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    Love to have one.
  2. Yes indeed. Had a similar incident on walking st. There were bunch of masseuses setting on those really low plastic chairs. I said hello and proceeded to take 1 picture of them. There must have been around 5 ladies. After, as I thanked them and started to walk away...they all put thier hands out and said "tip,tip,tip,tip", I got really pissed off and show them that I was deleting pics. That "tip,tip,tip" is getting really annoying. Only country in the world I've experienced this. chok dii ABE
  3. I agree with you. Why pay attention to others(fat Aussie girl friends?)Go figure. I know there are gals there. chok dii eee
  4. How do you not like Phuket I ask? My pal went downt there a couple of days ago and already complaining. I told him to go to soi eric or Patong. Very easy. Is the town(Phuket) really that dead? He went on to tell me that there are bunch of Aussies with fat girl friends.I don't think so. He Can't wait to go back to Pattaya and BKK. Depressing email I just received from him. I don't know what to say. chok dii eee
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