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    Conviction ( poem)

    Conviction: ?Every third day you will be given her fucked out cunt And assigned a random portion of her abused self to love? You will be tortured from 7 o?clock until 1 in the morning on evenings of your choice You need never choose But you do not have enough resources not to Choosing not to will betray your wife and son in any case You will be allowed to choose to numb the pain anytime By fucking other women and using any drug You can betray your love Any man who walks through the door may buy her Some men who fuck her will be better than you Some men who fuck her will be richer than you Some will be younger Others will want to seduce her mind too One will take her away You may go and watch this any time You can betray your love You may ask her to stop She will do so willingly but the next night she will start again Her culture and face demand she not tell you how she really feels and how she really fucks but you may read about it on the internet the next day You will be allowed to believe if she doesn?t betray you she, her mother and father and younger brothers will not eat This may not be true She may not love you enough to betray you You can betray your love You will ask your love to send a message to stop the torture at one o?clock She will not understand and the pain will continue until dawn You can feel she betrayed you You can be angry with her She will forgive you and love you a little less You can choose not to believe in her You can choose to forgive her without her knowing You will know your love has no future You can betray your love You will undergo the transformation of her into torturer in the hours of the wolf You will be told she cannot love You will be told she is a liar You can believe this if you want You can beg her to stop and she will stop respecting you She will see you so that she cannot keep the contempt out of her voice The torture will continue under the same terms until you repudiate her You can betray your love In the morning you will have to wring out the sweat from your mattress And smile at those who depend on you You can betray your love After six weeks, against all this, all you will have is her saying; ?You know I love you, why do you suffer?? That And your conviction of love
  2. I dont know......you write: "Why do 'western' women consider that little hole....etc" which seems like an invitation to a misogynists tea party.. and its about "western women" who in formal terms are of peripheral interest here I suppose... and you call yourself "sanuksomething".... it all seems a bit 'mai sanuk' to me... Perhaps you feel the board has been a little dull lately? PS. What about the myth of the devouring vagina!
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