Whiskey
  15. Dr Ladda at the Landmark Hotel near Nana plaza.Her prices are cheaper then Bumrungrad and St Louis.Her work is quite good had root canal work,crown filings and cleaning done for about a fraction of the cost of what I would have had to pay in the States.Plus she is a very nice lady honest and ethical.I once told her what my Dentist in San Francisco had wanted to do and she told me that I didn't needed to have that work done my Teeth were fine.
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