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    Patts, BKK, Mnla, AC, Boracay, Cebu P1

    Don't normally post, but thought I should do having read all that. Very well written, informative and at times amusing report. So good, I even went to the trouble of posting it to others who don't frequent the board. Thanks for taking the time and trouble in writing it. Cheers.
  2. ozbod1

    Any Updates on Samui

    Cheers Faustian. First went there about 22 years ago, before the airport was built. Had to get a 10 hour overnight train from Bangkok, then a coach trip from the train station to a ferry port and then a 2 hour ferry ride to Koh samui. Chaweng was almost deserted with just a few beach restaurants then. A real paradise island with very little commercialism and few tourists. The transformation over the years has been astronimcal, as have the price increases!
  3. ozbod1

    Any Updates on Samui

    Gone very quiet on the Chaweng/lamai front. Any trip reports appreciated..... Used to be a great place to get some R&R before hitting the mainland again.
  4. ozbod1

    Lady Boxing in Lamai

    Must admit, I didnt enjoy the bar-girl boxing cos I couldnt help feel some of 'em were doing it reluctantly. Seemed awful cruel to me.